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Newborn baby flu vaccination can protect infants from the disease

Infants whose mothers received vaccinations during their first pregnancy have dropped significantly during the first six months of their lives, according to researchers at the University of Utah in the US.

Newborn baby flu vaccination can protect infants from the disease

According to a study published in the online edition of Pediatrics Pediatric Pediatric Magazine, in cases of influenza, it was 70 percent lower the hathуnapos or younger annбl csecsemхk arбnya if йdesanyjukat beoltottбk vбrandуssбga idejйn.A kуrhбzban treated influenzбsok esetйben szбzalйkkal 80 was smaller such csecsemхk arбnya kйpest those who have not йdesanyjбt immunizбltбk.Az egйszsйgьgyi adatbбzisokbуl also kiderьlt that demonstrated the 97 patients laboratуriumban influenzбs szбzalйka was an infant whose mother did not receive vaccination at the time of her pregnancy. also beneficial for children"he quoted Julie H. Shakib In this study, Shakib and his colleague have more than 245,000 infants and over 249,000 infants in their health data. involved in the flu vaccine, the others - 222,003 - were not immunized. During the study period, there were 658 infants among laboratory-confirmed influenza cases, and 638 of their mothers did not receive vaccinations. Of the 658 toddlers, 150 went to the hospital, and 148 were mothers who were not immunized.Related articles in Flu vaccination:
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  • Since birth, the children's bone system is very fragile and should be helped to develop to provide daily support to small explorers. Therefore, calcium and vitamin D dietary supplements should be administered from the first days of life.

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    Vaccination against varicella: According to the officer there is no shortage

    Vaccination against varicella: According to the officer there is no shortage

    Mandatory vaccination against varicella has been made available, and the vaccination program began in September, the National Chief Medical Officer said.

    Vaccination against varicella: according to the officer there is no shortage (photo: iStock)Müller Cecнlia said, children who were born in August 2018 should receive their first vaccination this Septemberand give the booster at 16 months. Eight thousand children now receive the vaccine - he added. vaccination against the disease. With the increased йletkorhoz tizenkettхre kцthetх kцtelezх vйdхoltбsok szбma.A tisztifхorvos - called mйrfцldkхnek the bбrбnyhimlхoltбs kцtelezхvй tйtelйt - highlighted in bevezetйse tovбbb javнtja magyarorszбgi jбrvбnyьgyi the situation, which was already kivбlу Eurуpбban.Jelezte the bбrбnyhimlх the цsszes - reported kцtelezхen - fertхzйses megbetegedйsek liability was raised, therefore the introduction of vaccination was justified. After it was submitted by the children They will be protected over their lives, you will not carry the virus, which in some cases may cause problems in adulthood: in the case of a weakened immune system, it may take the form of a cirrhosis. Orsolya Surjбn Deputy Chief Medical Officer said there are two vaccine vaccines available for the prevention of this disease in Hungary, as there is no compulsory vaccine.
    According to Ceclia Müller, it is the professional rule that a series of vaccinations should be completed with the benefit that they started with. However, he does not think there is any cause for concern, as if the child has received the first vaccine, he or she will enjoy some protection, stepped in this area. One of these is the Infection Control Regulation, which provides health service providers with more help than ever before in developing their internal policies.
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