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When your pregnancy starts, your menstrual cycle has stopped and your periods have stopped temporarily. After giving birth, your body resumes its rhythm: your cycles will restart and your rules come back: it is the return of layers. But are you well on the point?

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When does the return of diapers occur?

Immediately after delivery. A few weeks after delivery.


If you are not breastfeeding, diapers return between four and eight weeks after delivery, which varies from woman to woman depending on the regularity cycles before pregnancy. This delay allows the uterus to heal and retract, as well as your body to resynchronize: if you do not breastfeed, the fall of prolactin - hormone that promotes the rise of milk and maintenance of lactation - will allow the progressive recovery of secretions of gonadotropins, hormone from the thyroid gland, and the ovarian cycle will resume.


While some children can complete their physical development without any problems, others have to use various accessories for eye and oral health. Children using these accessories may experience some difficulties both physically and psychologically. Is it possible for children to get used to the accessories they have to use? How should parents support their children in the acclimatization process? DBE Behavioral Sciences experts answer this question:… From birth to adulthood, children develop at different speeds and structures in physical, social and mental terms. While completing their physical development, some children need to use some medical accessories, such as eyeglasses or braces, to achieve a better and healthier appearance. However, using these accessories can be friendly and sometimes enemy. Some children may adopt glasses or braces at once, but some may experience various problems. Although accessories such as eyeglasses and braces improve children's ability to solve problems, this does not mean that every child will survive the process. So, what should parents do during the familiarization process of children using medical accessories? How to support your child Aysegul Moral, DBE Clinical Psychologist from the Institute of Behavioral Sciences, points out that not every child identified as needing to use these accessories does have to use these accessories, but the children who do have to experience some differences. Moral said, “First of all, children who start using glasses or braces may have to experience some physical limitations. Especially during the acclimatization phase, the child who uses glasses cannot run and play as comfortably as before; the child who starts wearing braces may not eat everything freely. The process of getting used to the braces is a bit painful and requires the child to control what they eat. A child who starts to use braces cannot consume certain foods for a certain period of time, while eating certain foods is prohibited. In such a case, the child's resistance to wearing braces may increase further. ” Moral said that another difficult situation for children who use such medical accessories is to make fun of their friends. Le It is a common situation that their friends wear nicknames and make fun of them with changing exterior appearance. While the child doesn't want to use these materials, his discomfort will increase. ”

Families have big responsibilities during the acclimatization process

Stating that a number of tasks are waiting for the families to overcome this negative process that is frequently encountered in children, Moral said, ler Parents who will have the child wear such accessories should first explain the situation to their children. Only in this way can the child become more familiar with the new situation. In addition, allowing children to choose products that reflect their own tastes will help children love the product they will use. For example, the colorful tires worn on the braces or the glasses the character loves the child can simplify this process. ” Emphasizing that it is important for children to develop behaviors that help to overcome the negative aspects of this process, Moral said; Itibaren From the beginning of the process, children need to give the right answers to the questions they have in mind and help them express their feelings. It is also another important task of the family to teach them how to cope with their mockery. It is necessary to improve the child's coping skills by teaching the child behaviors such as not caring for the ridicule of other children, not reacting instead of being angry, leaving the environment. first, you should try to understand his feelings. Instead of sentences like 'Everyone wears', 'What will happen', 'If you don't,' it is important to listen to his discomfort first and learn what he feels. Subsequently, it is necessary to support the child to reduce his anxiety and to tell him that such accessories will not change his personality. ”

Meaning of the name Timolao. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Timolao. Name for boys

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Emile Papiernik, pioneer of modern obstetrics

Emile Papiernik, pioneer of modern obstetrics

Espino: origin and meaning of the name for girl Espino

Espino: origin and meaning of the name for girl Espino

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Espino.

It comes from the invocation of Our Lady of Espino, venerated in Hoyos del Espino (Ávila)

From the name hawthorn, which refers to the presence of various species of thorny, pinkish plants and other families.


  • Esdras Parra, Venezuelan writer (1939-2004)

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Hawthorn: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Espino coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Espino coloring page printable game

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Toxic shock syndrome

Toxic shock syndrome is a serious complication caused by a bacterial infection. It is quite rare, but it can seriously threaten life. This syndrome occurs especially in menstruating women, but men or children or menopausal women can also be affected. Learn to recognize the signs of the syndrome to protect your life and your family!

What are the causes of toxic shock syndrome?

It therefore appears as a result of the complication of a bacterial infection. It often occurs due to toxins produced by golden staphylococcus, but the disease can also be produced by toxins produced by group A streptococcal bacteria.

Toxic shock syndrome can occur in anyone. It has often been associated with:

  • use of tampons;
  • use of the diaphragm or intrauterine contraceptive devices, etc.

Specialists have associated this condition with the use of tampons, but I do not know what triggers the toxic shock. Some of them believe that internal buffers are left indoors for too long and this creates an environment conducive to the development of bacterial infections. Others claim that they contain fibers that can scratch the surface of the vagina, allowing their bacteria or toxins to enter the bloodstream.

For this reason, the specialists argue that the syndrome occurs mainly when women are menstruating or are just finishing menstruation or when they have open lesions, which are susceptible to infections.

There are other risk factors that can cause the syndrome:

  • in children, varicella can cause an outbreak of streptococcal infection that predisposes to this syndrome;
  • recent birth;
  • vaginal irritation and inflammation;
  • personal history of toxic shock syndrome;
  • surgical abortion;
  • Flu;
  • muscle infections;
  • respiratory infections etc.

What are the symptoms of toxic shock syndrome?

The manifestations of this complication include:

  • sudden onset with high fever;
  • hypotension (low blood pressure);
  • vomiting or diarrhea;
  • skin irritations similar to sunburn (especially on the palms and soles);
  • confusion;
  • muscle pain;
  • redness in the eyes, mouth and throat;
  • headache;
  • convulsions etc.

Go to your doctor immediately if you have symptoms of toxic shock. You may be present at an emergency if your symptoms are severe or you can go to your family doctor, gynecologist, pediatrician, internal medicine doctor, etc. The condition should be treated quickly, because it progresses rapidly and there is a very high risk of mortality.

How is toxic shock syndrome treated?

If your doctor detects that you are suffering from this syndrome, he will most likely be hospitalized and given antibiotics. In the meantime, doctors are conducting a series of tests in an attempt to detect the source of the infection. They will also try to treat the symptoms that appear when the symptom starts.

For example, if you suffer from hypotension, they will give you medications to try to stabilize it and fluids to treat dehydration. Toxins produced by staphylococcal or streptococcal bacteria that accompany hypotension can lead to kidney failure. If this problem occurs, then dialysis may be necessary.

Can toxic shock syndrome be prevented?

The syndrome can be prevented by acting on the causes and factors that determine its occurrence. For example, this can be avoided if you regularly change the tampons during menstruation, at most 4 hours.

You can try to replace the internal pads with absorbents or at least you can alternate them to avoid infections. Avoid using internal pads when menstruation begins to decrease (in the last days of menstruation), it is best to use daily mini-absorbents.

Toxic shock syndrome can recur.

If you do it once there are very high chances that it will recur at some point. It is also advisable to never use internal pads if you have this syndrome.

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