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The special bond between fathers and daughters

It has always been said that boys are from mom and girls ... from dad. It may sound like a myth to you, but deep down, it's true (although there are always exceptions).

The bond that exists between parents and daughters is unique. It may be difficult for us to explain in words. Therefore, a famous Ukrainian illustrator, Snezhana soosh, he wanted to show it this way.

Illustration: Snezhana Soosh (@vskafandre)

Fathers have a special affinity for daughters. And his daughters for their parents. In fact, at a certain age (around 9 years old), many girls feel 'platonic love' towards their parents. It is a mixture of affection, tenderness and admiration. It is the so-called electra complex.

Numerous studies have revealed this data: during the first 3 years, girls are more attached to their mothers. However, as they grow, take their father as their inspiring pattern. In many cases, according to these psychologists, this experience can determine the relationship that the daughter has with men in the future. Parents feel more generous and loving towards their daughters, but also more protective and conservative. This special bond suffers when the girl reaches adolescence.

The illustrator Snezhana soosh created a series of watercolors to express how fathers feel for their daughters and daughters for their fathers... in them, the artist analyzes everything that parents are capable of doing for their daughter:

Illustrations: Snezhana Soosh (@vskafandre)

- Kill monsters and watch over the sleep of your daughters.

- Carry it on your shoulders so you can see everything from a privileged place.

- Be a mattress and pillow to ensure your rest.

- Help her fulfill her dreams.

- Make yourself small. Give your daughter more space.

- Interrupt work to play with her.

- Come up with a thousand stories to see your smile once more.

- Overcome the sense of ridicule for your daughter.

- Feed your little one's imagination.

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Your 8-month-old: Week 4

Birth story: An unexpected c-section

Labor begins

It started about 10 p.m., a week before my due date. I was watching TV when I began feeling a pressure on my bladder every so often. It didn't hurt, but when it was time for bed, it kept me awake. I found a contraction counter online and started counting. The pressure lasted about 30 seconds and came every five to seven minutes. At 2 a.m., I woke up my husband and told him, "I think it's happening!"

I took a shower and packed a few last-minute things, then we drove to the hospital. They checked me and said I was only 1 to 2 centimeters dilated, which is not enough to be admitted. So they sent me to walk around the floor of the hospital for an hour. When they checked me again I hadn't dilated any further, but the contractions started hurting more. Since I was strep B positive, they decided to admit me so they could start my IV antibiotics.

Making progress...

By morning, my labor hadn't progressed on its own, so a doctor came by to break my water and start me on Pitocin [a labor augmentation drug.] She asked my pain level on a scale of 1 to 10. I said 5 or 6. She said I could have the epidural any time. I had heard sometimes you had to wait an hour for the anesthesiologist, so I asked for the epidural right after they broke my water. The anesthesiologist came about a minute later.

After the epidural, everything was great. I didn't feel any pain until the afternoon, when the pain in my lower back returned. The baby was facing the wrong way, and it really hurt. They kept upping the medicine in my epidural, and my husband pushed on my lower back with really firm pressure, which helped. We had practiced massage during our childbirth class, but when the time came, I didn't really want it. Breathing through the contractions, though, did help.

Not long after they broke my water, they told me that the baby's heartbeat was dropping during my contractions, so they pumped water – saline, I think – into me to replace the amniotic fluid that had come out when they broke the water. At one point there were seven tubes in me: the IV for strep B antibiotics, the crochet hook used to break the water, the IV for Pitocin to get the labor going, the epidural, a catheter for urine after the epidural, and the instrument they used to flush me with water. I also had an external fetal monitor and, later, when they were flushing me with water, an internal fetal monitor.


Watch one mom's emergency c-section and learn how the surgery is done.

...and not progressing

By midafternoon, the contractions were coming one after the other, but I was only 3 or 4 centimeters dilated. The doctor told me I wasn't progressing: "We should think about a c-section." My first reaction was that I didn't want one. She told me she would let me go another ten hours, but I might not progress any more, and then I would still have to have a c-section. I hadn't read up on c-sections and I didn't know what to expect, but I trusted my doctor, so I said OK.

The c-section

My husband stayed with me during the operation. He was on my side of the partition, so he couldn't see what the doctors were doing. I was pretty relaxed and mentally present. The staff talked me through everything – told me exactly what I'd feel. I expected everything to be more rushed, like you see on TV, but the doctor was just chatting away. Right before she pulled the baby out, she gave a signal: "We're ready." Then they pulled the baby out. I could feel everything, but it wasn't painful. It was like having your teeth pulled.

The minute he was born, everyone was saying, "Wow! He's a big baby!" (He was 8 pounds, 4 ounces.) I had wanted my husband to cut the cord but they didn't even offer – it went too fast. It took them five minutes to clean the baby up and test him, and then they brought him to me. He had a real cone head, so I think he was wedged in the birth canal for a long time – I had thought my "childbearing hips" might help in delivery, but I guess not.

Post-op recovery

After the operation, I was really thirsty, but the nurses wouldn't let me drink – they were afraid I'd vomit. They let me put water in my mouth and spit it out. After about an hour they gave me some water to sip, and I threw up. Otherwise, the recovery wasn't bad. The hardest part was being hooked up to the IV and catheter for 24 hours after the delivery, per hospital policy.

I didn't have any headaches from the epidural. And after I was released, I didn't need any pain medication. I don't feel disappointed about delivering by c-section – it's not that big a deal. He was born healthy, and that's what matters. In fact, if given a choice next time, I'd opt for a scheduled c-section and not go through labor again.

My BIRTH Story EMOTIONAL!!! Scoliosis Birth Story

Urinary infection

Top 5 ideas for birthday decorations from Pinterest

Top 5 ideas for birthday decorations from Pinterest How to prepare an unforgettable first birthday?

Below are some interesting suggestions found on Pinterest.

Birthday Banner

Of course!

You need to spend some time on it, but the effect is interesting ...

Car seat decoration

How to decorate a feeding chair?

Cake with a surprise

All children like surprises.

How about this cake?

A banana and chocolate snack

All you need are sticks, banana pieces, melted chocolate and several types of topping. And it's ready.

Photo collage

What if you could create an interesting collage of the most beautiful photos you managed to take last year?

Such decoration impresses and is a great souvenir.

Yakitori are small meat skewers to devour with the eyes first! An exotic recipe that should seduce your greedy.


For 4 people :

  • 4 poultry whites
  • 2 leek whites
  • 2 tbsp. acacia honey
  • 4 c. soup of soy sauce
  • the juice of half a lime
  • peanut oil


Cut the chicken breasts in half lengthwise, then each half-white into 3 pieces to obtain large diced poultry. Wash the leek whites and cut them into rounds about 1 cm thick.
On a wooden skewer, insert chicken dice and leek rings three times in a row to obtain kebabs.
Heat the oil in a pan and cook the skewers over high heat. At the end of cooking, lower the heat and add the honey, the soy sauce and the lime juice. Reduce and coat the skewers generously with this sauce.

The housewives fed the baby during parliamentary life

The New Zealanders had a special vantage point: the housemaid, Trevor Mallard, fed her representative baby on the outside of the house.

After the incident, the hosts said on Twitter: "In general, only the presiding chair can sit in the hut, but I have a VIP franchise with me today. Congratulations, Tamati Coffey and Tim for your recent family."Housewife feeds her representative baby during parliamentary sitting That's a baby of one day Tamati Coffey a laborer and his partner, Tim's child, whom she has given birth to. The father, too, was in the immediate vicinity, returning to work from paternal leave. Immediately, there were many positive reactions in the community. "We need to see this many times. Jobs should be following this behavior," someone commented. "New Zealand… you may be a small country, but you give the world a huge amount of advice," another user wrote. Several parliamentarians supported the act, Gareth Hughes, the Green Party parliamentary spokesman posted a photo he said: "It's wonderful to have a baby in the House, even if it's beautiful." Last year, the New Zealand ministers, Jacinda Ardern was born during his term of office. He returned to work sooner, while his life partner Clarke Gayford stayed home with the baby. It is not so clear in every country that a baby has a seat in parliament, and there are even countries where it is forbidden to do so. In Kenya, we discarded a representative who came to the living room with her child. However, it is only natural that a representative is both a born and a working person, Its Swinson a British spokeswoman took her child to parliamentary debate last year, while her Australian spokeswoman is two years old, Larissa Waters, breastfeeding her girl in parliament. (via)
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