Anti-vaccine movements and recurrence of dangerous diseases?

Anti-vaccine movements and recurrence of dangerous diseases?

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Family tongue twisters for children. Play to lock your tongue with your children

Family tongue twisters for children. Play to lock your tongue with your children

For dads, moms, children, grandparents, uncles ... we suggest you play with family-related tongue twisters. There are tongue twisters on all the characters that the families star in. In addition to having fun, these tongue twisters are tools that will help children to unlock and exercise their tongue, and thus improve their way of speaking. It is a game that can be shared at home, at school recess, in the waiting room for a consultation, or anywhere.

The mother and daughter go to mass.
The mother steps on straw and the daughter steps on straw

Dad, put bread for Pepín,
for Pepín put bread, dad

Dad peels more potatoes than Pepa
If Pepa peels fewer potatoes,
who peels potatoes more than Pepa

The son of the hippo is hiccupping
Who removes the hiccups from the son of the hippo?

The Flores family has a vase full of flowers.
They live on Florida Street
from the Flores district,
they spend the days watering
and watching the flowers bloom
from your flower shop which is the best in Florida

Uncle Tito tries to hit the ground running
well shiver from cold

My mom pampers me
and I pamper my mom

Grandpa caused a stir on the flight.
What commotion did Grandpa cause on the flight?

My mom buys little coconut
because I eat little coconut
little coconut buys

My sister gave a banana to a dwarf
in exchange for an apple
but the apple that the dwarf gave him
my sister did not like it

It costs grandmother
climb the hill,
and in the middle of the hill,
goes and lies down

Tongue twisters are a very welcome educational and leisure tool among children. This fun game, in addition to entertaining, stimulates children's vocabulary and diction. It also provides many other benefits such as:

  1. Increase vocabulary
  2. Promotes reading fluency and speed
  3. Promotes reading comprehension
  4. Improve oral language and way of speaking
  5. Stimulates attention and understanding
  6. Promotes knowledge and sense of rhyme
  7. Stimulates memory
  8. Amuse and entertain children
  9. They transmit knowledge and experiences

5 difficult tongue twisters for kids. We challenge you to read quickly the 5 most difficult tongue twisters for children. You already know that tongue twisters are great for practicing diction and improving the pronunciation of certain phonemes. These that we propose, will be very useful to practice the phonemes C, P, M and P. Do you dare to read them quickly?

Animal tongue twisters for children. Impossible word games where animals are the protagonists. Fun tongue twisters on animals for the whole family. Games to improve pronunciation, vocabulary, memory and language of children.

Tongue twisters with letters of the alphabet. Here we leave you the best tongue twisters for children to test their language skills with the different letters of the alphabet. Tongue twisters are word games in which a phoneme is repeated through simple rhymes and which are difficult to pronounce quickly. Tongue twisters for children with the letters of the alphabet.

Christmas tongue twisters for children. our site brings you Christmas tongue twisters. Tongue twisters, also known as tongue twisters, are word games whose pronunciation out loud is made difficult by the repetition of a syllable. We suggest you play Christmas tongue twisters with the children.

Easy tongue twisters for kids. Tongue twisters are a way to practice language and improve your children's speech. At we propose a series of easy tongue twisters so that you can have fun with them and exercise your language. Easy tongue twisters for kids.

Long tongue twisters for children. Tongue twisters are fun games for children to practice language and have fun playing. With them they will have a better diction and can improve their vocabulary and language. Long tongue twisters for children.

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Tamil Tongue Twisters. Improve Speaking Fluency. Children Tamil Speech. Kids Learning Videos

Unfortunately, some of the pregnancies end in miscarriage, which most often occur in the first trimester. There are many reasons for this, but it can happen when you have an unrecognized blood clotting problem in the background.

Avoidance of miscarriages and early births

Prof. Blaskу Gyцrgyhowever, the Thrombosis Center Blood Clotting Specialist says both miscarriage and premature birth could be avoided if adequate blood coagulation in therapy rйszesьlne.

Blood loss and premature birth

During pregnancy, the mother's body undergoes very serious physical and hormonal changes. For example, the activity of the coagulation factors increases to prevent greater blood loss during childbirth. Our earliest aging and then decaying organ is the hide. If your aging during pregnancy (for a number of reasons) accelerates, the fetus's major blood vessels become thrombotic, and the fetus does not get enough blood and is underfilled or may die. This can also lead to miscarriage and premature birth. The risk is further increased by the fact that the fetus and the growing fetus it can put a lot of pressure on the pool veins.Of course, not all pregnant mothers have the problem, but it significantly increases the risk if other thrombotic-provoking factors are present. Increased danger means eg. diabetes, high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation, and certain genetic defects (e.g., Leiden / MTHFR mutation, increased homocysteine ​​values, high levels of ProteinS / C). genetic mutation, which increases the risk of blood formation, as the resulting thrombus may block the blood flow pathway to the fetus, resulting in a lack of oxygen and nutrients. More than one such disorder can occur at a time, and the risk is even greater, explains Prof. Gyula Blaskou, a thrombosis center blood coagulation specialist who has been awarded Thrombosis Center Year Out based on patient feedback.

It is worth carrying out a genetic test before becoming pregnant

Increased risk of thrombosis is common it already appears before becoming pregnant (such as a severe thrombosis), but it is also possible that the person is confronted with the condition during the excitement. Therefore, the professor advises that you should carry out a genetic test before you become pregnant - but after a miscarriage, if you have such a problem, you should seek medical advice (LMW). furthermore, keep the pleural veins open, which may help to reduce the risk of abortions and severe thrombosis. So we give birth to these babies just as much as the rest, ”says Professor Gyula Blaskou.
  • Oral bacteria can cause premature or stillbirth
  • The danger of premature birth can be recognized in time
  • BabyCenter® Reveals Top Baby Names of 2016

    Dina Freeman
    [email protected]


    Sophia and Jackson hold tight to the top spots
    Horror TV, Antiheroes, and Tech influence the top name trends

    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (November 30, 2016) – BabyCenter®, the #1 pregnancy and digital resource, today released the results of its renowned Baby Names Survey and the much anticipated Top 100 Names of 2016. Jackson held on as the top boys’ name for the fourth year, and Sophia leads the girls for the seventh year in a row.

    “We saw five new names break into our top 10 lists this year, though the top five names held steady,” said Linda Murray, our site Global Editor in Chief. “It’s rare to see so much movement in just 12 months. It’s a direct reflection of millennial parents’ enthusiasm for shaking up the status quo.”

    Reflecting the varied interests and values of millennial moms and dads, STEM jargon emerged as a major name influencer, along with powerful women. In another twist, characters in horror series and flawed superheroes are propelling parents’ choices. “Millennials have grown up in tumultuous times, they see the world in its complexity, and they revere authenticity,” said Murray. “It’s no longer good versus evil—horror can be mixed with humor, and heroes can have flaws and struggles, too.” (See below for more detail on the top trends for 2016.)

    Top 10 Baby Names of 2016

    7.Riley (new)Mason
    8.Aria (new)Caden
    9.ZoeOliver (new)
    10.Charlotte (new)Elijah (new)

    The hottest baby name trends of 2016

    Horror Wins

    A new source of baby name inspiration: popular TV horror series. They’ve given rise to Tyreese (up 48 percent since 2015), Hershel (up 37 percent), and Carol (up 18 percent) from The Walking Dead; Dustin (up 32 percent), Mike (up 28 percent), and Joyce (up 23 percent) from Stranger Things; and Iris from American Horror Story: Hotel (up 16 percent).

    “Today’s parents grew up watching Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, and they’re not freaked out by horror—they relish it,” said Murray. “To them, scary series are like soap operas. They get emotionally attached to characters and root for them.”


    Parents have been naming their little ones after the good guys since Superman® first donned his cape and leaped over tall buildings (hello, Clark and Kent). This year, though, parents are drawn to heroes with a darker, deeper side. Witness the rise in names such as Banner (up 48 percent) of Hulk fame; Harley (up 35 percent), after DC Comics’ Harley Quinn™; Scarlett (up 20 percent), after Johansson’s roles in The Avengers and Captain America; Tony (up 16 percent) from Iron Man; and Jessica (up 9 percent) of Marvel Comics’ Jessica Jones®.

    “These are complex characters grappling with their humanity and their powers,” said Murray. “They appeal to moms and dads who are used to seeing the best and worst sides of people on social media and who appreciate an animated world that reflects their own. While they might seem dark, these name choices show that parents don’t see struggle as a negative; rather, it’s part of life.”

    Rise of the Geek

    This logged-in generation finds STEM inspiring, but maybe not in the way you’d expect. Parents are taking name ideas from the tech itself. The name Cloud is up 76 percent, Apple is up 32 percent, and Rocket is up 25 percent. Even virtual assistants—think Microsoft’s Cortana® (up 36 percent) and Amazon’s Dot™ (up 10 percent)—are on parents’ minds. Brainiacs and Silicon Valley superstars had influence, too: Parents are naming their babies after Shantanu (up 46 percent), at Adobe; Elon (up 41 percent), at Tesla; and Dion (up 32 percent), at HP. They’re also drawing on the names of famous scientists: Darwin (up 57 percent), Newton (up 44 percent), and Edison (up 25 percent). The surge of Peter (up 74 percent for girls) and Suzanne (up 39 percent), both classic names, may be a tie-in to the top-rated Silicon Valley series.

    Powerful Women

    Women in power are making an impact on new parents. The year’s top naming choices reflect of-the-moment female newsmakers and movers and shakers, all instantly recognizable by their first names alone: Hillary (up 64 percent), Ivanka (up 39 percent), Ellen (up 30 percent), Venus (up 26 percent), Amal (up 21 percent), and Elizabeth (up 8 percent). “We’ve been naming boys after titans of politics, sports, and business for thousands of years,” said Murray. “It’s refreshing to see the names of powerful modern women being chosen by new parents. Today’s parents want their daughters to be strong and successful.”

    BabyCenter’s Top 100 Baby Names list is based on the names of more than 389,000 babies born in 2016 to moms registered on the our site website. The list combines names that sound the same but have different spellings, making it a true measure of baby name popularity. The website also conducts its Baby Names Survey each year, talking directly to new and expecting parents about their baby name decisions and diving deep into the psychology and trends surrounding baby naming.

    For more information about BabyCenter’s Top 100 Baby Names of 2016, this year's trends in baby naming, our baby names finder, and more, please visit


    About BabyCenter® LLC

    our site is the world’s partner in parenting. The #1 pregnancy and parenting digital destination, our site reaches more than 45 million moms and dads in every corner of the globe through its 11 owned and operated properties in nine different languages. In the United States, 8 in 10 new and expectant moms online use our site each month. our site provides parents with trusted information, advice from peers, and support that’s Remarkably Right® at every stage of their child’s development. Products include websites, mobile apps, online communities, email series, social programs, print publications, and public health initiatives. our site leverages its industry-leading audience engagement to provide unparalleled insights and innovative marketing solutions to the world’s top brands, retailers, and institutions. our site is also committed to improving maternal health globally and, through its Mission Motherhood™ campaign, works closely with nonprofits, NGOs, and governments to help make motherhood safer for all women. Visit our site on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn or follow @our site and @MomInsights on Twitter.

    *Trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners.

    Top UK Baby Names Revealed. Channel Mum Baby Name Expert

    Rhino ... fierce

    Rhino ... fierce

    A smart little bag with adjustable shoulder strap.

    Where to find it?


    - I have a baby girl 2 months old and from birth I noticed that she was breathing heavily. In the first phase, doctors said that the airways are cleansed after birth. But now, I went to a specialist doctor with her and she told me she has polyps. Is it possible that by this age they already have polyps? I heard that they are done when the children are a little older. Following the consultation it was found that he also has otitis media and a little red in the throat and was given treatment with erythromycin 200 (1.5 ml at 8 h), otocalm (2 pic. For 3 days / day), nurofen (2.5 ml in the morning). ), rhinoceros (2 times 2 times / day), olint (1 puff 2 times / day) and sterilize for cleaning the nose (I also use a nasal aspirator for this purpose) for 7 days. Now it is a little better, it has no nasal secretions so abundant but it still has moments when baking and shaking due to the weight in the breath. I ask you, if you can still understand what I have described, at what age can the polyps be operated and until then how can they do not do otitis again (because I noticed that it takes 2-3 days after which again my ears start to hurt) and especially to help her breathe better? Also, after this treatment, he started to have creamy green stools (one a day).

    Adenoid vegetationcolor> (polyps) are made up of agglomerations of lymphoid tissue implanted at the level of the postero-superior wall of the rhinopharynx. Adenoid vegetation is part of the lymphatic ring Waldeyer, the pharyngeal lymphoid structure that represents an important component of the peripheral lymphatic system, playing an essential role in the local and general immune defense of the body.

    Adenoid vegetationcolor> (polyps) are made up of agglomerations of lymphoid tissue implanted at the level of the postero-superior wall of the rhinopharynx. Adenoid vegetation is part of the lymphatic ring Waldeyer, the pharyngeal lymphoid structure that represents an important component of the peripheral lymphatic system, playing an essential role in the local and general immune defense of the body.
    Adenoid vegetation is the first site of the interaction between antigen (infectious agent) and lymphoid tissue (antibody producer). Depending on the level of antibody intake, the lymphoid system hypertrophies, causing the overall volume of adenoid vegetation to increase.
    Adenoid hypertrophy occurs between the first year of life and the age of 8-10 years, the period in which the formation and consolidation of the immune system of the child occurs following repeated external aggressions.
    In some cases, however, this hypertrophy becomes rapidly obstructive and causes complications.
    - nasal respiratory insufficiency (clogged nose) that the child compensates for by mouth breathing - always keeps his mouth open, snoring during sleep. Nasal respiratory failure affects the sinuses, causing infections and inflammation, irritates the tracheobronchial tree, causing spasms and cough reflexes, as a consequence of the inspiration of the cold and impure air (unchanged qualitatively through the nasal filter), as well as due to leakage of secretions into the larynx, trachea and bronchi. ;
    - the formation is altered following the change of the resonance (modified vocal stamp);
    - the hearing decreases as a result of the obstruction of the Eustachio trumpet, the hearing loss being temporary or even permanent;
    - children are always tired, incapable of physical or intellectual efforts.
    Treatment of hypertrophied adenoid vegetation consists of their surgical ablation (adenoidectomy). This is indicated whenever the volume of adenoid vegetation becomes obstructive, the age having no importance.
    Basically adenoidectomy can be done after the age of 8 months. It should be noted that adenoidectomies performed under 1 year, lead to an increased percentage of recurrences.
    In your case, until you make the decision to perform the surgery, it is very important to remove the nasal secretions and administer an aerosol treatment, these having an important role in fludifying the secretions and decongesting the mucosa.
    Dr. Dana Paduraru,,
    Resident doctor in the Pediatric Surgery specialty
    Emergency Clinic Hospital for Children "Grigore Alexandrescu"
    Specialist details

    Why do we take more photos of our first child?

    Character of women with zodiac sign Leo

    Zeineb Meaning and origin

    Zeineb Meaning and origin

    Baby tooth care

    Baby teeth care is a very important aspect, especially since the baby's smile is incomparable.

    Although, in the end, the baby's teeth, also called the milk teeth, will be replaced by permanent teeth, the baby's teeth must be very well taken care of, HealthDay News reports.
    Specialist dentists have some recommendations regarding baby tooth care:

  • It is never too early to start tooth washing. As soon as the first baby teeth appeared, you should start brushing twice a day with a soft damp cloth.
  • Once the baby is one year old, tooth brushing can be done with a toothbrush and toothpaste (which does not contain fluoride) specially designed for babies.
  • Until the age of one year it is recommended that the baby pay a visit to a pediatric dental office. In addition, regular visits to a dentist, recommended every 6 months, should not be neglected.
  • It is preferable to avoid the juice, which can contain a lot of sugar and thus can lead to the appearance of tooth decay. In addition, the baby's pacifier should not be soaked in subs
  • The baby should not be given the bottle after he or she reaches the age of 1 year, because there is a risk of baby bottle decay
    Gabriela Hotareanu
    February 12, 2008
  • Relationship lesson was the "last flask"

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