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Ectopic Pregnancy - Overview pathophysiology, signs and symptoms, treatment, investigations

Mixture, splash ... Everything that terrorizes you in the painting is the delight of your young artist. And it is especially a mode of expression which contributes to its awakening.

  • Of course, you can decide this: since soon he will devote most of his time to kindergarten, there is no reason for you to spend most of your day, today, to clean up his overflows artistic ... but you would then deprive him of a mode of expression that contributes to his awakening.

Painting: creative material

  • Perhaps even more than a dis-traction, painting allows your toddler to experiment that neither colored pencils nor even markers would allow him. With painting, your baby discovers this very physical, very sensory joy, touching the paint with his fingers, mixing with the water, playing to caress the bristles. Painting causes pleasure and sensations that do not exist with pencils.
  • To give free rein to his creative technique, it's useless to buy him a box of pastilles of 12 different tones: these sub-tilites escape him completely and these little circles all dry are very forbidding! He will much prefer that you spread in cardboard plates a good dose (especially not a nutty, what can one do with a nutty?) Of thick gouache, in the 3 primary colors (blue, yellow, red). There are paintings specially studied so that he can taste them if the desire itches.
  • If he soaks the brush, that's fine. But it exposes itself to a few small irritations, because this strange object does not answer to his desires with the finger and the eye. That's why he prefers to dip his index finger in this colorful mixture, it's better; this tool, he masters it perfectly. And if he puts his hand in it, it's even better, he will discover his imprint and bring a very personal touch to his work. And the foot? It's even more inventive!

Mastery of color

  • The pleasure of the eyes and colors is also part of the joys of painting. From the first months of life, your baby is able to perceive the basic colors, blue, red and yellow. And when you want to "hang" his eyes, it is these bright and contrasting colors that you use. Besides, all the toys that you can shake before his eyes are wearing these colors. It is not a coincidence.
  • Your child is particularly happy that you give him the opportunity to play himself with the bright colors that surround him since birth, to create his own world of color. At the beginning, around 18 months, it will obviously tend to multiply the mixtures and reinvent the brown or the black ...

A Tachist approach

  • From 2 years old, sometimes even before, your artist will be able to succeed very beautiful compositions. "When I'm painting with little ones, I'm struck by their ability to play with colors quite freely, much more freely than with pastels or pencils," says painter Josefa Perez-Ramirez. The use of a pencil immediately implies an idea of ​​graphic design, as if the child felt obliged to represent something figurative.With the painting, one feels it much more liberated.A spontaneous way, it distributes its spots on the page, vary their shape by tilting the leaf, adding water, blowing on it, putting their fingers in. But it is important to know that painting requires a lot of patience on the part of the parents. must not be a constraint for them, or for their babies, for that matter.Parents who know they will get angry if their child spills the pot of paint or drops the paintbrush on the floor, have interest in it The painting must remain a moment 'privileged exchange with your baby, a distraction above all else.'

Some techniques to develop your gifts

  • Place heavy wet paint stains on the right side of the sheet. Fold the sheet in half. Press well with the flat of the hand on the spots that you see by transparency. Fold. It's magic, you created the petals, perfectly symmetrical, a beautiful flower ... It remains only to draw in the center a big heart.
  • Sacrifice your kitchen sponge and cut it into different geometric shapes: squares, triangles, rhombuses. That's good economic buffers.
  • Dilute gouache in a lot of water. From the tip of the brush, drop (on a sheet of paper, for example) drops of this rather liquid paint and give a straw to your child. By blowing on the small puddles, it will create very interesting colored casting effects.

Isabelle Gravillon

Piou Piou

Newcomer in the pasture bestial Lindt, this chick is also entitled to his necklace bell. Milk chocolate chick, 100 g: 3,50 € (Lindt)

Newcomer in the pasture bestial Lindt, this chick is also entitled to his necklace bell.

Milk chocolate chick, 100 g: 3,50 € (Lindt)

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In the Arabic language, the name Hadj means "pilgrim".


El Hadj Lakhdar or Mohamed Tahar Abidi, his real name, is an Algerian revolutionary who was famous during the Algerian War.
Ait Ouarab Mohamed Idir Halo, better known under the name of El Hadj M'Hamed In Anka, was a precursor and a master of Algerian Chaabi song.

His character :

Haj is a boy who exudes an aura of tranquility, balance and reserve. Privileging his safety and that of his family, he avoids any kind of complications. One of his main concerns is to please, to live in peace and harmony with those around him. Haj is a sensitive and emotional being. For him, these emotions take precedence over everything, whether for the choice of his clothes or his relationships. Praised for his fidelity, it is also the ideal friend. Always available, he knows how to show generosity and hospitality. Hadj also the perfect confidant, attentive, understanding and always good advice. The great sensitivity of Hajj destines him to creative and aesthetic activities such as art, song or theater. Possessing a sure and exquisite taste for beautiful things, he can sometimes be coquettish and even narcissistic. In love with detail, he can be perfectionist, even for a point of the most insignificant. Hadj is an extrovert boy who appreciates the company of others and likes to chat. Yet he is easily influenced and falls easily under the control of others, especially family members or friends.


Hadji, Adjil and Hadje.

His party :

There is no party for people named Haj.

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The smaller the players, from 3 years, are numerous, the more this game of "phone arabic" is funny.

The smaller the players, from 3 years, are numerous, the more this game of "phone arabic" is funny.

All participants are in single file.

The first player (who can be yourself) whispers a phrase to the second player and so on until the youngest who will have to repeat to all he has heard!

The more the sentence is wacky at first (the mice dance the cha-cha-cha when the cat is not there), the more it will amuse your tribe.


When passion becomes a family business. About organic cosmetics, with Abi Weeds

Abi Weeds is the daughter of the founder Essential Care - Margaret Weeds - and the one that, in 2003, transformed his mother's passion for natural skin care into a family business.

I met Abi Weeds at the showroom in 22 Ernest Brosteanu Street (Piata Romana area), Bucharest. Cuminte, at her notebook, was waiting for us to ask her questions and then tell us about a business that, although it has representatives in 15 countries in Europe, creates its products in a very large production room, with only 10 people. behind.

Family needs, Margaret Weeds passion

It all started somewhere in the 1980s, when Abi, as a child, had eczema. As the creams prescribed by doctors did not work, Margaret tried to create her own remedy for her daughter. Her qualifications in natural medicine and aromatherapy have certainly helped her throughout this process.

Initially discouraged by specialists, Margaret did not give up and went on to create different remedies, different types of cosmetics, depending on the needs of her family and friends who knew her skills.

With the official establishment of Essential Care, in 2003, all products designed by Margaret Weeds have obtained individual Soil Association certification - which means that a product has over 70% organic ingredients to be certified.

The current Essential Care range now contains no less than 60 products.

What do we do with allergies and dermatological problems?

Because the motto Essential Care is really "Organic care for sensitive skin", no possible allergen ingredient is used: no dairy products, no almond or peanut oil or gluten.

Due to the lack of chemical ingredients, but mainly because plants and fresh therapeutic ingredients are used, the shelf life of the products is 12-18 months, maximum.

I asked Abi how exactly the cosmetics are made in the Essential Care production room, and the answer was as simple as possible: "It's like you're ready. For example, for a particular product, chicken oil, melted shea butter, add plant extracts and aloe vera and mix as if you were making a cake. In the meantime you can taste and soon your cream is ready! "

Between us, we tasted the coconut scrub and it was delicious! As Abi says: "I think it is normal to eat what you apply to the skin because, even crossing your skin, the ingredients of the cosmetics reach everything in your body."

I was curious to find out how the bath products make the foam, having no chemical in them, and Abi threw me the ball into the net when she confessed to me that one of her little girls is passionate about putting foam in the mouth. A miraculous mixture of sugar and coconut seems to be the secret!

Abi's recommendations

Abi also made us some special recommendations of products suitable for mother and baby.

It started with Shampoo and shower gel for babies and children, with sugar, soothing organic aloe vera, chamomile and extra virgin olive oil cold pressed to maintain the delicate balance of the baby's skin.

Soothing balm for irritations for moms and babies was the next recommendation. Creamy and rich in shea butter to protect the baby's skin from moisture and irritation, with the addition of bioactive chamomile to soothe and soothe the skin with minor irritations, the balm is used by many moms as lip balm or to soothe the skin after waxing.

By the Body Oil anti-stretch marks, for pregnant women he mentioned to me several times during our meeting. Contains balsam oil, it absorbs easily and is recommended to be used during pregnancy, but also after birth, helping to maintain skin elasticity.

Another product recommended for future and new mothers is the Balm for nipples, lubricant, with coconut and olive oil, shea butter and yellows, recommended for the prevention and treatment of cracked nipples, but also for massaging the perineum before and after birth.

We said goodbye to Abi when we had already become friends. But I am sure he will return to Romania and we will see him again to tell about his mother's magic formulas, because Margaret Weeds continues to create recipe formulas for us and new cosmetics.

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