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Choosing gifts and toys for children

Children's illusions and expectations on christmas eve with Santa Claus and / or on the Night of the wise men they are not comparable to any other occasion. These moments are unique! These days tstill full of traditions, joys, Christmas meals , parties, exist for us to enjoy something so important and necessary that is the family.

Santa Claus and / or the Three Wise Men, sure they will do their part by bringing the long awaited gift for your children, but parents can help their children choose toys that do not endanger your health. It teaches you how to choose gifts and toys for children this Christmas.

We selected some gift ideas for children as some advice on the care that we all should have. But apart from all that, you can't forget that the best gift a child can receive is attention, affection, and playing with their friends and family. It is no use that Santa Claus or the Magi Bring gifts to children if they don't have someone to share them with.

- Gifts for newborn babies: Clothes will always be welcomed by parents in Christmas. In addition, accessories for the bathroom such as towels or bath baskets and even accessories for feeding the little one such as a highchair, bib or kitchenware sets, will be good gift ideas. Even a diaper cake is an original and very practical option.

- Gifts for the baby up to one year of life: At this stage the baby will enjoy the toys more. However, we can focus on those that will stimulate their learning as walkers, toys that allow to experience and relate cause-effect facts: stacking, hitting, throwing ...

- Gifts for children from 2 to 6 years old: at this age children have great energy, they love to play fresh air and they really enjoy the park. Therefore, toys such as bicycles, balls, buckets, and shovels are ideal for them. Building toys, puzzles, or any other gift to improve manual skills are also suitable.

In any case, we must be aware that when children begin to be aware of Christmas and what it implies, they do not expect to open a gift package and find some shoes (unless they are from their favorite series) or a sweater. Their eyes light up when they see toys and games. In any case, parents can direct and channel these games towards learning and stimulation, in addition to always thinking about the interests of the child and his personality.

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No matter how you conceive Artificial insemination has no effect on pregnancy or the fetus

For sports dad

For sports dad

Find a Christmas present for dad ... not always easy. This year, no tie or mug, but an e-card sports gift. Ski, tennis, judo, football ... whatever its favorite sport, this e-gift card valid in all Decathlon stores is ordered directly on the site and it is delivered by email to the recipient. In addition, it is customizable: photo, text and even video can accompany this gift. Then dad can print it or download the app and store it on his smartphone. It can be used once or several times and valid for 2 years. A gift that will be 100% spent.

Ski, tennis, judo, football, hiking ... whatever its favorite sport, this e-gift card valid in all Decathlon stores is ordered directly on the site and it is delivered by email to the recipient. In addition, it is customizable: photo, text and even video can accompany this gift. Then dad can print it or download the app and store it on his smartphone. It can be used once or several times and valid for 2 years. A gift that will be 100% spent.

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Why is the birth of babies with hip dislocation so high?

Considering that hip dislocation and hip development problems are a problem that occurs in 15 out of every 1000 births, approximately 18-20 thousand babies are born with hip dislocation or hip development problems occur in these newborn babies.Congenital hip dislocation; girls, first births, hip dislocation in the family, consanguineous marriages, infants born to the breech (breech arrival), neck curvature, head flatness and curvature of the babies born with problems that appear to be more common. Babies with any of these characteristics are referred to as a risky group, and babies without these characteristics have a risk of developing hip dislocation or developmental problems 2 to 8 times more frequently.The wrong practices of the family “cause the baby to become disabled”Via Hospital Group Specialist Nazan Cihan: “Most of the time, when the baby is in the womb, the hip is dislocated or the development of the hip is insufficient. Things to do after birth can cause this problem to develop in a good or bad way. In this sense, hip dislocation is a preventable disability. In other words, the wrong practices of the family to the baby may lead to disability of the baby, and correct actions can lead to healing. Radiological examination for early diagnosis Hip USG should be performed at 1-1.5 months of age and should not be spent for 3 months. USG is a method that works with sound waves and is harmless. This method, which is quite economical, takes about 5-15 minutes. The baby is laid on his back on a stretcher six naked. The gel is applied to the hip joint and the USG probe is hovered over the joint. The joint is given certain positions and some angle measurements are made. They are then presented as a report and presented to the parents and the situation is directed to the examination of the pediatrician. For this disease that occurs in 15 out of every thousand births, families need to be very careful ”.

Why environmental education is so indispensable for children

Why environmental education is so indispensable for children



Porcelain tealight holder, decorated with fairy tales: € 8.95 (Nature et Découvertes) .Where to find it?

Porcelain candle holder, decorated with fairy tales: 8,95 € (Nature and Discoveries).
Where to find it?

Name Ciara - Meaning and origin

Name Ciara - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Ciara is derived from the name Ciarán from the Celtic word "ciar" which means "dark" or "brown".


The American actress and singer Ciara Bravo, who became famous for her role in the series "Big Time Rush", the Irish footballer Ciara Mary Grant, the American actress Ciara Bravo (Beyond the limits) ...

So big screen or big lot for your princess?

His character :

Ciara is a friendly and very communicative girl. She displays an original style of her own and seems to show great confidence in herself. Yet this is only a facade that hides its fragility. His enthusiasm and joie de vivre are defenses to hide his vulnerability. A true actress, she knows how to persuade people, how to please them and how to seduce them to get what she wants.


Keira, Kira

His party :

There is no holiday for people wearing the surname Ciara.

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Children during development are often exposed to falls. They often bump their heads unhappily, which carries a serious risk of concussion (commonly known as concussion). What are the symptoms of a child's concussion? What to look for when a toddler falls out of bed, falls on his head while riding a bike or scooter or during winter sports, or is a car accident participant? Read!


A concussion is a serious consequence of a fall and head injury. How to recognize him? Unfortunately, this is not always easy, because the symptoms of concussion in children do not always occur immediately, sometimes they pass to reappear. That is why experts suggest watching your child in the event of a fall. If after seeing the child we see superficial wounds, bruises and bruises, then the child should be observed. Do not give your child any medicine. Symptoms of a concussion in a child may appear up to 3 days after the event.

A quick reaction is required when, as a result of a fall, a child loses consciousness or suffers serious injury. Care should also be taken in all accidents involving infants and the youngest children.

If after a fall, the child develops a tumor, but behaves normally, as usual, do not panic. Watch. Keep your steel nerves. The skin changes will disappear, and your toddler will probably get a tumor more than once. React when your child experiences these alarming symptoms.

Signs of concussion in a child

A concussion is a set of symptoms that can affect each individual.

In adults, the most common are:

  • confusion in your head
  • memory disorders related to the accident, what happened just before and after it,
  • nausea, vomiting
  • slurred speech
  • Headache,
  • sight suspended at one point,
  • somnolence,
  • ringing in the ears
  • blurred look
  • photosensitivity and noise.

In babies and toddlers, symptoms of concussion are usually:

  • vomiting,
  • nausea,
  • lethargy, the child sleeps longer, cannot wake up from a nap,
  • paleness,
  • convulsions,
  • very long crying after falling down,
  • blood or strange discharge from the ears or nose
  • difficulty maintaining balance when standing, sitting, walking or crawling,
  • uncharacteristic behavior.

If after the head injury you see the above symptoms in your child, be sure to consult a doctor. In the hospital, the child will receive a skull x-ray or computed tomography.

Is a child's concussion dangerous?

Concussion in 1st degree children (symptoms occur up to 15 minutes), 2nd degree (longer than 15 minutes) do not occur with loss of consciousness. Grade 3 shaking is accompanied by loss of consciousness. Sometimes, however, it lasts so short (a few seconds) that it is not even observed.

A child after concussion should be under the care of a doctor, even for several days. This is important because sometimes a concussion causes complications. The most common is convulsive syndrome, which is associated with the occurrence of pain and dizziness lasting for many weeks.

Do you crave a refreshing and extremely delicious dessert? We recommend a tasty strawberry mousse, which you prepare very quickly and which will satisfy your craving for sweet.

Preparation time

30 min




300 g strawberries

100 g old powder

350 ml cream

1 lemon

1 vanilla essence

Method of preparation

Keep 100 g of strawberries, and the rest pass to the blender. In a larger bowl mix the cream with the powdered sugar, until you get a fluffy cream. Four teaspoons of lemon juice and one peel of it, add vanilla essence.

In half of the whiskey it incorporates past and stored strawberries. Put in the cream composition and the rest of the whipped cream and decorate them with strawberries, then put them in the cold.

You can serve strawberry mousse simple or with chocolate.

Mousse tags

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