Meaning of the name Gundelberto. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Gundelberto. Name for boys

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Smell for the child

I don't know who will buy it, but I'm afraid there will be plenty of those willing. Well-known children's producer Johnson Baby decided to launch a (first American) cosmetic that will improve the smell of ... children. Its use gives the toddler's skin a floral and citrus scent. From the description we can learn that Johnson Baby Cologne is alcohol-free, has clinically proven effects, a delicate and non-irritating formula ...

Forgive me, but this article will break the idea that accompanies us when publishing articles in two sections on the site: parental hits and parental kits. Instead of spending about PLN 15 on Johnson Baby cosmetics, I decided at the outset not to test this product. I say NO to the idea itself. If you have a different opinion, lead me out of my mistake.

Perfumes for adults?

I am convinced that all varieties of perfumes should be left to adults. Let them decide whether to use them or not. And often instinctively, when a child is tiny, they give up on them. It must mean something! They often find that it is better to use fragrant cosmetics with great caution and care, so as not to irritate the baby's delicate nose, which could result in his worse mood. I have heard many times that the birth of a child taught parents to use cosmetics in moderation, especially those moms and daddies who used to "pour" large quantities of fragrant fluids on themselves.

There is also another problem. Any smells are not indicated when the baby is breastfeeding. In this case, a strong smell can effectively discourage your toddler from sucking. I myself remember very well that during breastfeeding I used some kind of intuitive fragrance-free cosmetics. Perfumes were on the shelf. I returned to them after putting my daughter away.

Improve your child's smell

And the child? Of course, when the diaper is full, there is a bad smell. It becomes unpleasant as the child's diet expands. But so what? After all, the unpleasant smell does not apply to an infant, but poop ... Just scroll. Why even apply additional scents to your child's body? What does the child smell like? Every parent knows. Just hug your baby after a bath to feel the most beautiful fragrance in the world ...

Let's add a few tips from the manufacturer:

  • the product can be used after consulting a doctor if the child has allergies and asthma,
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • protect from direct sunlight.

For doing justice. Not only Johnson's Baby came up with the "brilliant" idea of ​​creating children's fragrances. Similar proposals can also be found in the offer of other manufacturers. Many of them are recommended for ... newborns. For example, Burberry Baby Touch Eau de Toilette is a composition of: warm milk, sweet vanilla, mint, lily of the valley and lemon. Whereas Bulgari - Petits et Mamans takes us into the world of scents: sunflower, peach, vanilla and chamomile. And all this for children ... actually the parents of these children.

Travel during pregnancy

Pregnant on the trip!

During travel, pregnancy must comply with some essential rules and safety measures. It depends a lot on the means of transport that the trip is made if pregnant or not allowed. Some of them are only allowed up to a certain stage of the pregnancy. Find out what you need to know if you are pregnant and have planned a trip - by sea, by land or by plane! Discover how to combat the most common problems that can occur!

Is it safe to travel throughout the entire task?

This is definitely what your doctor will tell you best. But in general, if there are no major complications or worries about pregnancy, there are no travel restrictions during this period.

But the best and safest time for travelers is considered to be the 2nd trimester. By this time you are already overcoming most of the symptoms and signs of pregnancy, the body adapts to the new conditions, and you regain your physical and mental tone. This ensures only a good travel condition.

Travel by car, bus or train

  • always wear a seat belt when you get in the car;

  • make sure the airbags are activated;

  • buses are usually narrow in color and small toilets; this mode of transport can be quite uncomfortable; the safest way to travel by bus is to sit on the seat as long as it is moving and wait for the stops; if you are forced to go to the bathroom or move while walking, then take good seats; the same measure is also valid when traveling by train;

  • try to take breaks as often as you go by car, it is not advisable to stay in the same position for a long time; you have to get your blood moving in a few moves.

Travel by plane during pregnancy

Getting pregnant by plane can be dangerous. There are several medical conditions that completely prohibit flight by plane during pregnancy:

  • severe dishonesty;

  • pregnancy-induced hypertension;

  • Diabetes;

  • twin pregnancy;

  • risk of preterm birth;

  • placenta previa or other placental conditions, etc.

Here's what you need to know about airplane travel during pregnancy:

  • most airlines allow pregnant women to travel by plane even in the 8th month of pregnancy; for those who are in the last month, a medical advice or written permission of the doctor is required; it is usually advisable to travel by plane if you are near the date of birth;

  • and the airplanes have narrow color and small toilets, so it is advisable to take good seats when you move so as not to lose your balance, especially if the plane goes through turbulent areas;

  • it is advisable to specify that you want a seat at the edge, because you will probably need to get up more often than other people, both to go to the toilet and to put your movement in motion by taking a few steps or stretching - your little feet;

  • dress comfortably, in loose-fitting clothes and get dressed in sports shoes; Avoid standing foot during flight;

Pregnancy trip by sea

Are you getting ready for the cruise and are you pregnant? This means of transport is not forbidden to pregnant women, but there are several precautions and rules that could make you think better.

  • movements during walking can worsen morning sickness;

  • make sure before you leave that there is a doctor on board the ship ready to give you medical care in case of need;

  • talk to your doctor before you go about remedies against nausea caused by safe shipping;

  • avoid water sports, even if they are tempting and you are at the beginning of the pregnancy (water skiing or scuba diving)

How do you deal with the health problems that arise during the trip?

Bloating and heartburn
When you are on the road, it is difficult to maintain a healthy diet and a fixed eating schedule. Chances of eating more and on the run are high, resorting to fast food or food that you're not used to, and time zone changes will also change your meal schedule.
If you travel by plane to another country, you will find yourself eating lunch, when in fact, at home you have dinner. Thus, your travels can intensify your bloating and heartburn, already common during pregnancy.
If you have had problems with your tummy, during pregnancy, they may also appear during the trip, but you can follow some steps to prevent them being so severe, such as:

  • Only pack light, comfortable clothes (nothing that could squeeze your waist or stomach)
  • Instead of eating three large meals, try to have several small meals throughout the day. Eat slowly and chew food well.
  • Don't eat dinner too close to bed. Between dinner and bedtime there should be 2-3 hours, during which time the food can be digested. Try to sleep with the trunk raised on several pillows.
  • Limit the amount of fluid ingested during meals and drink afterwards.
  • Avoid eating and drinking that can cause gastrointestinal problems, such as carbonated drinks, alcohol (which you should avoid during pregnancy anyway), caffeine, chocolate, citrus, tomatoes, mustard, vinegar, mentholated and fasted products, potatoes fried foods or foods high in fat.
  • Do not smoke! (again, this is a habit you should give up before pregnancy)
    If you have problems before you travel, this will make your situation worse. Changing the diet, the impossibility of having a toilet when you need it, the amount of fluids reduced, all these can have a negative impact on the stomach.
    To avoid this problem or at least alleviate it, there should be cereals, fresh or dried fruits and vegetables in your diet. Also, drink plenty of fluids, at least 6-8 glasses of water a day, especially the plum juice will help you, and exercise, taking advantage of a fitness center or a pool once you reach your destination.
    Ask your doctor about the amount of iron you had before pregnancy. High doses (greater than 30 mg) can cause constipation or even worse. As long as you are not anemic, ask your doctor for advice to supplement your iron if it is still low.
    It is normal that when you are pregnant, you will be tired, as long as your body supports two people. The trips will aggravate the tiredness by changing the table, changing the time zone or by interrupting the normal schedule.
    Although, at the beginning of the pregnancy you can still benefit from the trips, in time, you will have to slow down, keeping your daily schedule as easy as possible and giving up the idea of ​​seeing everything. Simplify the program as much as possible, thinking about quality and not quantity.
    To avoid fatigue, the best advice is to sleep in the afternoon. Set yourself once you reach your destination, the sleep program, even if you are not so tired, make yourself comfortable and lie down on the bed to relax.
    To have a better sleep, at night, try to sleep as close to the time as you did at home, unless you have changed several time zones. In this case, adjust your sleep time according to the time zone and try to spend as much time out in the air and light as you can to get used to the new change. Also to sleep as quietly as possible, you could try to do a little movement, such as exercises, but not too close to sleep or a hot bath could have the same result.
    To avoid getting up from sleep to go to the toilet, try to consume as little liquid as you can two hours before bed, but you can make an exception for a glass of water or warm milk. Try to have an easy dinner, low in fat so you don't have burns or indigestion. The most comfortable position for a pregnant woman is to sleep on one side, with a pillow between her knees.
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    Mыhiba! Is it worth suing?

    Mыhiba! Is it worth suing?

    Not everything went as planned. Is it worth having a lawsuit if the child was injured during the birth?

    Mыhiba! Is it worth suing?

    Most babies, parents, do not even turn their heads to litigate. Either because everything was found to be okay about parenting or health care or because the family didn't think that far, but the likely costs, the long litigation did not deter them, or because they did. At the same time, it seems that the number of damages cases (nobody keeps statistics about them), and the total number of damages suffered, which is all important. she was expecting her first baby, she was a dick. Your doctor assured her that she would be fine, her hips were wide, her baby was not big, and she would give birth smoothly. It never turned out that way. In the postpartum period, just when the umbilical cord was pinched between the pelvic bone and the baby's last born, the fatigue seemed to stop for a few minutes. Suddenly there were many in the living room, feeling the tension in the depressed stomach. Then, at one point, the baby was born with a very high birth weight, contrary to preliminary estimates.
    He didn't cry, didn't give any signs. It was only after a long wake that a faint, hoarse, low-pitched voice was heard. At that time, the early birthers were there, they took the little boy to the intensive care unit. Although his condition was much improved, he never became a healthy person. Special developers, special kindergarten and then school. The overseer, the wheelchair, had never learned to speak, only with his eyes, but according to J., his twenty-two-year-old son had done it all. Daddy is not with us, their marriages are gone after two years. J.'s life basically runs only for the baby, under exceptional care.
    "No, I never thought of a bugger," he replies. "I know my doctor wanted you, you can't make sure my body didn't work the way it was supposed to… and at that time it wasn't fashionable to litigate."
    In the midst of a feud with the now-actuated Z, she suddenly dropped her voice and the baby decided to undergo anesthesia with anesthesia, as there was no chance of her having a baby. The boy's first Apgar rating was 5 and then ten minutes later he was 9. Then it seemed that everything was fine.
    But as the years went by, Z became more and more problematic. He had learned new things, had difficulty in adapting, and was often very aggressive with the ovists. Educational Adviser, Psychologist, Developmental Pedagogist, Neurologist - Everybody was keen on parents. The conclusion was that Z. had an acute shortage of oxygen due to a lack of oxygen during childbirth, resulting in a low thyroid gland. After going to therapy, development (more than one at a time), they hope that by the time a child goes to school, their condition will improve. The parents launched a mhibhibap against the parent.

    Buttery: What did we want?

    During my recent career as a trainee, I have interviewed many times about dressing in the most diverse way possible. He has fifteen years to do that dr. Peter of Krasnaya I spoke about the slow but steady rise in the rate of cesarean delivery, with the birth of a new surgical technique that has become widespread in Hungary. Listed some good reasons, but he added, quoting an American birth: no one was sued because he had a cesarean section. You do it very often because you didn't or didn't do it on time. Now anyone in Hungary could say that.
    Seven years ago, the national birdwatch was not much higher than ten percent. They only resorted to this solution in case of need. For rarely born babies, for example, it is rarely the case, when it could be counted on to further complications and difficulties. Today, there are many more nuts in the country where every second is born with a cup, and the national ratio is 33 percent. If someone says "without medical indication", you will get it, even if they don't beat it.
    If the doctor wants to poke it, you may find it easy. For example, Faros gives birth to today's medical profession by chance, so they can't really practice how to help effectively. Nowadays, first cupping is routinely done by cesarean section, but more often, cubs are much more likely than natural births. In fact, the tests have shown numerically what it has always known, that for a fetal fetus, it is more risky to have a baby than a baby in the cephalopod, and the first to be born.
    It depends on many factors, how big is the risk, but who is willing to take it? Many parents are slowly extending this approach to natural birth: incalculable, protracted, unexpected complications can always occur, and you want your career to be honored, diminished,

    The doctor is in a difficult position

    dr. Martini Yen

    But does cesarean delivery guarantee that your baby will be healthy? It would simply be so much that time was wasted on giving birth, but rather a more manageable, more predictable, safer method of helping our children through the world, and that is nothing more than a delight? -Will have full access to the parents' site by approaching the request.
    The request dr. Martini Yen We have been acting as a lawyer, giving birth to a woman who has been dealing with the defendant, physician and hospital representative for more than seven years, and disputes in litigation (litigation).
    - In the 1990s, it was common that there were many lawsuits between one of the far-flung hospitals and one against the other. This was primarily traced back to social and non-professional reasons, which allowed me to assume the role of an "upstart", who essentially spoke to parents about the lawsuit. This became what was called "pruba luck lawsuits".
    In 2005, I compared the American situation to that of my home country, and there were differences between the two, and I thought the situation became critical in Hungary, and it is still true today. Today, the doctor is in a more difficult position than he is, because in addition to the professional aspects, the legal aspects of medical practice are becoming increasingly important in the practice of the doctor. The physician acts lawfully if he or she adheres to the Health Law, and acts according to professional protocol, generally accepted literature, and law. Previously, the outcome of this trial was material to the outcome of the trial.
    Nowadays, there is a much more important role for the free judgment of the skin as to what the doctor is asking for, including, among other things, the possibility of repairing the injury. Most rules in medicine allow, and even expect, balancing. That is why two professionals can form a different opinion on the same professional request.
    There is a tremendous role for miscarriages in such a drastic increase in the rate of cesarean section. The professional basis is still based on the view that all fetal conditions that are unavoidable with the use of diagnostic methods available in the area should be treated in a timely manner. Consideration should also be given to the risk of maternal and fetal risks. Fortunately, serious maternal cancer events occur less frequently today, meaning that the incidence of possible risks of intervention is reduced.
    However, it is true that there are many times more cesarean section today than in her last year, the number of children with cerebral palsy does not show significant improvement in statistics. Because we know that brain deficiency due to oxygen deficiency can occur right before birth. In addition, there is no test that can indicate the fetal oxygen deficiency with a hundred percent reliability, for which we can only deduce from the results of several different methods today! That is why I think it is right to have a relaxed or restless fetal state in terminology.
    A significant proportion of birth litigation is due to failure to perform a cesarean section, or failure to perform, inappropriate evaluation, or loss of the results, said to have a cerebral palsy or an earlier loss.


    Some say it is good, it is not good at other, but it is inevitable, it is another disgusted and anti-female.
    - Yeah, it's getting more and more cervical! he says dr. Simon Tambs Lawyer, head of Law Office No. 384. - I have been involved in several lawsuits filed by the plaintiff, which have been initiated because they have not completed a cervical incision, but have only been completed in the last two years.
    - Babies can't give birth or feel good about what's right for them. The cup is not dangerous for them. These events can put the mother at risk. But even being distracted by an infection is not the same as what an oxygen-deficient child means: he does not speak, he does not speak to any newer child;
    Unfortunately, I see the bad side of the birth, a symptom that could have been avoided with the previous cesarean section. Every one of my kids was just as born, and it's really cool: they are healthy.
    Founded in Hungary by Office 384, recently deceased dr. Бdбm Gyцrgy began to deal with the first bugs in the late eighties during the transition period. Here is where most of the litigation experience is gathered, but today there are eight to ten offices specializing in this area.
    - The most litigation is due to births, where the most denounced are born, and the highest rates in this area. Also, the practices that define the practice of the skin are most often caused by births - summarizes dr. Simon Tamбs the experience.
    Of course, in all of these cases, the main question is what should have been done to avoid the tragedy. At the very least, mothers are particularly keen to do so.
    - Must behave like a consumer! - suggests dr. Simon Tambs. - Pregnancy is not a disease, so the mother should not be sick. First of all, inquire, please, feel free to inquire about myrtle wherever possible. Do not bear to have your chosen doctor take only twenty minutes at each appointment, but expect to deal with the problem until it is solved.
    Nowadays the elected doctor has only rights and is awarded a trust, he has no professional responsibility, and the institutions are responsible for their activities. In the future, if the nursing profession retains the ability to choose a doctor, there will also be a sense of responsibility on the part of the chosen doctors.

    If you feel sorry for me

    Dr. Simon Tamabs listed to the readers of Pregnant Woman what procedures are currently available and what the consequences might be. Any of the above procedures can be initiated in parallel due to the professional negligence of the medical practitioner or health care professional.
    1. Ethics in the professional chamber
    Whoever initiates it does not benefit from it. It is not complicated, it does not cost money: you simply have to file a complaint and submit it to the appropriate chamber where it will be investigated by a panel. This may result in warning, money, suspension of the chamber tag, or, in severe cases, disqualification. The latter practically means that the person cannot work as a doctor. If you have a death or injury, it's not ethical to think.
    2. If you have been mistaken by a doctor
    You can register at your workplace. If your doctor has a staff member, you can initiate, dismiss, or disqualify him from disciplinary action. It can be successful if the complainant's application and the job application are the same.
    3. Administrative Procedure
    A hospital, bt., Ltd., Licensed to operate, can be sued by the Nursing Administration for up to one year after the event. They should instruct the Chief Medical Officer to clarify whether any omission has occurred. If they do, they will initiate an effective procedure, which may result in a warning and thirty thousand to five million forints. However, this is at most a moral satisfaction for the complainant, who does not even have the opportunity to view the opinion of the specialist supervisor in writing.
    4. Criminal Procedure
    The victim may file a complaint against the doctor, which is followed by a lengthy, detailed investigation of the crime, the victim may be present during the procedure, but may not influence the course of the trial. Sanctioning a pecuniary sanction, suspended custodial sentence, enforceable custodial sentence, or temporary disqualification from practicing the profession. An essential element is a MUST and a SURE: Has the doctor done everything he or she MUST have done in the given situation, and if he or she did, the problem could have been avoided.
    5. Citizen Card Review Per
    This is the most effective solution: make mistakes, get in trouble, pay - so you can book your essence. Accordingly, there are two things to say: whether the doctor made a mistake and, if so, how much damage he caused and how much damage he suffered.
    The plaintiff and his lawyer direct the procedure, which can take up to six to eight years, and the aim is not the doctor, but the hospital, the patient, who is in the legal relationship. Its essence can be summed up: did the doctor do everything he could in the given situation, and if he did, the chances of avoiding the trouble would have been greater.
    The damage is covered by the health insurance company in the amount of five million, and above all, the taxpayers are paid up to the same amount. Most of this is due to the failure of cesarean section or the failure to recognize the developmental disorder, diagnostic error.
    Not to be neglected is the fact that the legal costs and the success rate in this case can be up to 15-30 percent. However, lawyers generally do not ask for work in advance and, moreover, they can cover the costs involved in the procedure.
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    18 Weeks Pregnant. What To Expect

    Best lightweight strollers of 2020

    Best lightweight strollers of 2020

    Whether you need a lightweight stroller for quick trips around town or while on vacation, it's a great thing to have on hand. To find the top five lightweight strollers recommended by parents, we analyzed actual threads from moms and dads in the our site Community. We also asked our site editors about the new and cool products that they think deserve wider recognition. Here are the our site Love It winners for the best lightweight strollers.

    our site may earn a commission from shopping links.

  • Lightweight stroller basics

    What you need to know

    While full-size strollers, travel systems, and jogging strollers all have their time and place, parents often turn to lightweight strollers for an easy and portable option. Lightweight strollers are usually less expensive than full-size strollers but often have similar features and functionality. Gone are the days of the bare-bones "umbrella stroller" – these days a lightweight stroller may be robust enough to serve as your everyday go-to. Plus, these strollers are compact enough to throw in the trunk or stash in an overhead bin.

    The following lightweight strollers are the five most recommended by our site parents, along with two chosen by our site editors. All are good choices in terms of features, looks, and ease of use ­– and they're the our site Love It winners for the best 2020 lightweight strollers.

  • Quick look

    The best lightweight strollers

    Parents' Picks - recommended by parents

    Strollerour site Rating
    Graco NimbleLite Stroller

    Most recommended

    Bugaboo Ant Baby Stroller

    Most recommended

    Chicco Liteway Stroller

    Highly recommended

    UPPAbaby Minu Stroller

    Highly recommended

    Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

    Highly recommended

    Editors' Choice - chosen by our site Editors

    Strollerour site Rating
    gb Pockit+ Lightweight Baby StrollerMost recommended
    Mountain Buggy Nano StrollerMost recommended
  • Graco NimbleLite Stroller

    Our site Parents' Pick

    At less than 15 pounds, the NimbleLite is a lightweight stroller that has all the features of a full-size stroller, including parent and child trays with cup holders, one-step folding, a large storage basket, and a full sun canopy. A huge advantage of this stroller is that it can be used as a travel system with all Graco infant car seats. That means you'll likely be able to use it from birth until your child is in preschool.

    Heads up

    The seat doesn't fully recline, and some parents say that it's not super comfy for longer rides.

    Parents say

    "This stroller is really lightweight, can hold an infant car seat, and has straps for when kids are older. The brakes really work, too."

    "I'm a first-time mom and I decided on the Graco NimbleLite travel system. My big thing was I didn't want a heavy stroller. This stroller is less than 15 pounds, and most are 20 to 25."


    • Stroller weight: 12 pounds
    • Stroller dimensions: 21 x 34.6 x 42.2 inches
    • Can hold up to 50 pounds

    Available at Amazon starting at $64.79

  • Bugaboo Ant Baby Stroller

    Our site Parents' Pick

    Bugaboo is known for sleek strollers that handle like a dream thanks to their all-wheel suspension. Plus the Ant is incredibly compact. When it's folded down, you can pull the Ant like a wheeled carry-on and easily pop it into an overhead bin. The Ant weighs just over 15 pounds, but it can accommodate a newborn baby (with a cocoon insert or compatible car seat) or a kid up to 50 pounds. The stroller seat is completely reversible, so your child can face forward or back toward you. And unlike many lightweight strollers, the Ant has a height-adjustable seat and handlebar.

    Heads up

    Changing the direction the seat faces or folding the Ant is a multistep process that may make you break out in a sweat. Also, you'll need to purchase add-ons, like snack trays and cupholders, separately.

    Parents say

    "We splurged on the Bugaboo Ant for our 2-year-old. It's very compact."


    • Stroller weight: 15.8 pounds
    • Stroller dimensions: 9.03 x 14.96 x 21.65 inches
    • Can accommodate up to 50 pounds

    Available at Amazon starting at $549

  • Chicco Liteway Stroller

    Our site Parents' Pick

    Thanks to an aluminum frame, the Chicco Liteway is lightweight yet sturdy. It folds up compactly with a storage latch and carrying handle, so transporting it is easy. The Liteway offers four recline positions and convenient toe-tap brakes, along with helpful features including a parent cup holder, a storage basket, and a removable canopy.

    Heads up

    The Liteway is only for babies 6 months and up (it doesn't accommodate infant car seats). It doesn't have extras like a parent or child tray. And while some lightweight strollers handle kids up to 50 pounds, the Liteway maxes out at 40 pounds.

    Parents say

    "We have the Liteway and I love it so far. It holds my little guy really well. It's easy to set up and put away. The shade doesn't cover that much, so I usually bring a lightweight blanket and cover him with that, too."

    "I just got a Chicco Liteway and I love it! It folds nice and small, it's easy to fold and unfold even when carrying a baby, and it's light and steers nicely."

    "I have one and I love it. I didn't want to lug a huge stroller around."

    "I love the size, and it moves smoothly. It's also supereasy to push. My only complaint is that the storage basket is a bit tight."


    • Stroller weight: 18.8 pounds
    • Stroller dimensions (unfolded): 34.5 x 18.5 x 41 Inches
    • Stroller dimensions (folded): 46 x 10 x 11.75 Inches
    • Can accommodate up to 40 pounds

    Available at Amazon starting at $99

  • UPPAbaby Minu Stroller

    Our site Parents' Pick

    With the Minu, you'll get all the luxurious details you've come to expect from UPPAbaby in a streamlined stroller that weighs less than 15 pounds. As-is, the Minu is appropriate for children 3 months old up to 50 pounds, but you can use it from birth with a separately sold Birth Kit (which includes a lie-flat bassinet). The Minu also works as a travel system with UPPAbaby's Mesa car seat and other seats from Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, and Cybex (adapters sold separately). Parents appreciate the one-handed fold, multiposition recline, easy-access storage basket, buttery-smooth leather handlebars, and all-wheel suspension for smooth strolling. One extra note about that basket: It can hold a hefty 20 pounds, which is a pretty impressive feat for a lightweight stroller.

    Heads up

    As with all UPPAbaby strollers, extras like snack trays and cup holders are sold separately.

    Parents say

    "If you're looking for a really lightweight stroller, try the UPPAbaby Minu. It has a one-handed open and fold, and it folds small enough to fit in an overhead compartment of a plane – it even has a carrying strap. And the Minu has a specially designed bassinet."


    • Stroller weight: 14.8 pounds
    • Stroller dimensions (unfolded): 35.5 x 20.5 x 41 inches
    • Stroller dimensions (folded): 11.5 x 20.5 x 23 inches
    • Can hold a child up to 50 pounds, plus 20 pounds in the basket

    Available at Amazon starting at $399.99

  • Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

    Our site Parents' Pick

    At only 13 pounds, the 3Dlite is one of the most lightweight strollers on the market – with an affordable price to boot. It has convenient features, including a large storage basket with a capacity of 10 pounds, a parent cup holder and storage pocket (perfect for a cell phone or keys), an adjustable canopy, and a carrying strap. Parents also love the many recline positions, including a lie-flat option.

    Heads up

    This is a fairly simple, no-frills stroller. It doesn't work with infant car seats and isn't safe for babies under 6 months old. The seat isn't reversible, and there's no add-on snack tray.

    Parents say

    "We used a 3Dlite when my oldest was 2.5 and it was perfect. She napped a lot in there, so it must have been comfortable."


    • Stroller weight: 13 pounds
    • Stroller dimensions: 27 x 18 x 43 inches
    • Can hold up to 50 pounds

    Available at Amazon starting at $65.95

  • Gb Pockit+ Lightweight Baby Stroller

    Our site Editors' Choice

    If you thought the Summer 3Dlite was lightweight, you'll be amazed at the gb Pockit+, weighing in at just over 12 pounds. It's also the world's smallest folded stroller, per Guinness World Records. When folded, it makes a small square that you can stash almost anywhere. We love how durable this stroller is, which is especially important if you're taking it on trips or navigating crowded streets or stairways. Surprisingly for such a petite stroller, the Pockit+ can be used as a travel system with Cybex infant car seats. And it offers a reclining seat and generous sun canopy.

    Heads up

    To achieve that super-compact size, you'll sacrifice a large storage basket. (The Pockit+ has a storage basket, but it's definitely on the smaller side.)

    Editors say

    "This stroller folds up so small that it fits into an overhead bin on a plane. It's lightweight and great for daycare drop-offs and being on the go."


    • Stroller weight: 9.5 pounds
    • Stroller dimensions (unfolded): 28 x 18.5 x 39.8 inches
    • Stroller dimensions (folded): 14 x 12 x 7 inches
    • Can accommodate up to 55 pounds

    Available at Amazon starting at $179.99

  • Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller

    Our site Editors' Choice

    The Mountain Buggy Nano is a lightweight stroller that truly does it all. It's very light (13 pounds), folds up small, and has a travel bag and shoulder strap for easy transport. For infants, the Nano has a lie-flat recline option. Plus – this is unusual – the Nano accepts most infant car seats without any adapters needed. Mountain Buggy is known for superior maneuverability, and the Nano is no slouch here: There's even a special feature that lets you "pop" the front wheels up and over curbs with ease.

    Heads up

    This isn't a one-hand-fold stroller, and some parents have found that folding it takes a few tries to master.

    Editors say

    "This stroller is easy to use and easy to clean. It compactly folds down to travel-bag size, and you can bring it on the plane as a carry-on item. It can be used for a long time, too."


    • Stroller weight: 13 pounds
    • Stroller dimensions (folded): 12 x 22 x 20 inches
    • Can accommodate up to 44 pounds

    Available at Amazon starting at $172.95

  • Light Weight Boxer vs Heavy Weight Street Boxer GETS DANGEROUS!!

    7 star foods that will help you feel better after childbirth

    7 star foods that will help you feel better after childbirth

    He postpartum it is one of the most demanding stages in a woman's life. How to respond to such demands? Well, prioritizing and, at least for once, putting you and your baby first. And that means taking care of yourself above all else, to be able to take care of your baby as it deserves. And within these cares, adequate nutrition occupies a fundamental place. These are the 7 star foods that will help you feel better after giving birth.

    On the one hand, there are the demands of having a baby that requires you 24 hours a day and needs you absolutely for everything and, on the other, our own demands to be the best possible mother. Sometimes even the “social” demands for others: receiving visitors, putting a good face on unsolicited advice, remaining the woman we were before ... And all this at a time when our body is recovering from childbirth and our mind it is still trying to adapt to the new situation.

    The first thing to keep in mind is that during the postpartum period, and especially if we are breastfeeding our baby, the demand for energy increases. Not only to produce milk, but also to repair damaged tissues, "undo" all the changes that appeared in pregnancy or reprogram our hormonal balance ... So forget about restrictive or low-calorie diets, It is not the best time for them. Rather, eat everything, healthy and nutritious foods, and include “quality” calories in your diet: extra virgin olive oil, avocado, dates, etc.

    In addition to HOW MUCH we eat, we must also influence WHEN we do it. It is important to eat with rhythm, that is, not to spend more than 3 hours without eating, to ensure an adequate supply of glucose (energy). For this it is advisable to eat 6 meals a day: breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack, dinner and puff. And even between meals you can have a healthy snack (a piece of fruit, a handful of nuts).

    You should take daily 4 pieces of fruit, vegetables and greens, whole grains, foods rich in protein (you can have red meat 3–4 times a week, other meats, 3 or 4 eggs a week), cook with olive oil virgin and drink at least 2 liters of water. So little by little you will regain strength and enjoy your baby to the fullest!

    And what do we eat in these six meals? Well, we must follow a varied and balanced diet, which ensures us the energy and nutrients necessary to meet our basic requirements and allows us to recover properly. The "star" foods will be:

    1. Whole grains
    By having slow-absorbing carbohydrates, they help us maintain glucose levels. They are rich in vitamin B, a precursor to serotonin, so it can help prevent postpartum depression. In addition, its fiber content helps prevent constipation, so common in this stage. Some may be rice, oats, wheat, or rye. Quinoa also contains proteins of high biological value, very important in the healing process.

    2. Oil fruits
    Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews ... All of them are very rich in fiber and essential fatty acids omega 6 and omega 3. Both are essential in a balanced diet, but also omega 3 fatty acids reduce the symptoms of postpartum depression. Other foods rich in omega 3 are flax seeds or blue fish.

    3. Red or orange fruits
    Strawberries, blueberries, beets or carrots contain beta carotenes, substances that are heart-healthy and help blood recovery and the immune system to prevent infections.

    4. Foods rich in iron
    In addition to nuts and red fruits, other foods with an important contribution of iron are red meat, legumes, mussels, eggs, and green leafy vegetables. All of them will help you fight anemia.

    5. Foods rich in vitamin C
    This vitamin is mainly found in citrus fruits, such as kiwi, orange, melon or strawberries. Other important vitamins in the healing process are those of group B (present in meats, whole grains and legumes), and vitamin K (dark green leafy vegetables, liver, vegetable oils, tomato and whole grains).

    6. Seeds are also good allies at this stage
    Flax, chia, pumpkin ... You can make a mixture and use them in your salads, creams or add them to yogurt. They will provide you with fatty acids and minerals important for your physical recovery, such as zinc or magnesium, and will help you prevent constipation.

    7. Water !! Just as important as being well nourished is being well hydrated
    Water helps you have a good intestinal rhythm, that all the functions of your body develop properly, and if you are breastfeeding it is essential to produce breast milk, so you should drink between 2 and 3 liters a day. Soups or broths can be another way to drink liquid.

    In summary, we could say that an adequate diet in the postpartum period, accompanied by sufficient rest, is essential for your good physical recovery.

    You can read more articles similar to 7 star foods that will help you feel better after childbirth, in the Postpartum On-Site category.

    Are you breastfeeding enough, baby enough? Almost all mothers are concerned about these questions, and since we are grown-ups, we cannot expect any of our children.

    Has the baby sucked enough?

    Breastfeed or Feed?

    Just the other day she called me a mom on the phone. The essence of the problem is an eight-day-old baby boy he doesn't want to eat, they tend to gobble up every snack, but they stuff it because the pediatrician says it doesn't grow enough. We'll start talking about your history.
    Robi was originally a breastfeeding baby who wanted a baby in the first month! (Breastfeeding advice is always a relief in this case, as there can be no major problems here). However, the pediatrician was afraid, and he only suggested breastfeed your baby Mom, and if the baby is crying, get some tea. With this he flies two flies: the child learned not to eat then (Szopizzon) whenever you wantand the growth seen as overpaid has also been significantly reduced. Of course, the change wasn't easy, at first Robi would have been very insistent on breastfeeding, but his mom didn't dare to breastfeed more often, she didn't want an exiled man.
    When nutrition started after six months, the problem was something else entirely. Robi did not bring enough, so the pediatrician suggested that she try to push the baby a little, give her more calorie-rich food. Wondering if Robi is going after them and eating? Isn't it possible that for the first seven to eight months of his life, he was so radically contradictory to his parents' expectation that there was simply too much for him?
    (WUR)It is an interesting law. It is easy to accept as "normal" if someone is printing a foot, or even if one is fifty kilos - that is, half as much. We wouldn't be overlooked if an adult acquaintance eats only two or three times a day, but then he or she puts his or her hand down, and many of our people favor a few tables and prefer a few meals. On the contrary many babies are expected to eat and grow at the same rate as they are described in the book, regardless of their passing and their constitution. For a decade, it would have been difficult for us to find babies who were able to live the first few months of their lives at their own pace. Fortunately, today we have less of an easy task: a slender and globe, rarely suck and snuggle, mummy babies have shared their experiences with us.

    Where are you, slim baby?

    The color baby = healthy baby pattern is not valid in the whole world. Surprisingly, there are places where I find it quite natural that babies can be different. In India, for example, bear cubs and deer-shaped babies are distinguished and they do not want every little deer to become a teddy bear.
    "We don't really meet slimmer, slower-growing babies," says dr. Csaba Kуs, chief physician of the Neuroscience Hospital. - These babies are given early formula and tried to get their development closer to the "average". Unfortunately, the average is based on developmental curves that do not take into account that the baby is breastfeeding, dieting, or not receiving breast milk at all. in turn a significant difference in the development of differently fed babies. Fortunately, new developmental curves based on new international data can help pediatric nurses to protect whether there is really a problem with growth, whether to change breastfeeding practices.
    According to Doctor Kush, the most important thing for an infant to grow is, if you do 10 dec weeks a week, you will develop. If the baby is healthy, we can trust that he will "get himself" the right amount of breast milk, assuming you can suck as many and as many times as you want. It is only necessary to intervene if the baby or mother's illness or condition prevents breastfeeding. In these cases, prescribing the formula is not the first and only solution, but it must begin with the search for and the cure for troubles. Let's see that Evelyn survived all this!
    I'm a little kid
    a mom: TуTH EVELYN (36)
    starring: Kovács-Deme Jasmine (two and a half years)
    siblings: Kovacs-Deme Krisztián (8) and Kovacs-Deme Adrian (5)
    Jasmine's birth weight is 2,720 grams, one month's 3,260 grams, more than 6,700 grams, 7900 grams per year
    I was breastfeeding Christine for medical advice - she was divorced so many months ago. He received supplements very early on, saying that he was not growing at a good pace, and had finally grown up. Before the birth of our next baby, Adrian, I knew the principles of on-demand breastfeeding, but the child, unlike me, insisted on accuracy. She was breastfeeding for two years, my third pregnancy quit in the fourth month. Jasmine was completely different. She started breastfeeding at the age of five minutes, and from then on she was completely on her own, it was inconceivable when her gig came.
    I always shook my head at weight loss, but I knew for a fact that weight wasn't important, and because we were "this fashion", my kids were slowly gaining weight, whether they were eating or not. , if you don't breastfeed like that. Jasmine is now two and a half years old, still breastfeeding.
    All three welcomed the supplementary diet very warmly - he started at the age of two. Jasmine explicitly loves to eat, and never bring it. Wondering what to do? And why do we expect it to be bigger? Their father is neither big nor yin. The big ones are both small and small. All of them strong, healthy, Jazmin specifically fireproof. Like her mom.

    It's okay to be spherical!

    What happens when your baby calls more than usual in the first few days? Unfortunately, it is often the case that my mother is advised to follow a diet (exclusively effective by adult logic) of the baby.
    - It is not possible to feed the baby with breast milk - says dr. Csaba Kуs. - Thirty percent of healthy babies doubled in weight by three months. In this case, you do not have to look for a mistake in your mother, milk or breastfeeding because everything is fine. In a couple of months, we have the proof in our hands, because if we wait patiently, we can just assume that the so far booming growth has subsided, or even stopped. Our baby will be nine to ten kilos by the age of one, as will his slower-paced companions.
    Doctor Kush many would not accept this developmentand, initially, to diet the baby - limit breastfeeding or recommend the introduction of fibrous fruit. Then, when the little "good jerky", that is to say, not at such an unbelievable pace, they get scared and they add formula to breast milk, and most of all, they stop breastfeeding. Some people still believe in strong breast milkand is therefore recommending dietary supplements. Naturally, the milk of each mother may be different, but not to the extent that this would lead to obesity or leanness in the baby. Let's read what Duru experienced.
    It started as a smart ball
    my mom: Sajу Dуra (35)
    starring Csaba Csolti Бkos (2)
    to brother: Rolka Csolti (5)
    The average birth weight is 3,720 grams, 5350 grams a month, 6,400 grams twice, 8,000 grams six months, 9,000 grams per year.
    Even though our second child is three years older, her baby, Rick, has been breastfeeding until she is twenty-one months old, her weight development is very slow at first. But he produced incredible growth, bringing in more than a kilo in the first month, and a kilo in the second, and kept that pace until the middle of the year. Then it almost came to a halt - and so aligned the weight with its contemporaries. Luckily for us, the doctor told us not to recommend breastfeeding at all, given the staggering weight gain of breastfeeding, she said she would take off later, and she couldn't breastfeed!
    In the first few weeks, Bkos breastfeeded ten or twelve times a day, three weeks since she took it nine times! Six weeks into the six-week meal. She sucked twice a year, twice a year. She had only been breastfeeding in the morning and evening for seven months.
    At six months old, we started to give her some food, and we were moving slowly with the greens and fruits - much to the suggestions of the Pregnant Woman. He always ate well, but he didn't jump in the second half.
    That's a real guy! Цrцkmozgу, bad bone! He has a determined will, often believing that if something goes wrong according to his vision, nothing will stop him for a minute ... But he is very friendly, smiling, cheerful, naughty puppy. The doctor lady was right: what had "begun" in the beginning had already been removed!

    How much to breastfeed?

    African kung mothers are breastfeeding their body-worn baby several times over. Don't overdo it, we don't want it to go back to Stone Age culture. But it is very important that all concerned know that the natural rhythm of human infants cannot be tied to the urine, nor can we be expected to "reapply" another dose of breast milk.
    - Breastfeeding frequency is based on the baby! Dr. Kуs suggests. - Healthy infants will reliably indicate that they are hungry, just have to pay attention - that is, their mother should be close by. It is possible that a baby will regularly have three-to-one breastfeeding, but this is less common. The majority breastfeed more often, and they look like breasts at certain times of the day. This is generally difficult for parents and health workers to accept. When a mother comes to me saying that her baby is "breastfeeding all day," I usually ask her to look at breastfeeding dates one day. Most of the time, it turns out that there are less than twelve times on paper, so every single breastfeeding is completely normal.
    Doctor Kush finds out that less frequent breastfeeding is usually not complained of because it is comforting for the family. It doesn't matter if the baby develops this rhythm on his own, and it develops so well. Let's take a look at the experiences of Kati and Eszter on how "two" worked in little Dvid's infancy!
    The rarely breastfeeding is David
    the mom: Bуdinй Felhхsi Katalin (36)
    the main character: Dávid Bуdi (mrs. m)
    to a brother: Eszter Bуdi (4)
    Dawn's birth weight is 4250 grams, 5700 grams one month, 8200 grams six months, 9650 grams per year
    THE my thinking about breastfeeding was to control the naturalness. First and foremost, my fantastic protagonist showed me the way, who handled the concerns of the beginner mother very well - even Esther - and hoped that what came first would be kept in the second. In addition, my self-confidence also increased.
    My mom had a lot of milk, so I was confident she would have me, but I wasn't really worried about it. At the suggestion of the devil, we left out the daily meals and did not even measure how much he ate. From the beginning, she could be adjusted to her, sucking on her lips. The first three weeks I was next to me at night, when her baby was over, marked and received, but since she was a blessed baby, I was right back to the baby. She started to deviate from her routine four or seven weeks ago, and adjusted to her own rhythm, usually sucking three times a day, up to five times a day, and also enjoying the night. Everything went by itself, I just listened to her signs and tried to follow her. I was lucky, my environment was born into nothing!
    After the sixth month, we began to recover, and did not cause any disruption. With patience, we did it gradually. He also enthusiastically seized the opportunity to breastfeed.
    It is extremely relaxed, smiling, a nice, agile baby from the beginning, but at the same time it is very gentle, lustful, affectionate, and of course, it also expresses its dislike - with a gentle but short story. I think I was envied.
    David is ready to eat any time
    the mother: Eszter Maros (41)
    starring Stephenson Dvid (3)
    with brother Stephenson Dбniel Gedeon (7)
    Dawn's birth weight is 3220 grams, 3800 grams a month, 6500 grams a month, 9600 grams a year
    My first baby started breastfeeding very hard, we danced a lot on the blade, barely increased. I changed "unofficially" and kept in touch with one of my friends, so we found it difficult. Gida is also thin, not too late to eat…
    My opposite son was just the opposite: as he was born, he started sucking at a thousand. Already in the hospital, I realized that he was willing to eat almost every time - he really ate, he didn't just cum. When we got home from the hospital, he continued at home: little sleeps, short but intense breastfeeding.
    Because of the hardships with the first child, both the kid and the baby were watching for growth with blind eyes. We could say it by the second week, but there will be nothing wrong with it: the little one is not breastfeeding forever. The first month of ours was very difficult. "Couls" the kid, I thought, and on the advice of the wise, I tried to skip at least two hours of breastfeeding. If there was any result, it was not very legal. I was breastfeeding so often, but rarely, was it sore. At about the age of one month, there was a constant loss of weight while there was no change in breastfeeding practice.
    She started eating meat a little before she was half-full, but her suckling frequency did not decrease until she had almost eaten the steaks. If you are sick or sick, you still breastfeed more often. I have the impression that breastfeeding is not only a matter of spiritual consolation, but also of medicine. Fбjdalomcsillapнtу.
    You can download the tags from the // page.
    Specialist: Dr. Csaba Kуs, neonatologist, chief physician of the Almabsi Balogh Poul Kourrb Children's Hospital
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