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The simplest and most fun dessert to prepare for children, a mini cake of chocolate mousse and cookies that they will love. You can present it in individual servings or make it in a large mold, it will be a success either way.

The chocolate mousse can be replaced by other recipes for children such as strawberry or lemon mousse. This minitarta is very fun to cook with children, they can collaborate by preparing the mousse and let them make the cake.

  • 1 package of cookies
  • 180 grams of chocolate fondant or hot chocolate
  • 100 grams of butter or margarine
  • 100 grams of sugar
  • 4 eggs

Tips: You can substitute the mousse for the flavor you prefer (strawberry, lemon etc.). You can also add a layer of cream alternating with the chocolate mousse.

1. Cut the chocolate into pieces and melt it in a saucepan in a double boiler or in the microwave.

2. Separate the whites from the egg yolks.

3. Beat the egg yolks with the sugar until you get a cream.

4. Add the melted chocolate to the mixture and mix everything.

5. Add the melted butter or margarine and continue stirring with constant movements.

6. Little by little add the whites until stiff and continue stirring until a thick and creamy mixture is left.

7. When the mixture is ready, put it in the fridge for 24 hours.

8. Assemble the cake alternating a cookie and a tablespoon of mousse to the height you prefer.

Here are some other quick recipes for working moms.

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Mom, my back hurts!

Generally, children and adolescents go through life enjoying their bodies and demanding more than necessary without thinking that in the future these excesses could pass the bill. One of the regions of the body that recharges the most at this stage is precisely the back.

According to medical statistics, up to 70 percent of those under the age of 17 have suffered from back pain at least once in their life.

The cause of this ailment, which generally resolves quickly thanks to physiotherapy and the indicated drugs, lies in the excessive weight of school bags and sedentary life. It has also been proven that the furniture in some schools predisposes to a bad postural habit since the tables and chairs are not adapted to the variety of sizes - height and weight - at those ages, much less to their constant growth at this stage.

It is not always in our hands to eradicate the factors that induce back pain at once, but we can always do something for our little ones. Here are some tips:

- Help our children to select a backpack that allows to properly distribute the weight on the back and insist that they only carry what is essential.

- Be alert about the posture of the boys. The correct thing is to keep the back erect, the chest and chin in front, so that despite the objective limitations with the school furniture, the child cooperates in minimizing the damages.

- Incorporate in the little ones the habit of physical exercise, especially in sports such as swimming and track athletics. This is a way to counteract the sedentary world that comes to them surrounded by computers, mobile phones, video games and remote controls ...

- In case of persistent pain, we should not delay the visit to the specialist, he could diagnose some malformation or bone deviation. In that case, it is recommended that they be constant with physiotherapy and disciplined with the physical routine that the doctor advises. The strengthening of the back muscles will depend on avoiding or minimizing episodes of pain.

Rosa Mañas. Editor.

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24 varied short dictations for fifth graders

24 varied short dictations for fifth graders

They improve calligraphy, know the correct use of grammar, avoid spelling mistakes, increase memory and work on concentration. There are many advantages for boys and girls to do a dictation or two a day, even more so if these little ones are about to close the second cycle of primary school. Today we share with you 24 short dictations for fifth graders with which they will be able to acquire new knowledge and reinforce what they have learned in previous courses at school and at home!

As with younger children, it is not about doing many of these exercises a day, but about doing them well, slowly and understanding all the grammar rules. One or two a day will be enough, do not forget to solve all the doubts they have. We started!

Plain words, acute, esdrújulas and sobreesdrújulas that carry accent marks, how to correctly use the double "l" or the 'h' or how to insert punctuation marks in the same text are just some of the things that students will work on during this course fifth grade. Hence, many teachers and parents want to use dictations as reinforcement material. Attentive to these exercises short dictations very practical, educational and also a lot of fun!

It is time to dive right into learning the words flat, sharp, esdrújulas and sobreesdrújulas. The fifth grade primary school students They are about to close cycle, so they must know each and every one of the grammatical rules, including accents according to each word.

To help you in this task and ensure that you do not have any doubts, we have prepared these enjoyable dictations, ideal for knowing when and how these types of words are accentuated.

Exercises with plain words with tilde

1 The pencil is difficult to use, at least that's what my friend Julián González thinks. However, I think it is more difficult to find a clover and a dollar in a tree.

2 I play soccer on the lawn next to my house. The leader and the angel take sugar on the horse. I dont believe it!

3 The trailer for the movie is about to begin. Pay attention, it's about Simón Bolívar

Dictator with sharp words

4 Jesus makes a division, José studies the lesson and Antón plays with his truck.

5 The shark, the lion and the owl are close friends. They have a great time playing jump on Aunt Cortés's sofa.

6 Mom and Dad say I'm a champion because I can play the song so well on my trumpet and my saxophone.

Exercises with esdrújulas words

7 The machine and the compass work very well, so they can show us the way to the lost magic shell.

8 The seventh bird is valid, so you can listen to music on Wednesdays as loud as you want.

9 The grammar says that the third syllable is the one to put the intonation on. You understood it right?

Dictations to practice the words on esdrújulas

10 Tell me everything but do it easily so I don't make a mistake. Then I'll quickly explain it to the pirate with the blue beard.

11 Explain it to him without haste since that mouse can easily hunt you in your traps.

12 Give it back, that which you have taken is not yours, it doesn't matter if you like it a lot. Or do you prefer to gamble and see if he does not realize that you have taken a piece of his cheese?

In the previous courses, the teaching of the use of punctuation marks has already begun, now that they have reached the fifth grade of primary school, they should continue in this line with fun dictations and a little longer like the ones we show you here.

13 That summer day it was hotter than normal, I was on the beach with my cousins ​​so I told them:

- Shall we go to the water for a swim?

- Clear! Shall we race to see who gets to the sea first?

Neither short nor lazy we left the sand castle we were making and ran as fast as we could to see who touched the water first. Of course, I won, I am the oldest of the three and also the one who runs the most. Shortly after being in the water, my cousin Marcos said:

- Boys! Behold! I think I've seen a shark!

And that was how the great adventure began ...

14 - We have to do something. Said the lion.

- But what? The ferret asked.

- To begin with, we will call a meeting to inform all the animals of the serious problem we have. The wise tiger added.

- Issue? What a problem? The turtle that had just made its appearance asked.

- Well, there is almost no water left and as the rains don't come soon we won't have anything to drink. He was informed by the lion who appeared to be in command of the situation.

- Do not worry! I know what we can do ...

Second cycle primary school students are already clear about how the 'h' is used, however, they still make spelling mistakes in their texts with this letter, and it is one of the most expensive to learn. So that they have no doubts about if a word is written with 'h' or without itWe suggest that you teach your students an exercise like these every day.

15 I have spoken with Hugo about the holidays, he has told me that he wants to go to Huesca, but I do not agree, I prefer to travel to Huelva. What do you think?

16 I have a small garden with hidden grass and lots of vegetables. You want to see them?

17 The chameleon is not very talkative, however, he has a lot of fun when he hides his bone from the dog that is his neighbor. It's worth it!

As with the 'h', the letter 'll' is often expensive to learn since some boys and girls of these ages sometimes mistake the letter 'y'. To avoid these spelling mistakes, we propose these useful dictations:

18 We are going to help my grandfather paint the hallway in his house. While the grandmother is going to prepare us some delicious butter cookies.

19 I'm proud that I was able to pick up the house keys that had fallen into a gutter. What a scare!

20 The chick was mewing, the hen was barking, and the foal was making a louder noise than the horse. They ate donuts and not a single murmur was heard. What a funny and weird farm!

21 You go and take the fence to fix the entrance so that the cat does not escape again, please.

To finish, we show you some famous poems perfect for boys and girls of these ages. Memory, handwriting and concentration will improve. Don't forget to suggest that they illustrate their dictation from behind the page, they won't be able to say no to you!

22 Sleep, sleep, my master,
without anxiety, without fear,
although my soul does not sleep,
although I do not rest.

Sleep, sleep and at night
be you less rumor
than the blade of grass,
than the silk of the fleece.

Let my flesh sleep in you,
my anxiety, my trembling.
My eyes close on you:
Let my heart sleep in you!

Fragment of 'The sad mother'. Gabriela Mistral

23 My shadow follows me,
my shadow catches me,
my shadow shrinks,
my shadow lengthens,

Imitates me and disappears,
bends and enlarges
and it goes down when I go up
and go up when I go down

And without any work
is it dinosaur or cloud,
is it giant or dwarf
And it's where I've already been

Fragment of 'My shadow'. Edgar Allan Garcia

24 The square has a tower,
the tower has a balcony,
the balcony has a lady,
the lady a white flower.

A gentleman has passed
-Who knows why it happened! -
and has taken the square,
with its tower and its balcony,
with his balcony and his lady
his lady and her white flower.

Fragment of 'The square has a tower'. Antonio Machado

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IELTS Listening Practice - Spelling Test - Town Names

Green shop

Are you pregnant and looking for the ideal name for your baby? Our name finder has thousands of names for boys to help you in this important choice. We highlight the name in the dictionary of meaning of names: Theophrid.

It comes from the Germanic. among them Saint Teofrido, abbot of the 7th century.

From Theudfrid, theud-, "people", and -frid, "` peace ".

January 26, October 19


  • Saint Theodard, bishop in the 7th century

Drawings of the name Teofrido coloring page printable game

40 Unique Biblical Names for baby boy with meaning

The chair in the very small baby

The chair in the very small baby Question:

- I have a little girl for a month and I am worried about the chairs, they are liquid in nature and there is a viscous fluid, a type of intestinal lining and blood vessels. What can it be?


Acute diarrhea is one of the most common pathological manifestations in infants, which can be caused by multiple and varied causes:

  • infection: both intestinal (enteral) and parenteral: any infection in the body from infections in the sphere of ORl, respiratory infections and even urinary tract infection, may be accompanied in infants by intestinal transit disorders; the etiology can be bacterial, viral or parasitic;
  • antibiotic treatments for other conditions, including pseudomembranous colitis;
  • food mistakes: over or under food, inadequate milk dilutions, inadequate foods, etc .;
  • food allergies; In the case of breast-fed infants, the mother's diet should be considered;
  • malnutrition, by lowering digestive tolerance and immunity can cause diarrhea;
  • other digestive or extradigestive diseases (a hemolytic uremic syndrome can be accompanied by the appearance of blood stains).
    In infants, in the first months of life, due to its functional features and an immune system still insufficiently matured, there is the risk of severe complications in the event of neglecting an episode of severe acute diarrhea: acute dehydration syndrome, seizures, malnutrition, anemia, prolapse rectal, volvulus, intestinal perforation, toxic megacolon, septicemia etc.
    The presence of mucus / pus and blood in the stool are pathological signs that betray the presence of an enterocolitis (inflammation of the intestine), most often caused by an infectious cause. The first attitude when observing such changes in the chair should be the doctor's consultation without delay, especially if it is a baby so small.
  • Tags Baby chair Baby chair New born chairs

    Veal shoulder with citrus

    Veal shoulder with citrus

    Veal shoulder with citrus

    Veal shoulder with citrus

    A vitamin and original recipe to share with the family.

    See the recipe

    Autism is a childhood disorder that has a higher incidence in boys than in girls. The skills of an autistic child They can be high or low depending on both your IQ level and your verbal communication skills.

    The causes of autism are still unknown, but there are some theories that may explain the disease. These books on autism can help parents better understand this disease. We also introduce you to literature and books for autistic children.

    1. The smug little rat
    B.A.T.A (Autism Treatment Association)

    Bring the reading closer to people with special educational needs has been the main objective of Makakiños, a collection aimed at people with support needs: such as children with cerebral palsy, developmental disorders (autism) or communication disorders.

    2. The white rabbit
    B.A.T.A (Autism Treatment Association)
    Reading is supported, in addition to text and illustration, on a pictogram system based on drawings and colors, called SPC. Thus, the pictograms referring to nouns appear framed in orange, verbs in green, adjectives in blue, etc.

    3. Treatment of the autistic child
    Martin Egge
    Childhood psychoses are characterized by a great distrust of the child towards the outside world, which in the case of autism can be visible from the first months of life and push the child to create a world without resorting to anyone other than himself.

    The hypotheses of a organic genesis of autism they only explain a greater frailty in these subjects at the statistical level. It remains to explain why the vast majority of people affected by any organic syndrome to which autism is attributed are in fact neither autistic nor psychotic. With the organogenesis hypothesis, the distinction between autism and other diseases with autistic traits no longer makes sense. The result is a veritable epidemic of autism, that is, the increase in proven cases to a thousand percent in a few years. To face such an epidemic, it is committed, especially in the United States, to important investments in educational-behavioral therapies. But autists are not disabled that must be trained, but subjects who have difficulties due to a disorder that is not located in the folds of the brain, but rather symbolically.

    Where did the research that tended to isolate a group of children go to make remarkable improvements, with groundwork sustaining them and leading to a better openness to the world? Subtle work with these children seems out of fashion. You don't want to know what it means to be autistic, to be afraid of every imposition. At Antenna 112 we strive to support these children without forcing them. They demand that there be someone to give them guarantees, a "bodyguard" (as defined by a autistic child), which defends its subjectivity, a Other little muscular, that is curious and creative in front of children so disarmed and at the same time so strong.

    4. Teach autistic children to understand others
    Patricia Howlin, Simon Baron-Cohen, Julie Hadwin
    The difficulties children with autism experience in understanding the thoughts, beliefs, desires, and intentions of others are well documented in numerous studies. Currently it has been seen that this deficit underlies many of the social problems and communication characteristics of autism.

    5. Towards an explanation of the enigma
    Uta Frith
    The first edition of Autism. Towards an explanation of the enigma, it very soon became a classic because it provided the first satisfactory psychological relato of what goes on in the mind of a person with autism.

    This new updated edition tells the story of the scientific effort to understand autism and shows that Uta Frith's explanations have stood the test of time. With surprising extensions and improvements in each of the chapters, the book has been radically revised and a new chapter has been added with research in neuropsychology highlights of the last ten years.

    6. Living with autism
    Mike stanton
    Living with autism is aimed at the family and friends of autistic people, as well as the professionals who work with them. Drawing on your personal experience, Stanton offers us an honest description of what living with autism really means for all people.

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