Legal regulations for adoption in the USA

Legal regulations for adoption in the USA

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Animals in the child's life
The truth game to improve children's reading comprehension

When starting in Early Childhood Education, children are laying the foundations for learning to read and write. Little by little they get to know the letters, their spelling and their sound.

When they are able to recognize words and read texts, we have to put a lot of emphasis on their reading ability. And it is that, it is not enough that the child learns to read, he has to learn to understand what he reads. To help you we propose a fun activity, it is about Truth game to work on children's reading comprehension.

The best way to teach children and, above all, to stimulate them to learn is through games. It is an interactive, fun and playful way to acquire knowledge.

Moreover, it is in the early stage of literacy when it becomes most necessary, not only to lay a good foundation, but also to help them through fun learning. To achieve this, on our site we show you a original trick for children to improve their reading comprehension, it is the game of truth. What does it consist of?

Your child has to read a text aloud, remind him to pay close attention to the characters, what happens throughout the story and in other less important aspects that, after all, are part of the story . It is preferable to choose short readings at the beginning and move to longer readings as the child gains skills.

Once you have done it, instead of asking the child about specific facts such as: "what was the name of the protagonist?", "Why did the hare go to sleep?" or "where does the story happen?" Present it another way: It is the game of true or false.

You must make several statements to him, all as true and he must say if they are indeed true or false.

1. Read this text with your child:

The daughter of a farmer carried a container full of milk to sell to the town, and began to make future plans:

When I sell this milk, I will buy three hundred eggs. The eggs, discarding those that don't hatch, will give me at least two hundred chickens.

The chickens will be ready to be sold in the market when their prices are highest, so by the end of the year I will have enough money to buy myself a pig.

The pig will get so fat that I can trade him for a cow and a calf.

But at that moment he tripped over a stone, falling along with the milk jug to the ground, spreading its contents.

And so all his plans ended in an instant.

2. Now play the truth game and ask the child these questions. You will have to answer "true" or "false":

- The daughter of a carpenter carried a jug of milk to sell. (false, she was the daughter of a farmer)

- With the milk I wanted to buy eggs to raise chickens (true)

- When I had raised the chickens, I would trade them for a horse (false, I'd trade them for a pig)

- While imagining, he tripped over a stone, but managed to stay on his feet and prevented the milk jug from falling and the milk from spilling on the floor. (false, tripped, fell and ran out of chickens, pig, or cow)

It is a very simple dynamic to perform and, above all, very effective, since the child will want to get all the questions right. You can even run contests, take tests at different levels with more refined or simpler questions depending on how you see the child's evolution and you can even make medals for the best reader as positive reinforcement.

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Simple Memory Tricks to Remember What You Read

10 French names for girls

It is not always easy to choose a baby's name, so we want to give some ideas of names for girls. French names combine tradition with an original touch and all are sophisticated, so they can be a good option for your girl.

We have a list with 10 French names for girls. They are always very popular names but at the same time fresh and modern. Because your girl deserves the most beautiful and charismatic name, you will surely find the ideal name on this list.

1. Amélie. Although the name has a Germanic origin and in the Spanish-speaking world we know it as Amelia, it has gained popularity thanks to its use in French and an unforgettable film. Its meaning is related to the 'job' and we love it because it is full of sweetness.

2. Chantal. This name of French origin has a meaning related to the 'stone' and it is one of the prettiest for girls. It sounds elegant and is capable of reinforcing the personality of any girl.

3. Odette. The name is French and means 'treasure'. Although it has a long tradition in French girls, the name maintains a fresh and original touch that makes it irresistible.

4. Nadine. It is the French version of a name of Russian origin that means 'hope'. It may be better known as Nadia, but in this variant it wins in sophistication and elegance.

5. Celine. The name is the French variant of a name of Latin origin with a meaning related to the 'Darling' and who is more familiar to us as Celia. However, Celine overflows with sweetness and charm.

6. Agnes. This is one of the most attractive names for girls and it is the French variant of a name of Greek origin that means 'pure' and that we know better as Inés. Without a doubt we are facing a safe bet for your girl for her originality and beauty.

7. Anaïs. Converting one of the more traditional names into a modern and stylish name is something that characterizes the French language. It has a Hebrew origin and means 'full of grace' and it is none other than a more charismatic version of the familiar Ana.

8. Karine. Although it has a Scandinavian origin and also means 'pure'We know this name thanks to the French tradition. It is a totally seductive name and overflows with charm.

9. Edith. It is a name of Germanic origin that means 'the one who fights for wealth', but it is a more popular name in France thanks to the influence of one of the mythical singers, Edith Piaf

10. Manon. It belongs to those literary names for girls that we know thanks to the novel 'Manon Lescaut'. It means 'beloved of God' and has a Hebrew origin. And it is actually a renewed version of the traditional Maria.

Laura Velez. Editor of our site

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In a child, all the changes need to be prepared and the birth of a little brother or sister will be a big change for your eldest! The point with the book "I raise my child" Laurence Pernoud.

A progressive announcement

  • It is not useful to give too early a place for the baby to be born, at least not before it has concrete reality. Wait for the pregnancy to be seen, for your belly to bounce, to announce the news, a very happy news that you want to share with your "big". Just tell him, without insisting, that he feels all the affection you feel for him.
  • Then you can evoke the next birth according to the circumstances of everyday life, not too often of course. It can be a pregnant teacher, a child of the school or the nursery that has just had a little sister or who will have one soon.
  • Other times may also be good to talk about the baby to be born: after a phone conversation where your child has heard you talk about an ultrasound or registration at the maternity ward, or if you're tired, feel nausea, have a mask pregnancy, etc.
  • You will adapt to the child's age, sensitivity, understanding of the months to come, and the time it takes. The younger the child, the less he has the notion of time: he does not make any difference between now, tomorrow, soon. Gradually, with the visual or sonic manifestations of the presence of the baby, the prospect of birth will become more and more concrete for the elder: see the belly move under the effect of the baby's movements, hear the beating heart , watch his parents invest more and more in the preparations for the birth ...

Help yourself little books

  • Scroll through a book on this topic - you'll be spoiled for choice in a bookstore or media library. Such support facilitates the exchange and allows the child to express more easily what he feels.

Understand his aggression reactions

  • The child feels the importance of the event that is getting ready and he can - but not always - show aggression towards his mother ("Mom is mean" "Naughty mom" ...). He can also postpone this aggression on his entourage: comrades, toys, etc. In a moment of tenderness and intimacy, tell him that he was awaited with so much pleasure, look together at photos of this period, you will help him to calm down.
  • Your affection, your marks of attention, will show him that he will keep his place in your heart and that of his father.

Discover in bookstore the new edition of "I raise my child"

Eugene is a name for a boy of Greek origin that means'the well-born 'or' noble'. It is one of those names of great beauty for its meaning and its musicality that will be perfect for your child.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, Eugenio is familiar and its use does not present problems because it is not considered eccentric. A name with all the tradition that celebrates its name day on June 2, which is the day of Saint Eugene.

Due to the meaning of his name, Eugenio has a very interesting personality and is a very admired person in his circle of friends. His noble and dignified spirit is reflected in his dedication to others and in the protection he exercises over his family. Eugenio is also hard-working and talented, which leads him to achieve success in the workplace.

The name Eugenio is known in all languages. Although it is not a frequent name in Spanish-speaking countries, in other languages ​​it is one of the most attractive names. It is the case of:

  • French Eugène
  • English Eugene
  • Catalan Eugenio
  • Welsh Owen
  • Portuguese Eugênio

The name of your son began to be used as an appellation that accompanied people of noble lineage and from there it became a proper name with full autonomy. The greatness of its meaning led to many parents who bore the name Eugenio. But also, we know many personalities by the name of your son.

Special affection gives us the late Catalan comedian Eugenio, essential in the history of Spanish television. And in the intellectual world we also find Eugenio Trías, philosopher and writer, and Eugenio D'ors, fundamental to Spanish letters.

To know the origin and meaning of other names that celebrate their saint in the month of June, consult our calendar of the names of saints in June. You will find all the curiosities related to the name and date of your birthday.

And besides, we have the most complete guide to baby names for boys and girls. Here you will find all the baby names arranged alphabetically to know their origin and meaning.

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How do you get rid of mosquitoes from the house?

How do you get rid of mosquitoes from the house?

It's not at all nice to have to fight mosquitoes every summer! But as these insects make their home year after year, it's time to find the right solution to get them out of harm's way and protect your family. So how do you get rid of mosquitoes in the house? Here are some methods!

Mosquito net

This is one of the most used and efficient methods to make sure that unwanted insects do not penetrate inside your home. For greater efficiency, do not put mosquito nets only on the windows of the house, but also on the door from the balcony.

The ultrasound machine

Useful in the fight against mosquitoes is the ultrasound device that keeps insects away. It can be purchased for amounts between about 50 lei and several hundred lei.

Ultraviolet lamp

Mosquitoes and other insects are attracted to ultraviolet, so you could buy such a device to get rid of mosquitoes from the house, but also from the yard or garden.

The UV lamp attracts like a magnet the mosquitoes that, once they touch it, are electrocuted.

Spray and anti-mosquito pills

For short-term protection against mosquitoes, rely on spray and anti-mosquito pills. These are inexpensive options that ensure you a quiet sleep, eliminating mosquitoes from the rooms in which they are used.

Ecological methods of eliminating mosquitoes

- mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 4 tablespoons of olive oil and add the result in a vaporizer container in which you have previously put half a liter of water; then spray a few times a day in rooms filled with mosquitoes, until they completely disappear;

- use spices to keep mosquitoes away; the smell of vanilla and clove repels the insatiable insects, as well as that of the pomegranate, mint, thyme and dill.

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Health & Safety

The moments spent on the seashore, on a meadow near the river or on the edge of the pool are indeed long-awaited summer days. However, if you are a mom, taking care to protect the little one effectively against the scorching sun sometimes takes the place of relaxing moments.

We know that applying cream on the skin of little ones can be a real challenge. But it is very important to protect it!

That's why NIVEA Sun transforms the need for skin protection into a fun ritual! Whether playing in the sand, running on the beach or swimming in the water, NIVEA SUN Kids' colorful sunscreen spray with SPF 50+ ensures advanced protection, while the baby's skin becomes visibly colored.

Where to color ... protect!

Specially designed for sensitive children's skin, NIVEA SUN Kids sunscreen with SPF 50+ effectively protects against UVA / UVB rays, even during balaclava, being water resistant. As your baby is fascinated by the sea and would only be in the water, we know that sometimes applying sunscreen to his skin can be a real challenge. Therefore, at the time of application, the emulsion has a blue color, extremely attractive for the baby, and when it turns white, you know it is time to reapply it, for maximum safety.

The product offers immediate protection and has a long-lasting water resistance so that your baby can enjoy, without worry, the sun, wherever it is.

Recommended price: 44.10 RON (200 ml, SPF 50+).

For more water fun, protect your little boy's skin with NIVEA SUN Kids Swim & Play water-resistant lotion with SPF 50+. Suitable for both face and body, Dexpanthenol cream helps soothe and protect the skin's natural barrier and allows for longer and safer exposure during water fun. Apply it repeatedly and do not worry, the lotion reduces the risk of allergy induced by UV rays.

Recommended price: 38.03 RON (150 ml, SPF 50+).

Regardless of the protection you choose, be sure to repeatedly apply a generous amount of product to ensure maximum efficiency and constant protection against UVA / UVB rays.

Even if the little ones' skin is properly protected, be sure to include in the beach bag your sunglasses, hat and light t-shirts to give them added protection!

For the safety of your child choose NIVEA Sun Kids and ... have fun under the sun!

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