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Afraid of Tearing During Birth? Vaginal Tearing Isnt What You Think It Is

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Candy-shaped wrapper. Christmas craft

Candy-shaped wrapper. Christmas craft

Learn and teach your child to make this candy-shaped wrapper to store surprises this Christmas. You will only need recycled materials. Help your children to decorate Christmas. In you will find the best ideas to decorate this Christmas. You can do them with your children, have fun with them and help them develop their imagination and creativity. It is an original craft ofLaura,of Zumoanimations.

In addition to this video, Guiainfantil also offers you the step by step of this craft in photos. Click here.

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Symptoms of dental rash in babies

The first sign of the fact that your baby is beginning to give his teeth is the most abundant salivation. On the other hand, some specialists believe that tooth rash is not a cause for excessive salivation and the desire of babies to chew everything. They agreed that these symptoms are normal stages in the development of teeth and oral cavity.

Symptoms of tooth eruption

Here are some of the possible symptoms announcing the appearance of teeth:
• Slight rise in temperature occurs shortly before the tooth erupts. Dental rash does not cause fever. If your baby has a fever, you should contact your doctor.
• Your baby may be a little more irritable and irritated, may sleep less and will definitely require more attention for a night or two.

But the eruption of teeth will not cause hours of crying.
• The baby's gums may be redder than usual and with slight swelling where the tooth is to appear.

What can I do to relieve baby's pain during tooth eruption?

Usually, the eruption of the temporary teeth is not painful, but can cause discomfort and irritability to the child. Cold rings for teething or even a wet, cold towel that the little one squeezes between the gums is always helpful.
Gels used for dental eruption should be used with caution, too much can be harmful to the child.

The importance of milk teeth in the development of the oral cavity of the child

The little ones need strong and healthy teeth to be able to chew, to speak and to have a beautiful smile, just like us adults.
Milk teeth are considered essential in the development of the oral cavity as permanent teeth develop from the same "tooth buds" from which milk teeth were formed. Thus, the milk teeth keep the place on the gum for the permanent teeth that develop inside the gums. They are also necessary for the harmonious development of the child's speech and food chewing skills.
Also the teeth, be they milk or permanent, are the ones that help to form the contour of the face.

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Chives with sesame and yogurt

The sesame and yogurt chives are a great alternative to their meat recipes. Unlike meat steaks, sesame and yogurt are more nutritious and, through the cooking process, much healthier!

Preparation time

15 min.




400 g flour

4 tablespoons sesame seeds

300 g fat yogurt

2 tablespoons milk

2 pieces of baking powder

2 tablespoons oil (of any kind, although sesame oil is preferred)

little salt

a little pepper

Method of preparation

Mix, in a bowl, the dry ingredients: flour, baking powder, salt, pepper and sesame seeds. Then add the yogurt and milk and mix vigorously, until you form a consistent dough. Make balls of dough, similar to the dumplings, and place them on a tray. Heat the grill or barbecue and place the chops.

Leave them for 2-3 minutes on each side. If you do not have a grill or you are near a hot barbecue, you can put them in the oven, placed in a baking tray. The sesame and yogurt chives are served warm and sprinkled with a little oil.

You can add a sauce of salsa, homemade ketchup or a vegetable topping, as you prefer.

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When there is a persistent, abnormal and unjustified fear of all kinds of plants we are talking about what is called Botanophobia. This type of phobia generates high levels of stress to those who suffer from it and various symptoms of anxiety. This unfounded fear can occur in the little ones.

Generally when there is a bad experience. In the stage between 2 to 8 years, where fears and fears are usually common. Most of them, even those that seem insignificant to us, usually appear due to the bad experiences that children live and experience.

There are fears such as the dark, strangers or loneliness, which are natural, however, fears of bad experiences occur due to accidents with elements that you unconsciously associate with your discomfort. In the case of Botanophobia, the child associates the plants with their discomfort

Parents have to be careful when facing these types of fears as they can pose limitations in the child's development. To help children, parents can:

- Identify what causes fear in the child.

- Be understanding and talk about what makes you fear and feel heard.

- Encourage him to face fear gradually and without forcing him.

- Convey security and confidence with a relaxed tone.

- Do not avoid the situation of fear. By doing this you will momentarily overcome the fear but not definitely.

When we talk about children with high sensitivity, we are not saying that they have a disease, nor is it a syndrome. It is a temperament that 15 to 20% of children have. Having this high sensitivity makes them live things in a deeper way and leads you to experience emotions with great intensity, including fear.

The intensity with which the child lives things causes him to overreact with cries and screams. Faced with the emotion of fear, the little one overreacts to insignificant things, in this case, plants.

It is important for parents to be by their children's side in this situation since it depends on them that the child learns to control himself. Therefore, parents can:

- Keep serenity. Take a deep breath and let the child express himself.

- Offer activities that calm you down.

- Read a book about emotions to recognize the terms of their mood.

- Let the child learn words for his emotions. This will control your impulses and serve as a protection mechanism to smooth out your reactions.

- Stop criticizing their behaviors.

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Skin problems and pregnancy: what if I tried light therapy?

Light therapy does not lack attractions. Especially popular in the winter season when the sun is desired and morale is low, it also helps treat problems of pregnant skin, such as acne, stretch marks or pregnancy mask. Explanations.

Light therapy does not lack attractions. Can be used at all times of the year, it is particularly popular in the winter when the sun is desired and morale is down! But this is not her only interest: she is also particularly effective at treating many other things, such as skin problems during pregnancy.

Focus on light therapy

  • This is a fact long recognized by the scientific community: the sun has a great influence on our health but also on our morale. In particular, this phenomenon explains the recrudescence of chronic fatigue and seasonal depression in winter and autumn.
  • Light therapy reverses the trend thanks to a surprising process. It simply consists of diffusing a soft artificial light that tends to simulate a natural exposure to the sun. The light transmitted in light therapy acts directly on the brain receptors. Result ? There is mainly a modification of the sleep hormone, melatonin. When it is present in too large a quantity in the body, one feels throughout the day a great tiredness, a irritability, an apathy and an irrepressible lack of drive. Thanks to the action of light therapy, the rate of melatonin decreases. Morale goes up and there is a much better physical shape.

Light therapy, ideal for fighting skin problems during pregnancy

  • During pregnancy, expectant mothers sometimes notice the appearance of dermatological problems such as acne, stretch marks, pregnancy mask, rosacea or atopic eczema. Purchasing creams that are generally expensive, not very effective and aggressive for the skin (presence of alcohol, dyes, synthetic fragrances, etc.) is often completely useless.
  • To treat some of the skin problems during pregnancy, light therapy is a very interesting choice. The diffusion of red and blue lights will allow, on the one hand, to eliminate the bacteria responsible for the secretion of sebum and acne and, on the other hand, to soothe and heal skin irritation caused by buttons.
  • Light therapy is also very useful for visibly reducing stretch marks. The principle is simple: the diffusion of an orange light boosts the production of elastin and collagen. The skin thus regains its elasticity and flexibility, the skin texture is refined and becomes more regular.
  • If you are tempted by light therapy, take the time to talk with your midwife or gynecologist so that he can advise you at best. Indeed, although this technique prized by the soft medicine is completely harmless (it emits neither ultraviolet nor heat), it presents however some rare contraindications.

Shortbread with almonds

Shortbread with almonds

At least we tend to think that. The idea of ​​motherhood changes crowning, and today there is a great deal of expectation in a losing society.

Mothers have never been so lonely (photo: iStock)Rugen was all right, mothers had more time for their children - we often come across this phrase, but is it true? This is followed by the article on, which crowns what the mother picture was and what we mean by maternal love. The latter differ not only in estonia, but in cultural difference, as influenced by social, economic or political situation. The image of a loving mother has gradually evolved in the Christian culture; The Marian cult of the twentieth century was greatly influenced, for example. The importance of the role of the mother in the development of the child's personality has also been emphasized in the Enlightenment.
In the 19th century paintings, poems, and novels were introduced to the figure of a mild mother, whose most important being her family. In the meantime, however, the Civil Code has preserved the sub-gender order. In the bourgeois family model, the male was the point of contact above the world, and middle-class women had to stay at home, and were considered to be contaminated by worldly law. At the same time, this period is also controversial; In this age, more and more women are forced to work, and in peasant society everyone - men, women, children - worked. The First World War brought about a great change: as men entered the military, women took on economic and social roles, went to factories and worked on the ground for a living. By the second half of the 20th century, there were so many mothers who decided that the debate about working and staying at home could start. And then comes the question: Who spends more quality time with the child? It is common to remember how much time parents spend with their children. But what do we mean rйgen under? In the Middle Ages, for example, women were not left alone during their childhood, they were helped by their relatives and neighbors. But afterwards, they returned to their duties: washing, cooking, steaming or just serving at the store - and they were with their children. This was the case in almost every social class: the serfs, the virgins, but also the noble women, the latter ruling the estate. The mother was not much concerned with her children, but rather under other circumstances. In the first place, women could decide whether they want a child at all, whether they want to be a mother, and if so, how many children are there. In Hungary, the strongly maternity and family. In the 1970s, weekly weddings began, where children could sleep, if their mothers' shifts did not allow them to be catered for.
Women today are struggling with the life of a not-so-good mother. Sharon Hays, professor of sociology at the University of Virginia, says today that intensive motherhood is a burden that has never put a burden on mothers before - according to he has raised what he has to do at a child-centered level, taking into account the writings of the experts, ensuring wealth is done, with a lot of work and a lot of money. However, there are no big communities, no faults to keep the mothers, we left them alone with their tasks. There is also a Komatl Program launched every summer, which aims to revive the tradition of helping mothers (and families) with their newborn mothers during their childhood.
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