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Why children behave worse in the presence of mothers

'The children have been very good, they have behaved phenomenally', is the phrase that my in-laws and my mother repeat every time they stay with my children one afternoon. I, who can't quite believe it, look at them sideways and insist on doing a small third grade: 'haven't they screamed? Haven't they hit each other? Have they eaten everything? Have they picked up their things? homework?' The answer is usually yes, yes, yes, yes.

In those moments I have a double feeling, on the one hand joy because his behavior was faultless and, on the other, a certain indignation ... 'but why isn't it like that with me? I wonder.

A false report went around the world stating that children behave 800% worse with mothers and that is, the joke seemed so real that many were bitten. In short, he posed that eternal question: Why do children behave worse in the presence of their mothers?

A couple of years ago a study emerged (which turned out to be false although it is still around the Internet), which was published on the American website Mom News Daily. Many took that as true and it is that ultimately, it was not unreasonable. According to this false report that claimed to come from the Department of Psychology of the University of Washington, children behave 800% worse in the presence of the mother and, in children older than 10 years, the percentage doubles to 1600%.

An invented doctor of psychology, Dr K.P. Leibowitz, stated that "What we found was that children as young as eight months could be playing happily, but when they saw their mother enter the room, they were 998.9% more likely to start crying, to release their intestines and to demand immediate attention. 1% was a child with vision problems who, once he heard his mother's voice, began to throw things away and asked for a snack despite having eaten ".

This joke launched by a parenting website seemed true because, in short, it is what many moms experience every day. We don't need a study to know this: children behave worse in the presence of their mothers. I have two theories about it:

- Trust: Our children spend a lot of time with us, this has been the case traditionally and, in many cases, even today, we are the ones who ask for reductions in working hours or organize our work to be able to serve them. This generates much greater trust towards mothers than with anyone else in their environment. This trusting relationship causes them to relax their behavior and, at times, give free rein to their emotions.

In fact, we do not behave the same way in all our circles and only with those people who are really very trustworthy, we relax and show our true selves, we bring out our worst genius or our most tender self. With children it is the same.

- Children demand our attention: our children, especially at very early ages, don't want to annoy us on purpose, they don't concoct ardices to drive us crazy. Certain behaviors such as crying, kicking or screaming, is nothing else, at certain times, than a call for attention to us. They need all the love and affection we can give them, even when we give them a lot, they need more.

They look for comfort and they look for it in us, because in moms they find that hug when they have a nightmare, that kiss when they have fallen or those words of encouragement when they have not managed to score a goal. In parents they look for other things: fun, exploring, games, experiences, advice ...

Mothers, in general, are that protection that our children innately associate with survival.

I want to think that if they behave worse with us, it is not because we are lax in education or softer, but because we are good mothers.

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The benefits of video games for children

The benefits of video games in child development are a reality, not a myth. It is true that there are a lot of arguments against promoting video games in his life. They can affect the development of the little one if they are played irrationally. But if they are carefully selected and presented to the child in the correct form and through a well-developed play program, they can be extremely useful in education, discipline and development.

Hand-eye coordination

This is the first and most important benefit of video games in child development. Computer or TV games require quick thinking, good reactions or reflexes and the ability to quickly press buttons at the right time. They teach the child fine motor skills and spatial relationships. Video games turn even the most unfit child into a little mess.


The child's education specialists have agreed that a video game can mean more than sitting in the chair and spending hours in front of the computer unnecessarily. Almost all video games involve memory, counting, strategies, and other essential thinking skills. The little boy learns and obeys the rules and tries to find strategies to win. Games that simulate reality or real life situations can be extremely educational.


The child can learn to read before starting school. These achievements may be due to video games. Most of them require reading skills to play. Video games can be useful in learning to read more easily.

Fun and relaxation

Not only education and discipline are essential in raising a happy and healthy child. Fun and relaxation have their special place in the process of growth and care.

He does not just have to learn and do educational activities. You have to play, relax and have lots of fun. And video games are created specifically for this purpose.

Exploration and observation

Parents always have a fear that something bad will happen to their child, especially when they go with him on the street. When in public, it is exposed to many dangers. Many video games give children the chance to explore and learn from experiences they only live virtually. And that you will avoid experiencing in real life.

Spirit of competition and cooperation

Any game involves competition, but also cooperation. Especially if it is a team game (sports, strategy games, etc.) where the child has the opportunity to discover what it means to have team spirit and how to compete in a correct way against the enemy.

Survival instinct

Although many games seem to promote more violence and death, they actually hide another ability behind these macabre acts - the survival instinct.

The little one learns how to survive in limited situations and with limited resources. All this can help him in real life confrontations.


Video games are an effective method of calming and calming when you are sick or in severe pain. It helps him "forget" about the suffering and distracts him even for a few hours.

Social development

Even if they are considered lonely, children can interact socially and make friends through or through video games. The games can be played in several children and even when they are alone in front of the computer, they can interact with other players virtually.

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Waffe with pineapple and ice cream

Waffe with pineapple and ice cream

You are not failing. Being a mom is hard and exhausting

I dont like being a mom

Diabetes attacks fertility in men

A new study cited by WebMD Medical News shows that men suffering from type 1 diabetes have altered sperm DNA and this can cause low fertility. The experiment has not been conducted widely, but researchers say the findings are important and need to be confirmed by other larger studies.

A new study cited by WebMD Medical News shows that men suffering from type 1 diabetes have altered sperm DNA and this can cause low fertility. The experiment has not been conducted widely, but researchers say the findings are important and need to be confirmed by other larger studies.
The specialists analyzed the sperm and blood samples from 27 men with type 1 diabetes. For comparison purposes, they also studied the sperm and blood samples from 29 men who did not have diabetes but did infertility tests. Both groups of men were around 35 years old.
The conclusion of the study was that men with diabetes had lower sperm levels than men without diabetes.

However, semen falls within normal values. Sperm mobility and shape were similar in both groups of men. But when researchers looked at sperm DNA they found that it was much more modified in men with diabetes. After this discovery they warned that these changes may lower fertility.
The specialists added that many factors can cause these changes, so it is not clear whether diabetes is the main cause. The study did not include men without diabetes who did not test for infertility, the researchers mention.
Alina Sica
August 9, 2007

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The shepherds, alsa bayona. Christmas carols

In we have gathered the lyrics of the best known Christmas carols, so you can enjoy Christmas singing as a family. It is a beautiful tradition that we can share with children.

Christmas carols are popular Christmas songs with children. We invite you to read the lyrics and sing the Christmas carol 'The shepherds, alsa bayona', a fun and original song.

Alsa Bayona, solende pitiño;
Alsa Bayona that a child was born in Bethlehem.

The shepherds of Bethlehem all go to cut wood,
To warm the child that was born on Christmas Eve.

Alsa Bayona, solende pitiño,
Alsa Bayona that a child was born in Bethlehem.

The shepherds in Bethlehem play bagpipes and drums,
So that the child who was born among glows does not cry.

Alsa Bayona, solende pitiño,
Alsa Bayona that a child was born in Bethlehem.

The shepherds of Bethlehem all go to cut wood,
To warm the child that was born on Christmas Eve.

Alsa Bayona, solende pitiño,
Alsa Bayona that a child was born in Bethlehem.

The shepherds of Bethlehem leaped for joy,
to see that the angels played their instruments.

To Bethlehem, To BethlehemShepherds to BethlehemThey touch Bethlehem with fire
At 12 pmAdeste FidelesAt the edge of midnight
Glad i comeJoyLittle tree
Arre borriquitoAy, del ChiquirritínWhite Christmas
Bell over BellSinging go the shepherdsCarrasclás
Jingle BellTell me boy whose are youFir
The donkey of BethlehemThe big-eared burritoThe drummer
SleighLittle Star of BethlehemMerry Christmas
Fum, fum, fumGatatumba grave graveGlory
A donkey goes to BethlehemThe marimorenaThe bell ringers
The shepherds, alsa bayonaThe fish in the riverThe three wise men
Mother at the doorChristmas, ChristmasSilent Night
Shepherds comeA tambourine soundsLet's go to Bethlehem
Carol YaucanoThe old woman is comingKings are coming

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Orange mousse

Studies and experiments sometimes surprise us. But the statistics leave no room for doubt. And although in this case you do not feel identified, it seems that yes, although science calls the older brother more intelligent, it also gives the little brother an important asset to shine: the money.

According to a study, younger siblings are more likely to make money and become millionaires. You know why?

The study reveals the following: older siblings tend to be more conservative, while the little ones need to risk and bet everything to stand out. These are the reasons, according to the study carried out by experts from the University of Birmingham (UK), why if you are the younger brother, you could be up to 49% more likely to earn money or at least succeed at work (as long as you do not belong to a family that already owns a company):

1. Older siblings are more conservative. They prefer not to risk in the world of work.

2. Little siblings are more creative because they seek to stand out, and they are not afraid of risk or fear of being wrong.

3. The little brothers they adapt very well to changes.

4. Younger siblings they are more explorers and open.

5. Parents are more demanding of older siblings, which ends up coercing them.

In this way, younger siblings seek careers where they can excel and make money, and are more likely to be successful as they approach quarantine.

In the case of families with three siblings, the youngest would have up to 43% more chance of making money. Something that occurs only on the assumption that the family does not have any contact with the business world. If it is a family business, the older brother will have a much better chance of being more involved in the business and of succeeding.

In any case, the study has been carried out only in Great Britain and less than 7,000 younger siblings have been taken into account. Perhaps, if you do not feel identified, it is because many other factors are not taken into account.

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