International Travel with a Toddler: Tips and Product Must-Haves

International Travel with a Toddler: Tips and Product Must-Haves

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Name Zack - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from Zechariah, Hebrew zekharia, which means "God remembered". In the Gospel according to Luke, the angel Gabriel announces to the old Zechariah, Jewish priest of Jerusalem, that he will have a son. His wife Elisabeth, cousin of the Virgin, is very old and sterile. Zechariah doubts and loses the word, which he finds only at the birth ... of his son, John the Baptist! His birthday: November 5th.

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When to seek a doctor for fever?

Our reader is asking how long can you have a home flame retardant and when to see a doctor? The pediatrician will answer.

If the baby is loose

The little bosom quickly rises to 39 degrees Celsius. You don't have to be in doubt, but since lбz refers to inflammation caused by a virus or bacillus, the physician should decide what treatment is required. tell her about her symptoms. If the fever is difficult to quench, the child is very tired, low liquid consumes, go to the children's clinic with her that day. In spite of the therapy and antipyretic treatment that you have arranged, you should not overwhelm your phone or call the night and night care. viral and bacterial infections the fever that follows can last for up to three days. If your child is in good health, his or her fever is well tolerated. THE lбznak has a very important role in the fight against infections. Unnecessarily, we provide lower levels of body temperature with a given antipyretic, but at such a high rate that they also help the reproduction. Flame retardation may start at or above 39 ° C. (Puppies less than 3 months old should cushion the fever from 38 ° C.) According to recent research, the "cleft spine" has nothing to do with the high fever. Children with a predisposed child may have a small increase in temperature. That is why a hospital examination of the first such seizure is necessary -; tanбcsolja dr. Polish Boglárka pediatrician.More information here!
7 water experiments to do with children

Practice these science experiments with your children using the water element


With these experiments with water, boys and girls will improve their knowledge of science while they begin to understand the importance of water, which will help them to consume it responsibly in the future.

Although it seems incredible, especially for the smallest of the house, we can create fog without leaving the house. This can be done thanks to a children's experiment created to learn one of the basic principles of science.

With water we can do several home experiments with which to discover some of the curiosities that science hides. One of these experiments with water for children is the one of the water that does not fall. Do you dare to put it into practice with your children?

The density is different in each element, a curiosity that we can see by doing an experiment that consists of creating a homemade cocktail of colors with different liquids. The experiments must be carried out with the guidance of an adult.

This home experiment to do with children can serve as a magic trick, since it consists of making a coin invisible with the water. A fun activity that helps to discover one of the curiosities that science hides. They will love it.

One of the experiments with water that fascinates and amuses children the most is to check the skin of the water. And it is very striking that a liquid element such as water can have a layer on its surface known as skin. Find out!

Although we cannot see the water molecules with the naked eye, through this home experiment for children we can observe the movement they make by adding a little coloring. Experiments for children must be done with an adult.

10 Easy Science Experiments - That Will Amaze Kids

Photographers: The daddy photographed a little boy photographed by an Olympian

It's so cute to give you all the golds!

The Ryu Olympics are catching everyone's eye, including the author of That Dad Blog. Of course, it wouldn't be exciting at first, but Daddy brought a fantastic twist to the story: .

It isn't too late for you to go back to exclusive breastfeeding if that's what you want.

Most mothers start supplementing because they are under the impression that they aren't producing enough milk for their baby. While an occasional mother has a truly insufficient milk supply, most mothers produce plenty of milk as long as they breastfeed often enough and the baby is latching on and suckling correctly.

To breastfeed exclusively, you'll have to boost your milk production, and the best way to do that is to breastfeed more often. If you're supplementing every feeding with formula, cut back to every other feeding. Your baby, who is used to getting more to eat at each feeding, will then want to eat more often than usual. You'll then have two nursing sessions that are fairly close together, and then two that are farther apart. As your milk supply builds from breastfeeding more frequently, you can begin decreasing the amount and frequency of the formula you are giving until you are back to exclusive breastfeeding.

Engorgement After Giving Birth

The term indigestion is defined as "lack of digestion" and can manifest as a burning sensation or acidity after meals, or as the perception of fullness and heaviness of the stomach that appears shortly after starting food intake or after it has finished.

These symptoms are very frequent in pregnant women, although they do not appear in all of them at the same time of pregnancy, it is estimated that, throughout the pregnancy, between 70-80% of women will have been affected in greater or greater degree. less measured by this type of gastric affections.

- Hormonal factors, such as the decrease in motilin secretion and the increase in progesterone, which from the first months of pregnancy slow down gastric emptying and promote constipation.

- Anatomical factorsBecause with the increase in size of the uterus, the stomach is compressed and displaced from its usual position.

1. Hygienic-dietary measures: Sometimes, simply by changing certain habits, we can significantly improve the annoying symptoms of indigestion, and even get to eliminate them. The most widely accepted basic recommendations are:

- Make small meals and distribute them in five servings throughout the day.

- Avoid fat, spicy food, soft drinks, alcohol and stimulants such as caffeine or chocolate.

- Interrupt food intake before completely satiating the appetite, especially when foods have a high carbohydrate content.

- Maintain an upright posture, avoiding lying down or reclining, just after meals.

- Promote frequent intake of water or other liquids in small amounts throughout the day.

- Eat slowly, ensuring proper chewing and swallowing of food.

- Flee both excessively sedentary life and stress.

- Eliminate the consumption of tobacco, because, among other harmful effects both for the embryo and / or the fetus and for the pregnant woman, it has also been shown to worsen this type of gastrointestinal discomfort.

2. Pharmacological treatment: Although doctors are quite reluctant to prescribe medication to pregnant women, there are some pharmacological compounds whose safety is endorsed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, for its acronym in English, the US agency responsible for evaluating safety for human use and / or veterinarian of various products of a pharmacological, food, cosmetic nature ...)

Some antacids such as ranitidine, or combinations of antihistamines and antiemetics such as doxylamine-pyridoxine, are relatively frequently used in pregnant women.

Despite the extensive experience of use that may exist, it should be remembered that self-medication is a totally inadvisable practice, even more so in this delicate stage of life, in which the correct embryonic and fetal development could be compromised by a error in dosage or choice of drug. Given the importance of individual characteristics and peculiarities, it is always advisable to consult a professional.

3. Alternative therapies: Since time immemorial, in some countries other techniques such as acupuncture have been used to try to alleviate this type of discomfort. However, to date, there is not enough scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of these ancient practices.

Undoubtedly the symptoms of indigestion in pregnancy are unpleasant disorders, but we must not forget that in most cases these are manifested mildly and, fortunately, transitory.

Ana Rodriguez


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