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Insomnia during pregnancy

Insomnia during pregnancy

Insomnia during pregnancy,
is one of the most important problems experienced by mothers. Hormonal
changes, post-op pressure and birth concerns
causes changes in the sleep patterns of the expectant mother. Hormonal changes
Due to insomnia, most are seen in the first 3 months. In recent months, stress, anxiety
and emotional changes cause insomnia.

Sleep is the most basic of man
is one of your needs. The human is recharging his body with sleep. our health
secretion of substances required for the storage of energy, brain and
quality sleep is essential for the body to rest.

Sleep disorder with most
over-pregnancy and during the postpartum period. the insomnia
common complaints of expectant mothers in the most common periods; inability to fall asleep,
often waking up and intermittent sleep. The reason for this situation
maximizing the change in the body, baby movements, body
cramps are caused by nerve and edema pain. These factors are parents at night.
candidate 's sleep is often divided. Besides that growing
pressure on the baby's bladder causes the mother to go to the toilet frequently during the night
It happens. Another situation is dizziness. Lying on your back to the heart
It causes dizziness because it affects the outgoing blood negatively. This
therefore, the experts advise pregnant women to sleep on the left.

Birth of mothers
birth time, weight gain, physical change
anxiety about sexual life
It is one of the effects of insomnia during the last period of pregnancy.

Pretty during pregnancy
expectant mothers are more sensitive when quality sleep
becomes. As a result, the period of pregnancy in a pessimistic way
Spend. With some precautions to be taken to prevent sleep problems during pregnancy
can solve and sleep better quality sleep.

Warm at night before bedtime
take a shower or 1 glass of milk
In the evening it is difficult to digest, eating heavy and fatty foods.
you should avoid. Because this kind of food causes bloating in your stomach.
will increase your unrest. Caffeine-containing drinks such as tea and coffee
you should stay away. In addition, short walks before bedtime
it will make it easier for you to sleep, as it will help you digest what you eat and get more oxygen.

Beware of the common bronsibtie in infants!

Beware of the common bronsibtie in infants!

Bronchitis seen in winter due to cold, manifests itself as “bronchiolitis da in children. Department of Child Health and Diseases, Büyük Anadolu Medical Center Fikret Nakipoglu, Medi Bronchiolitis may develop heart failure and pneumonia if not treated early. This will cause a negative effect on the brain as a result of the transfer. ”

: What is bronchiolitis?
Dr. Fikret Nakipoglu: Bronchiolitis is an inflammatory condition that can cause obstruction in the small airways of the lungs. It is usually seen in children older than 1 month and younger than 2 years and most commonly in 6 months old babies. Acute bronchitis is an inflammatory condition of the large airways in the lung. In slightly older children, the flu develops following an upper respiratory tract infection.

: What are the symptoms?
Dr. Fikret Nakipoglu: Bronchiolitis may have a family history of influenza infection. Symptoms of mild upper respiratory tract infection (sneezing, runny nose, cough), fever around 38 degrees, loss of appetite, symptoms of difficulty in breathing (intermittent audible cough, difficulty breathing), feeding difficulties can be seen. Acute bronchitis, on the other hand, starts with a cough that can be dry, short-term, sputum-free and progressive, sometimes seizures, 3-4 times after a cold. There may be chest pain and a fever not exceeding 38 degrees.

: What is the course of the disease?
Dr. Fikret Nakipoglu: In mild cases, the symptoms regress in one to three days. Severe cases, especially children under 6 months can progress to one to two hours and become more severe. Air hunger, bruising, nasal wing breathing, abnormal movements in the bones of the chest may occur. Fire does not exceed 38 degrees. If the fever exceeds 38 degrees, it is necessary to pay attention to pneumonia. Initially clear sputum may take the appearance of inflammation, within five to ten days cough begins to decrease, phlegm disappears.

: In which months is the most common?
Dr. Fikret Nakipoglu: Bronchiolitis occurs in the form of outbreaks, sometimes in the winter and early spring. 90% of patients have a family history of influenza infection. In addition, cold, humidity, sudden temperature changes and especially foggy, polluted air, household dust, flower dust and various pollen are among the preparatory factors.

: In which months is the most common?
Dr. Fikret Nakipoglu: Children under 2 months; bruising, respiratory arrest findings, respiratory rate is more than 60 per minute, blood oxygen levels fall, carbon dioxide values ​​should be hospitalized in case of increase. The aim is to provide oxygenation with moist oxygen treatment, softening sputum and cough with a nebula to facilitate the excretion of bronchodilator drugs, expectorant drugs and fluid therapy if fluid loss has occurred. Antibiotics are not normally required. However, antibiotics can be used if there are inflammatory areas in the lung film and fever is elevated and inflammatory cells in the blood are increased. In severe cases, steroids can be used because of the effect of reducing edema in the bronchi.

: What to do if the disease recurs frequently?
Dr. Fikret Nakipoglu: Recurrent bronchiolitis; hidden asthma, tuberculosis, cystifibrosis, heart failure, foreign body swallowing, whooping cough and immune deficiency diseases should be differentiated and the underlying cause should be treated. Especially if children with recurrent bronchiolitis are diagnosed with asthma, spray medications may be required depending on the level of asthma.

: What are your recommendations to families?
Dr. Fikret Nakipoglu: Smoking should be prevented in the family. The most common cause of the disease is familial influenza. Therefore, all family members should be protected from the flu, and if necessary, the child should be treated with a mask. After the onset of the disease, children should be given plenty of fluids and frequent lung massage should be done at regular intervals. Dirty, dusty city air should be avoided, should not go to places higher than a thousand meters.

Medical tests and analyzes in pregnancy

Throughout the different trimesters of pregnancy, the gynecologist will recommend you perform various medical tests, mainly blood and urine tests to assess the mother's condition and rule out possible complications during pregnancy. You will also have a cytology at the beginning of pregnancy and an exudate at the end of it.

The gynecologist will order an analysis for each trimester of pregnancy. They will obtain a blood sample from the pregnant woman and this analytical test will result in ablood count needed to see if platelets are at the proper levels or if there may be anemia. These are the main medical tests and analyzes in pregnancy.

It is also important during the first trimester of pregnancy to detect the blood group and know if it is positive or negative. In case of having a negative Rh, a special follow-up will be necessary.

The blood test in early pregnancy also determines if the woman is immune to toxoplasmosis. If not, it is recommended not having contact with cats, not eating raw or undercooked food and carry out correct hygiene with the handling and intake of food. In this analysis, the possible presence of Hepatitis, HIV or syphilis will also appear.

In the second trimester of pregnancy, the O'Sullivan Test or glucose test is performed. Pregnant women also know it as the sugar test or the curve. It consists of carrying out a blood test on the woman and later in the oral administration of a very sweet syrup with a quantity of glucose. At the time of taking it, another blood test is performed and how the body has responded to this sugar intake is checked. This analysis could result in gestational diabetes, a very common disease in some moms that requires a more exhaustive follow-up by the gynecologist.

A urinalysis or urine culture will be performed each trimester of pregnancy. The morning urine should be taken with the mother on an empty stomach. Analytics is about study the urine of the pregnant woman for a few days and check whether or not bacteria grow in it. It is about checking if there are bacteria or the amount of proteins present.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, the pregnant woman will be taken a sample of cells from the cervix, a fundamental test to determine if there is cervical cancer or if there are cells that indicate that this disease could develop. To perform it, the midwife or gynecologist will insert a speculum to look at the cervix and then take a sample with a small brush or swab. The test is not painful but it is annoying. After the cytology there may be slight bleeding.

In the last trimester of pregnancy, around week 36 or 37 of pregnancy, the doctor will perform a vaginal-rectal exudate, to take samples from the vagina and rectum with a small swab. This is intended to rule out the presence of group B streptococcus, a bacteria that is not harmful to the pregnant woman but is harmful to the baby, who could be infected when passing through the birth canal. In case of being a carrier of streptococcus to the woman you will be given antibiotics through a vein during labor to prevent infection to the baby.

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We present this traditional tale in English for your children to learn by playing. A story about an enchanted town narrated in English so that you can teach this language to your children.

A fun story in English that you can read to your children so that they learn English while having fun. Traditional stories are ideal for teaching English to children in a simple and instructive way.

The night was rainy; a big storm was falling on the sea. The waves were enormous and the fog was thick. The ships rocked one side to the other as marionettes.

Suddenly, an awful creaking was heard in the darkness. A big cloud of smoke was seen in the distance and an intense odor could be noticed in the air. Everybody was wondering what had happened.

A ship had ran aground near the shore and had split part of the petrol it carried. TObig black stain spreaded on the water, as a big black cloack which had the sea gone into mourning. The smell of petrol was each time stronger and mixed with the freshness of the breeze each sunset near the beach. Charles and Anne used to go watching the stars. When they felt that freedom that only those who have not betrayed their ideals feel. They were the children of a fisher and lived in a humble white house very near from the cliff.

The fishers had recently had problems to fish, fishing was not very good. Now, it would be worse, there would not be anything in many time. Fishers will not be seen carrying fish to the harbor. They could not be said goodbye as it was usual. Now they will have to go far, to be able to live.

The village became a village without people. TOghostly village. Just a few women and children remained there. Men and young people went to look for a job and came back once in a while to see their families. At nightfall, a few lights, brought the village back to existence.

But from the cliff the view was not the same, it seemed that even the breeze had changed of place. The air smell of petrol and the sea’s calm had turned to a terrible anguished seeing how all the sea life was being destroyed. Dead fishes floated and all was devastating. The few people who remained, started to rebuild and clean all that had been damaged.

Some years passed until the village returned to normal. Some of who had left returned and the boats returned to the harbor. Hope was born again with the fear that the story would repeat.

If you liked it, here are many more stories in English for children.

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We eat fifty percent more than 20 years ago

When we pack our guts thoroughly, we may not be hungry at all: we are simply lacking in ordinary power. Because today's man eats significantly more than our grandparents ate in their own time.

We eat too much

For up to 20 years, you can ingest doses 50 times higher each day.
Not only are our portions higher, but we are also losing more and more frozen, ready-to-eat foods, which is not a great benefit to our body mass index. The higher the dose, the more the stomach becomes swollen, so we start to gain weight slowly. A dietitian at, Dr. Sally Norton encourages everyone to eat smaller portions.According to research, American children consume more calories and fat on the days they eat pizza, and 20 percent of them can eat pizza on any given day. It's not just pizza, Dr. Norton says, but with the beloved Nassy. The offending is also Urian, as there are plenty of fast-starters where we can get something at any time.
According to Exeter University research, it is a serious problem that man is evolutionarily lacking in control over the future, since my diet has been more of a problem than too many diets.
One of the first steps to making the change is to use smaller packages, and not wrap it up with all the good of the earth. Being aware that a smaller portion will cover our needs, we have just become accustomed to eating more than we really need.
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4 questions about Moro reflex

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