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Crepes filled with chocolate and banana. Rich and simple recipe
When we introduce banana into the baby's diet

The diversification of the baby's diet often starts with fruit, and banana is among the assortments that will quickly make their place on the menu. It has the most creamy texture of fruits, a taste adored by children, the risk of allergies close to zero and a lot of nutrients eager to strengthen the body and stimulate the growth of the baby! Find out when to put bananas in the diversified menu, how to choose the ones cooked and good for consumption, but also with what other foods you can combine in the preparations you serve to the baby!

When is it fed?

Being easily digestible as a baby, banana can be introduced at the beginning of food diversification. The appropriate age to enter it in the menu is 6 months, but some doctors, more cautious of wires, postpone the time and up to the age of one year, because of the risk of fungicide contamination.

What vitamins and minerals contains?

Banana is considered the food of the well being, as it contains essential amino acids that stimulate the functions of the brain and the secretion of the hormones of happiness. Besides these amino acids, bananas also contain many vitamins and minerals that contribute to the harmonious growth of the child:


Vitamin A;
Vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B9 (folic acid);
Vitamin E.



Bananas have many benefits in the development of the baby, but they also contribute to protecting its health:

strengthen the immune system;
• regulates slow intestinal transit (combat both constipation and diarrhea);
• prevent anemia, a common disease among children;
• stimulates brain functions and improves thought processes;
• regulates blood pressure and protects against heart disease.

How do you choose bananas for your child's meal?

If apples and pears are in the category of fruits contaminated with pesticides, the banana is also on the list of those sprayed with toxic substances, but with fungicides. Some doctors consider that fungicides easily penetrate the fruit's pulp through its porous and slightly permeable bark.

For added safety, they recommend buying organic or organic bananas, at least for the baby, because of his sensitive digestive system. The most important thing is not to choose ripe bananas, as unaltered or exposed to pathogens.

When you go to buy bananas, the most important thing is to make sure that they do not have a cracked shell and that they have attached cod. Otherwise, the color of the fruits is less important, because they can be consumed and green, by those who prefer their taste. Bananas bought raw will ripen naturally, in just a few days, if kept at room temperature.

The brown spots that frequent these fruits are not signs of degradation. It only indicates that they are very ripe, which makes them easier to digest and very suitable for the sensitive stomach of the baby.

At what tables do we put bananas?

Being part of the fruit category, bananas should be included in the baby's menu among the morning meals. The snack at 10 o'clock is best suited for this food.

How do you prepare and serve bananas?

Like avocado, banana is served raw or in a natural state. It does not require thermal processing. At the beginning of the diversification, give the baby the ripe fruit very well and only in the form of pasta or mash.

Their texture and consistency can be changed around the age of 8-9 months, when the banana will be served as snack or finger food, in the form of dishes.

What other foods can you associate with them?

Banana is not a pretentious fruit. It can be combined with a lot of other fruits, but at the beginning of the diversification it is indicated to be associated only with: pears, apples, avocados or mango, "friendly" varieties with the baby's fragile stomach.

Baby banana recipes

6-7 months
Banana puree and avocado
Banana and pears foam
7-8 months
Banana puree with rice and yogurt
9-10 months
Mei with cheese, banana and pears
Pumpkin with banana and yogurt
10-12 months
Pumpkin pie with banana

At what age did you put bananas in your baby's diet? Tell us your suggestions, but also the tasty recipes that you prepare for the child with this fruit, in the comments section below!

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Yesterday I had lunch with a friend who is pregnant with her first baby. Although the decision might not be up to her at the end of the day, she wanted to talk to ME about it because I have experienced both methods of childbirth, and she thought I'd have an opinion about which is preferred.

I hope I don't sound too negative to those other rookie moms-to-be reading today, but neither is preferred. In my experience, labor was excruciating both times. Fine, I expected that. The actual deliveries? They were okay DURING the birth, exciting even, and I was pleasantly distracted by the 7-lb prize handed to me at the end of my efforts/ordeal, however the aftermath was not pretty in either case.

While the pain from surgery lasts longer, and an incision in one's middle is inconvenient due to the importance of the torso in everyday activities, I felt that the injury endured by the southern most exit of my body was more, um, personal. Perhaps because it's harder to complain about in casual conversation. Perhaps because it's a body part that is already both complicated and sensitive. Months after my daughter's vaginal birth, I still felt different. Scott, stop reading this.

If you've had a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) or a CBAV (cesarean birth after vaginal - an acronym I think I just invented) do you have an opinion? Is one "better"?

When I expressed frustration over how damaged I felt during recovery from the vaginal birth, my husband said I wasn't remembering how bad off I was during recovery from the c-section. Hmmm.

I'd love to hear from the other moms who have gone down both roads. Is there a clear winner?

Whitney (pictured sleeping with her c-section prize) blogs with Heather at, providing daily inspiration for making the first years of parenthood more fun.

Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

C-Section vs Vaginal Birth Delivery: My Experience. Birth Vlog

When I grow up. Latin American Poetry for Children

Álvaro Yunque is an Argentine poet (1889-1982) who also wrote some children's poems. Most of them are short, rhyming poems, full of metaphors and imagination.

The Latin American poetry 'When I grow up' talks about the dreams of children, their wishes for the future ... And they are also verses full of imagination and values. Transmits to children, for example, the value of solidarity and empathy.

Mom: when I grow up
I'm going to make a ladder
so high that it reaches the sky
to go catch stars.

I will fill my pockets
of stars and comets,
and I will come down to distribute them
to the boys at school.

But I'm going to bring you
mommy, the full moon,
so that you illuminate the house
without spending on electricity.

(Álvaro Yunque)

This poem is ideal to read to the little ones. It is short, simple, with rhyme. It will help keep your child's concentration. In addition, you can use it to improve their reading comprehension and talk with your child about values ​​such as empathy or solidarity. You can use these questions to check if he understood the message of the poem:

  1. Why does the child want to make a ladder to heaven?
  2. What will he do with the stars that he can collect from the sky?
  3. What do you want to take to your mother?
  4. What does the child think his mother will do with the moon?

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When I Grow Up

Name Valéry - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

From the Latin valere, "to be in good health".
Saint Valery was a monk who was trained by Saint Columban. In the seventh century, he founded a monastery in Leuconay. Less popular than its female variant, this name is very rare nowadays and almost completely disappeared from the French civil records.
The Valéry are celebrated on April 1st.
Its derivatives: Valerian, Valere, Valerian, Valerio, Valerie.

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Walnuts are recommended in the daily diet of each person, due to their properties in preventing certain diseases. So, combining the useful with the pleasant, you can prepare a delicious dessert with walnuts.


Preparation time

60 minutes




It took

400 g flour

100 g old

75 ml of oil

1 or

1 teaspoon of ammonia

juice from a lemon

1 glass (200 ml)


500 g nuts

500 g fat cream

1 vanilla essence (10 ml)

150 g old powder

Method of preparation

Prepare the dough first. Put the caramelized sugar, then add the water and let everything dissolve, so you get a kind of syrup. Mix everything with oil, egg and ammonia extinguished with lemon juice. Add flour, until you get a dough that will not stick to your hands.

Divide the dough into four sheets, then place them one by one in the oven, in the preheated oven.

Prepare the walnut cream, mixing the cream with the sugar, ground nut and vanilla essence.

Grease the sheets with this cream, then put the cake on cold.

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The Tragoncete cake. Modern fable for children

The Tragoncete cake. Modern fable for children

Tragoncete's cake is a modern fable for children written by María O'Donnell that teaches us that selfishness never brings us good things and that is more fun to share things with friends.

A perfect story to tell to children who find it difficult to share with friends.

Tragoncete was a cub very, very, very gluttonous, who loved to eat more than anything in the world. Therefore, he was happy when his mother prepared his favorite dessert, the day of his birthday; it was the-famous-honey-and crunchy-cake with the -that- you- smack- but- sticks- to -the- teeth.

At first he was going to tell his friends, but then he decided to eat it himselfAfter all, it was her birthday.

So he got on his bike, put the cake in his basket and went to find a place where no one would bother him.

"There," he thought, "I'll go into the shade of the great crab apple on the hill."

Along the way, a delicious aroma. - Umm how it smelled the honey-and-crunchy-cake-with-the-one-you-smack-but-stick-to-your-teeth! Tragoncete imagined savoring the slowly falling jets of honey as he nibbled on the cake.

He kept pedaling. Suddenly, after a bend in the road, his friends appeared: the Roqui turtle, the Púa hedgehog and the Rattlesnake squirrel.

- Oh no! - said Tragoncete, - I'm going to accelerate to don't see me - and started up the hill quickly.

The bear turned his head to see if his friends were following him and looked away from the road. The bike wheel tripped on a root sticking out of the crabapple and Tragoncete fell on top of the basket, crushing the honey-and-crisp-cake-with-the-one-you-lick-but-stick-to-your-teeth, which was crushed to the ground, spoiling.

Moral: It's always better and more fun share good things with friends.

Author: Maria O'Donnell

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