Sweet Not Bitter - Proverbs - Versus Challenge - Science Illustration -  Sunday Kids Object Lesson

Sweet Not Bitter - Proverbs - Versus Challenge - Science Illustration - Sunday Kids Object Lesson

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Summer makeup

Summer makeup

Thanks to the sun makeup, you will perfect your first summer tan or give relief to your tan and sublimate it. At your disposal, warm and bright shades to dress up your complexion, your eyes and your lips.

What is solar makeup?

A set of cosmetic products for the face without self-tanning that comes in:

  • A sun powder which creates a tan tailored to your complexion and the evolution of your tan.
  • A gel, or a cream, moisturizer who lays a veil of light color for a unified and sunny complexion.
  • Pearly or golden eyeshadow which brings brightness to the eyes.
  • A waterproof pencil or eyeliner who does not let go in the day.
  • A blush in tones of golden beige or coppery brown for a touch of light.
  • A waterproof mascara that resists water and perspiration.
  • A gloss or lip gloss which pimente your mouth with beautiful wet reflections.

Good gestures

  • Sweep the sun powder on your entire face with a wide, round brush.
  • Melt a dab of gel or cream fingertips starting with the cheeks, then the forehead, the neck and ending with the lobe of the ears.
  • Deposit the makeup on your mobile eyelids using a flat brush.
  • Apply mascara starting from the base of your upper lashes and go up to the tip by making slight zigzag movements to separate them.
  • Smile lightly to bring out your cheekboness and apply the blush on the rounded part.
  • Draw a line of eye-liner, or pencil, either flush with the eyelashes, or in the inner and outer corners.
  • Put the gloss from the center of the lips and spread it over the entire mouth.

Monique Fort

Group of sensory stimulation, play and development skills for children from 8 to 23 months

Wednesday, March 26, April 2, April 9 from 10.00 and 11.15
Theme of the day: Sensory journey in the forest
with Dana Musat, Psychologist
Sensory exploration is the way in which children examine, discover, name and give meaning to the surrounding world. and even more, it is beneficial to offer them opportunities for sensory play.

Every Wednesday we meet in the colorful box of MOMO, to learn different things:
- on March 26: "changing weather / rain, wind and then sun / rainbow on the sky" - we discuss the weather phenomena specific to this period;
- April 2: we observe what happens to plants, insects and animals during spring time
- On April 9, we prepare Easter decorating eggs and entering the story of the buclucas rabbit
Home at MOMO, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, we will interact with 7 moms and their babies, We start the morning together with a hot and aromatic tea we tell about our children and our own experiences and explore the fascinating universe of senses. And what you will learn and experience at each meeting, you will be able to continue at home. Otherwise, pay attention to the needs of your children and accompany them in their discoveries.

Why sensory stimulation?

During the first six months, the baby is almost always in contact with his mother. After this period, he opens himself to the world, which he discovers with the help of the 5 senses: smell, sight, hearing, taste and smell, and with their help he understands life. The way we interact with it, the way we eat it, the music we listen to, the taste experiences we offer are defining for its development.

What does sensory stimulation mean at this age?

- exploring the sensory boxes (boxes with rice, lentils, malai or foam in which children will dip their hands in search of treasures)
- touching water in its various forms, exploring colors or different textures
- taste testing ... salty, sweet, bitter
- play on music (we will dance, jump and spin on classical music)
- games and toys (made by you with all the love) to create a connection with your child.

What are the benefits of our children?

- they will learn notions about nature, animals, humans
- They will develop their language describing what they see, hear and feel
- they will make a connection between cause and effect (what happens when I put water in the sand or hold ice in my hand)
- They will develop fine motor skills by manipulating all kinds of materials with different textures and consistencies
- they will be calmer because they will consume any inner discomfort, whether it is boredom or a form of agitation
- they will build their self-confidence by interacting with other children their age in the presence of parents.

But what about our benefits, our parents?

- a very close connection with our child based on trust and knowledge
- better physical and emotional interaction
- rediscover the child in us, smile more often and get rid of stress
- stimulates our creativity to invent games, stories and even toys
- we have access to a community of parents with the same concerns
Organizational details:
We meet every Wednesday at 10am. The workshop can be held with a minimum of 4 children and a maximum of 7. Depending on the number of registrations, a second group is formed at 11.30. The duration of a meeting is 60 minutes.
Payment at the meeting: 65 lei / session (mother + child) with prior appointment, only within the places available, priority having the subscriptions.

Payment at the subscription: 240 lei / subscription / (4 sessions) - valid for 6 weeks
Frequency: weekly
The full payment of the subscription can be made after the first session, thus having the option to try before all the activities that we propose and then decide if it suits you and you want to continue (to be deducted from the cost of the subscription if you later opt for it alternative). Missed sessions due to objective reasons are recovered to the next group, but no more than 2 sessions. The subscription is valid until the 4 sessions run out, up to 6 weeks from the date of registration.
Registration for this workshop is done only in writing at: [email protected], specifying the age of the child. Depending on the number and age of the children enrolled, we will form two or more groups of children. Details on the phone: 0723.565.113
Sensory spring in colors and flowers!

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Suites of diapers: 6 useful tips

Eulogia: origin and meaning of the name for girl Eulogia

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Eulogia.

Due to the cult of the Spanish saints who bore it the name, it became quite popular in Spain since the Middle Ages, although today it is falling into disuse.

Composed of eu: "good, good" and lego: "talk, tell".

January 9, January 21, March 11, September 13.


  • José Eulogio Gárate, Spanish footballer (1944)
  • Eulogio Dávalos, Chilean musician (1945)

Drawing of the name Eulogia coloring page printable game

Eulogia: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Eulogia name coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Eulogia coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Eulogia name to color and print

75 Nature Names for Girls - NAMES and MEANINGS!

Musical stimuli in childhood

HANG DRUM + WATER DRUM Yoga Music 432HzPositive Energy Music

Milk teeth and traumas in children

Milk teeth and traumas in children

The moment when our children stand by themselves and take their first steps is always an unforgettable moment in our memories. Even if many families forget the firsts in child development, no parent will easily forget where and where the first step is. In fact, this is the beginning of a major change for both them and their families. Babies learn how to take their first steps and walk. It would be a great injustice for them to wait for them to sit in a corner while there are so many things waiting to be discovered in the world around them. Of course, during these discoveries, each fall will be an experience for them, and perhaps this is a requirement of learning. But these decreases also mean that the chances of getting a blow to the head, face or teeth are very high. Especially in infancy, these blows that may come to the new teeth can cause undesired problems due to the close contact with the permanent teeth located under the milk teeth. Depending on the severity of the impact, the permanent permanent teeth may be displaced or may cause discoloration in both milk and permanent teeth due to infection.

In short, if you look at the problems that may occur in the teeth caused by impacts;
- Simple enamel crack or fracture at the cutting edge of the front teeth
- Cuts and injuries to the gums, palate or lips as a result of impact
- Complicated fractures of enamel and deeper tissues
- Impacts that cause teeth to move forward or backward within the jawbone
- Burying the teeth in the jawbone
- Complete dislocation of the tooth

Even a small blow to the teeth can cause serious problems in the future, even if it is not now. Therefore, you should definitely contact your dentist after such traumas. In cases where you can not reach the dentist can be done in order to avoid the emergency applications;
To stop bleeding in these injuries, depending on the severity of the stroke, apply pressure to the bleeding site with a sterile tampon instead of cotton until the bleeding stops. Cold compression of the injured area after bleeding stops (in order to prevent edema (swelling)). If the tooth has come forward or backward in the jaw line due to trauma, wash your hands and gently press with your finger to bring the tooth back to its original position and bring it back to its ideal position. A broken tooth piece or a completely dislocated tooth should be kept in a glass of milk and immediately consulted the dentist.

To prevent tooth trauma;
- No walker
- To take necessary precautions on sharp corners, tables or furniture at home
- Avoiding wheelchairs (bicycle-rollerblades, etc.) without learning to achieve its full balance
- To train both their own teeth and the other children's teeth not to hit them with hard objects and play without pushing each other while playing.
- Play as smooth and soft as possible while playing
- Take all precautions when swinging on the swing, eg; swing
- Use of stairs in the entrance and exit areas
- If the age is a little older and sports is engaged in measures such as mouth guard or helmet must be taken.

Vekerdy: kindergarten is not something to prepare a child for school

The Hungarian child is never where he is - from high school to high school, from upper secondary to upper secondary, upper middle to high school, to high school to university.

Vekerdy: kindergarten is not something to prepare a child for school

The kindergarten is about creating the most favorable environment for the kindergarten child. The Hungarian kindergarten program also states that the most active activity of the kindergarten child is to play, not to play or to learn. free games.Almost as important is the everyday tale. Anyone who hears a story every day can have their mother tongue developed by the time they graduate to school to prevent a child who does not, or only occasionally, hears a story. And mother tongue development is the foundation of sound thinking. Do you want to get your child ready for school? Tell her!Vigyбzat! The fairy tale you see is not a fairy tale.Why can? Because the most important thing when it comes to playing games and listening to stories is the inner fantasy world comes to life, internal image creation. Elaboration, says psychology, processing, fears, desires, stinks, knowledge processing.- Do not step on the carpet, the sea! - says the little child, and we know that he sees the sea, casts the inner image ... (You know, it's a carpet.) The child is greedy because he has a lot to process. But he can't do the inside, all he saw was a picture and stuck there stunned. In this case, this crooked movement, the activity swells, and later, before the screen explodes aggressively, but what is worse is that the external image is blocked when the external image is displayed. No processing! If your kid only watches the best, wildest English nature movies out of the screen, he will be more aggressive. games are the most advanced activitybut if the child is not sick, there is no need for a "developer" job! Kindness, security cover, safety, because then you can play well, you can listen to the story. In fact, there is no effect without safety! The form of learning is a spontaneous hiring. (If I teach a child - like to speak - if I am correcting it, it will be worse and worse, and if it does not stutter, I will give you a sample!) (Source: Tamás Vekerdy: Children .)
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