CPR Kids - First Aid for seizures fits in babies and children

CPR Kids - First Aid for seizures fits in babies and children

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Evolutive: Stroller Evo, Mutsy (from 6 months to 3 years)
Shit all the babies in the world!

All the moms in the world react somehow. All cultures are just fine!

The babies express themselves by crying

Baby cure is probably the only useful thing in the world that is good when you don't. The newborn is completely dependent on his environment, but he is unable to speak, so he needs a simple communication system. If all is well, it is enough if you do not make any changes, since you do not need to change anything. However, if something goes wrong, the alarm bell will turn on: it will raise your caregiver's attention and persuade them to behave in a foolish fashion. She often breastfeeded her baby and so she not only ate many times, but her mother gave birth and took care of her. Because close body contact and frequent breastfeeding is one of the most successful natural conceptions - you can do it right now if you do not rely solely on family planning. wants to feed continuously. But the sweat remained.

How much do you spend?

The number of newborns is still reflexive, but by the age of three months, they are purely expressive. Infant density varies according to a specific pattern: Western babies average 22 minutes a week for the first three weeks, rising to 34 minutes by the end of the second, then decreasing to 14 minutes a day by 12 weeks. babies are most likely to sleep between the ages of 6-8 weeks, can be observed almost anyway, even from the evolutionary point of view, a traditional lifestyle follower (permanently worn on the body, constantly breastfeeding), including Kung Sanok. Even more universal is the fact that babies cry the most in the evening: maybe this is how they put them on the breast several times, and they can refuel overnight, so much so when it comes to breastfeeding.

But why the fuck?

Among the supposed causes of bouts of hunger, hunger comes first. Many mothers start to feed exactly because they think breast milk is not enough. For some 40 years now, we have been experimenting with whether hunger is as much a central element in hell as we generally believe. Surprisingly, hungry babies were more likely to feed when they were picked up, even though the probe was fed full belly if they did not. Changing diapers was also useful when they returned the used diaper, that is, they were not crying because of the moisture, but because they lacked touch and movement. They liked the heat better and also helped the pacifier. Some babies liked wrapping up, others did not. It was concluded that it is best to put on a baby, to cum, and to feed the body. Even if we add a positive effect to body heat, we simply get the punishment that is best for the infant: carrying on the body and breastfeeding frequently. A! Kung San babies live exactly the same way as babies do, but they calm down faster, and overall, they eat a lot less. not alone. Comparison of on-demand frequency and time-weighted breastfeeding showed that infants that were frequently fed and responded promptly had the least crying. Outside, the two methods did not work: those who were often fed but did not get a quick reaction were crying as much as those who received quick answers, but less often.

In our stomach is the most common cause

Western babies consider 10-20 percent "abdominal": they are the ones who (especially in the evening) cry for a long time, relentlessly. The frantic, painful crying starts unexpectedly, and apparently nothing helps. The term "stomach" refers to internal pain but has no relation to diet: much of the gas in the body The concept of "without grief" appears on many other parts of the world. In Bali, the mother is urged to avoid grand feelings so that her milk will not be "too hot" and cause infant restlessness, malnutrition, nausea, show up for the sins of family members, or for the sake of eliminating reincarnated bad qualities. These spells work much like feeding in the west: parents calm down, do not feel powerless, and by the time they fall, the peak of the hectic period is falling.

Is that okay if I pick it up?

From experiments, we know that if monkey babies can choose the "drutanya" that always provides breastfeeding, or do not feed but soft "furry", they will stay forever. In traditional cultures, the baby is always in the body: if not on the mother's body, the baby is on the other side. If a Beng (West Africa) baby cries a lot, we advise her mother to take it on her back while she's doing her job because her baby loves to sleep there.How useful is portability to prevent stomachs? Moms asked a group to carry at least three babies besides the feeds and to record how much they are smoking. In the "carry" group, barely more than other babies carrying urine (4.4 urn per day) carried more babies than in the "normal" group, so much less was crying. but they calmed down sooner. At the same time, the one-month-old "belly button" little ones started carrying more than 2.2 hrs a day, even though they weren't used, they didn't cry less.

Prevent or bear it?

In the West, baby is a mourn, even though it has not lost its alarm function on other soils of the world, and every effort is being made to prevent it. In many cultures, it is a gold standard that the baby should be breast-fed for the first signs of awakening or restlessness before she begins to cry. For a mother in Fulani (West Africa), it is great if the baby's first cry and the time between breastfeeding allow one to say, "Breast the baby!" (Micronesia) It is important to keep your baby alert for bad spirits, which is something that should be prevented, with little comfort and breastfeeding. Bali believes that restless infants are mildly ill, and should not be distracted. The practice of the Austrian warlpirik could be almost a synopsis of what traditional cultures are doing against the weight of babies: besides the mother of the first child, there is always a more experienced helper, Of particular interest is the comparison with Korea, since the socio-economic conditions here are very similar to those of the West, babies are hardly shit, and there is no "belly". What's their life like? One-month-old Korean babies spend only two hours each day alone (that is, without anyone having any body contact with them), while Americans carry more than 16. Korean mothers are almost always responsive to baby cries, while Americans do not respond to cries almost intentionally in the first three months. And "unresponsiveness" can confuse the little ones in the short term: in an experiment, after just three minutes of indifference, normal communication was needed to infect infertile infants.


There are people who think that babies want to manipulate the fat into adults. That is, in a sense. It is biologically designed to influence the environment and to take care of it. However, this is not a conscious power struggle to show who the price is in the house, but an instinctive behavior that serves babies' farewell, good-for-parent purposes. Befolyбsolni tehбt valуban "wants" to szьlх viselkedйsйt but not цncйlъan: йs the sнrбssal "kikйnyszerнtett" continued testkontaktusra szoptatбsra йletbevбgуan szьksйge is megfelelх fejlхdйshez.Mint lбttuk the antropolуgiai megfigyelйsek йs the west, tudomбnyos vizsgбlatok egyarбnt it tбmasztjбk alб to the baby cries the least if he has a lot of body contact from the first moment, if you can breastfeed frequently, and if you respond quickly to your cues. Other cultures do not seem to care much for babies, but Westerners do a lot because they experience a whole other kind of caring practice that evolution has prepared them for.


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Orlando (United States)

  • Italian form of the name Roland, it comes from the Germanic "hrod", the glory, and "land", the country.
  • Saint Roland lived in the twelfth century. Originally from the Medici family, he became a hermit in a forest near Parma.
  • His birthday: September 15th.
  • Its derivatives: Rolando, Rolly, Rowland, Rolland.

Last week I was waiting to board a plane, when a complete stranger walked up to me, and said, "Can I ask you a personal question?"

Um, no was my first thought. I literally had no idea what she was about to ask me.


"Where'd you get your dress?"


"What lip gloss are you are wearing?"

Nothing could have prepared me for what she said next.

"Are you expecting?"

Now, just so I don't leave any shred of doubt in your mind, I can tell you unequivocally, I am not even a tad pregnant.

Not even a smidge.

So I just stood there, staring at her, completely frozen, and at a loss for what to say in response to this unsolicited verbal attack on my self-esteem.

Eventually, I shot back, "No, I'm not. And that was very rude."

Incredibly, she marched off in a huff!

It took me a few moments to collect myself, and begin thinking of the comebacks I wish I'd been quick enough to spew at her before she tore off, such as:

1. No, but thanks for calling attention to the permanent bulge underneath my belly button after having three kids!

2. Yes, I'm due next week. Don't I look great?

3. Well I don't know. Do you happen to have a vaginal probe to do an ultrasound?

4. So, this dress does make me look fat! I knew it!

5. No, but are you by chance the devil?

6. I knew we had something in common!

7. I hate you.

8. Yes, I'm pregnant with a dozen babies actually! It's a new world record.

9. Please hold on while I throw myself in front of this overloaded Smarte Cart.

10. Wait, is this an intervention? I know I said I might want to have more kids, but I swear, I'm not insane!

Meanwhile, I just want to add I would never ask another woman if she was pregnant - not even an acquaintance, let alone a total stranger - if I wasn't sure.

I still don't know why this random woman thought I was expecting. Is she psychic and she knows something I don't?


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12 Days of Cookies: Lemon Drops

I have been doing this 12 Days of Cookies series for four years. I have actually made several lemon cookies during this time, but none of them were good enough to include.

Hello Lemon Drop.

These are definitely good enough. Hubby agrees.

What makes these special is the addition of lots of crushed lemon drop candies. They help make it very lemon-y with a nice crunch texture (not a break-your-dentures crunch). These cookies are on the thinner side, which is not my usual preference, but they have a perfect crunch on the outside and moist, tender inside with lots of crackles on top for the glaze to hide in. And the glaze is not to be skipped. Fresh-squeezed lemon juice does something magic when it hops in a bowl with powdered sugar, I tell you. It's a perfect case of opposites attract.

It would be yummy to add some white chocolate chips to these (or dip half of them in white chocolate), but my hubs wasn't having any of that. Pure lemon sugary goodness was all he wanted.

And this Santa delivered...

Lemon Drop Cookies

1 cup sugar
3/4 cup unsalted butter, room temp
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp lemon extract
finely chopped zest of 1/2 lemon
2 cups flour
3/4 tsp baking soda
3/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
18 lemon drop candies, finely crushed
1 cup powdered sugar
juice of 1 lemon

Beat sugar and butter until light and fluffy. Add egg, vanilla, lemon extract and lemon zest and blend well.

In a separate bowl, combine flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt. Gradually add to wet mixture.

Add crushed lemon drops and beat just until combined. Refrigerate for two hours (up to overnight).

Preheat oven to 350. Line two cookie sheets with silpat or parchment. Don't skip this; the added candy will make these stick to the pan.

Roll into tablespoon-size balls, leaving at least two inches between. These will spread. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until just golden around the edges and set in the center. Remove from oven and cool.

Whisk together powdered sugar and lemon juice to make a glaze. Spoon about a teaspoonful onto each cookie and use the back of the spoon to spread. Let sit for an hour or so while glaze sets.

Makes 2 dozen.

Looking for more cookies? Find Lindsay's Holiday Cookie Countdown at Sugar Mama.

Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

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