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From Zoo to Bookshop: Programs for the Beginning of Autumn

Believe it or not, there are festivals right now. We found a free zoo, a songbook and a party at Samuca!


A multitude of shops were opened in Budapest on the Bratislava Boulevard in the XIII. kerьletben. Everyone in the Open Folder loves art illustrations, art storybooks and photography. Wide range of children's book selections, slideshows for parents and children. Most excitingly, the Open Folder also has a children's book changer.

Ismjra Pregnant Club!

Looking forward to September at the Maternity Club! From 10 am to 10 pm, Wheeler Orsolya Kovacscsen Wheeler and Head of Mackyskuckou in Csepel.
From 11am onwards, we talk with Ildik Lukics-Kiss about the age-specific features that make life easier for you. Do you believe or disbelieve? Bad or curious? Understand the baby! Hosted by: Judit Szхdy Psychologist, Parenting Advisor, Breastfeeding Advice IBCLC Location: Baby Garden BabyMamaHab Zuglu Children's Center
Budapest XIV, Szuglу u. 83-85.

Free admission to the zoo

The selectively collected beverage carton box now gets free entry for children who bring at least 10 empty milk or fruit boxes per child to the Animal and Nursery Gardens in Cape Town on September 10th and 11th.
With the title "Happy Box Days", the Italian Cardboard Environmental Association, in association with the Animal City Botanical Garden, wants to draw attention to the fact that beverage cartons can be - because of their material. With our selective collection, we can do our environment every day. So on September 10th and 11th, the little ones and the big ones, along with the wonders of nature, will find out which beverage cartons are where they need to be put in to recycle paper.

Family Safety Day

A Family Safety Day will be held in Budapest and IKEA in Budapest on Saturday, September 3, from 10 to 18 o'clock. All current and future IKEA FAMILY members and families are invited to play games in the IKEA store area to help little boys learn the basics of safe transit.
On Safety Day, IKEA has launched a playful, action-packed adventure where children who attend can learn all the benefits of safer transport and take advantage of different tasks. What's more, every fresh first comes with a PATRULL safety reflective vest so you can travel safely in the dark. In addition, police, firefighters, and doctors will provide helpful tips on safe transportation for all members of the family.

Szamуca Coast

On September 10, a delightful children's event is organized at the Csillaghegy Community House with Samuča. The expression "Samuca" in the title is not accidental as the fun event is organized by the Samuca Children's Center, a charity founded by parents and children, and is based on the Foundation.
Registered in 2009, the organization's main goal is to promote conscious leadership, family planning and parenting, as well as child-centered and family-centered approaches. Their work primarily focuses on child welfare and child protection. On September 10, Samuca wants to give parents, in particular, ideas, knowledge, experience, and good practices to make their day-to-day relationship with their parents easier. Important events such as the mother-child relationship, the role of parents and the importance of cooperative communication, the integration of children, stress management, and home improvement are discussed at the event. At the end of the day, there is also the opportunity for individual consultation and advice.
During the lectures, there is a playhouse and a babysitting shop, lots of games and book reviews. In the playhouse for the little ones there will be Wheelers (children's songs, rhymes), Mocorgu (movement developer for 1.5-3 year olds), ovis, ugiee-boogie music movement, color English Teddy bear, creative work and priestess Rainbow.

Dalolka Kárrsz with Eszter

The musical mini-fashion matinee series regularly expects publicity in the Anno fairytale shop. It has now become a tradition that Eszter Kárszsz shakes up the soap bubbles wrapped in soap clouds with his ukulele, and the week begins happily with lots of cheerful children's voices. Have a look at this fabulous place and the fabulous miniature Dalolk!
The first Dalolkája of the season will begin at 10 o'clock on Monday, September 5, 2011.
Don't forget the Hummingbird Festival and the NLC Festival!
How to behave with your child in public. Precious advice from foreigners around
The path that the child must follow before crawling is often tedious and requires a lot of effort and courage on the part of the baby. At the beginning it's a slight lifting of the ass, then swinging, which aims to assess your own skills, and finally try to move your arms. For real crawling, you still need a lot of exercise before your child freely moves from place to place. How can you help an infant make crawling learning easier and more enjoyable?

Security of the environment

Before the child begins to explore the world around him on all fours by himself, it is necessary take care of his safety. The curious toddler, seeing the possibilities of independent movement, will probably use every opportunity to touch everything that is within reach of a small hand.

Objects that could pose a risk to the child in any way should be hidden high in the closet. Low cabinets, doors and drawers must be secured so that the toddler does not get his fingers caught. It is best to remove all tablecloths from the tables for a while, so that the child does not drop an object on his head. If there are stairs in the house, they must be properly secured, e.g. with a special gate. You have to remember that the front door and bathroom door should always be well closed so that the wandering boy does not slip away imperceptibly. If there are animals (dogs, cats) in the house, it would be good to protect their beds, litter boxes and bowls from the curious baby.

Taking care of the right place to crawl

The floor on which the baby will crawl should be kept constantly clean, because not only the hands will come in contact with it, but also the face and even the tongue. It is better in this case to give up strong chemicals for cleaning the floor, so as not to cause allergic reactions in the child.

If we have the opportunity, it is better to remove the carpet from the floor, where all dirt often accumulates, full of stains and hair that can easily get to the child's mouth, and which are often difficult to remove on a regular basis. A floor without a carpet will also be easier to clean, but it must not be too slippery so that the toddler has freedom of movement.

If you do not want your baby to crawl directly on the floor, you can put a blanket, but as a rule, the crawling toddler frolic everywhere but on the blanket. The child does not have to crawl only at home, grass, sandpit are equally interesting places to visit. However, due to the fact that it is difficult to keep a toddler on a blanket or mat, you need to make sure that during crawling wanderings he does not cut himself or find something interesting to eat.

The right crawling clothes

It is also good to take care of the correct dress for the child who begins the adventure of crawling. You have to take care of comfortable items of clothing so that they do not restrict the child's movements. The best will be comfortable tracksuits or tights that will protect your knees from chafing.

Stiff jeans can restrict movement and a frill dress will only tangle small elbows. You have to be aware of the fact that more dirt and abrasions may appear on clothes near your knees, so it's better to opt out of light saucers or thin tights at this time. You can wear warm socks on the legs, there is no need to put on shoes yet.

8 important reasons to educate children on surprise

It only lasts a few seconds, because it quickly transforms into another new emotion. As it appears, it goes away, but surprise is very important for children's development and learning and, as parents, we have an obligation and a duty to keep it alive and nurture it. You want to know why? These are the8 reasons why we should educate children in surprise.

The surprise, also called astonishment, perplexity or startle, is a very spontaneous emotional reaction, caused by an unforeseen event, by something you do not expect, for example, by a person who appears suddenly. Have you ever noticed the face that a baby makes when playing Cuckoo? And how do you open your eyes so you don't miss anything? And the times he asks you to surprise him again? It is wonderful!

This emotion is called neutral, since it cannot be classified as either positive or negative. Another of the defining characteristics is that after the surprise comes another emotion. Which one? It will depend! You may be surprised by something that gives you a lot of joy, such as visiting or meeting a person that you haven't seen for a long time. Or, also, you can have a shocked reaction because you have discovered that your car has been stolen and, then, what comes can be anger, rage, anger or fear.

In other cases surprise can alert us to danger. For example, we are crossing a traffic light or a zebra crossing with children and, suddenly in the distance, we see a car approaching at high speed. We are surprised that he has no intention of stopping, but in turn he is telling us to run to get to the other side of the street.

The surprise is very fast and we could say that it's the fastest thrill of all and, also, it is the one that before is lost with the years. For example, a one-year-old baby is surprised by almost everything, because everything is new to him; however, as we get older, we find it difficult to maintain amazement on a daily basis.

Among the consequences caused by this emotion, according to the report 'Psychology of emotion: the emotional process', carried out by Mariano Chóliz Montañés, Department of Basic Psychology, University of Valencia, stands out,' sudden increase in stimulation, momentary increase in neuronal activity and of cognitive activity and feeling of uncertainty '.

1. Surprise is an emotion that favors and positively influences children's learning. They are curious and interested in wanting to know more and awaken their attention by continuing to study or discover certain things about a specific subject.

2. It leads him to express phrases like 'Oh, I want to know more!', 'How curious. That I did not know! or 'This has never been told to me!' cast leads them to research and search for more information on their own. All this makes the child begin to be more autonomous, more independent and more responsible.

3. If, in addition, we include surprise as a basic ingredient in our day to day we will make our children happier and, in turn, we will be building a family home in which optimism will reign.

4. Surprise can also help the child improve his self-esteem and your concept and vision of yourself. Imagine the situation: you have studied hard to pass a test and in the end you get an 8 or a 9. You will start to believe in it more and find that you can do well!

5. Cultivating that childlike gaze of discovering something positive every day is very interesting, because we convey to children the message that life is very beautiful, that it is worth living and that we should enjoy the little pleasures such as preparing a recipe or taking a bike ride around the neighborhood.

6. If every day there is a surprise (a look, going to find the child at school, preparing his favorite dinner, telling him a story ...), that is, something happens that he does not expect, It will make you as a family come out much stronger and create stronger family ties.

7. The child who knows how to identify and accept surprises you will learn to manage its positive or negative effect, to have an answer to them and assume with total naturalness that they are part of the day to day. This will be extended to other emotions such as joy or frustration.

8. And, finally, seeing the positive consequences that surprise generates in him, will try to lead by example and find ways to surprise to dad, mom, grandparents, uncles or cousins. Is not it wonderful?

Begoña Ibarrola, a psychologist, has spoken about the surprise in this video, but she has also written about it on several occasions, such as in the story 'A surprising gift' (Editorial SM), recommended for children from the age of three.

It is David's birthday and his family organizes a party to which they invite their friends and family, including Grandma Carmen, whom he loves very much.The child is very excited because it is a special moment and all his loved ones are with him!

After blowing out the candles, David quickly opens all the presents and saves his grandmother's, which was almost always a different gift than the others. When he opens it, he finds a box and a key inside. Where would that key be from? What would be your grandmother's gift? Quite a surprise!

Surprise Mission, technique to surprise and make children happy. We share with all parents the Surprise Mission technique that seeks to surprise and make children happy, every day, with the little things that surround them. Educating in surprise and amazement is important, as they are important basic emotions in children's daily learning.

6 everyday ideas to educate children in surprise and amazement. Educating children in surprise and amazement is very important, since it helps learning, motivation and fostering the curiosity of our children. We have some tips for parents who want everyday ideas to surprise and stimulate children through their emotions.

Surprise. Short poem for children about the great emotion of being surprised. Thanks to this short poem that tells children about surprise, we can teach our children what it means to be surprised or amazed. Nursery rhymes are a very useful educational resource for children to learn about emotions. That is why we propose educational activities about poetry.

The surprise of a mother for her son's return to school that you will copy. Children are more adaptable than adults, but even so it doesn't hurt that the first day back at school I make it more bearable. This is a mother's surprise for her son's back to school that you will want to copy. We already have done!

36 amazing phrases to surprise children every day. With all these phrases for children you will be able to surprise your children and motivate them to achieve everything they set out to do. These are some famous quotes with which you can surprise children every day while making them smile. The funniest phrases for the whole family.

Curious children. Children's curiosity. Curiosity is innate in children and must be taken care of from birth so that they are capable of wanting to learn by themselves, since curiosity is the first step for children's learning. What parents can do to arouse and stimulate curiosity in their children.

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Concepts that will help you to know before pregnancy

Bleeding (Menstrual): All women have a certain physiological maturity
they begin to periodically from the moment they reach. This is seen
menstrual bleeding continues in the form of a cycle. This is the same every month
and continue to prepare for pregnancy. This regular period
bleeding, the inside of the uterus with the same order, constantly self
Refreshes. This is the case before pregnancy, from the moment of pregnancy
this situation changes completely. Menstrual bleeding ends when pregnant.

Gender: The sex of your baby will surely arise from no external factors and
certainly can not be effective in determining. The task of determining his gender, of course
There are two genes. Genes are meant as follows; determining the sex of your baby
The factor is the genetic material that the sperm fertilizing the egg carries. Sperm
if you have the X chromosome, your baby will be a girl,
If it shows that the male would be.

Which Birth
Occurs in Time: Pregnancy period according to your last menstrual date
It takes 40 weeks. If your period is regular, your birth date will be calculated.
is usual. If history is regular, too much in the birth of
no hitch. But if you do not have regular menstruation, at this point
The date he tells you is important. Of course, the birth of your doctor
you cannot expect it to occur on the exact date specified. The period in question
week or two weeks later.

Pregnant: ?: First day of menstruation and next day of menstruation
time is between 28 days. During this period, the egg matures
release on the 14th day. To be “custom” to this event in folk language,
“Menstruation”, olmak menstruation ”,“ menstruation bleeding
see, olmak to be menstrual ”is also called. Time between two
It does not necessarily have to be 28 days. This time may also vary.
During the period of ovulation, the possibility of becoming pregnant is quite
It is high. Once the egg has matured and released, it is fully alive for 24 hours.
Remains. 28 days of menstrual period, usually in the middle of this period of pregnancy
status is realized.

Jacquard sweater with hood

Jacquard sweater with hood

That he is cute with his pompom, this hooded jacket that will accompany your toddler on cool days. A model from 3 months to 24 months that will keep it warm gently.

Sizes: a: 3 months (b: 6 months / c: 12 months / d: 18 months / e: 24 months)


Phil quality Phildar hike: 3 (3-4-4-5) balls Ecru color, 1 (2-2-3-3) balls color Suede, 1 (1-1-1-1) ball color Amber, 1 ( 1-1-1-1) Dolphin colored ball, 1 (1-1-1-1) ball color Chili.

Order the threads on the Phildar website
Aig. n ° 4 and n ° 4,5

Points used

Ribs 1/1
Jacquard (download the diagram)
Download the boss


It is essential to the realization of a knitting with the good dimensions.

10 cm stockinette or jacquard, ea. No. 4,5 = 18 m. and 24 rows.

1 2 3 4 5

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