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Prepare for delivery with hypnosis

Whether it is to fight against insomnia or the pain of contractions, hypnosis can relieve mothers during pregnancy and childbirth. The Robert Debré hospital in Paris, which has been offering consultations since 2011, has opened its doors.

Production : Christine Cointe
Montage: Julie Ledru
Production : Christine Cointe

Neli's adventure 2019/2020. 366 days in search of dangerous animals with Nela

Neli's adventure 2019/2020. 366 days in search of dangerous animals with Nela "PRZYGODNIK is a school calendar for the year 2019/2020 full of SUPERprecedence. This year, Nela Little Reporter will set off on an amazing trip again ... He will find 12 dangerous animals and present their secrets and SUPER powers. Thanks to THE ADVENTURE, adventurous readers will be able to travel around the world and experience fascinating stories together! Nela hopes that her fans will go with her - there are 366 special days ahead of them! THIS WILL BE A YEAR OF BRAVE EXPLORERS. Are you curious which animal you will start with? From a giant buffalo. Africa! "(From publishing house materials)

Nela is a cult figure. Idol for many children. The girl has been arousing sympathy for years. In many Polish homes we will find a whole series of travel books in which Nela guides her readers around the world. Calendars in which Nela shares interesting facts, fantastic photos and descriptions have been available for several years. In addition to anecdotes, there are questions with answers, there are descriptions of crazy days, as well as the most important holidays, there is room for child's notes, lesson plan and much more.

The calendar starts from September and ends on the last days of August.

The adventure is a great calendar. It is worth giving it to a small traveler interested in nature.

We watched and recommend Przygodnik together with eight-year-old, who is Nela's school calendar delighted!

Fetal senses: amazing facts

The child's senses are formed already in the fetal period, at an early stage of development. Many of them are more important than they may seem. Through them, the child is adapted to function in the world, recognizes his mother and interprets impressions from the environment.

Below we've collected some amazing facts about touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell.


  • The first sense of a child. The child first receives stimuli by mouth and nose, then the rest of the body.
  • The sense of touch develops already in the middle of the 8th week of pregnancy.
  • Thanks to the touch, the baby in her mother's belly learns to suck, swallow and cough.
  • The fetal response occurs at the level of the brainstem and spinal cord.The fetus does not register touch and does not feel pain in the part of the brain responsible for the intellect: the cerebral cortex.
  • Pain through the fetus it is felt in a different way, unknown to us. Feelings collected by the nerves are sent to the brain, but he is unable to understand and assess them properly. The stimuli transmitted to the spinal cord can be distressing to the fetus, felt differently than in the case of an adult.
  • EEG examination of the child's brain during childbirth shows minimal activitywhich for many scientists means that childbirth does not cause child suffering.
  • The sense of touch is equally important after delivery. The best way to carry a newborn baby is the "kangaroo" method. This arrangement reminds the child of the conditions prevailing in the womb and supports the emotional and neurological development of the toddler.


  • Contrary to what was thought a dozen or so years ago, air breathing is not needed to develop the sense of smell. The fetus exercises this sense by perceiving the sensations flowing along with the amniotic fluid through the mouth and nose.
  • The sense of smell develops dynamically from about 30 weeks of pregnancy, by which time the nasal cavity is obstructed.
  • The olfactory development begins as early as 9 weeks of gestation, when the olfactory epithelial cells are formed.
  • Mother's milk, saliva and sweat contain fragrance ingredients similar to those in amniotic fluid, which is why the newborn baby recognizes the smell of the mother after birth, which allows easier breastfeeding.
  • Bottle-fed babies do not recognize their mother's (armpit) smell after two weeks. You can consider feeding your baby cuddled to the bare skin of the parent, which will give the baby special closeness.
  • Breastfed babies prefer unwashed nipples: it is worth considering washing them with water alone, without the addition of soap, and washing them with your own milk for protection.


  • despite the darkness prevailing in the womb, the baby's vision develops even before delivery. This is because enough light gets through the uterus wall to stimulate the toddler's eyesight.
  • The sense of sight develops already in the seventh week, when the eye cups with retina and lens appear.
  • for the baby to see something after delivery, half of the neurons that make up the brain must work together.


  • the baby in the womb hears mainly noises, furcots, wheezing, issued by blood flowing through the veins and through the working stomach and intestines,
  • the uterus is quite loud, the noise level even reaches 90 decibels, i.e. as much as our ears perceive next to the overground railway line (scientists checked by introducing a hydrophone, a device measuring the intensity of sounds, into the uterus),
  • babies in the 24th week of pregnancy can already recognize the mother's voice, which quickly calms them down,


  • taste buds appear already in the 8th week of fetal life. Why so early? In order to be able to recognize the mother at birth: many substances from the amniotic fluid appear in sweat and milk.
  • the fetus has the most taste buds, more than babies or adults: more than 4,500
  • the fetus can feel some flavors in the second month of life.
  • the taste of the amniotic fluid is constantly changing, depending on what mom eats, which can affect taste preferences after birth.
Based on
"A healthy pregnancy. Guide of a loving mother ". Bow. Michael Roizen, MD med. Mehmet C. Oz

Camouflage slippers

Two buttons and a little fabric transform these slippers into funny panthers. Presented in the September 2012 issue of, these slippers are knitted in garter stitch.


Birth - 3 - 6 - 12 months.

Supplies The Druggist

Knitting yarn: Surnaturelle col. Geranium: 20 - 20 - 20 - 30 gr approx.

Supernatural col. Anthracite: 1 meter.

Buttons: Confetti corozo (9 mm) col. Anise: 4.

Mini pastille felt (12 mm) col. Black: 4.

Pompons by the meter: 2.

Bias "Me, Jane": 50 cm.

Points used:

Garter stitch: everything in place.

Incremental increase (increase int): take the thread between 2 m of the previous rg and the knitting by twisting it. Simple overcast: slip 1 st, work the next st, then cast the st on the piece.

Aig 3.

Sample: 25 mx 56 rg.


Start with the sole: cast 33 - 37 - 41 - 45 sts, work 2 sts, then increase 4 sts to 2 sts (4fs) as follows:

1st increments 1 m, 1 increase int, 15 - 17 - 19 - 21 m, 1 increase int, 1 m (= center m), 1 increase int, 15 - 17 - 19 - 21 m, 1 increase int, 1 m. Tric 1 rg then

2nd increments: 2 m, 1 increase int, 15 - 17 - 19 - 21 m, 1 increase int, 3 m, 1 increase int, 15 - 17 - 19 - 21 m, 1 increase int, 2 m. Tric 1 rg then

3rd increment: 3 m, 1 increase int, 15 - 17 - 19 - 21 m, 1 increase int, 5 m, 1 increase int, 15 - 17 - 19 - 21 m, 1 increase int, 3 m. Tric 1 rg then

4th increments: 4 m, 1 increase int, 15 - 17 - 19 - 21 m, 1 increase int, 7 m, 1 increase int, 15 - 17 - 19 - 21 m, 1 increase int, 4 m. = 49 - 53 - 57 - 61 m.

1 2

Swollen testicles

Swollen testicles

My baby's testicles are swollen – what's going on?

If your baby's testicles are swollen just after birth, it's most likely because of the extra fluid newborns carry or the extra dose of hormones he may have received from you just before birth. This swelling is harmless, and he'll flush the fluid out in his pee after a few days. If the swelling continues, particularly if your son has only one swollen testicle, your baby may have developed a hydrocele, in which fluid from the abdomen accumulates in a testicle, or possibly an inguinal hernia, in which a loop of the intestine pokes down into the testicle.

What does it mean if one of my baby's testicles is swollen?

He probably has a hydrocele (pronounced hydroseal). A boy's testicles develop inside of his abdomen while he's in the womb, and then sometime before birth they usually push through a tunnel in the tissue between the groin and the abdomen and descend into the scrotal sac. At that point, the passage through the abdominal wall should close up. If it remains open, as it does in up to 50 percent of newborn boys, fluid may accumulate around the testicle and cause swelling. This round, soft area of swelling, called a hydrocele, shouldn't bother your baby and will probably go away by the time he turns 1. If it doesn't go away by his first birthday, he may need minor surgery to drain the fluid and close the opening.

What is this hard lump that bulges out of my son's testicle when he cries?

It's most likely an inguinal hernia, so you should get it checked out by a doctor. About 4 percent of boys (and up to 30 percent of premature babies), are born with an opening in their abdominal wall large enough to allow a loop of their intestines to poke through into the genital area. The loop creates a firm, oblong lump about the size of your thumb in your baby's scrotum (the loose sac of skin beneath the penis that contains the testicles). This lump is called an inguinal hernia. It may disappear back into the abdomen when your baby is relaxed and then bulge out again when he's active or crying. Your baby will need minor surgery to repair the hernia, but it is not an emergency unless you notice that the swelling has suddenly gotten larger, harder, or darker, or if your baby is vomiting or in pain. This may mean that the loop of intestine has become trapped in the scrotum and thus cut off from its blood supply. If this is the problem, your baby will need immediate surgery to prevent damage to the intestines.

Scrotal lumps. Healthy Male

Gádor: origin and meaning of the name for girl Gádor

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Gador.

Female name, registered mainly by the area of ​​Almeria and Granada. It comes from the Marian invocation of Our Lady of Gádor.


  • Doris Day. Actress

Drawing of the name Gádor coloring page printable game

Gádor: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Gádor coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Gádor coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Gádor name to color and print

Alans wife Sheila - The Other Guys

From 1 year

From 1 year

Before taking a pregnancy test or visiting a doctor to check whether or not she is pregnant, each woman presents with symptoms specific to the first period of pregnancy. The absence of the menstrual cycle is the clearest indication, but there are other manifestations of your body that indicate the same thing: that you will be a mother. Follow which are the clearest, but also unusual clues!

Some of the symptoms may not give you the impression that this is just a pregnancy, but if you know that your protection has ceased to be desirable and that there has been unprotected sexual contact with your partner, then it is time to look carefully at the symptoms and then test yourself to see if you are pregnant.

Fatigue - if you suddenly feel extremely tired, apathetic, falling from one extreme to another easily, then you have every chance to be pregnant. Before treating fatigue with energy drinks and coffee, take a pregnancy test.

Lack of appetite - you used to know a hard gourd, and now nothing like what you see in front of your eyes attracts you anymore? Even your favorite preparations cause nausea? Aversion to food is one of the most common signs of pregnancy.

Abundant vaginal secretions - with the installation of the pregnancy the physiological vaginal secretions begin to be more and more abundant. The amount of secretion increases directly in proportion to the progression of the pregnancy.

insomnia - even if you often show this inability to fall asleep, one of the causes might be the burden. Be careful, especially if the insomnia becomes constant over a longer period of time than usual.

constipation - due to hormones that undergo changes with the installation of pregnancy, digestion becomes more difficult and constipation occurs. This is an important signal, especially if you had no such problems before.

Increased breast volume and sensitivity - early signs of pregnancy may include changes in the breasts - they may swell (large) and become sensitive to touch. These signs may also manifest before the onset of menstruation. If you are in the period of the menstrual cycle where they do not find their place, the reason could be the task!

Frequent urination - In the first part of the pregnancy, the enlargement of the uterus appears to allow the development of the fetus, and this effect puts pressure on the bladder, leading very often to the toilet.

Shortness of breath (dyspnea) - When they become pregnant, women experience respiratory discomfort and may experience small bouts of shortness of breath. There are natural reactions caused by the fact that pregnant women need more oxygen, because they have to pass the part to the fetus.

Nausea and vomiting - with the advent of food aversion, there may even be episodes in which the woman vomits herself or has acute feelings of nausea; these are some of the clearest signs that pregnancy has occurred.

Sensitivity and bleeding of the nose - although rarely, these symptoms may occur; you can suddenly see that you have a much better developed sense of smell and even notice that small bleeding occurs.

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