Tympanocentesis in Children with Acute Otitis Media

Tympanocentesis in Children with Acute Otitis Media

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The cushion course

Every day, find one of the infos extracted from the new issue of the collection "The essentials of: 71 games for out and in", sold with the June issue of. Today, two games for baby.

  • A little balance game to do as soon as your child knows how to walk: place three cushions one after the other on the lawn, so as to form a course.
  • Barefoot or in soft slippers, your toddler will follow him for the first time while holding your hand, then try to start again alone, once the gesture is well controlled.
  • The goal this way is to allow your child to exercise his balance.

King of slalom

  • From 18 months. Place three small seats equidistant in your garden.
  • Show your toddler how to slalom, from left to right, between each chair, giving him his hand. You can vary the course: running, turning twice around the same chair.
  • The goal of this game is to develop the coordination of your little one and help him better understand the space.

Stéphanie Letellier

Other games here.

Find more information in "The essentials of: 71 games for outside and inside", sold with the June issue of pocket format.

Eat everything, couples, authority, child care, allergies, sleep, nutrition, games and toys, back to school ... find other Essential tips.

Use classical music as a lullaby or lullaby to put your baby to sleep. It has a wonderful relaxing power. Like this sweet melody by Franz Von Vecsey, performed on piano by Markus Staab.

This is Valse triste, composed in 1913. Furthermore, the melody this time is accompanied by the gentle galloping of wooden horses on a merry-go-round. Relaxing and serene, so is this beautiful lullaby to sleep the baby with music of a waltz.

Edition: Lola Doménech

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Mini mittens

The two are paired and do not get lost, sewn to a knitted thong in tone on tone.See knit explanations

The two pair and do not get lost, sewn to a thong knitted in tone on tone.
See knitting explanations

Boem Club Summer School

The Boem Club Music School, the first private music school in Bucharest, has been conducting the music courses of the Boem Club Summer School since 2009, a project that is open to all amateurs and lovers of music and culture, regardless of their age. of the level of music education.

The music courses at the Boem Club Summer School are held individually or in groups, with each participant having the opportunity to choose the musical genre he represents, or wants to deepen. The students can register for the following modules: violin lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, cello lessons and singing lessons.

Adjacent to these music lessons, students can participate in the amount of instrument / singing lessons, each week, in workshops on music history and music theory.

Besides music courses, especially for the little ones, there are music education courses for preschoolers, which take place in age groups: 2-3 years and 4-5 years. Music education courses are created by Boem Club specialists in order to lay the foundations and develop early the artistic side of the children, trying to familiarize them with musical notes, musical instruments and different songs adapted to their age.

Registration for the music courses of the Boem Club Summer School is made every year, starting with March 1 of that year. You can register for a period of at least one month, with a frequency of two lessons per week, so that at the end of the Summer School program the students can acquire basic knowledge related to the study of the chosen instrument. Also, depending on the level of musical knowledge previously accumulated, the students will be able to choose between enrolling in three modules: beginners, intermediate and advanced.

By attending the Boem Club Summer School courses, the students benefit from a number of advantages such as: the possibility of being trained in the mysteries of music by young teachers, Conservative graduates, who know how to explain complicated notions in a manner adapted to the age of the students as well as the opportunity to spend the free time during the summer holidays in a relaxing way, through very pleasant educational-recreational activities.

Participation in the Summer School brings all the benefits of the music lessons offered by the Boem Club during the year, to which is added, of course, the advantage of being able to give more time to acquire the musical knowledge, due to the school holidays.

Specifically, both children and adults will have the opportunity to experiment and explore music, gradually gaining the basic knowledge about music and singing on one or more instruments. All our music lessons programs include the possibility of learning creative improvisations and overall experiences: accompaniment, chamber music.

Everyone interested in summer school music lessons, be it instrument, voice, or music education, parents or children, are waiting for us at our headquarters.

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Plaza Romania has designated the winners of the Bon Appetit cooking competition

Plaza Romania has designated the winners of the Bon Appetit cooking competition

After the last stage of the cooking contest, three winners received prizes totaling over 3,500 euros.

The three winners of the Bon Appetit cooking contest, together with the winners of the two special prizes offered for popularity and originality, were nominated in the Final held at Plaza Romania.

The one who qualified on 1st place won 1,000 euros, 2nd place won 500 euros, and 3rd place won 250 euros. All these, together with the winners of the special prizes, received one cookery course offered by ICEP Hotel School.

Confrontation of the gastronomic abilities of the final competitors, hosted by Plaza Romania on October 11th, put the jury to trial Antonio Passarelli, Dan Boerescu, a blogger Isabela Dobrin and Affan Yildirim, General Manager at Anchor Group.

"We know that Romanians are big fans of gastronomic shows, so we thought we would make one at their fingertips, in a completely unique setting for such competitions - a shopping center. We supported the gastronomic amateur community and they we gave her members the chance to come out in the spotlight and turn this hobby into a full-fledged career, "she said Affan Yildirim.

The Bon Appetit cooking contest started in the spring of 2015, and the gastronomy enthusiasts could register until September. After the preselections held at Plaza Romania and Bucharest Mall on October 3 and 4, out of 48 competitors, eight semifinalists per mall remained in the race.

The next stage of the competition took place in both shopping centers on October 10, and two competitors per mall entered the final Bon Appetit. The jury scored the preparations cooked by the competitors in the final, taking into account several factors: the taste and presentation of the preparation, the dexterity and originality of the competitor, but also the respect of the competition theme: health and flavor.

How to track your childs smartphone use

How to suck baby

Before 2 or 3 years, your baby does not know how to blow through the nose ... so can not blow his nose. How to relieve him when his little nose is taken? How to clean your nose or use a baby fly? Pauline, mother of Amandine, 4 months, shows you the good gestures in video.

Production : Kinokho Studio
Montage: Kinokho Studio
Production : Elisabeth Tzimakas, Anne-Marie Renaud (coordination and fashion design)

What kind of life do you intend for your children? You want to have a lot of money? Or should they be famous? Do you want to sell a bestseller? Probably not. So maybe a week if you get a little abstract. But what do you really want them to do?

You want happy kids, don't you?

Probably what every other parent wants to be happy about. Wouldn't it be great if it were a hit? Unfortunately, like nothing else in life, happiness is not guaranteed. A mother with five children, however, realized during the long years that there are some tricks that make kids really happy. The following tips are sure to prove serious research results!

1. Give them enough time to play

"Of course, my sons do sports too, and there's a lot of lessons and extra-curricular activities, etc. But there are kids who now it's their job to play. Apart from a few exceptions, you make every day so you have time for the games, "he begins Alli Worthington. According to an article in the American Journal of Play, children 's time spent playing games is greatly reduced, which has an impact on emotional development, anxiety, depression, distraction, and self - control problems. "So much of 1955 has been a steady decline in children's free time," he begins. Peter Gray, a professor at Boston College. The professor used to play a game during his free time the child himself chooses, he controls himself, rather than participating in an organized activity.

2. Praise you for working hard

When my sons work hard on something, I always praise them. I want you to know that they value their efforts, even if the results may not be perfect. "We all think our babies are smart, wonderful and yummy. But that's not what they should be told," researchers at Stanford University suggest. Carol S. Dweck according to professor more effective if it is focus on the effort And praise the child's act, somehow, "You worked very nicely on this task." Instead of saying, "You are very stupid."

3. Create a tradition

Family dinner (or breakfast), monthly movie night, a souvenir every Christmas or special rituals on birthdays - constants mean safety for children, and security makes them happier. It's that simple!

4. Let them do the homework

I have a friend who has always checked the girl's homework. He fixed the error, helped him with his tasks, made sure everything was perfect. He did so with love, but he told the girl inadvertently that he alone couldn't do the job. How did this happen to him?

5. Teach Them Negative Sensations Are Healthy

No one likes to be upset, sad, or scared. These sensations are really bad. But it's part of human life, so it's important that your children understand that bad perceptions are normal too. You can explain these feelings so easily to them: "You see? Mom is nervous sometimes because of things. It's part of life!" ignore the senses of our children" - says Dr. Gottman. There are child-rearing guidelines that address child behavior in a way that ignores what's in the background of bad behavior. The ultimate purpose of parents is not to have obedient children. Much more than that.

6. Allow them to fail

Saving means being risky. You also want your kids to to go and live, right? If they never make mistakes, they never get to know new things, and they don't realize how much fun things are in life. (If they fail and are sad about it, see point 5.)

7. Don't compare them to each other ... or to their friends

It's great to compare it with someone, yes. But stop resisting this attempt. If you do, you are sure that your child will feel very unwell, neglected and neglected. "Sam's the only one who's good at basketball, not me," he'll think to himself. But never put this on your child's ear. Each child develops in his or her own body, his own temperament and his own personality. If you compare your child to someone else, it's like you don't want to be what you are.

8. Get them happy memories

This is a very serious affair. I want to have happy memories for them. Be a little crazy, do some unexpected things, plan something special once in a while, and so on. One day it can be a beautiful memory to them, have such happy days, they will become better adults.

9. Be a happy parent

It's easier said than done. But if your children find you happy, they will make them happy, too. It's hard for a child to be happy to see that their parents aren't them! So, take care of yourself. It's like when the passenger in the airplane says you first put on an oxygen mask to take care of your children. The same goes for happiness. Carolyn Pape Cowan and also, Philip Cowan University of California psychologists have come to the conclusion that children's emotional, social, and intellectual development can be predicted. How? The behavior of the parents. It does not matter whether parents live together outdoors or whether they spend a lot of hours with their children. It doesn't even matter if the mother really has every possible free time after working with her children. If the children see that the adult who cares for them is not alienated and their relationships, negatively affects development.

10. Do not argue before you

Are you ready for a big hit? Do you have financial problems? Are you worried about your grandmother? Tiny ears are worth more than we think. When they feel anxiety and insecurity, the child also becomes unstable and starts to worry. Szуval you discuss adult issues in secret, let the kids stay just kids. According to research not all quarrelsome harm to children. When parents try to find a solution instead of loud, muttering, violent quarrels, children are not bothered by conflict. According to the authors of the study, it does not matter if the children know that there is no conflict-free marriage. The essence of being able to control our feelings is to "honestly" fight and try to solve family problems so as not to endanger the stability of the family. But no one expects it to be perfect (if it is, tell it to look better in the mirror). We all make mistakes. But if you consider the 10 child-rearing parenting tips that are scientifically supported, you're well on your way to raising happy children.More articles on parenting:
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