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Getting around isn't really easy. There are children who seem to be asking for help right from the start, others develop the good habit of eating only certain foods and little food.

What can you do? Read our tips!

The Problem: She loves only one kind of food

Is your kid the type who eats something, and the rest - anyway - are on the ground? Is this just a bad time? And if so, how long does it take? What can you do in this case? Give what you love or make you eat what you don't want?The Solution: Don't fight with the child
It is better not to consider a striker in the kitchen during the day. Always resent a child, even when you reject it at first. Many children do not know what they like or dislike. Be it fruit, green, "grown-up food", but give it to them easily. You will be surprised at how much everything your child loves.

The Problem: You do not eat green

You say you hate the asparagus even though you've never tasted it? It often happens. Many vegetables have a strong smell and intense taste, especially after it has been cooked. So patient. If you do not accept it one day, try it closest.

Hey, what's this green thing?

The Solution: Let them choose
Don't he like green grass? You can choose orange or red, it is best to go with the green as well and make the decision. If this does not work, it will also be a temporary solution to hide the greens.

The Problem: It takes too many calories in the form of drinks

Does your child drink too much milk or juice, so it is not enough to eat at lunch? This may also be the reason why you are not eating enough.The Solution: You limit the consumption of such drinks
For children 1-6 years, consuming 2-3 glasses of fruit per day and 2 cups of milk is just enough. Good idea, if you give it to them after meals, drink clean water most of the day.

The Problem: You eat too much sugar

Is the baby sweet? Looking for a sweet cornflake in the morning, and starting dinner with dessert in the evening? The Solution: Keep your martyrs
The following tips can help:
- Give him a snack that is sweet by default: yogurt, banana, grape, apple.
- Don't keep so many sweets at home. If you don't see it, you can't eat it.
- Don't reward or try to bread it.

The problem: Why do you have such a question?

Most young children are logged. And they eat when they want - so they learn to be independent. This is a transition period in a large number of cases, it will settle over time, believe me.The Solution: How do you know if you're eating enough when you hang out?
If your kid is happy and doesn't want to eat anything else outside of the daily 3 chicks, but you still look healthy, healthy, and fun, don't worry. But if you feel better, talk to your pediatrician, who will see if you are well advanced and well advanced.Here are some other ideas that can help your child love the deal:
- Have a good time
- Allow him to take part in the cooking preconceptions
- Give her small portions at a time, don't pack your palms full
- Give me a good example: if you eat well, he also wants you
- Avoid fast food hallsThe original article can be read here.Other useful articles:
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How and when to withdraw the baby's nighttime feed

How and when to withdraw the baby's nighttime feed

Many parents ask when the evening feed can be withdrawn, in order to be able to rest better. However, as in all aspects of parenting I do not like to talk about closed dates. Each child is different, and needs his own rhythm.

Exactly the same thing happens with night feedings, although it is true that before four months all the little ones require more frequent feedings since their stomach has little capacity; It is also necessary to give them every little time to prevent possible drops in sugar during long periods of fasting.

With breastfeeding: Breast milk is digested quickly, so it is normal for our child to ask for breast very often. Suction not only has a feeding function; rather, it goes further, it is comfort, closeness, affection, protection. This is why babies relax so much at the mother's breast. At night they do not always feed, but instead seek to be close to mother.

Due to the physiology of lactation, having the stimulus (suction) at night increases the production of prolactin, necessary for the maintenance of lactation.

With bottle:Breastfeeding must also be on demand, so if our little one wakes up and needs to feed, we must offer the bottle. Formula is digested more slowly, which is why some babies last longer without increasing overnight, spontaneously spacing one feed from another.

- The first thing we must know is that we must respect our baby's needs, your own pace. Just as we have children who are more precocious in their development, more precocious in teething, the same happens with taking at night.

- In addition, the decision to withdraw the take is more due to a parental need for more rest, of sleeping more hours at a time than anything else.

- We will never withdraw the intake in the event that we have a low-weight baby, during the first weeks of life, or in the event that it has any metabolic alteration or significant disease.

- Delays the last shot to the maximum and advances the one in the morning.

- Never put more formula milk than recommended for the amount of water, in the case of a bottle, to satisfy it more. We can dehydrate the baby and damage the kidneys.

- Try not to let your child sleep on the breast or with the bottle, should not associate the intake with the induction of sleep; because if he wakes up he will need it to go back to sleep.

- If he wakes up, go to calm him down without offering the breast or bottle first.

- The application of the "Parent Plan" may be effective in the event that we give breastfeeding.

- Never let the baby cry, we always comfort him.

It is essential to have patience, as everything in development goes in phases, and as our child matures, nighttime feedings will decrease, in addition to acquiring the different sleep phases, in this way they will also have fewer awakenings. Each child has his own rhythm, respect it and accompany it.

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Who's in there? You're barely smelling it, but you know it's him. You almost know the little one, but want to get closer to it. We give you some ideas!

From head to head: humping in the tummy

The touch of touch

Baby skin nerve disorders start to develop at the beginning of the eighth week. You will only feel for the first time in the seventeenth week that there is something inside. Like butterflies flying in your tummy! The little cone moves, you can't get your hands off your belly. From the twentieth week, you will feel it when you touch it across the skin. Believe me, the little one!


Just like meditation, yoga is a pleasant way lazнtбsnak. With regular yoga, you can maintain your body during pregnancy, prepare for childbirth, and learn to tune in to positive thoughts. Weak movements rock the little water in the amniotic fluid, while her mom feels wonderful. You can learn to relax and learn special yoga, which helps the needed hormones to flow through your body. Yogurt you can contact the baby, so the love and trust in the little one strengthens.

Music is in the language

From the sixteenth week, the baby hears everything: your heart rate, your stomach uproarious, all kinds of internal noises. And by the twenty-second week, the locks of the world have come to it. She knows your voice! After childbirth, you will be able to observe how quickly the well-known mummy and other sounds make a difference. Talk, sing as much as you can to the picnur! At first, you may feel a little strange that you are speaking out loud to yourself, but think you're not alone anymore! You can also try telling a story every night - you will soon need this practice.

Spiritual linguist

Initially, the world is in the form of sensations. The fetus gets a message inside that you feel yourself. If you want, you can further improve your ability to sense communicate with your baby. Turning to this method is a good thing to do, and it will teach you how to put yourself in a relaxed state with the help of breathing and concentration techniques. If you manage to find this inner path to the baby, you will feel that the birth is not a meeting with the unknown, but a natural continuation of the relationship.

Take a peek!

Today, you can find special photos of the development of the fetus in countless editions, and you can track the development almost week after week. You can also take a look at the life of the fetus in the short film on the Internet. You can also meet your own baby regularly! Pregnancy Ultrasound Examination with 4D Technology: This is the official name for the increasingly popular baby cinema. You get a pretty accurate picture the little one, you see that as small as he is, he is so smart, sucking his finger, grimacing. It is a unique sensation, unlike any other, that you can hear the sound of your voice in the middle, and you can track the movement, thanks to the technique.
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Cheapest shopping for parents

Are you going shopping? Be sure to check out our summary. You will find a list of the cheapest products in the largest stores in Poland.


  • Bebiko baby milk in Auchan for PLN 12.69.
  • Nestle Junior 350 g milk at Tesco for PLN 28 for two packages.
  • Enfamil Premium milk at Tesco 800 grams for PLN 44.99.
  • Hipp Bio Combiotik baby milk in Real for PLN 36.99.
  • Hipp tea for children 200 grams in Kaufland for PLN 8.79 instead of PLN 10.99.
  • Hipp dishes different flavors (190g + 190g) in the net for 7.99 PLN. In Real, we will receive one jar of Hipp for PLN 4.99.
  • Hipp fruit and cereals in Net (1290g + 190g) in Net for PLN 7.99.
  • BoboVita rice porridge in Real for PLN 5.49.
  • BoboVita milk-rice porridge for children in Carrefour for PLN 5.69.
  • BoboVita children's dish first spoon in Carrefour for PLN 2.99 second jar for a penny.
  • Babydream milk-rice porridge in Rossmann for PLN 4.49.
  • Babydream spaghetti and pumpkin with rice in Rossmann for PLN 2.99.


  • diapers Pampers midi multibox186 pcs in Tesco for PLN 91 instead of PLN 120.
  • diapers Pampers Mega Box in Carrefour for PLN 79.49.
  • Johnson's Baby wipes 4 packages in Net price of PLN 17.89.
  • wet wipes for children and babies 72 pieces Auchan brand in Auchan for PLN 3.49 per pack.
  • Pampers Active Baby wet wipes 6 packs in Tesco for PLN 24.99. Whereas 4 packages in Carrefour for PLN 18.99.
  • Kindii Skin Balance wipes at Tesco at PLN 8.99 instead of PLN 13.69 for three packs.
  • Huggies wet wipes 3 packages in Real for PLN 14.49.
  • Linomag baby care cream in Real for PLN 6.99.
  • Nivea Baby lotion or shampoo in Carrefour for PLN 12.89.
  • washing powder Jelp 2.24 kg at Tesco for 34.99 PLN instead of 41.99 PLN.
  • Nivea Baby delicate care oil in Rossmann for PLN 9.99 instead of PLN 12.49.
  • Dac Perfecta Mama cosmetics against stretch marks and anti-cellulite at the Drogeria Natura for PLN 18.99.

Accessories and toys

  • doll house furniture of various types in Net prices for PLN 17.99.
  • The jumping frogs game in Net for PLN 9.99.

Promotion time
Kaufland October 24-30, 2013
Net 21.10-27.10.2013
Auchan October 24-31, 2013
Real 24-30.10.2013
Tesco 24 -20.10.2013
Rossmann 25.10-03.11.2013
Polo Market October 23-29, 2013
Drogeria Natura 24.10-06.11.2013

Carrefour October 23-28, 2013

13 pictures to take to the baby this summer

13 pictures to take to the baby this summer

The adventures and games of the child during the summer are worth immortalizing in the most spectacular pictures. Summer is the season that pulls all children out, in the middle of nature, and urges them to venture into activities and games of the most beautiful, which deserves to be photographed and put in honor in the family photo memory box.

Sea waves, swings, kite lifting or flower picking are just a few places where your baby could be found this summer and some of the most beautiful pictures could come out.

The child's emotions in the middle of nature

The baby's reactions when he puts his warm feet in the cold sea water and feels the wet sand beneath his feet, when he faces an animal or insect or when he sees the kite created with his hands above his head can become the most spectacular photos. summer.

Surprising the child's emotions and spontaneity in various contexts offers the most beautiful frames for photography. All you have to do is always have the device in your hand and always be on the stage!

Play or the baby's reactions in the rain

If you want to make the baby some really spectacular pictures, then surprise him when he is sitting and playing in the rain or when he is trying to avoid the cold drops of water. You can immortalize grimaces, reactions and gestures that do more than a thousand words.

In addition, you can let your child without problems be wet from head to toe, considering that the summer rains are short, warm and do not present as high risks of illness as those of cold seasons.

Enjoying an ice cream

Ice cream is the child's favorite dessert in the summer season, which also gives you the opportunity to make the most pictures of the baby. While hurrying to devour it, the child makes all sorts of cute grimaces, gets dirty all over his face and puts his hands in ice cream, giving you the opportunity to shoot some funny but beautiful pictures.

Baby bath at sea

Every bath in the sea is a show of laughter mixed with the most diverse games. The child finds inexplicable ways to use water as a toy and to have fun among the dancing waves of the sea, giving you the opportunity to photograph it in the most spectacular hypostases.

The pictures with the baby among the waves of the sea should not be missing from your family's holiday albums.

Devouring a slice of watermelon

The satisfaction and joy with which a child devours a slice of watermelon is worth immortalizing in a picture inserted among the albums of your little one. It is a seasonal photo that will make you smile in the future and, why not, it will also make you a crazy lust for the most popular summer fruit.

Games around a campfire

The campfire is not just a tradition in the excursions or hikes of the little ones through the mountains or on the sea. It is an opportunity for the little one to learn spectacular stories, play interesting games and socialize with other children. For you, the children around the campfire are an inspiration to make some exceptional summer photos.

The baby at sunset

Regardless of whether you catch it in the mountains, in the park, on the seashore or in the middle of a field, do not miss the opportunity to take spectacular pictures at sunset. Surprise your child in the most beautiful and spectacular hypostases in which the slightly "sleepy" sun watches him while playing in the grass, climbing in the trees or testing the sea water temperature.

Fun in the swing

Swings are play devices in parks or public spaces that attract the child's attention like a magnet. The little boy loves to swing, take advantage and move freely in the wind. Many of the smiles of your little one while in the swing give you unique frames for taking some exceptional summer photos.

Lifting the kite

Making and raising kite is two of the summer activities that no child should miss in early childhood. As trivial as this little toy is, it brings so much emotion and joy to the child's faces and offers you the most beautiful frames for taking beautiful pictures.

The chase after soap balloons

Soap balloons are part of the summer activities that instantly bring a smile to your child's face. Get out into the park, take the balloon solution with you and let the child form balloons of different sizes, then "hunt" them with the handcuffs. In the meantime, the child strives to inflate balloons and break them into a few photo frames.

Jumping in the pool

Capture snapshots with the child jumping in the pool. Make as many frames and try more hypostases, and in the end, take out only the most successful pictures and quickly place them in the albums with photos of the summer vacation.

Play in the sand

Vacations at sea do not just mean floating in the water and so on. Playing in the sand is another joy for the children, and their attempts to build castles and other figurines are worth a few exceptional pictures.

The more children play with your child, the more interactions they will give you with some nice moments to immortalize them in some of the most successful holiday pictures.

Summer fashion stop

Every time you dress your child funny, colorful or creative in summer trips or holidays, do not hesitate to make them a photo that will remember. Soon, these clothes will remain small. Of course, next year you will not be able to enjoy them.

What other summer photos do you think should not be missing from your child's photo albums? What activities done by the child in the middle of nature deserve the most immortalized in pictures? Tell us your suggestions and tricks to make the best photos in the comments section below!

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A delight of cottage cheese and fruits for your baby from 10 months.


  • 3 c. white cheese
  • 1 C. coffee powdered sugar
  • 1 strawberry. 2 raspberries
  • 2 cubes of melon
  • 1 mirabelle (or any other seasonal fruit at your disposal) 1 biscuit with a spoon.


Rinse mirabelle plum, strawberry and raspberries, then mash them, pit the mirabelle plum and dice everything. Mix with the sugar and cottage cheese fork and pour on a plate. Dig a well in the center where to deposit the fruits. Emit a biscuit on the top with a spoon and serve without delay.
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Pregnancy, this fulfilling, rewarding period of a woman's life ... Everyone cares for you, floods you with questions about sex, first name, date of birth, color of the room ... All should be perfect! However, pregnant, it annoys you particularly ...

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10 stuff that annoys pregnant (10 pics)

10 things that annoy pregnant

... when you are asked "So, when is that?" For the third time in an hour

After Marc of the accounting, it is Carine of marketing then Adrien of the communication service which asked you the famous question "So, when is it for?". Except you told them last week when you crossed them. And the week before too. And next week, they'll probably do it again ... if you're not in jail for murder!

10 things that annoy pregnant

... when you are asked "A little girl or a little boy?"

You decided not to ask the ultrasound of the 5th month baby sex, to have the surprise. Or you prefer, in agreement with the future dad, not to reveal it to your surroundings. Your mother "hopes so much a girl" and your mother-in-law "would be so unhappy if it was still a boy ...". But, no, they must both insist on knowing. They are even called to exchange their clues! You would almost come to wear a T-shirt with Dany Boon's famous skit: "It's a gas ...". Just to see their head!

10 things that annoy pregnant

... when you take your belly for a blankie

No, your belly is not a shamanic totem or a lucky object, and no, it is not by putting your hand on your belly that they will be able to perceive the beating of the baby's heart! Their hand is not a stethoscope, should you remind them? Your body belongs to you, and it is not because you are pregnant that you have become a public place where gatherings are allowed!

10 things that annoy pregnant

... when we tell you about deliveries

You are pregnant for the first time. You worry a little about how the delivery will unfold, despite the advice and the comforting words of the midwife who follows you ... But when you evoke your legitimate fears to your best friend, this one, believer reassure you, tells the birth of his neighbor of the 4th: a real butcher and yet the mother and the baby are fine! Since then, you have nightmares every night ...

10 things that annoy pregnant

... when we insist on making you drink a glass of champagne "to celebrate!"

No, you are not pampered, you are only concerned about the health of your child.

10 things that annoy pregnant

... when you're told "Oula, you're still fatter, are not you?"

Well yes, you took some pounds: it's been three months since you have not seen this person and you are pregnant! What would be worrying, for you and for the baby, it would be nice if you did not take a single gram!

10 things that annoy pregnant

... when you are told "Are you kidding?" When you announce the first name you have chosen

You had agreed with the future dad, after seeing the film The First Name: you would not announce the choice you made for baby before birth. To have peace. To not ask you questions if someone made you an uncomfortable remark. To keep the surprise. And the future dad has cracked. Now your mother-in-law calls you every day to make you change your mind ... Fortunately, he did not tell the truth!

10 things that annoy pregnant

... when you feel guilty about the number of pounds you took

At the same time, you are now in the second trimester, and it is normal and even healthy that you gain weight! If you do not take it, you could put your health and the fetus at risk. Remind those who try to make you feel guilty that at the end of pregnancy, the standard is 9 to 12 extra kilos ...

10 things that annoy pregnant

... when you are mistaken for a very fragile porcelain doll

Yes, you are pregnant, but you can still lift the coffee package, the water bottle or even the car seat you just bought for baby ... Pregnancy is not a bone disease, though?

10 things that annoy pregnant

But what annoys you the most ...

After a day of probing your belly, asked "When's that?", Sex and first name, recounted a difficult birth, commented on your weight gain, you get upset for good . And then your interlocutor tells you in a sympathetic tone: "Oh yes, I know, you are on the skin, it's the hormones!" Hormones, no. The naysayers, yes!

Can the pregnancy test result change?

You can't wait to take a test. Megcsinбlod. It will be positive. Big crap. Every day, to be sure you are doing one more, which to your great surprise is negative. How is that possible?

Can the pregnancy test result change?The fact is, unfortunately, you can switch between positive and negative control in just one night of pregnancy test results. A first positive test can be followed by a negative one the next day, but you can also expect a negative test result to our biggest surprise the day after. Let's see what's the reason!

Negative positive

One of the simplest reasons for this may be that we have been tested before. Although today's tests are sensitive enough, it is worthwhile to be patient and check the ideal time on the box to get more accurate results. This is usually the earliest day after the menstruation is absent. The sooner we try to do this, the more likely we are to be misled. This is because pregnancy tests are on her. It measures the level of HCG hormone in the urine. This hormone begins to be produced immediately after embryo attachment, and during the first few days of pregnancy, levels increase rapidly. Therefore, it is possible that one day only one bar will be visible on the test, the other day one will clearly appear on the color.

Positive negative

"In many cases, this can be a sign of a so-called chemical pregnancy," he explains Dr. Yvonne Bohn american females. "A chemical pregnancy is nothing more than a very early pregnancy, which usually ends one week after a missed menstrual period. and what if we didn't test it, we might just be feeling a little bit stronger menstrual period. We can also sense this by the arrival of our menstruation, which can be a little stronger than usual. Spontaneous abortion does not require medical attention unless you have severe pain or extreme bleeding. In the latter case, it is imperative that you consult your surgeon or physician! Spontaneous abortion following a chemical pregnancy is not our fault. Generally, pregnancy and the fetus were genetically "weak" and therefore do not develop further. However, this can be as stressful for a woman as a subsequent abortion, especially if the test is positive for the first time. According to Bohn terhessйgi vitamins йs szedйsйvel folic acid, alcohol йs the droghasznбlat mellхzйsйvel йs potentially fennбllу egйszsйgьgyi problйmбk kezelйsйvel csцkkenthetх esйlye.Illetve the kйmiai terhessйg kialakulбsбnak need to know habбr home hasznбlhatу terhessйgi tests hasznбlata kйnyelmes very important that the doctor alбtбmassza results with a thorough examination. (Source of article can be found here)Related articles in the pregnancy test topic:
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