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Signs of hunger and satiety of the child according to his age in complementary feeding

Signs of hunger and satiety of the child according to his age in complementary feeding

Some very common questions mothers ask when they bring their little one for consultation are: 'My baby started complementary feeding, how do I know when he is still hungry or satisfied? or 'How much should I give at each meal?' To answer these questions, you have to learn to recognize those signals of hunger or satiety of the child They will tell us if they want to stop or if they expect to receive more food.

During the first months of the baby's life, when his only food is breastfeeding, we offer him the breast or bottle frequently and according to his demand. In those first few months, we learn to identify some signs that the baby is hungry, for example, she wakes up, sucks her fist, cries, opens her mouth when you bring her nipple or bottle close to her ... and you immediately realize that it is time to prepare her milk.

Once he has eaten, he decreases or stops the suction, he turns his head, purses his lips or falls asleep, indicating that he is already satisfied and does not want any more food, for now.

But, What happens when we start with complementary feeding? Before focusing on this topic, remember that your milk (breast milk or formula) will continue to be your main food, that is why we call this new stage complementary feeding, and the incorporation of new foods must be done progressively, starting with small portions that will continue increasing as the child grows.

It is also very important to be aware that it will be the child who determines how much will be eaten at each moment, and that this amount will vary from child to child and from day to day, so we must not compare it with what the brother ate at his age or what his cousin or the neighbor's son eats, neither will his appetite be the same all the days.

Likewise, it is convenient not to set an expectation of the type 'today you will eat everything that I put on the plate'. That can be very frustrating for both of you, turning mealtime into moments of crying and dissatisfaction, as well as taking risks of creating bad habits and creating future eating problems. Adults must focus on offering healthy, nutritious and varied foods and in the appropriate presentations, children will set the standard in terms of quantities.

So, How do you know if the baby is still hungry or satisfied? To find answers to this question, the World Health Organization (WHO) suggests adhering to the principles of perceptual eating (one of the dimensions of the so-called perceptual parenting - parenting style aimed at promoting the development of self-regulation, promoting cognitive, social and emotional development of the baby, and generating a greater connection between the child and his parents or caregivers). Perceptual eating involves taking three basic steps into account:

1. The child emits vocalizations, performs some motor actions, facial expressions, such as signs of hunger or satiety.

2. Parents or caregivers identify such actions and recognize them as signs of hunger or satiety., responding in a friendly and appropriate manner.

3. The child perceives that he will have a predictable response to the signal he emits.

The panel of experts on 'Best practices to promote healthy nutrition, eating patterns and weight status for babies and young children from birth to 24 months', led by Dr. Rafael Pérez-Escamilla, divides the signals hunger and satiety at different stages of complementary feeding:

- Up to 9 monthsThey are signs of hunger that the baby points to the food and wants to grab it with his hand or with a spoon; on the other hand, it will let you know that it is satisfied, when it begins to eat slower or pushes the food out.

- From 8 to 11 months Not only does he point to and reach for food, but he also gets excited when you show him or see food. And he will close his mouth or spit out the food, when he doesn't want any more.

- Between 10 and 12 months the baby makes words or sounds to make you understand his desire for a specific food and will let you know, with the movement of his head, that he no longer wants to continue eating.

- In the period from 12 months to 2 years He can take you by the hand and lead you to where what he wants is and incorporate slightly more complete sentences into his speech, letting you know that he 'wants that' with a spoken expression, accompanied by a gesture pointing to the food. Likewise, it will give you signs of satiety saying that it wants to get off its high chair or saying 'that's it' or 'I'm done', it loses interest in food and can start playing with it.

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Sensoplasty - creative soiling

An old saying goes that a dirty child is a happy child. It can not be hidden that a few decades ago children's games looked completely different. We dug in the mud, made sandwiches and ice cream, were smeared with grass and clay to our ears and who bothered it? Okay, maybe mom a bit, when subsequent spots did not want to come off, and the stain remover seemed to help in getting rid of the stains effectively, but sometimes together with the material.

And now? Many neighborhood playgrounds have been closed down. They were replaced by large, urban squares and eaglets, which the child would not go alone, because far away. He does not run, he does not get dirty, he will not find out how it feels when you can put your weight on yourself ... Or maybe?
With the help of those who want to show their children the fun of unpunished stuttering, weight gain, dirtying and all other pleasant activities, they meet facilities offering sensory art classes.

photo: Artur Gałka.

The name of the class is derived from the English word "sense, "meaning sense or feeling. Simply put, these are art classes using all sorts of colors, textures, consistencies and even ... flavors! Senoplasty is to affect all the senses at the same time and help the child develop unfettered activity on all levels.

Classes are most often conducted in small groups, with a few to several participants. They can participate in them even babiesthat have already mastered the art of seating. All materials used in conducting classes are safe for children, usually also edible. Used among others flour, pasta, rice, milk, food colors, slices of fruit (e.g. citrus), cooked porridge, gruel, cereal, sugar, salt, oil, etc.

photo: Artur Gałka.

Even if a toddler wants to try what this appetizing mess around tastes like, nothing will happen. He will have the rare opportunity to do so watch everything, use everything in any way you like, do it yourself and become the dirtiest and happiest being under the sun. Of course, the youngest children participate in this type of activity together with their parents. I tested it on myself and I am engaged to you - I rarely feel as relaxed as then, with pasta in my hair, flour on my face and porridge between my toes.

For a room prepared for such fun you enter barefoot, in clothes that you don't regret throwing away. Staying without shoes and socks is to enable us fuller sensation and really has a relaxing effect, because it is on the feet that there are a lot of receptorswhich, through oppression, affect various regions of our body. Tracing on porridge or pasta can provide really interesting impressions.

For preschool and school age children are usually provided additional attractions, such as experiments with mixing dyes, creating art works using swelling paints from natural ingredients, finger painting, playing treasure hunt in porridge containers, etc.

Of course, after the fun is over dressing up and washing - roughly because wet flour from children's hair is removed for two days. But what's up, flour. Attention, we move to the biggest plus of such fun. You don't have to clean up after yourself! Ha, what do you say? Wild madness, undamped joy, and cleaning takes about ten minutes, because the whole room is lined with foil, in which all this mess is wrapped, thrown away and ready.

It is worth checking if the facilities conducting this type of classes offer the possibility of organizing them birthday for a child. It's a great alternative to popular playrooms, going to the cinema or even more so at home birthdays, during which parents double and triple to master a raging tornado, and after cleaning until the night fall like dead, declaring that "never again!"

In contrast, after class creative soiling there can be only one reaction - "oh yes, more". However, if you do not have a place nearby offering sensory workshops or for some reason you cannot participate in them (e.g. child allergy, gluten intolerance, etc.), you can arrange something similar at home or in the garden, using an inflatable children's pool as a play area. What? Who wants to get dirty?

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Caramelized apples recipe for Father's Day

In We suggest you prepare a very special surprise to surprise dad on Father's Day. A homemade gift, made by children, what more could you ask for?

Our idea is to prepare spectacular caramelized apples as a gift. Take note of everything that we explain below because you will love the end result.

  • 3 small apples (green maiden type).
  • 3 chopsticks.
  • 750 ml of water.
  • 250 gr of sugar.
  • Corn syrup.
  • Green color paste.
  • Sprinkles of hearts.

1. The first thing we are going to do is cut the tail of the apples and cook them over low heat for 5 minutes, thus eliminating the wax from the skin so that the caramel grips better and more evenly. We take the apples out of the water, dry them well and stick the chopsticks right in the center. We booked.

2. In a saucepan, heat three parts of water to one of sugar (in this case, we have used 750 ml of water, which corresponds to approximately 250 grams of sugar), add a tablespoon of corn syrup and a teaspoon of the coloring. We stir and boil over medium heat for approximately 30 minutes. A trick! To check that the caramel is ready, we will put the handle of a spoon into the caramel and then into a glass of cold water. If the candy is dense and we can peel it off to make a ball, it is because we can already use it.

3. We remove the casserole from the heat, and as soon as possible, we wrap the apples and let them rest on baking paper.

4. The caramel solidifies very quickly, so we will have to paint the upper part of the apple with corn syrup to sprinkle the sprinkles and make them stick. Voila!

5. Now you just need to pack them in a very nice way to surprise dad!

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The most popular models of leather boots in 2016-2017

The most popular models of leather boots in 2016-2017

Sinfronia: origin and meaning of the name for girl Sinfronia

We highlight in our dictionary the name for a girl: Symphony. You will find in our meaning finder of all baby names.

History of the name Sinfronia

Sinfronio feminine form. It comes from a Greek name, Latinized in Symphronius.

Meaning of name Sinfronia


Saints of the name Sinfronia

February 3, July 26

Origin of the name Sinfronia


Famous people with the name Sinfronia

  • Synesius of Cyrene, philosopher and clergyman (370-413)

Drawings of the name Sinfronia coloring page printable game

What Your Name Means

Maison Girard koala dragee box

Maison Girard koala dragee box

In his little belly ... he hides 8 dragees. A gourmet gift for your guests.

In his little belly ... he hides 8 dragees. A gourmet gift for your guests. Price: 0.80 € (House Girard)

Where to find it?

What are the surprise eggs today?

Unfortunately, I'm probably getting older. The words: "it used to be better" until they come to their lips. And although I promised myself that I would never say them, unfortunately I have to ... Well, I'll go a step further: "in my time, surprise eggs were real surprises." And how is it today? I usually ask myself and my children: what is that supposed to be? And what's worse, I don't get any specific answer, just a shrug.

Maybe I'm unlucky ...

Perhaps my problem with surprise eggs is that I buy them too rarely? Maybe if I bought more often, my opinion would be different?

On the other hand, as a child, I unpacked Kinder Surprise on great holidays, certainly not every day, and usually discovered interesting content. Both me and my siblings came across beautiful little figurines, small figures, houses, refined in every respect, looking like hand-painted. And how is it today? Mostly some shoddy rubbish ...

Let's check the past

I decide to check it out. On the internet, I find a page ... where photos of toys from years ago were posted. For example, in 1994, kids could collect figurines of pandas, later Smurfs, metal figures also occurred in Kinder Surprise (see below).

Most toys formed a series. You could collect a few pieces and play with them in a short time.

Today, in the five eggs bought over two months we found only: a plastic "something" to toss one part, a plastic "ring" with a small stamp, a plastic magnifying glass (which had little to do with the magnifying glass), a material plane.... Zero specifics. Everything "for a while". Almost crumbling in the fingers, used to know what ...

When you don't want a surprise ...

It's true that if you don't want a surprise, then you should not buy an egg whose content remains a secret until opening ... The idea for this product is, after all, that "you never know what you'll hit." However, observing this product over the years, I have a strange impression that the quality of toys is definitely worse than it used to be.

One of the toys, theoretically thrown, is to fly ... Unfortunately.

Most of today's "surprises" are made of low-quality materials: plastic, fabric, without stickers and additional elementsthat could make you happy. Few in the eggs of nice figures that move children's imagination, few toys that inspire. In most cases the yellow packaging itself is more interesting than its contents. Too much sells, not enough good toys.

In addition, not so long ago, websites wrote about the fact that in Star Wars Kinder Surprises ... there are no Star Wars figurines. Although you buy four packs that tell you what the content is, it often happens that you don't even hit one figurine of the legendary Star Wars. I am not surprised that parents and children feel cheated ...

Too often, sell

Kinder Niespodzianka is a legendary product for me, which is not bought for chocolate, but above all for interiors ... Unfortunately, what was once interesting, today only raises my doubts.

I have the impression that today toys from Kinder Surprise are difficult to collect, even harder to play with. They land quickly in the trash can. They are treated as typical junkbecause Unfortunately, their quality leaves much to be desired ... .

What do you think about it?

In the past you could find iconic figurines in Eggs

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