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2015 first names of boys

2015 first names of boys View the slideshow

This year again, Nathan and Lucas keep their first places! Quickly discover the 20 first names boys who will be trend in 2015, according to the list of the Official of the first names (first ed), which reveals us the preferences of the French parents side names.

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Ranking established according to the official of the first names 2015, Stephanie Rapoport, Ed. First Editions

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2015 list of boys' first names (20 photos)

2015 Nathan Boys First Names List

1. Nathan

His origin : of HebrewNathanewhich means "God gave".
His history : the prophet Nathan was counselor to King David. The seventeenth century, throughout the Protestant and Puritan world, spread this name in the world of English-speaking Christianity. This popular name in the United States has experienced a meteoric rise in recent years in France. He was already number 1 last year and in 2013.
His party : August 24th.

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2015 Lucas Boys First Names List

2. Lucas

His origin : Latinlux, " the light ".
His history : Lucas is the ancient form of Luke, author of the Third Gospel. In fact, this name comes from Germany where small Lukas are widespread. If we add up all possible spellings, including the Italian Luca, this name is still one of the most given in France today. He was already 2nd last year, as in 2013.
His party : October 18th or September 27th.

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2015 Leo Boys First Names List

3. Leo

His origin : Latin leo, "lion".
His history : in the wake of Hugo and Théo, international Leo is in full swing and announces the very likely return of Leon. Also given in Germany, Spain and Portugal, it is pronounced in the same way. He was 3rd last year and in 2013.
His party : November 10th.

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Awards 2015 Boys-Gabriel First Names

4. Gabriel

His origin : of HebrewGavar, "the force", andEl, " God ". Gabriel thus translates as "God is my strength".
His history : it was through the angel Gabriel (Jibril in Arabic) that the Koran was revealed to Muhammad and it is he, in the Gospel, who announces to the Virgin Mary that she will be the mother of the Messiah. He was 4th last year and 6th in 2013.
His party : September 29th.

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2015 winners of Boys-Timéo First Names

5. Timéo

His origin : Greekshaft, "honor".
His history : Timéo is the Spanish and Italian translation of French Timée. One of the dialogues of the Greek philosopher Plato bears the name of Timaeus. This name has been a huge success since 2006. It was 5th last year and 8th in 2013.
His party : January 25th.

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2015 winners list of boys-Enzo

6. Enzo

His origin : derived from Henry (Enrico in Italian and Heinz in German), invented by the Germanic emperor Frederick II, in love with Italy.
His history : In 1239, Emperor Frederick II appointed his son Enzo, King of Sardinia. This valiant lieutenant won many victories. After his defeat, Enzo was banished for twenty-three years to Bologna. This literate man had an immense influence on early Italian literature. This name is very popular, it is also that of the son of Zinedine Zidane. He was 6th last year and 4th in 2013.
His party : July 13th.

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2015 Winners of Boys-Louis First Names

7. Louis

His origin : of the word Chlodowig, from the Germanichold, "glory", andwig, "the combatant", this name was simplified in Clovis, latinized in Clodovico, then Ludovicus, Frenchified in Ludovic then in Louis.
His history : the patron saint of the Louis, King Louis IX, better known as Saint Louis, was a model of charity and courage. He died in Tunis in 1270 on a crusade. Louis was 7th last year and 5th in 2013.
His party : August 25th.

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2015 Raphaël Boys First Names List

8. Raphael

His origin : of HebrewRephael, "God has healed"
His history : Archangel like Gabriel, Raphael was sent by God to the young Tobias to restore the sight to his father and to introduce him to Sarah, his future wife, to assure the descendants of Abraham. This name has further progressed, he was 8th last year and 12th in 2013.
His party : September 29th.

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2015 Winners List of Boys-Arthur First Names

9. Arthur

His origin : from Celticartos, "bear", orart, " Pierre "
His history : Master of the Knights of the Round Table, King Arthur lived in the fifth century. The story of his exploits told by Chrétien de Troyes made him legendary. St. Arthur, meanwhile, was a victim of the persecutions of King Henry VIII of England against Catholics in 1539. This name is widespread in countries of Celtic influence. If you are a fan of knights, he should seduce you. He was 9th last year, better than 2013.
His party : November 15th.

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2015 winners list of boys-Hugo

10. Hugo

His origin : from germainhug, "intelligence".
His history : St. Hugues, great defender of the poor, was bishop of Grenoble. He founded a hospital, built a bridge and helped Saint Bruno settle in the Chartreuse mountain. He died at age 80 in 1132 after serving fifty-two years in his diocese. Hugo is the equivalent of Hugues in Europe. Famous name in the Middle Ages, Hugues was also very popular in the aristocracy and the upper middle class in the 40s. Hugo was 10th last year and 8th in 2013.
His party : the 1st of April.

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2015 Top Ten Boys-Jules First Names

11. Jules

His origin : Romanoulos, "whole, in the natural state".
His history : the Roman emperor Julius Caesar left some traces of his occupation of Gaul, including his first name. But it was not until the nineteenth century that he imposed himself. The Jules then shone in all areas: history (Jules Michelet), literature (Jules Verne, Jules Renard), politics (Jules Grévy, Jules Ferry). He was in 11th place last year and 7th in 2013.
His party : April 8th.

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2015 Top Ten Boys-Ethan First Names

12. Ethan

His origin : means "constancy", "firmness", in Hebrew.
His history : in the Bible, Ethan is a senior official of King Solomon. Illustrated by the revolutionary Ethan Allen from 1775 and running in the United States, this name is a real success in France in recent years. He was 12th last year and 11th in 2013.
His party : January 21st.

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2015 Boys-Adam First Names List

13. Adam

His origin : Hebrew meaning man (formed with) red earth.
His history : this biblical name is that of the first man who lived on the Earth. It was also used as a baptismal name in Ireland, referring to Adaman (Little Adam) who ran Iona Abbey. He is also a character in William Shakespeare's play As You Like It. Adam was 13th last year and 18th in 2013.
His party : June 17th.

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2015 Nolan boys names list

14. Nolan

His origin : this name is a nice derivative of Neil whose etymology he shares,niall, meaning "the young hero, the young champion".
His history : this name has spread in England and the United States before landing in France in the 70s. He has no patron saint. Nolan is progressing, he was 14th last year and 19th in 2013.
His party : December 5 with Saint Neil or All Saints on November 1st.

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2015 Top Boys Tom Names

15. Tom

His origin : Aramaictomawhich means "twin".
His history : Tom owes much of his fame to the novel Tom Thumb first, Tom Jones and finally to Uncle Tom's Cabin. Tom and Thom, diminutives of Thomas, were used as full names since the eighteenth century in English-speaking countries. In France, he settles like a big even if he owes his breakthrough to the much-asked Thomas. He was 15th last year and 14th in 2013.
His party : July 3rd.

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2015 Boys-Noah First Names List

16. Noah

His origin : Biblical name of Noah, which means in modern Hebrew "calm, serene", but its first meaning was to be "appeasement".
His history : Noah, or Noah, refers to the builder of the Ark who, according to the book of Genesis, allowed humanity to survive the Flood. Used in the United States, the first name Noé appeared in France in 1990, but progressed, as well as Noah. He was 16th last year and 15th in 2013.
His party : November 10th.

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2015 Top Ten Boys-Théo First Names

17. Theo

His origin : Greektheos "god", or Germanictheud, "people".
His history : There were probably many Theophiles, Theodule, Theophanes, Theobalds, who over the centuries were given this diminutive. Since the 1980s, Theo has become a full name. The occasion to recall that there is a saint Théo (or Théau), disciple, in the seventh century, of saint Eloi. Théo was 17th last year and in 2013.
His party : January 7th.

More info about Théo

2015 Winners of Boys-Sacha First Names

18. Sacha

His origin : Greekalexein, "defend", andAndros, "man".
His history : mixed first name, Sacha is the diminutive slave of Alexander. In France, it's an independent name since the beginning of the 20th century. It owes its name to the actor and author Sacha Guitry, as well as the singer Sacha Distel, whose name was a legacy of his Russian origins. Sacha has joined the charts the year denrier, already in 18th place.
His party : April 22nd.

More On Sacha

2015 Maël boys first names list

19. Maël

His origin : Breton mael which means "the prince, the chief".
His history : St. Mael was the nephew of St. Patrick who, along with other Irish monks, came to evangelize Armorica in the sixth century. This is why several Breton villages bear his name. If the feminine has long had the upper hand on the masculine, Mael triumphs today in the ranks of boys. He was 13th in 2013 and 19th last year.
His party : May 13th.

More about Maël

2015 Mathis Boys First Names List

20. Mathis

His origin : derived from Matthew, from HebrewMattai "present, gift", andYah " God ".

His history : Matthew, the tax collector of Galilee and one of the twelve apostles, faithfully followed Jesus, noting his words precisely to give birth to the First Gospel. Its derivative, Mathis, was driven by the success of the first names in "is" (Loris, Yannis). He was 20th last year and 16th in 2013.
His party : September 21st.

More On Mathis

Ranking established according to the official of the first names 2015, Stephanie Rapoport, Ed. First Editions


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Pablo Meaning - Origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Latin paulus, "small".
St. Paul preached the Gospel throughout the Roman Empire. He became one of the greatest apostles of Christianity. Arrested, he suffered martyrdom and was beheaded in 67 after leaving fourteen epistles. This name, a Spanish derivative of Paul, meets a reputation of esteem in France, driven by the genius and worldwide notoriety of the painter Pablo Picasso. And you ?
The Pablo are celebrated on June 29th.
His derivatives: Paolo, Pablito.

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Smoothies for kids who don't like fruit

Getting your child to eat a healthy and balanced diet is not as simple as one might hope. As much as you stop buying industrial pastries or giving them so many candies, it is difficult to make them eat what they do not want. There are children who, for example, they hate fruit. However, it is an essential food group in your diet, as it provides you with many vitamins and minerals.

When you have tried by all means to convince them that they have to eat everything, and it has not been achieved, you have to bet on other types of strategies. Have you tried to make fruit stop looking like fruit? We propose some recipes for smoothies for kids who don't like fruit.

Write down these recipes for smoothies and fruit juices so that your children want to eat more fruit. Suggest that they participate in the preparation themselves, as this will make them more willing to try them.

1. Apple smoothie
The apple is one of the favorite fruits of children because of its flavor and because they are easy to eat. However, there are many children who do not want to hear about it because of its rough and sandy texture in the mouth. However, it is rich in antioxidants, contributes a lot of fiber to the diet and contains vitamins B and C.

We propose a rich apple smoothie recipe for which you need an apple, 125 ml of milk, half natural yogurt and a tablespoon of sugar. As simple as putting all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. If you want, you can add a pinch of cinnamon to disguise the taste of the apple.

2. Watermelon smoothie
The watermelon smoothie is light and very refreshing, so children who do not like fruit will drink it more eagerly, as if it were a soft drink. Watermelon is made up of 90% water and provides a lot of vitamin A and C.

To prepare it, cut a few pieces of watermelon and separate the red meat from the green skin. Put them in the blender and add a few ice cubes for a very light drink. For a creamier smoothie, add a handful of blueberries, a few raspberries, and half a yogurt to the blender ... and blend everything. Do not remove the seeds, because they contain a lot of vitamin C. If it is not sweet enough, you can add a teaspoon of honey.

3. Strawberry smoothie
Strawberries are very unpleasant for some children because of their texture and acid taste. However, when it is prepared in the form of a smoothie, children are much more willing to try it. This fruit is very beneficial, because it provides a lot of vitamin B and C.

Preparing a strawberry smoothie is very simple. You only have to take about 20 strawberries, 10 cherries and a natural yogurt. To avoid having to add sugar, you can add a little honey or use a strawberry yogurt. If your child doesn't like to find lumps in his smoothie, you can strain it through a very fine filter to remove all the seeds.

4. Melon smoothie
The melon smoothie is delicious and your child will love it because it is so sweet. It is a very good fruit for children, as it is an important source of potassium, folic acid and amino acids.

The melon smoothie recipe, in addition to this fruit, requires a natural yogurt or half a glass of semi-skimmed milk. Cut the melon flesh into pieces and put them in a blender. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend well. Add a sprig of mint for a fresh touch and surprise your little one.

5. Peach smoothie
There are many children who refuse to take peaches because they do not like to touch the skin, although they are not willing to taste it once it has been peeled. Therefore, presenting it to them in the form of a smoothie is a good alternative to benefit from its properties (fiber, vitamin C, potassium ...).

To prepare this smoothie you must peel and cut a couple of peaches into pieces. Put them in the blender with a little sugar, a natural yogurt, a little cinnamon and ice (to make it more refreshing). Some people add a little coconut milk to disguise the taste of peaches.

In addition to trying to disguise the fruit through smoothies, there are other ways to get your child to learn to appreciate fruit more and to start eating everything.

- Try that the fruit is always in sight
Place the fruit bowl on the table or kitchen counter to familiarize your child with the different types of fruit.

- Let him go shopping with you
Go with your child to the market and make him participate in the entire fruit buying process. By helping to select the products, you will be more tempted to eat it. On the other hand, your child will also love that you plant a fruit tree, that you take care of it as a family and that later you collect it to eat its fruits. After you have participated in the growth of the fruit, you will be more open to eating these foods.

- Try the sweetest fruits
A child who does not like fruit will be more attracted to the sweet taste of a banana or an apple than the acid touch of a raspberry or tangerine. For this reason, it is advisable to offer them those that have a more pleasant taste for them, which they consider almost a candy.

- Propose to read a story starring the fruit
Before eating, you can read as a family a story in which fruit is the protagonist. In this way, your child will get closer to it and will stop considering it a type of unpleasant food.

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Christmas decoration crafts for kids
English for babies by the Glenn Doman method

There are many methods created to enhance the learning and accelerated development of the brain capacities of babies. Today we are going to analyze one of the oldest and most proven systems worldwide and in time. It is also the educational system most followed by parents from different countries and continents.

The method was created in the 1950s when the physical therapist doctor Glen doman With the group that he had created, they began to consider the brain development of 8-year-old children. The aim was to be able to help children with brain injuries. They quickly discovered surprising results that were tested on babies.

A complex system that is based on bits of intelligence or educational cards. The method consists of stimulating the child's brain through all kinds of images, as well as the baby's interaction with them as well as with the person who is teaching them.

One of the fundamentals of the system is baby learning based on the relationship of pictures to the voices heard. For example, the brain of a baby does not know what 'car' means until it has heard the word several times while it is seeing one. Through the relationship that his brain makes, the child will learn word by word, action by action. Until being able to form sentences. (Which he also gets from what he listens to) Discriminating what he does not think is important or what he considers most relevant.

As Glen Doman said: 'There is no intellectual act more difficult for an adult than learning a foreign language; very few adults are successful at speaking it fluently. However, for every newborn in Montevideo or Madrid, Spanish is like a foreign language, neither more nor less than French, German or Swahili. In one year, the baby will understand hundreds of words; In two years, you will be speaking in little sentences; at three he will be talking'.

I think it is a basic method in whatever aspect we are working with babies and children. And as we have just seen, ideal when it comes to developing a child's first and second language.

We must turn the time of the 'chips' into a fun moment and something special. So the child will like it and it will become one more game that he will want to play and give his full attention.

The ideal is to start any topic that we are going to work with the child with the bits of intelligence. Thanks to them, the child will be able to get a general idea of ​​the means of transport, food, animals ... depending on what he is learning at that time.

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Titan Wars

An infrared controller in the hand, each player can control his robot in a duel delivered on a flexible arena. Sold with two robots. Battle Arena Battroborg, Tomy, 6 years old and over: 70 €.

An infrared controller in the hand, each player can control his robot in a duel delivered on a flexible arena. Sold with two robots. Battle Arena Battroborg, Tomy, 6 years old and over: 70 €.

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