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Unwashed fruit

Vitamin K: How long and how much for a baby?

Уmamбink, nagyanyбink konyhбja the nyбri hуnapokban - kьlцnцsen August - varбzslatos mыhellyй vбlt. Glittering jars lined up, cellophane papers rustled, marmalade bowls swirled, boiled duntu, and ready-to-eaten ice cream cooled.

The result was a full chamber where labeled jars were neatly lined up. The cellar was not empty either, where the veggies were grown, the onions were stored, in the cooler places the hung bunches hung, and in the day the fruits dried up. In such a place to come kamrбkban babaeledeleknek, put away the tйlire zцldsйgpйpeknek йs gyьmцlcsцknek the paradicsomitalnak well.

Your grandmother's lunch

Then came the era of working women when housework became a low-cost occupation. Fashion Jцtt the New Account, which hatбsбra canned, nagyьzemileg gyбrtott kйszнtmйnyekkel passed the kamrбk shelves. Then the Spies disappeared, and people jumped in to buy them. But Sunday's grandmother came, where we could compare the two ...


Fortunately, in the meantime, fluffy voters have become more plentiful, and stores have become more sophisticated in terms of value, and expensive but overwhelming imports. Exceptional quality glass canned baby food, myrrhite selectors and dumping of fresh goods can make a child boast on the earth if his parents' wallet allows it. Have you gotten out of fashion with the tricks of cooking and staying? Of course not, the baby's table has a place for home-schoolers. Whoever has a garden can do the finest, finest produce.


What are the Best Home Maintenance Procedures for Your Baby? In the first place is the blunting stop. Refrigeration prevents germs and degraded enzymes. The vitamin loss is about thirty percent. Whitening preserves the fruit's valuable value, leaving the fridge out and immediately using the fruit to provide the baby with a very healthy diet. As a rule, we also use the emptying leaves of the fruit, and try to make as much of the portion as the small one consumes, because it is dangerous and unhealthy.
The raw materials are not on your local mйlyhыtцtt a йvnйl tovбbb because it deteriorates the kцvetхen tбplбlkozбsi йrtйkьk.
If the garden herbs are made in glass, we also use the juice, which is where the nutrients are dissolved. The same goes for people in the diet. When filling, select the fastest canning mode: hot water flushing, steaming, etc.

Help the rooster

Microwave cooking will leave more nutrients in the food, but it does not outstrip the steaming in quantities, but it is more safe for bacteria. For this purpose, the trash can is also a useful way of keeping baby food. Industrial exposure employs higher and shorter-term heat effects and mainly impairs vitamins and minerals in infant formulations. So what about the jam that bigger babies are getting into? Let them enjoy and provide the nutrients in the forms mentioned above.
Rice with soy milk, healthy dessert for children

Vegan Rice Pudding - Loving It Vegan

Antihistamines, dangerous for children under 2 years

Specialists warn parents and doctors not to give antihistamines containing promethazine to children under 2 years old, reports CNN Health News.
It has been found that there is a link between promethazine and severe respiratory problems in children younger than 2 years old - leading in some cases to death. Other side effects may include drowsiness, changes in blood pressure and skin reactions.
Prometazine is an antihistamine prescribed to treat the signs and symptoms of allergies, such as clogging and runny nose. It is also used to treat skin allergies that cause itching and swelling. The warning includes all forms under which this substance is marketed: syrup, tablets, suppositories and solution for injection.
The researchers concluded that promethazine should not be given to children under 2 years of age. If your child needs an antihistamine, ask your doctor what options you have available.
Alina Sica
August 31, 2007

Premiere Degetica opens in 2014 the House of Stories from the Excelsior Theater

Premiere Degetica opens in 2014 the House of Stories from the Excelsior Theater

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