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Health for your baby, from Active Center
The color of the diaper is the coming! New generation diaper from Pamperst

The innovative Premium Care Pants pant diaper is quick to wear, comfortable to wear and easy to replace.

Pampers Introduces The New, ultra-dry, rubberized waist Pampers Premium Care Pants panty diaper, which provides ideal conditions for baby skin and is so soft that it is almost imperceptible to wear. The ъj panty liner is specifically designed for active babies, from the stage that they can stop for as long as they need the diaper. The softness and extra-softness of the new panty liner provides maximum comfort for the baby due to the fact that there is no need to discover the pray for the sense of freedom. Be it nude running on the beach or forgetting lounging in the bathtub, this freedom gives babies the opportunity to explore the world for themselves, which is very important for healthy development.
The freedom of exploration opens the world
Dr. Andrea Gyarmati, according to Pampers pediatrician, freely exploring the environment is essential for the baby's healthy development.
"The world, life is a great adventure, waiting to be discovered. And the baby, well, we know, adventure." says the pediatrician. - "When you get up and start, you smell, smell and taste for about 8 to 10 months. And you aren't afraid of anything. a baby born to the holidays and this is how you can get the most out of your daily life if you just have to pay attention to what you just want to experience. "
The baby his knowledge increases with his discoveries, due to their physical and sensory interactions: as they perceive different things with their hands, feet, or even their mouths. The more a baby discovers, the more stimuli he or she senses, and the more he or she learns about the world. Creating free movement not only facilitates digestion, but also contributes to important developmental benefits such as balance, coordination, concentration, balance, or creativity.

How can proper skin protection contribute to a baby's healthy development?
The number of babies every day is filled with conditions that help their development; and that is where we can do the most new things to discover if they feel free. If a baby's diaper is soft and dry enough, the baby won't wear it almost all the time. The less they wear the diaper, the better the babies are able to focus on their discoveries, which helps them learn and develop. "We all know that the largest organ of the human body is the skin. Our body weight is almost 15%. The function of bulky skin is very diverse: it provides protection against the mechanical damage of the world, against pathogens or sunlight, and also contributes to balancing and selecting ", says Dr. Gyarm. the protective function that allows bacteria to pass through, which can lead to inflammation. Therefore, skin care is important at any stage of the baby's development, as it is the primary defense against bacteria and viruses, so care is also taken for the baby's overall health. The perfect diaper is neither too wet nor too dry, comfortable, well-sized, protects the skin, is well ventilated and does not cause any discomfort to the baby. "
For the prevention of skin irritation a babies should wear the best quality diaper, which is a good breathing ability that helps baby skin to breathe. The importance of a good diaper - in terms of softness, dryness, and size - should not be underestimated. In order for babies to learn and understand more about the world, they need to physically immerse themselves in their environment. The use of a soft diaper such as the new panty diaper is a great way to make your baby's discoveries unobtrusive by giving them the feeling of forgotten freedom.
Elastic waistband and soft folding diaper is very comfortableand it fits perfectly into the shape of the baby. The elasticated waistband flexibly follows the baby's movements, effectively reducing the risk of breathing. The new design also makes changing the diaper so much so that the baby is not even noticing it. The use of panty liners is still fun for active, agile babies - with the training on the two sides, the diaper is easily removable and removable. The Effect of Moisture color change it also makes everyday life for moms and grandmothers easier because it reveals what pelus hides!

"Alex, my youngest child At 7 months old, he began to explore the world beyond the play mat by letting go"- tells Nurra Szekeres, presenter mother of three children and the new face of Pampers Premium Care. -" Suddenly everything came to life, everything became very interesting. His curiosity grew day by day. In addition to constant movement, he also needed the right kind of comfort to learn new things. I did not want to get stuck in anything because I was aware that it is very important for healthy development that freely explore the surroundings. However, it was a growing challenge for me to replace the pelus because of his unwillingness to stay in one place. It was only recently that I came to know the panty liner. The diaper keeps Alex on the waist and gives him a great feeling of comfort, so he doesn't even realize that he has something on it and can focus on what's really important. Besides, it is very easy to swap, even if Ali keeps on playing. For me, one of the highlights of the day is when a bath in a pelus gets cold in the bath. There you can dunk, tumble, try new tricks, pillows and duvets catch the rain, you know it and you really enjoy it! "
A panty liner:
  • It is easy to put on active babies: the softness and elastic training that fits perfectly into each baby's shape make it easy to shoot. Thanks to the elasticated waistband and the soft folding, it is very easy to put on a stretchy baby as if it were just a pair of pants.
  • Extremely comfortable and comfortable to use, the Pampers Premium Care Pants panties provide a gentle wrap around the baby's body on all sides. The wide and stretch waist prevents the diaper from slipping, while the soft pads make it comfortable, fit perfectly, and minimize cushioning.
  • Easy changing of diapers: The easy-to-remove Pampers Premium Care Pants diaper from the training on the site makes baby changing your baby's toys. Just get rid of, pack up, and come clean diapers!
First class skin protection:
  • Pampers Premium Care Pants protects your baby's delicate skin thanks to its delicate, soft feel and softness inside and out.
  • Leaves dry up to 12 urns: The diaper kernel instantly absorbs moisture and keeps the diaper dry to protect the baby's skin.
  • Breathable Technology: The new panty diaper is made from a material with a micropore, similar to a traditional Premium Care diaper, which helps breathe through the baby's skin even while wearing it.
  • Baby cream on the inner layer: A drop of hydrating cream helps protect the skin's health.
  • Wet Stripe: the wet stripe on the panty diaper changes color when wet; the marker turns yellow.

The transition from bath to shower to children: how to make the transition easier

The transition from bath to shower to children: how to make the transition easier

The hygiene of the children and the bath represent a challenge for the parents in the first years of life. At first, there are puzzles related to the frequency of bathing, the water temperature and the safety of the child in the tub, and when the child becomes more independent comes the natural question about going to the shower.

Bat time is a very fun time for little ones. Soap bubbles and rattlesnakes are perfect toys for them, and balacealea is the favorite activity before bedtime. But we must admit that it squeezes energy on the parents.

There is no ideal age at which this transition is made. It all depends on you, as parents, but also as a child. Some kids are precocious and will ask for themselves to take a shower after seeing mommy and daddy do the same. Others, on the other hand, will be afraid to try something new and will not be as open to change. Starting with the age of 5-6 years the child is ready for this change.

The passage from the bath to the shower is a natural one, which should not be delayed too much by the parents and which will shorten the time spent in the bathroom. It is normal for parents to be concerned about the safety of the child when going alone, but he must learn to become independent and protect himself.

Tips on transitioning from bath to shower so that the passage is smooth and hassle-free

Suggest to them that this is how "big people" do

Children want to be perceived as adults, and when you mention that they can do something like adults, their light bulb lights up immediately. You can try this technique with the passage from the bath to the shower.

Do not force things, but ask a simple question like: "Do you think it would be more fun to wash yourself like big people?". Pay attention to his answer, he will ask more questions about it and he will be interested in the subject, so that he may soon tell you that he wants to take a shower.

Tell her she'll have more time to play

You just got her a new toy and she looks very excited about it? It's time to tell him that the bath will kidnap them during play time. If he usually spends 30-40 minutes in the bathroom, tell him that the shower would take about 10 minutes, and in the rest of the time he can play freely.

If your little one loves to read stories in bed at night, tell him that the shower is faster, so you will have more time to play together in bed and read stories.

Show them that showering can be fun

When moving from the bathroom to the shower does not mean that it goes from a fun activity to a boring one. Maybe he can still play with the soap bubbles, make a crest when he washes his hair and sing in a hurry!

Do not insist

If you do not want to take any shower, do not insist too much. If you do so, you will only develop their reluctance to this idea. He calmly treats his refusal and does not put him in situations where he does not feel safe.

Do not try to convince him by telling him that your neighbor or schoolmate is already going alone and he should do the same. Many parents resort to this tactic hoping that in this way the child will be ambitious and will overcome their fears. Such comparisons do not help his self-confidence and may even hurt him. The child will make the switch when he / she feels ready and when you know for sure that he / she is completely safe. Fear again is absolutely normal and no matter how usual we find an activity of this kind, for him it could be a real challenge.

What to consider before moving from the bath to the shower

Once we have reviewed the ways in which you can convince the little one to take a shower, safety must be in the first place. Do not discount the safety measures because accidents can occur.

The first time you take a shower, just sit in the bathroom with him and show him how to wash well. Once you notice that he has learned and no longer needs your presence there, you can leave the bathroom. Tell him that you know he is going to do well, that you trust him and encourage him to become independent when it comes to his hygiene. Do not forget to tell him that when rinsing with the shower he should close his eyes and mouth to avoid irritation and to avoid swallowing water with foam.

Even if it is large enough to wash alone, you should first check it from time to time, and the bathroom door should be open to keep up to date with what is happening. Ask him if he is good, if he is alone and needs help.

Water temperature is extremely important. Adjust the water together and be careful not to use the taps alone. When he needs warmer or colder water, tell him to call you. If you have the apartment boiler you can adjust the water temperature right from it, so as to ensure that it will not exceed a certain threshold.

Familiarize the child with the temperature fluctuations that occur. The water may cool slightly while you shower and then return to the adjusted temperature, so you should notify the little one about it.

Put one on non-slip rug in the bath and a bath mat in front of the case. The tile in the bathroom can be very slippery when the little one has wet feet, so accidents can occur. Ideally, at first you should not let him come out of the shower alone and tell him to let you know when he is ready and help him get out of the tub.

Opt for products specially designed for children - soft soaps with baby skin and shampoos that will not irritate his eyes. Because you don't watch him closely, he might use more soap, gel, or shampoo than he needed, so make sure they can't hurt him. Not infrequently it happens that even the little one tries to taste these cleaning products, especially if they have a fruity odor, so do not forget to mention that it is very dangerous to do so.

Did you make the transition from shower to bath? How did it go? Tell us in the comments section below!

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Pictures: origin and meaning of the name for girl Pictures

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Picture.

Female name that comes from the invocation of Our Lady of the Pictures, Virgin that is venerated in the town of Bedmar (Jaen).


  • Agustín Díaz Yanes, film producer (1950-)
  • Agustín Lara, Mexican composer (1900-1970)

Pictures of the name Cuadros to color, paint and print

Pictures: drawings of names to color, paint and print

Picture of the name Cuadros coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Cuadros coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Name Paintings to paint, color and print

Sepsis is a word that arouses fear not only among parents. Not surprisingly, it means a serious state of immediate threat to health and life. Sepsis, or sepsis, is a consequence of a viral or bacterial infection that affects a weakened body. It is not a disease but a set of symptoms accompanying a general infection of the body. There are many myths around sepsis. What is the truth about sepsis?

What is sepsis?

Seps (sepsis, SIRS) is a violent reaction of the body affecting all organs and systems, which is a response to toxins and microorganisms circulating in the blood. Sepsis is called systemic infection or blood infection. It is not contagious we can only get infected from a sick person caused by bacteria or viruses that caused sepsis. The sepsis alone is not transmitted by droplet route.

Sepsis is critical, life-threatening condition.

They can call her meningococci, staphylococci, pneumococci, streptococci, E. coli, fungi Candida albicans and viruses that cause hemorrhagic fever. The number of sepsis cases increases. Doctors believe the reason is bacterial resistance to antibiotics and invasive treatments not adapted to the threat.

They are particularly vulnerable to sepsis children and the elderly. This is because for the youngest, the immune system is not yet educated, and seniors are less able to cope with infections due to chronic diseases. They suffer from sepsis most often children up to 2-3 years old. The second peak incidence is recorded among teenagers. Infection often occurs in hospitals.

Is this sepsis?

Symptoms of sepsis can be ignored because they resemble often ordinary infection. Often they are symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection or gastroenteritis. Most often they are:

  • break,
  • general weakness
  • fast heart rate
  • faster breathing
  • increased or decreased body temperature.

Unfortunately, the symptoms of sepsis develop very quickly, which is why timely diagnosis and rapid response are so important.

When the infection develops, the following are most often observed:

  • a sudden increase in body temperature
  • significant weakness of the body,
  • palpation or bruising of specific body parts,
  • disturbance of consciousness (mumbling, delirium)
  • vomiting.

For immediate reaction (going to the hospital) should motivate the parent:

  • petechiae on the baby's skin, dark pink spots of varying sizes that do not disappear when you press the skin.

How do you know it can be sepsis? If the symptoms are worse, increase and the child's condition deteriorates rapidly.

How to recognize sepsis?

Currently exists a simple way to recognize sepsis. only need to examination of a sensitive sepsis marker - procalcitonin, which allows you to clearly determine whether the doctor is dealing with sepsis. 20 minutes after the blood is taken, the question is whether sepsis is a problem.

The examination can be carried out in a hospital and clinic.

How is sepsis treated?

Sepsis is treated in a hospital. The sooner the child gets under the watchful care of specialists, the better. The standard is administration of antibiotics, cardiac and anticoagulants. Prognosis depends on the prompt diagnosis and effectiveness of treatment.

The basis is also making blood cultures so that you can discover which pathogen caused sepsis. If the culprit cannot be identified, a broad spectrum antibiotic is used.

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