The miracle baby who was born with a knot in the umbilical cord

The miracle baby who was born with a knot in the umbilical cord

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Assorted vegetables with cream

Assorted vegetables with cream

What the partner can do to increase the chances of conception

When you want a baby and the results are delayed, although there are no fertility problems in the couple, you can successfully resort to small tricks that will increase your chances of getting pregnant in the shortest time. At the same time, the partner must be actively involved in this process. The quality of his sperm can be responsible for the fact that you do not get pregnant, as well as for the health of the pregnancy. Here is what he can do to increase the chances of conception.

Maintain their weight within normal limits

A weight that is not normal for your partner's height will affect the quality of the sperm, going so far that your love life will suffer. It is essential that his diet should contain a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, low protein and cereals.

Make sure you take part at least twice a week for a few exercises that will help keep you fit.

Take folic acid

Folic acid is not just important to you. American researchers at Berkeley University in California, quoted by the Parents portal, have found that men on a low folic acid diet have a high level of abnormal chromosomes in their sperm. When it fertilizes the egg, there is a risk of miscarriage or giving birth to a baby with health problems.

More than half of spontaneous abortions that occur in the first three months of pregnancy are caused by chromosomal abnormalities. Give your future dad a diet rich in folic acid-rich foods (beans, green salads, whole grains, citrus, pasta, bread) and multivitamins to benefit from 400 mg of folic acid daily.

Quit smoking

Smoking seriously damages health, but also sperm! Ideally, you should quit smoking for at least three months before trying to conceive, as changes occur only after this interval. In addition, smoking decreases sperm motility and reduces their number.

Give up alcohol

Like smoking, alcohol affects the fertility of the partner, but only if the consumption has turned into a habit. Experts say that occasional alcohol consumption does not pose a problem for the future task, but even this should be avoided.

To reduce caffeine consumption

As if that were not enough, not even coffee consumption can be the same before a pregnancy. Doctors warn that 300 mg of caffeine a day is more than enough for a man who wants a high quality semen. This means that the partner is limited to no more than one cup of coffee per day.

To reduce the stress level

Even if it is a heavy task, stress reduction is not an impossible mission. As much as possible, your boyfriend or husband needs a high quality sleep, a balanced diet and a way to spend his free time relaxing for him. In this way, it does not negatively affect the quality of sperm and thus increases the chances of you having a baby.

How do you help your partner maintain his manhood and increase his chances for conception? Share us your experience in the comment section below.

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10 tips to stop child aggression

Aggressive behavior is one in which a child tries to harm, physically or mentally, another child or even their parents. It is an intentional action manifested through kicks, scratches, yelling, pushing, swearing, biting, pulling hair ...

Having aggressive behavior causes the child to have complications and difficulties in social relationships. It prevents a correct integration in any environment: at school, at home ... But how can we help you?

1- Identify the cause that generates it: if he has low self-esteem, if he does not feel loved, if he feels dethroned prince… Helping him solve his problem will help to change his behavior.

2- Create a family climate of trust so that you can express your emotions. We must explain to him that it is normal to be angry or feel angry but the answer is not to hit, but he can tell us how he feels and thus release his emotions.

3- Early intervention is much more effective. Don't wait for the child to start showing more aggressive behavior. Intervene as soon as you notice that the child is feeling frustrated or upset.

4- Generate opportunities to be successful in your day to day: congratulate you for making your bed well, for picking up your dinner plate, for dressing yourself, or even for knowing content at a certain point and not engaging in aggressive behavior

5- Be an example for the child: our attitude should not be aggressive, if they see us yelling, losing patience or slamming doors, we should not be surprised if they are aggressive. We must be congruent and be a role model for them.

6- If the violence is towards us, the child has exploded, shouts insults and even wants to attack us, it is best to get away. It is in full emotional explosion and cannot be reasoned.

7- If the violent behavior is towards the brother or other children we must stop it firmly. We must not wait for it to hit again. It is preferable to separate him from the child and send him to his room to reflect or separate him from the other children, explaining that he will be able to play again when he is ready to do so without causing harm.

8- You have to make him understand later that his behavior was not appropriate and even carry out some private or educational punishment and, of course, you must apologize to the person who did harm

9- Avoid watching excessive television, who has access to video games with violent content and does encourage him to exercise and channel his energy

10- In case you have put all this into practice and nothing works, you should go to a child therapist so you can find the cause and channel your emotions. Remember that children are aggressive because they learn to be aggressive, they can also learn to stop being aggressive.

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Παιδική Επιθετικότητα Πεντάλεπτο #3

The recovery of iron after birth can be a problem for new mothers, especially for those who gave birth through cesarean section. Once a mother can eat normally after cesarean surgery, she must give major importance to restoring iron levels in the body through nutrition.
Some women find out that they are anemic after birth. This means that they have fewer red blood cells than would be ideal to supplement the body with oxygen. Postpartum anemia can occur from older anemia during pregnancy, due to blood lost at birth or from multiple births.
The ideal diet that you should follow to restore your iron level should contain all four major food groups, with more emphasis on meat, green leafy vegetables and berry vegetables.

Your body receives iron from two major sources

• From the process of recycling the red cells that die (after 120 days)
• From the foods you eat. Foods rich in iron, for example red meat from chicken or fish, contain iron in a form that is easy to use by your body. Other foods, such as leafy green vegetables, also contain iron, but it is harder to absorb by your body.
After birth, it may be due to the high blood loss to develop anemia based on the lack of iron in the body.

Symptoms of anemia

• Tiredness
• Pale skin color
• Amaze them
• Irritability / nervousness
• Nail polish
• Weight loss
• Difficulty breathing
If you are anemic due to iron deficiency, you will feel more tired than usual. This can affect the joy of spending time with your baby and can become very irrational with those around you.
Postpartum depression is also more common among women who have low levels of iron in the body. If you think you have iron deficiency or have anemia, schedule a set of tests at your doctor.

Anemia treatment and proper nutrition

Your doctor will test your blood during the postpartum period. If the laboratory tests confirm that you are anemic, you will start treatment immediately. If you lost a lot of blood at birth, you probably already had a transfusion. If this is not the case, the treatment aims to restore the iron level through proper diet and supplements.
If your doctor prescribes you to take iron supplements, you will need to help your body absorb them. To do this, eat a meal that contains a large amount of vitamin C when you take iron supplements. Very good sources of vitamin C are tomatoes, citrus fruits, baked potatoes and broccoli. You can also include a food that contains iron.
Foods that contain iron are: red meat, animal organs, spinach, eggs and certain cereals fortified with iron. Try not to take calcium supplements when taking iron supplements because it interferes with their absorption.
Good sources of calcium are: milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. However, low-fat dairy products are very nutritionally important so they do not completely eliminate them. Include foods high in calcium at meals where you do not take iron supplements.

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