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7 out of 9 children can be cheated

We also carried out a child abuse attempt in Hungary. The results were staggering. Here are a few tips to teach your little one how to protect himself!

Again, there are news that children are trying to contact unknown, suspicious characters, and that you may be able to harass, kidnap, and grow older children.

Child abduction is a threat

Luckily, those fortunate-hit cases in 2013, where he tried to cheat small children from a female school or playground, were thrown into great dust. According to the police, a child abduction attempt has not really taken place and, in 1995, the last child abduction was registered in Hungary.

9 out of 9 kids went with the stranger

He also reportedly reported an arrogant British experiment in which parents, to the parents' knowledge, attempted to cheat children from a playground. The same experiment was also carried out in Budapest by a reporter for the RTL II Forrу show. In a fictional situation, she went to different small children, saying she lost her puppy and asked for help.
The result was staggering: 7 out of 9 small children went with it without thinking, five times it took less than a minute to convince them. The minimum time was only 18 (!) Seconds.

The little ones are in greatest danger

Several kindergartens and schools also draw attention to the need for children to be prepared for such situations, a possible attack.
As we have to say, due to their age-specific characteristics, smaller children have a harder time applying the rules they learned from parents and educators. It may be much more useful to capture the concept of the free, not the free, which in a "live" situation can be immediately triggered without the need for thought. It is worthwhile for parents to have a uniform, determined rule in the area so that they can go with anyone, strictly with the permission of the parent.
Let the children know that not everyone is approaching the children with good intentions. Experience has shown that for the smaller ones, the bad appearance in fairy tales is always poor, dirty, or torn, or perhaps untidy. They rarely assume the kind and kind people that they might want something bad. And not only can fools be bad, nickels are also worth being careful about.

Let's say no!

Children find it difficult to say no to an adult, because usually adults should always tell them what to do and how to do it. You need to practice saying no! Do not explain, return questions, or answer questions. Do not indulge in conversation or allow yourself to be touched in any way!
Experts advise parents to agree with the little ones in a secret password (can be an expression or even just a gesture) that only they know or those the child can trust.

Make it appear!

According to the police, people who want to contact children illegally avoid appearing at all times. So, by teaching children to call their attention, they can do a lot of their own safety. Shout, yell, run fast! It is important to teach them how to move to a place where they can get help (such as an office building, a bank or a shop where you usually have security staff).
Of course, the adults themselves can do a lot to keep children safe by paying attention to others, or by eliminating a suspicious stranger in the vicinity of the nursery. And if anyone notices that someone is approaching the kids with bad intentions, call the police immediately.

Problems caused by mucus in the nose of the baby

Problems caused by mucus in the nose of the baby

The nasal mucus is produced naturally and constantly by the body and plays an essential role in protecting it from infections and diseases. But when influenza viruses slip into the health of your baby, it causes abnormalities in texture, color and quantity of mucus that can lead to severe complications. These are due to the fact that, at this age, the child is not able to blow his nose alone and clear his airway!

Discover the main problems and conditions caused by the mucus in the nose of the baby and which are the most suitable methods to prevent them!

Shortness of breath and risk of suffocation

When influenza viruses invade the baby's respiratory tract, a storm of uncomfortable symptoms, including nasal congestion, also called clogged nose, is triggered. Congestion occurs when the mucus hardens in the nostrils and blocks the airways, making breathing on the nose impossible.

In those moments, the baby begins to breathe in the mouth, but in some cases there is a risk that it will suffocate. The respiratory tract of the child is very small and narrow, and at the age of a newborn or baby, he prefers to breathe rather than the mouth. When the nose becomes clogged with hardened mucus or due to the increased flow of fluid leaks (rhinorrhea), there is a risk of suffocation.

In addition, if the baby suffers from nasal congestion while breastfeeding or feeding with the bottle, breathing in the mouth becomes impossible, and the risk of suffocation increases.

To prevent nasal congestion and clear the baby's clogged airways, it is advisable to use saline. It has the role of thinning the hardened mucus so that it can be sucked easier and the airways released.

You can use Nosko nasal aspirator. It has been developed for safe use in infants and children and is recommended by pediatricians and ENTs. It can be split into 5 separate pieces, being very easy to clean and sterilize.

Drown with mucus

Excess mucus during respiratory viruses can cause another risk: drowning. When the mucus is not hardened, but it leaks excessively into the baby's mouth cavity (rhinorrhea), there is a risk that the baby will drown with it, as it does not have the necessary skills developed to spit it out or blow its nose.

In order to prevent this unwanted accident, it is important to continuously aspirate the mucous membranes that leak out of your nose and hold it in a proper position.

Night cough

Symptoms of respiratory viruses tend to worsen at night. If the baby experiences severe rhinorrhea, then the excess mucus will tend to leak to the throat during the night and cause coughing, an uncomfortable condition that disrupts his sleep and rest.

Nasal decongestants, saline and raising the baby's head during sleep help a little to alleviate this uncomfortable symptom during colds or flu.

Do you know of any other problems or complications that can be caused by the mucus in the baby's nose? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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