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Friends jokes for kids

Friends are very important to children in infancy as they are a mirror to look at. On our site we offer you some fun jokes about friendship so that your children can tell their friends.

Normally when children enter the Primary course, from 6 years of age, they usually learn some jokes through books and exchanges with their schoolmates.

- Hey Manolo, can I borrow your shampoo?

- But don't you have yours?

- Yes, but mine says for dry hair, and mine is wet.

What did the moon say to the sun?

- You are so big, and they don't let you go out at night

- Ring, ring, is Agustín here?

- No, I'm uncomfortable.

There were three friends named Fool, Nobody, and None.

Fool goes and tells the policeman:

- No one fell into the well and No one is helping him.

Then the policeman responds:

- You are fool?

- Yes, nice to meet you!

A boy comes and asks his friend:

- Did you see the blackout last night?

And he answers:

- No, the power went out in my house.

- Dad, are Martians friends or foes?

- Why do you ask, son?

- They are taking my grandmother.

- Well then, they are friends!

Says one friend to another:

- Pedrito, why does your dog bury his bones?

And he answers:

- Because it has no pockets

Two friends go down the street and one says to the other:

- Look! a clock!

- Yes, it's mine, it's because sometimes it gets ahead of me.

One friend tells another:

- Federico, your mouth is open

- I already know it. I have opened it

10 short jokes. The best jokes for children are those that have a language adapted to theirs, a simple and easy humor, and that are not excessively long. our site offers us 10 short children's jokes for parents and children to enjoy and laugh out loud. With this compilation of jokes for children that we have prepared, you will laugh a lot.

Rag jokes. Jokes amuse children and help them develop their agility and mental acuity. That is why we have compiled in a video some short jokes for children told by our mascot, Ragged Bear.

Doctor jokes. our site publishes jokes to make the whole family laugh. Jokes promote good humor, stimulate communication and fun for children. Jokes of children, animals, food, Christmas, highs, teachers, Jaimito, and many others.

Movie jokes. Jokes for kids from movies. our site offers you jokes about opens the curtain. Jokes stimulate good humor, encourage laughter, build vocabulary, and amuse children. Laughter is a basic ingredient for children's health.

Christmas jokes. Read these funny Christmas jokes for your children. Our site invites you to tell Christmas jokes, to make children and the whole family laugh on Christmas holidays and night. Jokes about Santa Claus, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, nativity scenes and Christmas shopping.

Teacher jokes. Selection of teacher jokes for children. Jokes stimulate children's good humor and laughter, as well as favoring their vocabulary and fun. Teacher jokes get your kids big and good smiles.

Top jokes. We offer you a selection of short high-end jokes so that you can have fun with your children. High school jokes bring good, big smiles from your kids.

Mom and dad jokes. We suggest you have a fun time with your child with the funniest mom and dad jokes for children. Jokes can be a good tool to spark laughter in children. Laughing is very good. Stimulates good humor, fun and vocabulary in children.

Various jokes. Jokes on various topics to laugh with the children. Children's jokes stimulate children's good humor and laughter, as well as favoring their vocabulary and fun. On our site we offer you varied short jokes.

Book jokes. Its benefits are incalculable. Invite your child to laugh by telling him some jokes.

Children's jokes. Selection of jokes about children and for children. Children will love hearing or telling jokes in which children are the protagonists. our site has selected the best children's jokes because it considers that laughter is a great benefit for the health of children. Good mood for children.

Food jokes. The best food jokes for kids. Vegetable, fruit and other food jokes. Jokes are a good tool to spark laughter in children. Invite your children to laugh by telling them some jokes. Jokes encourage good humor, laughter, and wake up serotonin.

animal jokes. We tell you the best animal jokes to make children laugh. Jokes are a good tool to awaken a good mood and laughter in children. our site has selected the best animal jokes for children, especially from 6 years of age, when they enter the Primary course.

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André Rieu and 3 year old Akim Camara

One of the most frequent reasons for consultation in the ER are blows to the head or, as doctors say, head trauma.

On our site, we discuss three false myths related to this pathology. Which is not true about the bumps that children can make.

1. It is better that, as a result of the blow, an “external” bleeding appears. There are many people who think that, in the event of a head injury, the appearance of a head injury prevents internal brain bleeding from occurring. This is not like this. There is no relationship of any kind between the two events. The risk of internal brain bleeding is related to high-energy trauma (violent shock), falls from a great height, previous clotting problem, etc.

2. When a child suffers a head injury, they should not be allowed to sleep. This is false. Keep in mind that your child, after the blow, will have had a good tantrum, will be scared, will have cried. And consequently, you will be exhausted and will want to sleep. Let him fall asleep. Of course: try to wake him up every 3-4 hours in the first 24 hours after the blow, and wake him gently to check that he reacts.

3. If your child has suffered a severe blow to the head, a skull x-ray should be done. This examination is of very little use, it is a very insensitive and specific test. The important thing when dealing with a head injury is to know whether or not a hemorrhage has appeared inside the skull. For this, observation is decisive. Warning signs are: deterioration of the level of consciousness, repeated vomiting, severe headache that does not subside with the usual painkillers, appearance of abnormal movements or loss of sensitivity, behavioral disorder and / or change in the size of the pupils. In any of these circumstances, the pediatrician will suggest a computerized tomography. This test is very sensitive and specific.

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Egeria: origin and meaning of the name for girl Egeria

Launch of Mr. Popper's Penguins

On June 24, at Baneasa Drive In Cinema, the movie "Mr. Popper's Penguins" will be released. On this occasion, Baneasa Shopping City organizes an event on the Food & Fun City Square starting at 19:00.

Because it is summer, it is hot and everyone is looking for cold, the organizers will prepare a polar atmosphere. The igloos, reindeer and entertainers dressed in penguins will be missing, who will invite those present in the specially arranged place for photos. In addition, participating in the event on June 24 may bring you winnings in invitations offered at the premiere of the movie "Mr. Popper's Penguins".

A special section for Mr. Popper's Penguins will be created on Baneasa Shopping City's Facebook page. The section will contain the program of the event and a contest with prizes in the form of double invitations to the film. The online competition starts on June 16 and ends on June 23 at 24:00.

Information about the film and characters will be found on facebook, so that visitors can easily answer the quiz questions. Those wishing to win the film invitations will be able to send the answers to [email protected]

For more details: www.baneasashoppingcity.ro.

Baby paradise in Austria

Baby paradise in Austria

A child-friendly holiday in the "homeland" of Austria - Lutzmannsburg-Frankenau, a single car ride from Vienna and Grztstool - Sonnentherme is waiting for the family to come with children.

It is a special benefit with programs for the smallest ones, and also in Hungarian. Step-by-step baby pools, baby baths, baby loungers, diapers, interchangeable games, cribs are all for the smallest of fun and fun. But not only the kids, the parents also take care of the hotel staff. Skilled babysitters entertain the little ones, while the parents fall, exercise or indulge in a fine massage.
www. sonnentherme.at
Tel: 343/2615 / 87171-0

Héctor finds a friend. Funny stories for children

Héctor finds a friend. Funny stories for children

Hector finds a friend is a very funny story for children. Your children will not be able to stop smiling as you read this story to them that poses a different reality in which dinosaurs have human qualities and children are their pets.

In the story Hector finds a friend, a dinosaur finds a lost child and takes him home. What will happen there? What things will Hector teach his new friend? Don't miss this original tale by Antonio de Benito.

Héctor is walking with Paula through the forest, on the outskirts of town. The two little dinosaurs collect branches and leaves to build a cabin.

Suddenly, they hear a sound they have never heard before:

- Sniff, wow, wow, sniff !!!

Paula approaches a hollow log, from where that strange sound comes.

Is it a snail without a shell? A centipede whose shoes rub?

Noooo! None of that, he was human. A child who was crying his nose down.

The boy had lost his mind and felt lost.

- Don't worry, come with us. We will take you to our town: the town of Los Dinosaurios.

And so they reached the town park, where the swings and slides of the dinosaurs were. And the three of them jumped, ran and played.

"I have a great idea," Hector said to his friend Paula. This cute boy can be our pet.

- Mom, look what we found in the forest. Can't I keep it? Come on, come on ... tell me yes.

- But if it is a human, a child! Hector's mother exclaimed.

And Héctor prepared a smoothie of green poplar leaves with lemon and aromas of autumn clouds.

"It seems you don't like it too much," Paula said with a disgruntled expression.

- Well, you will get used to it, you will not go hungry here, I will prepare tasty wheat sandwiches and sweet branch desserts. When it rains, I will keep the best drops of water for you, which are the last to fall in storms.

Y Hector, very excited, took the boy to his room, which was not very tidy.

- You can sleep here, on the carpet, next to me.

- Don't you sleep in bed?

- Dinosaurs sleep on the carpet, but it is a wonderful carpet.

And the boy smiled, he could settle for that rug. Hector would warm her up on winter nights.

- Dad tells me a story every night, so he might as well tell a story for both of us –Hector said.

And then they both laughed.

Héctor showed him the bathroom.

- Before sleeping, we will brush our teeth, it is mandatory. I will make you a custom brush.

And you can bathe with me in the river, that's why we don't have a bathtub at home.

- What fun bathing in the river, it will be great!

- Yes cool. Well then ... you will be my pet! They don't let us take them to school, but while I read, do calculations and problems, you can play in the garden with whatever you want. And I promise that at the end of the course I will take you to my class.

And Héctor and the child returned with Paula and their mother.

- Mom, this child will be my pet, right, mom, mamaaa, mamaááá?

And upon hearing the word mom, the child began to cry:

- Wow, mom, wow, I want to go with my dad and my mom.

And Héctor, very sad, asked him:

- Don't you like my home?

And Héctor's mother explained to him that the boy had a home, a place where he lived happily and that is why he remembered his mother and father.

- Would you like to live locked in the house of a human? Eat tortilla sandwiches and sleep on a bed with a mattress? And above all, would you like to be so far away from dad and me?

They traveled by tractor to the town of humans. The boy's parents were there, anxiously waiting for him.

- But ... where have you been, son?

I've been with these new friends –answered the boy.

And they said goodbye until a new day, to play every Saturday in a village.

Héctor and Paula returned home so happy knowing that the boy was also in theirs.

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Paul Rudd Hilarious Bloopers and Gag Reel. Ant-Man and The Wasp Special

I count to learn the letters. The party of the vowels

If you need help to teach vowels to your children, don't miss this magnificent short story for children that Guiainfantil.com brings you. They are sure to learn them quickly.

Memorizing the order of letters, how they are written and how they are pronounced is a challenge for children, so a good educational story like this will make things easier for them.

At a presentation party, the 'to'I exclaim: ah, all my friends are coming!

Wearing a beautiful dress the 'e' made her entrance: hey, I'm here.

Then the iHere I am! Ready to dance with all of you.

After a few minutes the 'o' came and said: oh, what a lot of people!

The party took heat and the vowels dispersed throughout the room. Then came the 'or'and exclaimed:

Excuse me friends, here I come, to unite you all again!

Immediately the vowels formed a line and all spoke their names in a loud and resounding voice: a e i o u. Seeing that all the friends were already present, the vocalists began to dance happily all night.


The Feast of the Vowels is a story by Manuel Ibarra

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Parents say: How to soothe an owie

Parents say: How to soothe an owie

Even the most careful childproofing can't always prevent bumps and bruises. Read on to find out how other our site parents have soothed the minor injuries of their babies, toddlers, and older kids.

Use kid-friendly ice packs

For bumps with lumps, I have an "ouch mouse." It's a terrycloth mouse that holds a little blue cube, which I always keep in the freezer. When my daughter falls and a bump appears, I get the mouse out and talk to her and sing silly songs while holding the mouse on the hurt area. If I make the mouse dance around, she'll let me keep it on her "ouchy." I also like to hold her real tight and smother her with kisses. I make loud smacking noises and funny faces and usually this makes her quit crying. It also lets her know that I'm there for her when she needs me.

My kids love their teddy bear heating/cooling pad.

Hide bleeding with a red washcloth

Once my daughter sees that she's bleeding she cries a lot more, and sometimes she looks to see if she's bleeding before she even starts to cry – so I use a red washcloth to wipe away blood from any minor scratch or scrape. Since she can't see the blood, her tears dry much faster!

Distract 'em with humor

We dust off our son and check his belly button. He'll then raise his shirt to be sure his belly button is okay. It works wonders. Of course, for the harder spills, kisses and cuddles are required.

We have a silly song that we sing when our daughter falls, called "Whoopsie Boom Boom." Tears turn to laughter by the first chorus almost every time.

Kiss away the hurt

When my daughter has a minor bump or boo-boo that she can't quite shake off, I ask "Where's your boo-boo?" She'll show me and put it to my lips to kiss. It's worked every time, so far. Sometimes she just wants an extra kiss to make sure it's all gone. Then she usually goes right back to playing with a smile.

The best cure for an owie with my daughter is kisses, hugs, and lots of TLC. This never fails for us.

Sometimes my 8-month-old loses her balance and hits her head. Although it pains me to see her hurt and crying, I try to stay calm. I pick her up and smother her with kisses, let her know it will be alright, and (if I can hear myself over her cry) I sing her favorite nursery rhyme. It's amazing how quickly she forgets her pain and returns to what she was doing.

Break out the bandages

A kiss, some ointment, and an adhesive bandage never fail. Put one on even if there's nothing there. If kids think there is some kind of magic in a bandage, who are we to take that belief away from them?

Keep it in perspective

We assure them that the hurt will go away in a minute or two, point out that it's a little owie, and treat it as such. We cater to bigger owies as needed.

Heal it with owie cream

We use what we call "all better lotion" on our daughter. It's just arnica gel, which is said to help heal bruises and soothe pain. We've been putting it on her since the first fall, so she really thinks it works! It's funny how fast the tears go away. Then we can really treat the problem if need be, with no tears or screaming.

Recovery of the Childhood at the Botanical Garden

On the International Day of the Environment we went in search of Childhood

Find the Childhood together with the Children's Forest!

Sunday, June 5th, we are waiting for you in the Botanical Garden, to celebrate together, with small and big, the International Day of the Environment!

Let's embark on the adventure of "Recovery of Childhood" and take care of the sincere joy of children for everything that is about nature and life.

We are joining the over 100 countries that celebrate the Environment Day, thus wishing to support our global efforts to raise awareness of environmental and action issues in order to save the planet's natural heritage.

Support the cause of forests, come to the event and give the rope in the country:

on June 5, in the interval 12.30 - 17.30, Children's Forest awaits you with games in nature, creative workshops, educational and fun games dedicated to all children and adults!

We celebrate this special day through a reconnection with childhood games and nature; we learn to appreciate the beauty and usefulness of forests, to recycle and reuse resources, to protect the environment.

We will play sotron, elastic, rope and board games. In the workshops we will reuse and make paper creation, we will put our imagination to the test in stencils and painting on shirts and we will find out how we can creatively reuse the pallets.

We paint on clay mugs, create live greetings and drawings with seeds and build together a pop-up work on the water circuit in nature. We meditate in nature, we enjoy sensory theater and discover the story of the "Talking Brad". A treasure hunt - guided tour through the garden will help us discover new information about plant and tree species.

By the way, do you know what a birch tree looks like?

The event is open to the public, and participation in workshops is based on a minimum donation of 15 lei / person.

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