Hodkin's lymphoma, implications on fertility

Hodkin's lymphoma, implications on fertility

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There are many benefits of learning, for example, a poetry or nursery rhyme by heart, and it is true that all adults remember some of our childhood, but it is also true that, sometimes, we did not quite understand what they wanted to say and we have understood its meaning when reaching adulthood. It is clear that it is always good to exercise your memory, but also it is essential to understand what we read. That said, I think that memory is always present in all learning.

Although we are not aware, visual memory helps us when studying or reading a text. Remembering where a certain word is or the image that accompanies the texts can help us a lot in this task.

From my own experience, I know that visualizing images and associating them with ideas is an invaluable help when it comes to learning.

As they grow, children acquire more information about the world around them and their childhood curiosity is essential in their learning. When they arrive at school, learning begins more "subject" to established norms and content that they must learn, and it is in the hands of adults that the experience of continuing to learn is not boring and a burden for them.

- So that the child can concentrate more easily we must make your living area comfortable and distraction freeFor example, with the television on it would be difficult. That is why we must create a calm and relaxed environment.

- If they get used each day to use part of their time to go focusing on learning, when they grow up it will not be expensive for them because it will be part of their routine.

- I think that the child must rest, play, do some sporting activity, theater, etc. that is playful and that it helps him to vent before putting in front of the book.

- When they are younger we must help them to distribute their time.

- Movies, stories and nursery rhymes are essential tools to start motivating them because they create an affective and emotional bond that gives children stability. They are ideal for transmitting the messages we want, through them, the child will understand, assimilate and reason, and as a consequence they will retain, and if they do not succeed, we will be there to help them in this task by asking them questions and answering their doubts. It is very important that they explain it to us in their own words, that will mean that they have understood it.

- A trick for them to understand the message, when there is a "complicated" word in a text, may be to replace it with a synonym that is closer to them, or to accompany it with a representative image of the concept.

- I think that to learn, whenever feasible, it is important go to the 'pitch', Studying the seasons of the year, for example, is much more enjoyable and it will be better understood if we have the possibility to go out into the fields, touch and smell the flowers, leaves, trees, see animals, etc. I think that all the senses have to be present in all learning. Another indisputable way for them to learn without realizing it, as we have said so many times, is through games, because they learn naturally and effortlessly and it will help them to be creative.

To finish, I leave you a phrase from Aristotle: «What we have to learn we learn by doing»

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The Christmas miracle: The woman with leukemia who gives birth to twins

Is Christmas It will be very special for Susie Rabaca, an American woman who has just given birth to her fourth and fifth child. So far the story could be the same as that of any pregnant from Mexico, Colombia, Spain or the United Kingdom, but his story is one of those that gives you goose bumps: it is the story of a woman with leukemia giving birth to twins. And it is that at Christmas, miracles exist.

Within a few months of becoming pregnant, Susie Rabaca received the worst news of her life: the doctors diagnosed her with a myeloid leukemia very aggressive. At that moment her world collapsed and she fell apart, but only for a few moments, because on her horizon she saw the light to continue taking care of her three oldest children and to be able to hug the other two who were on their way.

The doctors told him that the only way to survive this blow that life had thrown his way was to get a bone marrow transplant. At that time, a desperate search was made from within Susie's circle to find a compatible donor across America. "Finding my 'partner' is everything to me, because only then can I be with my three children and the two who are on the way," he confessed. And this is how he launched an appeal through networks with the following message: "It is something very simple and it is not a painful procedure, there is no surgery or anything. Just one blood draw can save my life and that of more people (referring to their babies), "he commented.

And his request had an effect, because very soon thousands and thousands of people joined the cause "Be The Mach" (Be my partner) to save the life of this pregnant mother and her little ones.

Rabaca was overwhelmed with so much gratitude: "With tears streaming down my face and my heart full of hope, I want to say THANK YOU LORD! And thank you from the bottom of my heart to each of the people who have said a single prayer for me. and my family! Thanks to my family, my friends and people from all over the country that I don't even know who have shown their support and, above all, who have signed up for BE THE MATCH !!!!! The trip has not finished, but it's a big step forward! Much love! Keep praying for me, thank you !!!! "

His months of searching came to a happy ending a few weeks ago when he found his donor. Just a few days after finding her 'partner', she gave birth to twins. "I would like to introduce my miracle twin babies to everyone who prayed for them, cared for them, and asked about them every day. Here are Rainey and Ryan. They are doing great, happy and hungry. They really mean life to me! Thanks again for all the support and for your prayers, thanks to them I managed to get there! ", Susie wrote on her Facebook.

Doctors say the twins are healthy and that Susie Rabaca is responding favorably to treatment and transplantation. Without a doubt, everything is possible at Christmas.

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Understanding Bone Marrow Transplantation - from the Clinical and Personal Perspectives

Name Jafar - Meaning of the origin

Name Jafar - Meaning of the origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Means river, brook in Arabic. No feast date known.

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Frog short jumpsuit

Frog short jumpsuit

For your little frog, a light tank top that closes with buttons at the shoulders. A knitting pattern full of sweetness for sunny days.

Sizes: a) birth, b) 3 months, c) 6 months, d) 12 months, e) 18 months


Quality Cotton Wool (50% Wool - 50% Cotton) Phildar: 1 (2/2/2/3) balls Ecru color, 1 (1/1/1/2) balls color Chamomile, 1 (1/1/1 / 1) balls Green of gray, 1 (1/1/1/1) balls color Black
Order the threads on the Phildar website
Aig. n ° 3 and n ° 3,5
Hook n ° 3
Stops of m.
4 buttons Ø 12 mm ref .: 490 003 3912

Points used

Rib 1/1 - Jersey
Jacquard: (pattern to download with pattern below)
Embroidery at the pt of m .: for more ease we advise you to rebrode the small parts of jacquard to the pt of m.
Sun at 1 m. edges:
right: tric. 1 m. end, make 1 single seam (slip 1 st after the next st and slip the sts on the tric.) then knit. the rest of the m.
left: tric. all m. minus 3, tric. 2 m. ens to the end. then 1 m. ENDR.
M. tight: stitch the hook in 1 st, bring back 1 loop, make 1 throw, pull the thread through the 2 loops on the hook.


It is essential to the realization of a knitting with the good dimensions.
10 cm stockinette or jacquard, ea. No. 3,5 = 22 m. and 29 rows.
Download the pattern and jacquard grid

1 2 3 4

#FinAlMaltrato: Let's stop child abuse

#FinAlMaltrato: Let's stop child abuse


Luscious lips and a well drawn mouth make your smile irresistible. But there are a multitude of lipsticks and colors. All our advice to sublimate you without fail.

To treat them well

Before applying your lipstick, it is necessary to take care of your mouth so that it holds well and get a nice rendering. To know :

  • Exfoliate your lips to eliminate dead skin.
  • Privilege rich care softening agents and extremely nourishing.
  • Optimize the effects of care by applying them in thick layers just before going to bed.
  • Avoid moistening your lips during the day.
  • Always have at your fingertips a moisturizing stick to use regularly during the day.

How to choose the color?

Your choice should be guided by the volume of your lips and your complexion

  • Adopt all the nuances of the colorsexcept those too bright if your lips are bulky.
  • Opt for clear colors who reflect light if they are thin and you are blonde.
  • Illuminate your redhead face with warm hues.
  • Wear anything you wantall is well with the brunettes.

The different formulas of lipstick

You have the choice between:

  • The gloss which comes in shiny, glittery, plumping, for a more or less sophisticated effect.
  • The real red, matte, for fleshy lips, or satin if they are thin.
  • The long dressbut beware, it tends to dry out.
  • The iridescent lipstick which associates with a discreet make-up of the complexion and the eyes.

Monique Fort

Our selection.

Coping with stress over bed-wetting

Interrupted sleep, piles of extra laundry, an embarrassed child – bed-wetting is common but can be stressful for the whole family. It’s normal to feel frustrated, even when you’re trying to be understanding and reassuring.

Your child will probably stop wetting the bed as soon as her body is physically ready to handle nighttime dryness. Until then, here are some ways to minimize stress for both of you.

How can I make nighttime bed changes easier?

If your child wets the bed more than a couple of times a week, it’s probably easiest for everyone involved if he keeps using overnight diapers or training pants, if they still fit and don't leak. Another option is washable or disposable underwear designed for kids who wet the bed. Some come with insertable absorbent pads. Some kids are extremely deep sleepers and won’t wake up even if they are lying in a puddle.

If your child only occasionally wets the bed and prefers to wear underwear, make life simpler for yourself by protecting his sheets and mattress with a waterproof mattress pad and a washable or disposable waterproof pad. If you opt for washable pads, having a few disposable ones on hand can give you a break from constant laundry.

Save laundry until morning. If you change your child's bed at night, just toss the wet bedding and pajamas in the bathtub. Even quicker: simply change your child into dry pajamas and lay a towel or waterproof pad over the wet part of the bed.

Another option is to make the bed with a few layers of sheets and waterproof pads. That way you can quickly remove the wet layer on top, and you won't have to remake the bed every time.

Share the responsibility of dealing with wet sheets with your partner, if possible. If your child wants to help with laundry, encourage him. Don't treat it as a punishment, though. Thank him for helping you, and let him know that you don't blame him for wetting the bed.

I don’t want to take out my frustration on my child. What can I do?

Punishing or blaming your child for bed-wetting will not help. Remind yourself bed-wetting is involuntary. Kids who wet the bed are not lazy or misbehaving. (Read more about bed-wetting myths.)

Try not to blame yourself. While bed-wetting isn't your child's fault, it isn't yours either. It isn't a result of how you potty-trained your child, or anything else you did. In most cases, it's a normal part of physical development, which can't be rushed. Overnight diapers, training pants, or washable or disposable underwear designed for kids who wet the bed may be the easiest option until her body is ready for nighttime dryness.

If you find yourself getting upset regularly, see if you can take a break. Perhaps your child could stay with a close family member or friend for a night, or your partner or a babysitter can stay home while you head to a friend's house or hotel for a good night's sleep.

If you feel overwhelmed, talk to your child's doctor about the situation and what help is available for you and your child who wets the bed. She can suggest ways to manage bed-wetting that could reduce stress. She may also recommend treatments, such as a bed-wetting alarm or medication that can be used for temporary situations such as trips, sleepovers, or summer camps.

How do other parents cope with bed-wetting?

our site members share their best advice for dealing with bed-wetting.

Read the stories of four parents whose kids wet the bed.

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