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Self-restraint Teaching Begins Sex Life

Physical activity for young children

Physical activity for young children

Muzzy, volume 16

Muzzy, volume 16

On Friday, June 24, the National Journal and the Litera Publishing House bring you the 16th volume from the Muzzy collection (book and CD). For all children to learn English, French, Spanish, Italian and German quickly. Because it's fun and efficient, but especially loved by all!

Muzzy: 15 CD books and 15 DVD books that will help you unravel the mystery of languages!

How important is it for your child to know at least one foreign language?

How will this influence his future?

At school or at work, English and French are the first on the mandatory list! And as we live in the century of speed and globalization, languages ​​such as German, Italian or Spanish should also be included in our knowledge bag. With very little effort, foreign languages ​​will no longer be a mystery to your little one.

The course represents a program of rapid language learning, the great or merit being that it works with the same efficiency both among children and adolescents, but also among adults. Your child will learn the most important words in 5 foreign languages: concepts about health, time, feelings, days of the week, people and places, how to dress, about family and friends, about home life and hundreds of other words and phrases. , which is the basis of the vocabulary of any language of the world.

The multilingual course includes: 15 books with DVD, which presents an engaging story with nice characters, supported by cartoons and a vocabulary with over 500 words in each language.

Interactive Muzzy includes 15 CD books: over 1,000 exercises and computer games.

For 30 weeks, every Friday, the National Journal will be accompanied by Muzzy!

The price of a volume is 14.9 RON.

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Workshops of smiles and zlobic butterflies supported by Creative Arts at the Roaba de Cultura

Commitment between mother and child

Experts, the idea that their children depend on them mothers who first get to review their perceptions of their children suggested. According to experts who think that when people who want to sleep at night with their mother, who do not go to school not to leave their mother, who refuse to leave the house due to marriage or different reasons are often encountered, it is generally thought that these people find it difficult to leave their mothers; Who is addicted here? Children or mothers? Nur Ağdelen, an expert psychologist from the Mirror Education and Psychological Counseling Center, who shares her views on the dependence between mother and child, said, önemli It is important for mothers to realize their roles change over time and behave accordingly ”. Reminding that a mother will be transformed into a mother who will go to university and then a mother who will marry and make a grandchild, Ağdelen suggested the following: rolü The role of motherhood is changing in each of these transition processes. Therefore, according to the needs of your child, in the first two years with him skin to skin, in the following years, an arm away from him, a little more eye with him, then in the soul, if you want to be next to him. ” Nur Ağdelen pointed out that being in a role that is important enough to ensure the continuity of life has become overwhelming for some mothers, it has become the most important purpose of life for some mothers and that some mothers may forget how they were before, bundan Nur Ağdelen said: ik they may want to continue their lives by embracing the role. It may be difficult for mothers who are experiencing this to support the separation of their children from them. With the sense of usefulness that a mother feels, they are able to make meals for their children, quit their jobs, completely shelve their personal needs and pay full attention to the needs of their children. This type of mothers most 'he can not eat, I'm eating', 'We'll be late until prepared, I'll dress',' I'm afraid to be alone at night, let me sleep ',' If I help the lessons will be more successful words. At this point, mothers have to ask themselves which of these belongs to me and which belongs to her. ”Do not create unmarried children so as not to leave you alone!Although the mother's fears, worries and desires are not clearly expressed, Nur Ağdelen, an expert psychological counselor, stressed that they are felt by children. Larda In such cases, the need of the child can be mixed. Situations that appear to be in need of the child may actually be the mother's need. For example, a mother who is afraid to sleep alone with her husband going abroad can alleviate her anxiety by taking her child with her. Children may experience a dilemma in moving away from the mother in such situations: On the one hand, they want to develop and become independent; On the other hand, they may want to stop thinking about their sad, anxious mother. The child may refuse to go to school not to leave her mother alone at home, may not want to study in another city so that her mother is not upset, or even marry so that her parents are not alone. The child or young person may not be doing it consciously. All of these are processes that are so invisible and often unaware that, from the outside, they can be perceived as the choice of the child or the young. ”Keep up with the change in your motherhood role!At this point, Specialist Counselor Nur Ağdelen advised mothers: • You can change positions according to your child's developmental characteristics. When your child becomes independent, you can now focus on your own life and run to your child's help when he or she needs your help. • Depending on your child's development process, your motherhood role also changes. According to the needs of your child, the first two years with him skin to skin, in the following years, an arm away from him, a little older eye to eye with him, then in the spirit, if you want to be next.
Fabes with Clams. Recipe with beans for children

Apart from being a well-known dish, Fabes with Clams It is a healthy, delicious and very nutritious food. It is a recipe typically from Asturias, Spain, well known for the Asturian bean stew and the cabrales escalopines.

The most important thing about this recipe that he offers us, it is the quality of the beans or beans, which must be of high quality. We invite you to make this recipe since it is easy and very simple to prepare. You dare?

  • 1/2 kg of beans from the farm
  • 1 liter of seafood or fish broth
  • 1 kg of clams
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 1 large onion
  • 1 green pepper
  • Virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon of sweet paprika
  • Saffron / Salt to taste
  • 1/2 glass of white wine

1- The first thing is to clean the beans, that is, discard those that are damaged and then pass them through water.

2- Let the beans soak in cold water, from one day to the next. Clean the clams and soak them in cold water with a little salt to remove the sand.

3- When cooking, drain the beans.

4- In an earthenware casserole (preferably), wide and low, put the beans and cover them with seafood or fish broth until a couple of fingers are above the beans.

5- Add about two tablespoons of virgin olive oil and let it cook until it comes to a boil.

6- When it starts to boil, add the onion cut into large pieces, the peeled garlic cloves and the green pepper in small pieces. Cook everything for about 30 minutes, over high heat.

7- The next step is to add saffron threads or a little powdered saffron until it is diluted in the broth. Then add a teaspoon of sweet paprika.

8- Lower the heat and taste and correct the salt.

9- Continue cooking for about two hours or until you notice that the beans are done.

10- To get a thicker broth, remove some of the broth and some beans, and mash them on a plate. Return them to the pan and stir.

11- Now we prepare the clams. To do this, we take them out of the water and put them in a pan with the white wine. Cover the pan and let them cook for about 3 minutes or until they are all open. Add them directly to the bean casserole.

12- And we already have our beans with clams!

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Part 2- If you lived with the Iroquois. A historic lesson for elm. aged kids. The conclusion.


What a pretty blankie! It borders naturally thanks to the fancy yarn used to knit it. Made in jersey place, it will follow your baby everywhere ... like a sheep. See explanations.

What a pretty blankie! It borders naturally thanks to the fancy yarn used to knit it. Made in jersey place, it will follow your baby everywhere ... like a sheep.
See explanations.

If your child likes jokes and also riddles, this is the best option for him to have fun: jokes-riddle. We have selected the best jokes from the curtain to open to tell the children. In addition, we present them in video format and presented by our mascot, the great Traposo bear. Spend some time and be surprised and laugh with your child with these funny jokes about the curtain rises.

Edition: Lola Doménech

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100 Kids Tell a Joke. 100 Kids. HiHo Kids

Is it true that kids who are pigeon-toed are more likely to be good runners?

Is it true that kids who are pigeon-toed are more likely to be good runners?

It's hard to say. Many kids are pigeon-toed – or, as doctors say, have some degree of intoeing. Many track and field stars are pigeon-toed too, and some sports experts say these runners are faster because of the way their feet strike the track.

When you run, the outside of your foot hits the ground first, then rolls inward before propelling you forward again. People who are pigeon-toed tend to have less of this roll, so they may be able to spring forward more quickly.

Of course, that doesn't mean every child who is pigeon-toed grows up to be a track star.

"Intoeing won't necessarily make a child a faster runner, but we know that it won't hurt her athletic ability, either," says Thomas Jinguji, a pediatrician and sports medicine physician at Seattle Children's Hospital.

In most cases, being pigeon-toed is usually mild and something a child outgrows without fanfare. If the intoeing is mild enough, your child can live with it just fine. If your baby's intoeing continues past 6 months, check with her doctor to see if she needs a referral to an orthopedist.

If your child needs treatment, steer clear of corrective braces and shoes, shoe inserts, twister cables, exercises, or back manipulations – they may do more harm than good. If your child's intoeing is severe and continues until she's 9 or 10, surgery may be necessary.

Read more about turned-in toes.

Name Andrieu - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from André, from the Greek andros, man, manly, brave. Evangelizer, St. Andrew the Apostle, elder brother of St. Peter, was crucified on an X cross, called since the cross of St. Andrew. Patron of Russia and Scotland, he also protects Burgundy. His birthday: November 30th.

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