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5 mistakes that my dads make

Being a parent is not easy at all and, although it is said that having babies and babies in general is carried by mothers, and fathers encounter a lot of difficulties. The modern family no longer subscribes to the patterns of the past, in which the mother was housewife, stayed at home with the little ones, and the father worked from morning till evening and was not involved in raising children.

In many families we see fathers who are on parental leave, while the mother goes to work, and fathers have become increasingly concerned about raising and educating their children, which can only be laudable and rewarding.

Here are 5 mistakes that my dads make in trying to be the best parent.

They are too serious

Some men will not even break their heads to comfort their child by speaking their language, believing that if they subvert their voice and they lose some words they lose their authority. Nothing wrong! Children respond better if they speak their language, are more receptive and feel more comfortable if they are surrounded by people who speak the same way.

As a father, you will not lose your authority if you give up the thick, adult voice for a few moments and enter the world of your little one. Will welcome you with great love, be sure!

I don't spend enough time with the little ones

Yes, going to work and having income that allows the family to have a decent life is extremely important, but it is important that after you get home from the office to spend time with your little one.

After a hard day at the office, some dads completely forget that their little ones are just waiting for them at home. It is a mistake that often excuses through stress at work and the importance of financial security for the family. Fathers should know and be aware that little ones do not notice that they have a more expensive toy than another child in the park, but notice that their father is absent and will behave accordingly.

Besides, playing with your little one can be extremely relaxing and will recharge your batteries.

Consider that mother occupies first place

When it comes to a newborn, the mother is always in the first place, but since 3 years there are no such tops. Both parents are just as important, and dads should be aware of this.

It is often the case that little ones, when faced with a problem, call only the mother, or be very restless only when the mother leaves home and when the father leaves they are almost indifferent. Even if you observe such behavior in your child, this does not mean that you, as a father, are less important to your child.

It's about the ordinary, in short, the little ones see the mother more from the beginning of their life, so it is normal to be dependent on her presence, but they want as much as their father to be around.

Give in to "crocodile tears"

Because mothers spend more time with their little ones, they learn very quickly to distinguish real tears from crocodile tears. Fathers, however, are more easily impressed from this point of view, and children feel this.

We cannot always please our child, so we set limits. Naturally, the child will want to go beyond these limits, so he will try by all means to convince you, including crying.

For example, you are in the park for a few hours and you have to go home, but the little one wants to stay. Surely at such times you will cry, stand up and try to convince you that it is "vital" to stay in the park. Do not give in to tears or other exaggerated behaviors, because the child will consider that by doing so he can get whatever he wants, and the scenario will be repeated endlessly.

I make the alliance with the little one against the mother

The child's mother is your partner, and this should be clear to the child as well. Do not ally against it when it comes to meal time, sleep time or any other such detail. Talk to your partner beforehand and set some rules and guidelines for growing your baby.

Mothers are generally adept at well-established rules, and fathers allow their children to make exceptions. If you do not agree with the rules or seem too much to discuss with the baby's mother and reach a common agreement in this regard, but do not ally with the little ones against it.

Things that fathers do better than mothers

In order not to discourage our fathers, we cannot help but notice that there are things that they do better than their mothers, which is why it is very important for the little ones to have both parents around them. They represent a whole unit and complement each other when it comes to raising children.

Dads let little ones experiment. Unlike mothers, who are worried about every scratch on their baby's skin, the father will let him live some experiences that mothers would forbid.

Mothers tend to be overly protective of their children, so dad needs to balance the balance so that the child can enjoy some experiences essential to childhood.

Inevitably, a child will fall into the park while chasing other children, but that does not mean they never have to leave the house to be safe, dads understand this better and contribute in this way to development child.

At the same time, the fathers allow the children to deal with themselves in some situations, so that the little one becomes independent. Mothers are the ones who would do everything instead of children, but the fathers are the ones who, instead of tying their little ones, will teach him to tie them and leave him alone next time when they leave home. The first attempts may frustrate the child, but in the end he will manage to do it alone.

What do you think about the behavior of the tactics? What mistakes do you think my dads make the most? Write us in the comment section below!

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The BookLand Book Caravan awaits you at the Unirii Square in Timisoara!

If you are determined to have a baby, you can help with conception with a few simple tricks, and not just being cranky to become the biggest obstacle to getting pregnant.

Are you feeling the baby coming?

1. Relationships

It seems to me self-evident, but it is not necessarily the way experience shows. It's not a bad thing to have kids intimate, trust-based relationship, with one's respect for fiuzi pair. Inquire about the thoughts, opinions, opinions of others, and choose what you say. Be careful not to jerk off each other with texts that are intended to be jokes, even when they are not present. Being both safe and well-off with each other helps you conceive.

2. Sex

Nature seeks to promote conception. This is manifested, for example, in the overwhelming power of sexual desire, but also in the women who do not have childbirth usually want sex most during the fertile period, and then your most attractive partner. Other natural odors and other biochemical tracers released by the body also play an important role. The use of various deodorants and perfumes is a barrier to its validation. It is worthwhile to have sex, if possible, during the period of your natural sexual desire application.

3. Nutrients, trace elements, vitamins

In order for the male body to produce sufficient healthy and well-circulating hormone cells, adequate vitamin and micronutrient supply should be ensured. Therefore, it is worth avoiding harmless, nutrient-poor foods and instead consuming a lot of good, fresh, raw fruits and greens - these are the most important ingredients in essentials. If this does not work out, it is advisable to consider micronutrient supplementation in the form of medicines, dietary supplements.

4. Productivity

Although we are thinking about women's prime and foremost, women's fertility is also an important aspect! The fertile period can last up to eight days in the female cycleand sperms have a long lifespan of up to seven days! It is best to have vigorous sperm in the oviducts, but only the most persistent are able to do so. Provide optimal conditions for gametes: Excessively high temperatures, stress, environmental factors, and vitamin deficiency can negatively affect fertility.

5. Health

Sounds logical, maybe that's why a lot of people just think about the very last moment: healthy, strong body, the chances of conception are better if the energy is not occupied by the fight against disease and maladaptation. That is, it is time to take seriously consistent exercise (not just for women!), Smoking cessation, a healthy diet, regular exercise or dancing (best if you are together) enough sleep. How familiar is this list, after all, very few people take it seriously! If you feel you need some help with your conversion, you can find help in the Book of Rebirth, which will help you lose weight after childbirth, but it will help you.


Tiphaine for Epiphany, of course! This is the origin of this name which comes from the Latin "theophania", manifestation of God, hence the name of the religious festival that celebrates the visit of the three wise men to the baby Jesus on January 6th. Side derivatives, think also to Tiffany, Typhaine, or Tifaine.


Tiphaine for Epiphany, of course! This is the origin of this name which comes from the Latin "theophania", manifestation of God, hence the name of the religious festival that celebrates the visit of the three wise men to the baby Jesus on January 6th. Side derivatives, think also to Tiffany, Typhaine, or Tifaine.

Endometriosis is a problem every fifth woman. How to recognize her? And how can you treat? Endometriosis is a serious disease, which in Poland is often not properly diagnosed or even underestimated. The memories of the patients regarding the first symptoms are similar. Visits to many offices, complaining about pain and medical opinions that everything is fine. Only after years, at the most advanced stage, the disease gives such unequivocal symptoms that operations, sometimes multiple, become necessary. It also happens that the disease develops quietly, gives no symptoms and is diagnosed by chance during another surgery. It is often a huge surprise and explains the problems with getting pregnant ...

Why is it not said? Endometriosis is a common problem

Endometriosis applies every fifth woman between 20 and 40 years old. The scale of the problem is therefore huge. Still, however awareness of its occurrence is low. Women who get sick complain that not much is said about the disease and its symptoms, which is ignored all too often. You can read a lot about the risks of hypothyroidism, but changes in the endometrium are talked far too rarely.

Meanwhile, each of us should be aware of how endometriosis manifests itself.

How is endometriosis manifested?

Basic symptoms (only one or more of the following symptoms may occur during illness):

  • heavy and painful periods
  • prolonged periods
  • frequent stomach pain
  • pain in the sacral region,
  • pain during intercourse
  • pain during ovulation,
  • spotting between periods,
  • increased abdominal circumference, especially during menstruation and ovulation,
  • problems getting pregnant
  • blood in the stool - rarely.
  • spitting blood during infection - rarely.

Unfortunately, many women have non-specific symptoms, and sometimes endometriosis has no symptoms. That is why diagnosing the disease can be extremely difficult.

What is the disease and how to recognize it?

The endometrium is the endometrium, which is sensitive to the effects of female hormones. Endometriosis occurs when the mucosa is located outside the womb, also in neighboring organs, which is the cause of many serious problems.

It is necessary to recognize endometriosis ultrasound examination. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect method, so it is necessary to download during laparoscopy of histopathological sections for examination.

How is endometriosis treated?

Unfortunately endometriosis cannot be cured.

This is very bad news for women seeking a child. Endometriosis can effectively hinder pregnancy. Often leads to ovarian obstruction and enforces the use of more advanced methods of infertility treatment.

Endometriosis is often accompanied by chocolate cysts, which can burst, threatening the life of a woman, therefore it is necessary to remove them. Unfortunately, the changes like to convert, hence a woman suffering from endometriosis often has to undergo several operations in her life.

He writes about what the fight against endometriosis really looks like Georgie Wileman, showing a photo of her body after five operations to remove foci of endometriosis.


The problem with endometriosis ends menopause.

Lior Meaning - Origin and Names

African Safari 3 D at the cinema

From the Namibian desert to the summit of Kilimanjaro, African Safari 3D offers an incredible crossing in Africa. For the first time in 3D! Some wonderful sequences on the wild life. But alas, many lengths too ... A book for your movie buffs from 8 years and are sensitive to ecology.

What we think

  • Starting point : the desert of Namibia. You will go up Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. Two experts from the fauna and flora of Africa are embarking us - aboard a jeep, a pirogue, or a hot-air balloon - for a Safari on 6 000 kilometers. It could be fantastic. Unfortunately, this film is not totally successful, at least for children. The technical problems, the expectations without seeing the shadow of a hair of animal ... too many lengths lead the pleasure.
  • For little devotees, from the age of 8, this film can still be rich in lessons. With 3D, one has the impression to be in situation: to observe the animals requires patience and softness, to cross Africa requires prudence and knowledge. Of course the key message is important: the population is growing at a high speed, the planet is warming up, we must act. But we, with children, we are also in the cinema! We would have liked more immersion in the middle of animals, even more zoom on animals. Pity !

What your child will love

  • Cross Africa by jeep, hot air balloon, in pirogue, it will make your little adventurer dream! There are beautiful wild landscapes: the Kalahari Desert, Okavango, Victoria Falls, Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • Wait with Kevin and Mara to observe the black rhinoceros, a threatened species very very rare.
  • Observe the elephants very closely, when they get close to Kevin and Mara then in the car. Mara explains that this elephant "little wild" has probably already had to deal with humans who have necessarily given him food! The sequence in 3 D is superb, a little girl in the room tried to caress him the trunk!
  • Shiver when Kevin and Mara find themselves stuck in their tent as lions approach ... what to do? Fortunately Kevin is not cold-blooded and being a famous lions specialist, it helps ...

What you will love too ...

  • Learn that elephants Finally, there are almost too many in Botswana, which has been protecting them since the 1960s (40,000 in the 1980s, 130,000 today).

By Ben Stassen, 1:26, Studio Canal

Agnes Barboux


My Child is relaunching Ioana

There are stages in a child's development when they want their mother to be alone with them. They are so attached to her that they want to be continuously by her side, in her arms, enjoying her pampering and without sharing them.

For the little ones, the mother is their whole world and they need her for everything. Before becoming more independent, when they still do not have the necessary capacities and abilities to move around the environment, they need their attachment figure and see it as their "property", so much so that they often fight over their mother's property at the voice of ... "Mommy is mine."

“Monopolizing” his mother is a behavior that almost all children go through at different evolutionary stages and it usually occurs because the little one feels insecurities before the world that is presented to him. They need security and only their mother can provide it. The different stages in which this type of behavior can appear will be:

- Before the year. It usually occurs before the child is one year old. More specifically about 9 months.

- Between 1 year and 2 years. Can occur That the most critical moment of this type of behavior appears at this moment.

- Between 4 or 5 years. Children can go through the phase known as "the Oedipus complex" in which children go through a kind of infatuation with the mother and just want to be with them without letting anyone get close.

Not wanting to share the mother's love with her siblings or other relatives is very normal. Thanks to the contact that exists between the mother and the child when he is still very young, he makes the foundations of his emotional development settle. In addition, this contact with the mother guarantees her survival, safety and high self-esteem that will be essential in the future.

It is not possible to determine how long this phase can last in which the child believes that the mother is his exclusive “property”. The duration of this stage can remain in a simple temporary crisis or that prevails throughout childhood.

Its duration will depend a lot on the personality of the child, the relationship he has with his parents and how they act in this situation. Parental intervention is crucial so that this type of behavior is not a difficult situation to deal with. For example, if jealousy and fights appear between siblings due to this behavior, it should be avoided that it lasts over time.

It will not be easy to manage this behavior, nor the changes in the way of being of the children that it causes, nor the suffering that these changes cause, so parents should try, first, not to be anxious. What's more:

- Parents should consider that this stage it is something temporary and normal in its development.

- Have patience. The child who behaves in this way is due to insecurities and because they still feel dependence on the mother. It is a behavior that will cease over time.

- Understand the child. Family members and the environment must accept the child's feelings and respect him in his fair measure.

- Take the little one seriously. Many adults find this behavior funny and even make fun of it. It is a serious subject although it is fun and the environment has to be aware of it.

- Give everyone time. The mother must be aware that in order to avoid jealous fights between siblings, she must try to spend the same time with all the children.

- Share activities. It will be positive that progressively the child and the mother can share activities with other members of the family.

You can read more articles similar to Mommy is mine! The children's fight over the mother's 'property', in the category of Conduct on site.

Boy delivers baby brother, saves mothers life

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