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Your child's career depending on the sign

Mistakes that divorced parents make

Mistakes that divorced parents make

Mistakes that divorced parents make

The divorce has for some time surpassed the status of taboo subject in the Romanian society. Thus, every year an increasing number of divorces is registered. However, this separation causes confusion and difficulties in adapting to the new lifestyle for the children whose parents have decided to separate.
In the following I will bring to your attention some of the frequent mistakes made following a divorce by partners, from my experience as a psychologist.

In most cases, the child / children remain in the custody of the mother, so the father is present in the child's life only 2-4 hours at the weekend. And here we come to the first mistake I would like to point out: blocking parent-child communication.

Although adults are no longer a couple, the child's perception of them is still unchanged and so we should try to maintain it. The presence of both parents in the child's life is extremely important and helps in the normal psychosocial development of the child.

It is recommended (within the limits of possibilities) that the parent-child relationship is supported through as many communication channels. For example, if the daily schedule does not allow the child to visit, you can talk on the phone or through video conferencing (Skype, Yahoo Messenger, etc.). Your child is an individual, who is intensely affected by the changes, so you have to ease their adaptation to the new living environment.

Don't talk ugly about the former partner, trying to put him in a bad light - the paternal image does not overlap with the portrait of a partner. Regardless of the problems you had as a couple, the image of the parent should not be built on negative considerations.
Establish a set of rules with the former partner regarding the child's education, so that no matter who spends his time, the child can refer to the same set of values. We chose here a simple example: the reward-penalty system. If one parent has resorted to a punishment, the other parent should not cancel the sentence or reward the child - this will increase confusion and increase disobedience.
Some parents avoid discussing separation with their little ones. This is another mistake I have encountered quite often. Encourage your child to ask questions and try to answer them as honestly as possible. Through questions, children try to understand and accept change.

It is also possible to experience difficulties in the group of friends, being a child whose parents have divorced. Explain this process and provide examples of other acquaintances / friends / celebrities who are in the same situation. It will be much easier for him to realize that he is not the only child in this situation and is no different from the others.
I would have a lot to list, but I decided to write just one more sentence to help you make the best decisions: No children get divorced, only parents do it!

Otilia Stan,

Psychologist - Qpsy, psychology office

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Baby carrying with a pre-knotted elastic

First prize in the "Deliverance" category

Photo: Robin Baker (Birth Blessing Photography & Childbirth Services)

How do you deal with the anxiety of leaving the mother in young children?

How do you deal with the anxiety of leaving the mother in young children?

Early cartilage abrasion can also occur if you are not in school

Early cartilage abrasion can also occur if you are not in school

Your school is ergonomic and fits well into your spine, ”said orthopedic specialist Bence Moravchik.

It is very important to choose the right school. When choosing a school bag, one should pay attention to the width of the pen, the stiffness of the weekly section, and the padding. It is important that the strap is adjustable so that the bag does not get under the top of the line and under the hinge. Whatever has a waistcoat is better, he added.Early cartilage abrasion can also occur if you are not in school Care should also be taken to ensure that the bag is breathable and lightweight, said the expert, who said the roller bag is a good alternative for small children.
For backpacks, 6-7 year olds are ideal when the weight of the pocket is 2.5-3 kg packed full. He also noted that packing techniques are also worthy of note, with the backbone having to do harder, farther, lighter things.
The specialist noted: The spine at this age is still cartilage. Incorrect posture or caries may result in a stiffer spine or early cartilage wear.
The sideboard is not recommended by the specialist because it is important to have a symmetrical load, especially early spinal tilting can occur.
In addition to choosing the right bag, the expert also emphasized training. It's important for kids to play sports outside of school, ”said Bence Moravchik.
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Peas with cheese

Ambre Meaning and Origin

Ambre Meaning and Origin

Origin of first name:

Arabs, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

From the Arabic word "ambra" which means ambergris, an odorous substance used in perfumery for its musk-like smell (unlike yellow amber which is a semi-precious stone), or ambron germain which refers to the name a Germanic people, the Ambrones. This name appeared in the second half of the 20th century.

Other linguistic sources attribute to it a German origin.


Amber Rose, rapper, supermodel and American stylist.

There is no holy Amber, but you can attach your feast to Ambrose. St. Ambrose was bishop of Milan in the fourth century.

His character :

Communicative, Amber expresses his ideas and defends them. Remarkable charm from a young age, Amber likes to seduce his entourage. Good living, she lives life to the fullest. In addition, the family and especially their parents are very important to them. Knowing that love deserves, she does her best to make her parents happy and proud.

If she turns out to be the eldest of siblings, she will strive to set an example for her siblings. Having a keen sense of observation, she will tend to analyze the behavior of those around her to act accordingly. This is a small malignant! This emotional intelligence reinforces his sociability by helping him develop harmonious relationships. Amber will also show loyalty, quality it will keep until adulthood.


Ambrose, Ambrine and Amber.

His party :

Amber is celebrated on December 7th.

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