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Odeberta: origin and meaning of the name for girl Odeberta

We highlight in our dictionary the name for a girl: Odeberta. You will find in our meaning finder of all baby names.

History of the name Odeberta

Saint Odebert was a 7th century French bishop.

Meaning of name Odeberta

Odeberto feminine meaning "aud- / od-": possession, wealth and "-berht": clarity, brightness. Its most appropriate translation is "the brightness of wealth."

Origin of the name Odeberta


Famous people with the name Odeberta

  • Noa, singer (1969-)

Drawing of the name Odeberta coloring page printable game

75 Nature Names for Girls - NAMES and MEANINGS!

Your toddler's eye is crying, sometimes both. He rubs one eye and then the other, it bothers him to look. Lacrimal duct blocked, small foreign body, infection ... On a case by case solution with Sylvie Berthemy-Pellet, ophthalmologist.

He has the lachrymal canal blocked

  • This small malformation - also called canal stenosis or imperforation - is usually detected shortly after birth. In most cases, the problem resolves itself.
  • What has to be done. Your doctor will advise you to massage the inner corner of the eye 2 to 3 times a day, just after the application of antiseptic drops. If this daily action does not produce effects, consult an ophthalmologist. Using a small probe, it will remove the obstacle that obstructs the channel. Rest assured, even if the gesture is impressive, it remains innocuous and not painful. The ideal is to practice the intervention neither too early (the canal can be unloaded alone), nor too late (the children are difficult to probe), between 3 and 10 months.
  • What to tell him. "I'm going to put drops in your eye, then I massage it gently with my finger, you'll see, it'll do you good."

He has a foreign body in his eye

  • All you need is dust, or a grain of sand, thrown inadvertently to interfere with your child's sight. Result: he can not open the wounded eye and tear more and more.
  • What has to be done. Clean his eye with saline. If the situation does not improve, consult an ophthalmologist. After applying a local anesthetic, he will gently flip the eyelid and dislodge the foreign body with a stick. He will then prescribe antiseptic eye drops to prevent infection and a healing ointment.
  • What to tell him. "We'll remove what's bothering you and you will not hurt anymore."

He is suffering from an infection

One of his eyes runs, but clear tears have given way to purulent secretions. Your child may have had conjunctivitis of bacterial origin. On the guilty bench: dirty hands that provide many germs, infections of the nose or baths in the pool.

  • What has to be done. Your doctor will prescribe local antibiotic therapy. If possible, prevent your child from going to the nursery for a few days. Conjunctivitis is a very contagious disease. Wash your hands and the hands of the entire family well to prevent the spread of infection.
  • What to tell him. "You'll stay home until your eye is healed, try not to rub it too much."
  • Mom's words
  • "My baby was born with the eye streaming, the doctor prescribed eye drops, but it did not change anything, I went to an ophthalmologist who opened the tear duct with the help of A small catheter, he was 4 months old, but unfortunately the tears came back in abundance.At the age of 1 year, the specialist again conducted a survey, this time under general anesthesia, to set up a cannula Six weeks later, he was removed and my baby never had a problem again. " Jeanne, mother of Simon, 1 year and a half.

Maryse Damiens, with the collaboration of Sylvie Berthemy-Pellet, ophthalmologist in Grenoble.

Parents who feel the need to choose instead of children

Parents who feel the need to choose instead of children

Gery Meaning and Meaning

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Gery comes from the Germanic words "ger" which means "lance" and "rik" which means "king" or "powerful".


Gerry Adams is a North Irish politician.
Gerry Sklavounos is a Quebec politician.
Gerry Scotti is an Italian actor and animator.
The Gery are celebrated at the same time as Saint Géry. Géry de Cambrai was a deacon and then the bishop of Cambrai. Throughout his life he fought against paganism. He created a religious community in Cambrai, where he was buried.

His character :

Gery is a thoughtful and reserved boy who sometimes lacks self-confidence. He is shy and it is important to give him time to express himself. Despite this aspect of his personality, Gery does his best when given a task. Showing himself relentless and tireless, he will do his utmost to complete his work in the best possible way.


Gerry, Gert and Gerd.

His party :

The Gery are celebrated on August 11th.

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Hobby in children: Music and kindergarten

Music is one of the important colors of our lives değil Isn't it hard to imagine a life without it? Music is as important for adults as it is for children. Research shows that the phenomenon of music plays an important role in the child's development. For this reason, many experts say that children should be imbued with the phenomenon of music from the mother's womb.

Experts explain the music education at these ages in five main stages.

1.Ability to move with music
2.Ability to discover and identify sounds
3.Ability to discover the potential of singing
4.The ability to sing
5.Ability to play simple musical instruments

Now let's take a look at what these capabilities are and what you can do to improve them:

1. Ability to move with music:

Moving with music is an instinctive phenomenon for human beings. We can see the best example of this in infants, babies begin to respond to sounds shortly after they are born, and then combine some movements with these sounds.

What can you do?
• Make your child listen to different music (classical, jazz, folk…)
Do not try to teach him certain figures, let him create his own movement.

2. The ability to discover and identify sounds:

Children hear a lot of sounds around them and most of the time they don't even notice the sound. They need the help they need to notice them.

What can you do?
Try to find the different sounds around you and make them notice them in your child (for example, the chirping of birds, the sound of the wind…).
Get simple musical instruments to use, the best way for children to learn something is to try it out themselves (block flute, tambourine…)
If there are no musical instruments, provide them with a variety of materials that make a sound, and sometimes these materials may be more appealing to children (pots, spoons ...).
Try to create silent moments when you're with them, listen to the sounds outside in these silent moments together. Ask him questions to find out which sounds he heard.
Try to identify the sounds that interest your child and help them to hear more.
Encourage your child to tell the sounds he / she hears (Can you show me how the wind sounds?)
Play a sound guessing game with your child. Imitate or listen to various sounds and ask him to tell who these sounds belong to and help him guess.

3. Ability to detect singing voice:

Children hear a lot of sounds around them and after a certain period of time (when they start to hear these sounds constantly) they manage to match the owners of those sounds. For example, they begin to perceive your voice soon after you recognize them.

What can you do?
Make speeches that encourage children to sing and allow them to recognize their own voice. (I like this song, can you teach me too?)
Record while they sing and then listen together

4.Sing ability:

Children always enjoy being able to sing a song and accompany it while singing.

What can you do?
Sing along with them.
When singing with them, first let them learn if there are harmonious movements to the song, then try to teach the lyrics of the song.
Encourage your child to make his own song (I made up a song and try to make up his own song)

5.Simple musical instruments playing ability:

This stage is the highest point of music education, children learn to play a musical instrument at this stage.Results show that such abilities are acquired more quickly at a young age, so the education of children in this period is gaining great importance.

What can you do?
If you can use a musical instrument, you can give it the possibility to listen to it live.
• You can also provide your child with a variety of instruments and help them get the necessary education.

Pay attention to your child's music education at an early age and remember that a talent discovered at an early age is always open to development !!!

Contact Idil directly

Ideas for exercising with your baby

Physical exercises that the mother can do with her baby after delivery


Pelvic exercises are used to strengthen the pelvic floor, which after delivery is in poor shape. That's why your baby's help will come in handy: place it on your hips while lying on your back, flex your legs and raise your pelvis, you are sure to make your baby laugh with experience!

Weights are not just for dads, moms also have to be strong and fit. You don't need to buy one, lifting your baby (carefully!) Is sure to help you exercise, and you can also use some bottles of water. The important thing is to practice, you will see how your baby will also acquire more strength and precision every day.

Yoga is a great exercise for mothers and children, and you can start practicing it with your baby as early as pregnancy, and of course during the postpartum period. Yoga techniques not only improve strength and flexibility, they are also relaxing and ideal for fostering the bond between mother and baby.

To refine and stylize the waist, the lateral stretches are essential. Sitting, put one arm over your head and bend at the waist to get closer to the ball of your foot. Leave your baby sitting between your legs and hold him with the other hand, it is a good way to keep track of the reference, and helps the baby improve his ability to sit.

The knees support the weight of the body, and suffer greatly during pregnancy from weight gain. Take care of them and at the same time strengthen your abs with this fun exercise. Lie on your back, with your legs bent, and place your baby on them, holding his hands. By stretching and bending your legs, your baby will feel like they are flying!

Place your baby on the mat, face up. Get at his height by placing him between your arms, with your palms on the ground. Support the balls of your feet, put your body straight ... and start going up and down! To reward yourself for each push-up well done, when you go down give your baby a kiss, surely there is no greater prize possible.

The back is one of the areas most abused by pregnancy, a frequent source of pain and discomfort due to the weight of the belly. To avoid injuries and strengthen it, it is advisable to do specific exercises, stretching and many massages. Let your baby's weight help you stretch your back a little more.

To lose your pregnancy belly and get back a firm abdomen, there is nothing better than a good set of abs. If you place your baby close, it will help you with their smiles to be more motivated than ever to continue a little more.

If you have an exercise ball at home, not only can you practice Kegel exercises, which are very useful for recovering the pelvic floor, but they are also great fun for your baby. Always with caution, try some exercises using the ball and you will see what results.

When starting an exercise, the most important thing is to stretch properly, especially postpartum, since we will start exercising after a few weeks or months, and we must prevent injuries. Your baby's flexibility is sure to encourage you to push yourself to reach your feet.


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