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Smile? Then oxytocin!

Smile? Then oxytocin!

Like a movie - That's how our readership was born. And now he has written down the scrapbook as well.

Smile? Then oxytocin!

If it was a movie, it sure starts with the male narrator (let's say Kautzky Armand, she has such a caressing voice) says "18 months ago" and then I lay on the cot extended and try to break my brother's thumb while the dude has been sewing for about 45 minutes. was because there was only one doctor left for sewing and one nurse stayed with us in the nursery, Rudi, with the takarntu. I could not believe it, because the drбmai, csбszбrkцzeli szьlйsre the szokбsos Doc, szьlйsznхn йs csecsemхsцn kнvьl цsszesereglett a complete mыtйti team and mыszakvбltбsra view mйg a garnitъra doc, szьlйsznх йs csecsemхs, нgy szembenйzhettem from the цsszes szьlхs fйlelmemmel the beцntйstхl egйszen the " how humiliating it would be if dozens of unknowns were to stare at my vagina in the midst of my "not completely unfounded assumptions. In life, I do not expose my foot, neither for sexual nor for women. No, no and no, both excluded and not. There is no god.If this was a movie, here Kautzky Armand will say "Today" and then I will see, this time in the name of an extremely trusty name, I will be afraid of the tiles, and the hummingbird. Again my big belly that someone is making out again. In tile-wise, I often think about the great things in life, even though in the waves of growing up, I have the most criticism. Well, there was no more caregiver, no more competition with similar calipers, no more overload, no more oxytocin parenting, so here's the rest of the tile. I am no longer one of the lucky ones to start things on their own, but today is my dawn, I thought this is the time when the baby explained the right breathing method to me just the third time she opened the door. a middle-aged woman who is inoculated with a dictator, but kindly responds to my inquiries, makes a meditative, water-soluble address, and orders an oxytocin infusion to I can curl up in the shower. I get some grimy clenched teeth when the docking doctor comes in: I have to make sure I have a headache, because every time you enter the room I always smell it with a smile, because of that . That's how "smile to the world and the world smiles back at you". Instead of a smile, it raises oxytocin by barking. With the new knowledge, when I came to my closest, I was telling you not to bother with oxytocin. This time the doc grins. The baby will soon ask me to lie down on the bed because she's afraid I will get tired. The supine position has been gone for months, I can stay on my side, and my husband tries to keep the baby watching in my stomach. Suddenly the pushers start. Yeah, that wasn't the first one! Then, because of the sudden drop in sound, I sucked my son in the vacuum with vacuum and then, with outside help, faded retinal blood. The fingerprint of the doc's three could still be seen in my stomach a few weeks later, and my eyes were so bloody that I had the prospect of a career as a foreign exchange cleaner. Well, that's all. A rolling experience. For a moment, I think I'd break up, and something warm before me. Grabbing my teeth, I instruct my husband to look for a baby IMMEDIATELY, because I was actually peeing. Out of nowhere, a baby girl chuckling, happily approaching the folded sheet, seeing that it was just fetal water. I'm looking forward to seeing the doc so that someone can tell me what to do. He arrives at last, but the polite request that I lie on my back is hard to reject because of the matching cobwebs. Then your baby's on the corner, now turn your back on her, she says. I whispered to myself, I love determined people, so I gather all my strength and turn around. Hippo-hoop, there is a sexy green cock-and-thong on my leg, somebody tells me to hang on to this or my thigh. They'll ask me to press. The doctor's voice sounds cool when it's close to being pressed and the baby is out. The good French, I suppose, and I push a double air.And then it breaks. I didn't feel the first one, it didn't matter so much, the baby was immediately licked and taken away, there was no breastfeeding, no recess in the room, just an endless emergency. Now I feel it when the baby falls and I see it lifted. "Hыha," say. Big Baby: FranciskaAs long as she is down, I ask her to show her the crib. The baby is a little locked up, but his little head is bloody when I put him on. My son, just like first, is completely under the influence of the story, I have to snap the sweet baby scent from the clouds to make pictures. Everything came so fast at first that I have no idea of ​​my son's birth, so it's no wonder my son is inexperienced in room photography. But this is not included in the album either. As the baby dresses up, it flinches in the little carriage, Dad grasping his finger just like she does because they are sewing. We give it to us after hitchhiking, everyone else goes out of the room. We cling together, three, the baby is breastfeeding. All the light, warmth and softness on that hard bed. Could that be? I don't even say anything about terpse. To Wilma Wilhelm Thank you for showing me that you can have a baby too!
Lökkkцsnй Guttmann Enikх
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  • "I thought a woman could give birth"
  • It's three months old
  • I told my brother today we're gonna be parents

How to make a wool pompom with children

How to make a wool pompom with children

Making a pompom is simple, fast, it is within everyone's reach and is ideal for decorating different Christmas crafts, for making gifts for mom and dad or even for making dolls.

In this case, we are going to make a small pompom that is ideal to hang from the Christmas tree, although surely you can think of many other uses. These are easy crafts for kids.

  • Wool
  • Fork
  • Pair of scissors

advice: You can make pompoms of different colors following this technique. If you want the pom pom to be larger, use a larger fork.

1. Roll up a not very long ball of yarn on a fork. Leave a bit of the beginning of the wool visible.

2. Tie the end of the ball with two knots to the piece of wool that you left when you started the craft.

3. Use another piece of yarn to pull it vertically and tie a double knot.

4. Cut the yarn carefully at the ends.

5. Hollow out the wool well so that it is in the shape of a ball

DIY Pom-Poms. 4 Easy Methods

Baked pumpkin with pesto and mozzarella

Baked pumpkin with pesto and mozzarella

Do you want to prepare a fast, tasty and very nutritious snack? We recommend a tasty recipe for baked pumpkin with delicious mozzarella.

Preparation time

50 min




1 medium placenta pumpkin

2 tablespoons of olive oil

2 fat peppers

1 medium onion

1 hot pepper

1 lemon

3 tablespoons pesto


salt and pepper

Method of preparation

Place the pumpkin in a large pan and, separately, mix in a small bowl the olive oil with the hot pepper. Pour this mixture over the pumpkin and bake for 14 minutes. Then add the chopped onion and peppers and leave the pumpkin in the oven for 20 minutes, until the vegetables are softened.

When the pumpkin is ready, serve it with arugula salad, seasoned with lemon juice, salt and pepper, sprinkled with mozzarella and a little pesto sauce.

Tags Pumpkin Recipes

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