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A diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and fish will reduce the chances of choking and a new study.

Children who eat more hamburgers more than three times a week increase the risk of asthma and hesitancy. However, according to the authors of the study, the introduction of the so-called "Mediterranean diet", which prioritizes vegetables, fruits and fish, can reduce the risk of inflammatory problems.
"Our findings support research that suggests that the Mediterranean diet, so many greens and fruits, Dr. Nagel and his team examined data from 50,000, 20 advanced and developing children in the country, according to a study conducted by Dr. Nagel and his team. Parents were asked about their children's diet and whether they had asthma. In addition, allergy tests were performed on 30,000 children. It was found that even though the diet did not influence the development of allergies, there was a correlation between diet and asthma. The results show that children living in developed countries are consumed by fish, while children in developing countries are protected from drowning in many greens.
According to the researchers, the results may be explained by the fact that greens and fruits are rich in antioxidants and contain many biologically active substances, while fish contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which is inflamed. However, for those who ate a lot of hamburgers, asthma and dementia proved to be longer lasting. This was especially true for non-allergic children living in richer countries.Dr. Michael Light, a professor of healing in the University of Miami, agrees that the diet can significantly influence asthma: "The results show that antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids have a beneficial effect. but all the studies show that one of the explanations for asthma may be related to cure. "
On this topic, another study at the May 16th Conference on Diseases of the Digestive System (DDW) in New Orleans suggested that excessive consumption of saturated fat could lead to lung problems.
In this study, Austrian researchers looked at the effects of high- and low-fat foods on asthma. We found that fatty foods increased the incidence of inflammation and reduced lung function.
"If these results are confirmed by further research, a diet to reduce fat intake can be effective in treating asthma," said Lisa Wood, author of this study at Hunter Medicine in New Lambton.
The paper was published in the June 3 issue of the Thorax Company magazine.

7 costumes for children inspired by the traditional Romanian port

My Braxton Hicks contractions really ramped up when I was around 35 weeks pregnant with my fifth child (a rainbow baby, so I was especially emotional). I began to experience contractions that started and stopped, started and stopped, at least two nights a week.

These contractions were stronger than what I was used to enduring. They hurt, sure, but unlike real labor contractions, they didn't hold a pattern. They'd last for a few hours at time, and then they'd just stop. Until they started again.

As far as intensity, let me tell you: this was not the minor discomfort I had described in the past as something like "tightening around my belly." There were nights when I felt such extreme pain, it really scared me – scared me as in I thought, "This is it! I'm having this baby way early!"

One night in particular, I felt seemingly regular contractions get stronger and stronger, accompanied by a severely upset stomach. While I moaned in the bathroom, my husband called our OB, who listened to him describe my symptoms (and possibly heard me in the background sounding like I was dying) and advised us to head to the hospital. (Better safe than sorry!)

Our OB warned us that they might attempt to stop my labor with meds at the hospital, since I was not yet at 37 weeks, thus sooner than the ideal timing for giving birth. At that point, I began to doubt what I was feeling. I didn't want to put my body and my baby through anything traumatic. After packing my hospital bag and showering, I fell asleep.

When I woke up the next day, I knew I couldn't have been in real labor – otherwise a baby would be lying next to me in the bed. Both experience and logic told me that when my labor was real, I would know – and that it would be unlikely that I'd sleep through it.

False labor messed with my head. For the next several weeks, I continued to experience intermittent contractions. The fact that they weren't increasing in intensity over time kept me from totally panicking. They felt intense, but not like they were getting progressively more intense.

But I had to think, what was I doing wrong? I was hydrated. Yet day after day I was still having contractions significant enough to make me think, "This is labor! Right??"

I started timing the contractions obsessively. I called my husband several times at work and put him on high alert. On two separate occasions, he even came home, intending to take me to the hospital. And then everything would stop. False alarm. Again.

I was frustrated and demoralized. The cycle of getting my hopes up, only to end up exhausted and disappointed on the couch, became as painfully reliable as the heartburn that followed my nightly habit of spraying whipped cream directly from the can into my mouth. There I was, on the edge of my birthing ball, waiting to go into labor. And waiting. And waiting.

The very worst part was the way false labor made me start doubting myself. How would I ever know when it was really, truly, "go time"? Would I end up delivering this baby on our living room floor because I didn't believe my labor was real? This scenario was my husband's recurrent nightmare. Mine was that I would never actually go into labor … I'd just be pregnant forever.

At my final prenatal appointment, I fully expected to be dilated to at least 1 or 2 centimeters, but nope. Nothing. Sigh. Feeling totally defeated, I'm pretty sure I actually dragged my feet on the way to the car afterwards. And I cried on the way home – ugly, full-on, end-of-the-world crying. Not even my husband's offer to stop and buy a new can of Ready Whip cheered me up.

The final week of my pregnancy felt like a year. I never did end up going into actual labor. My doctor scheduled a planned induction. Only then did I believe there was a definite day when labor would progress, and it would end with me holding my son. And that's exactly what happened.

When those last contractions ripped through my body, they were more real than anything I'd felt up to that point. I was brought to my knees by the stabbing, all-consuming, unrelenting, sharp pain that emanated from my uterus to every cell in my body. There were no breaks. No mercy. Just intense, body-splitting contractions … and then soon, fullness, weight, and pressure.

In the moments before my baby was finally freed from my womb, there could have been no doubt about what I was experiencing: real, true, bona fide labor. With blood, sweat, and screaming, my baby was born gloriously into this world, for me to cuddle and love. I wasn't going to be pregnant forever, after all.

Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

CONTRACTIONS: what do contractions feel like, Braxton Hicks vs Real Contractions

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Comes from Greek petros which means "stone".


Czech tennis player Petra Kvitová.

In 1906, Blessed Pierrette of Saint Joseph helped as much as she could the abandoned old men in Barcelona. She decided to found the Congregation of the Sisters-Mothers of the Abandoned. She was beatified on October 16, 1994 by John Paul II.

His character :

Good living, Petra never holds up. She is constantly drawn to adventure. She is independent, open to change and remains unmoved by the upheavals. An extrovert, she does not hesitate to clown to create a festive atmosphere around her. This friendly person has real listening skills and a real sense of friendship. She particularly enjoys being surrounded by her family and feels safe with her family. Petra can be affectionate and stubborn.


Perline, Perette, Pernette, Pierrette, Pia, Piera, Petrouchka, Pernette, Petroussia, Perrine ...

His party :

The Petra are celebrated on August 16th.

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Even when they speak to themselves, the ovis corrects their mistakes

Even when they speak to themselves, the ovis corrects their mistakes

While adults usually only talk to themselves in the head, it is common for the schoolchildren to speak these thoughts out loud.

Even when they speak to themselves, the ovis corrects their mistakes

However, this is from a cognitive point of view, it is a very useful thing, since they also correct for possible speech and grammatical errors, so the basics of correct, elective speech are quicker. Children are particularly prone to spoken by themselves, for example. they draw, they count, but it is also common in games something like that. Louis Manfra, a researcher at the University of Missouri has discovered that this type of speech is more useful than we think, because children can correct themselves even when they are not listening. " it is also important, because it is mainly those who benefit from self-talk who also make some mistake in correcting their own mistakes, "says a researcher who discovered that children do not. 8 percent of them improved their problem solving tasks during loud internal speech, just as when they had to stop in front of others. According to Manfra, it is advisable for adults who deal with children to adjust loudly during their community work so that children can overcome this cognitive benefit to a greater degree.

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