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Children's activities for the holidays

Taking advantage of vacations to do children's activities with children is very beneficial for them. Children spend more time at home and that can be a bit of concern for parents who will be in charge of the distractionof their children. They will arrive full of energy, and with different personalities and interests, and therefore it is best to prepare.

Children's activities for the holidays increase fun, strengthen progress and develop new skills. We have prepared some suggestions so that you all have a great time on vacation, but above all, it is necessary that you do not forget three basic rules.

1. Playful development. Suggest activities that are always a game.

2. Eagerness to excel. Rejoice with your child's achievements, progress and improvements.

3. Goals. Encourage him to complete goals and, when you do, reward him with a special activity (movies, walks, excursions, etc.)

- Swimming: encourage your child to swim. She is a very complete deporta, both physically and psychologically.

- Games that stimulate motor skills (bicycle, balls, rope and rope)

- Draw (animals, stories, family moments and landscapes).

- Color with different types of paint (colored pencil, wax, tempera).

- Cut out and punch (magazines, photos, tissue paper, cardboard, rolls of toilet paper).

- Model play dough, bread dough and clay.

- Riding a bicycle without the training wheels.

- Learn to walk on skates.

- Walk, run and jump, on the beach and, field

- Play "Potato Run".

- Walk in contact with nature.

- Talk a lot with parents, friends, family, neighbors, emphasizing: listening; wait your turn to intervene; ask please, say hello; pronounce the words correctly; form well-structured sentences; relate facts and events.

- Listen to stories or stories.

- Listen to music.

- Read pictures (to increase your vocabulary).

- Read simple stories.

- Invent, draw and write (poetry, stories, letters to friends).

- Decorate folios using various materials.

- Play the 'chain' of words. Example: to a group of three or more children, one says a word, the next says the word of the previous one and adds another, etc. The child who is unable to add new words leaves the game.

- Play hangman.

- Play "I see-I see".

- Make up phrases of 3, 4, 5, or more words.

- Play to match cards or tiles.

- Play with the numbers.

- Play ludo, goose, tic-tac-toe, dominoes, and other board games.

- Assemble a giant puzzle with everyone in the family.

- Sleep a lot.

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You can come back if you don't bother with yourself after childbirth

You can come back if you don't bother with yourself after childbirth

What are the consequences of failing to provide proper regeneration conditions? In general, what is proper regeneration? When is the time?

You can come back if you don't bother with yourself after childbirth

Mom, keep up with yourself!

Medical and all types of health care after childbirth release the mother's hand in Hungary. Throughout the three trimesters, the mother is closely followed during pregnancy: she is entitled to family support for defensive meetings, and is regularly subjected to detailed examinations. The condition of the mother and the fetus is constantly monitored. But with the birth, this ends. From now on, no one examines the mother, but luckily the newborn is examined by the health system. And, by default, moms meet six weeks after childbirth with a midwife. And very often after that, they get no attention. They stay at home, many without much help, and most of the time they do most of their baby's work. Her health, especially in the first few weeks after birth, has no time to deal with.

First six months: never a return

"Exactly, though this first six weeks - six months is the unique biological period when a woman's body undergoes profound changes. In such a case, it would be possible to repair the pregnancy / childbirth - if the mother could deal with it "- - emphasizes prof.dr.Takбcs Péter a specialist in obstetrics. This is an unrepeatable phase when it is possible to synthesize new collagen and elastin that are required for the production of striated muscle tissue. Within nine months, growing fetuses put more strain on the pelvic floor muscles, which causes the muscles to expand and lose their full capacity. Their regeneration would do much to restore the mother's pelvic floor muscles. However, there is a way to do this in the first 6 months when the mother is just left alone. There is no health care - be it a nurse, any doctor, a physiotherapist - that would be systematically there to support mothers. "Instead, Hungarian mothers are practically they are only required to care for the baby at every moment, this is their only obligation at this time, "explains US-based doctor Takacs.

What can we face?

If the mother is unable to deal with the aching muscles, she may face a number of problems that persist and degrade the quality of life. These are summarized as so-called pelvic dysfunction.1. It can be unpleasant to live with urinary incontinence, which is a very common symptom of childbirth. "Physical stress (jumping, coughing, athletic activity, etc.) results in the dripping of urine, in the background of which the binding of the muscles due to pregnancy occurs" - explains Takocs.
2. So-called prolapses, that is, the prolapse of the pelvic organs, may develop.
3. Abnormal quality of life is clearly impaired by incontinence. It causes distresses in magazines and fecal retention, which can be extremely unpleasant in the case of fierce fecundity.
4. Sexual dysfunctions: pelvic and vaginal pains in the back of which the muscles of the vaginal wall are inadequate for posture and tense.

How can we avoid unpleasant complaints?

"Kбrosan befolyбsoljбk pelvic muscles бllapotбt certain szьlйszeti technikбk: a. Vбkuum or pliers hasznбlata and szьlйszeti practice of gбtmetszйs Magyarorszбgnбl advanced orszбgok hatбrozottan kerьli the gбtmetszйst as possible, not nyъlnak the gбt terьletйhez exactly azйrt because hьvelyi szьlйsnйl egyйbkйnt well. heavily used muscles can continue to break with the incision - causing a lot of problems for the mother, "explains Prof. Dr. T.Pakcscs. "Postpartum rehabilitation should be just like this: after just a few weeks - from the sixth week on, you can be sure that your mother can be completely safe - gбtizomtornбt you have to start and do it regularly, virtually for life "- emphasizes the importance of maintaining muscles, Doctor Takahcs. containing fatty acids and leucine.
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Acute Pancreatitis: Etiology, signs and Symptoms, pathophysiology, Diagnosis, Treatment

I won't, mine!

I won't, mine!

In our wedding story, Pozzi is visited by her friend, Christopher. And as they usually are, they stumble.

One gray day, Poci sat indifferently in his room.
- I am bored. What can you do then? he asked bored.
- Let's call your friend, Christopher! Mom suggested.
Poci's eyes suddenly brightened as he was very fond of playing with Christopher. Mom picked up the phone and dialed Christopher's mom.
They were knocking soon. Poci ran to the door excitedly.
- Christopher's here! he shouted at the end.
Mom hurried to the entrance and opened the door. - Come in! Poci was expecting her little friend.
he said to the guests.
Christopher's mom helped her little boy take off his jacket, hat and shoes. Christopher and Poci disappeared in the blink of an eye on the steps leading up to the nursery. The children's room became loud with childish noise. The blue locomotive rolled around on the rails, stopped at one station. The cranes also came to work and loaded coal into the rail cars. The Red Diesel Locomotive also passed, and soon broke circles in the nursery.
- Puff-Puff! the steam boiled loudly.
- Come on! Kristof shouted as he pushed the little blue locomotive to a stop.
- Come on! Poci continued to squirm.
- No, the passengers haven't checked in yet! said Kristuf firmly.
- But they've called. We are going! - strongly Poci.
The driver of the locomotive, one of my most exasperated, is:
- Are we leaving now or not? he asked innocently.
- Noah! the little brother shouted.
- Deeeeee! Poci murmured.
There was a great controversy, and the two boys were driving the locomotive.
The pawn dropped out of the locomotive window.
- What a thing! Stop it right away! he muttered to the boys.
- Mine! shouted Poci.
- I'm playing with it now! Christopher screamed.
- I do not give. Mine! Poci said.
Mine was sitting at the top of the storm. "It would be best if I quit quickly," he thought.
Then the door to the nursery opened. Mom stopped at the door. He looked very upset.
- What's that shout ?! he asked the boys.
"Christopher took my locomotive," Poci complained.
"I'll just play with him," Kristuf defended.
- Mine! - strongly Poci.
- It's yours. But Christopher wants to play with him too. You can play with it even when Kristuf is home. But the only ones are boring! You know that too, don't you? Mom said softly. - Unless your friend was here, he was bored. Friends are boring games without a word! Mom continued.
The two little boys were silent. We listened to Mom thoughtfully.
- Just show Kristof how your locomotive can light up. Mom said as she stroked the boys.
- Foolish? curiosity glistened in Christopher's eyes.
- Yes! Look, you have to press here! Poci said happily.
- Uh, but super! Kiprуbбlhatom? asked the little brother.
- Of course! Poci agreed, and made the locomotive friendly.
- But where's the driver's man?
"Not in the locomotive," Kristouf peeked through the tiny window.
“Here I am!” A faint voice came from one of the circles. "I quit because you quarreled and then I'm not driving the locomotive," the man stated emphatically. - I just play with good friends!
- We're good friends! said the two little boys at once.
- No more fighting! Poci said.
- Not really. Never again! - Kristouf added.
At this point, my man jumped back into the locomotive and continued playing, but now without a fight.
Indeed, the train was so much more exciting. Once upon a time, Poci, later Kristuf, was driving the locomotive. And he was happy and knew exactly when to start and stop because the boys hadn't argued about it.
Strawberry honey sauce

Strawberry honey sauce is easy to prepare, tasty and aromatic. It is ideal for pancakes and pandispani.

Preparation time

30 minutes




1 kg of strawberries

50 ml honey

10 grams old

vanilla essence

peel from a lemon

Method of preparation

Combine 200 grams of chopped strawberries with honey, lemon peel and vanilla in a saucepan. Leave on the heat until it boils, then lower the heat and let it simmer for 10 minutes.

At this stage you must obtain a consistent sauce. Then let everything cool down. When the sauce has cooled, add another 200 grams of strawberries and mix well with a blender.

Then give the sauce cold for several hours. Stir the remaining strawberries with the sugar and add over the sauce. Mix well and let cool for 10 minutes.

The honey and strawberry sauce is served with various desserts. It can also be consumed with pandispan and butter bread.

The type of kitchen

International cuisine

Tags Honey Sauce Strawberry Sugar Vanilla Lemon

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