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Grumpy Monkey by Suzanne Lang Read Aloud. Storytime. Emotions

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Infertility problems in men

The three pigs at the Excelsior Theater

The EXCELSIOR Theater opens the 2016-2017 Season with the children's show The Three Pigs After James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps, directed by Stelu Milu, Tuesday, October 11, from 7pm.

Designed as a lively and colorful show, The Three Pigs will have its official premiere in a fairytale setting, the event being accompanied by a painting by the little artists from Kindergarten 206, led by painter Maria Iosub. The distribution of the show includes Silvana Ionescu, Mihaela Coveseanu / Magda Condurache, Ciprian Cojenel, Stelian Milu and Tudor Pirvu.

Written in 1843 by James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps, the story was adapted for the small spectators of today. The action has moved from a forest to a park, where Piggy (the piglet artist), Purcy (the sport piglet) and Porky (the piglet builder) play, living their lives in complete peace and harmony with the other living things. The transformations of modern society also apply to this story.

Wolf, the negative character, has become an entrepreneur and tries by all means to get the land on which the park is located to do real estate business to enrich it. Wolf's petty interests will be discovered, he will lose his friends and be punished with prison. Law and justice, by the police officer Sticlete, will be re-established in the park of the three pigs.

Age category: 3+

Duration of the show: 1h 10 min

More details and news about Excelsior Theater shows and programs are available on our website

Tickets can be purchased from the site and from the ticket office of the EXCELSIOR Theater.

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Man Has Affair With Gay Lover During Date With Wife. What Would You Do. WWYD

Meaning of the name Sempronio. Name for boys

75 CUTE BABY BOY NAMES - Names and Meanings!

The Nut Job 3D: Go after the nuts

The Nut Job 3D: Go after the nuts

A film distributed by MediaPro Distribution, The Nut Job: Peanut after the Nut has its premiere on January 24, in theaters.

Beyond the "bushy" presentation, Surly is a sarcastic and lonely squirrel, who doesn't trust anyone and nothing. Without a doubt, each one for him. From an early age, Surly has always sought opportunities and dishonest ways to materialize her schemes. Due to his unhappy past, he has become a loner and certainly a survivor. Despite being mentally ill, Surly is showing a trace of consciousness. She is a rodent as quick as a whip and agile as an acrobat, who scandalizes the entire community, violates the rules and believes that love is for suckers ... that is until she meets Andie.

Somewhere in an imaginary town called Oakton City, the unprepared squirrel Surly and his friend, Buddy Rat, come up with a very bold plan: to plunder the largest peanut store to secure their food in winter! The promise of a feast with nuts, peanuts, peanuts, pistachios and many other goodies attracts a lot of volunteers. So the two gather a real band of animals, which more courageous or more ... fearful and trigger the attack!

For their plan to succeed, the two also need a reliable team, willing to do anything to get prey. This is how Surly's friends come into play: the narcissistic Grayson, the seductive Andie, the raccoon raccoon and the Precious puppy.

What follows is a whole adventure, very complicated and very fun!

A film distributed by MediaPro Distribution, The Nut Job: Going after the nuts has its premiere on January 24, in cinemas: Hollywood Multiplex, Movieplex, The Light Cinema, Grand Cinema Digiplex Baneasa, Cityplex (Constanta, Tulcea and Brasov), Cinema City (Cotroceni , Arad, Arad Gallery, Bacau, Baia Mare, Braila, Cluj, Cluj Polus, Iasi, Constanta, Pitesti, Sun Plaza, Timisoara, Targu-Mures, Ploiesti), Cinema Arta (Targu-Mures), Patria (Craiova), Cinema Florin Piersic (Cluj), Premiere (Ploiesti), Cinema Sergiu Nicolaescu (Targu-Jiu), Cinema Colors 3D (Craiova), Cinema Eugen Ionescu (Slatina), Cinema Capitol (Onesti), Cortina (Oradea), Cinema Glendale (Bucharest) , Cinema Twins (Ploiesti), Cine Grand (Botosani), Cinema Ostroveni (Ostroveni), Cinema Dacia (Buzau), Palace (Oradea), Calarasi Cultural Center, Cinema Grand Mall (Satu-Mare).

Daniel Buzdugan debuts in animation with The Nut Job: Pursuit after 3D peanuts

In his first collaboration in an animation project, Daniel Buzdugan gives Surly squirrel life on January 24th, on the big screens, with the premiere of the movie The Nut Job: Going after 3D peanuts, which will be distributed in theaters by MediaPro Distribution.

"It was a challenge. It is a very difficult job. Those who feel that it is easy to borrow your voice from an animated character, are misleading. In general, it is very difficult to convince a child. It is much easier to enter them. under the skin of an adult. I know this because I finished acting. I liked the project and I want to borrow my voice and other animated characters. My kids hope to be proud of their father and to like what I did next to Surly squirrel, "says Daniel Buzdugan.

What to do when children's gums bleed

Good, it's a query I have a baby boy of one year and 7 months, his mouth came out of bejigas, now he no longer has, but he does not eat anything and the gums do not stop bleeding, he has inflamed, and a terrible smell, . I rinse him but I don't see any progress. I'm worried what is happening to him. And the pain is terrible for him. What should I do. Thank you.

मसड क सजन और दरद क अत तरत. Gum pain and swelling problem solution

You and me ... we share everything

You and me ... we share everything


Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect

Tree with grapes. Christmas dessert with fruits step by step

Tree with grapes. Christmas dessert with fruits step by step

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