Πανεύκολη μάσκα ύπνου και για αρχάριους

Πανεύκολη μάσκα ύπνου και για αρχάριους

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Many children are teased, ridiculed, or even humiliated by their peers on a daily basis at school. It is common for children to assign nicknames or nicknames to their classmates, on some occasions they are harmless but on others they are humiliating and end up affecting the child's self-esteem.

Perhaps even many of us have experienced in our childhood what it feels like to get a derogatory nickname or nickname at school by our peer group. It's very disgusting!

Some of the derogatory nicknames that are most frequently used during childhood are: margi, fat, skinny, nerd, brat, glasses, four eyes, dwarf, giraffe, stutterer, etc. In most cases they usually refer to physical appearance.

Being bullied often starts with a derogatory nickname or nickname given to you by your classmates. That does not mean that, just because our son's classmates have given him a nickname, he is suffering or will suffer bullying. However, in many cases it is usually the prelude to it. We must pay special attention if we also observe that the child's academic performance has decreased and that his mood is lower than normal.

If we observe that our child has been attributed a derogatory nickname or nickname, it is important to be vigilant about the relationship he maintains with his peers. It would even be advisable to speak with our son's tutor so that he has the information and monitor children's behavior in the classroom to prevent any situation of humiliation or harassment at school.

Bullying or bullying does not only occur when there is clearly visible verbal or physical aggression. There are many other behaviors that can be labeled as “harassment” due to the impact they have on the victim and the use of derogatory nicknames can be one of them.

Today, due to the irruption of new technologies in our society, we find ourselves with children who receive derogatory put-downs, nicknames, or nicknames through social media or mobile apps (eg whatsapp). Therefore, these types of conflicts no longer only take place at school, making it very difficult for parents to control the relationships that children have with their peers both in daily life and through the virtual world.

The influences that our child receives are not under our control, it is an impossible mission to avoid as parents who address our child with a derogatory nickname or nickname. It is an obvious fact that we cannot control or change the behaviors that others carry out but, if We can help our child to change his behavior so that others stop finding it fun to address him with a derogatory nickname.

As always, communication with our son is the best ally we have to help him. It is important that we ask our child the following questions:

- Who gave you the derogatory nickname at school?

- With what intention do you think he has given you that nickname?

- How does that nickname make you feel?

- What do you do when they call you that?

- Have you told them that you don't like being called that?

These questions need to be asked to get an idea about the situation our son lives with his peer group. Here are some concrete tips to help kids who get derogatory nicknames or nicknames from their peers:

- Let him know that he is a unique, special and unrepeatable person. We are all different. None is better another, we are simply different.

- Explain the importance of assume assertive behavior every time the classmates call him by the derogatory nickname. The child must have enough psychological strength to convey to his peers, in a calm and safe way, that he does not like that nickname and ask them to stop saying it.

- It's fundamental give the child our confidence to turn to us for helpEspecially in the case that you have not been able to put an end to the derogatory or humiliating nicknames you receive.

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First Name - Meaning and direction

First Name - Meaning and direction

Separate them for a touch of good mood. Candy range: from € 2.90 a small spoon to € 3.50 per fork (Albert de Thiers). Where to find it?

Separate them for a touch of good mood. Candy range: from € 2.90 a small spoon to € 3.50 per fork (Albert de Thiers).
Where to find it?

The Bucharest Multipurpose Room

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Sensational launches and special offers at BABY EXPO, the largest celebration of pregnant women and babies in Romania.

BABY EXPO, 34th Spring Edition opens its doors on March 22-25, 2012 at the Bucharest Multipurpose Hall. Moms, dads, grandparents and children are expected to discover the most innovative products, enjoy the most attractive games together and benefit from special offers. For 4 days, the more than 155 companies present expect parents with a wide range of products and services for small children.

News of the edition

The Babycook Robot Duo - a true miracle of the technique meant to forget grandmothers' pots and pans or classic heavy kitchen robots.

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OMRON MicroAIR - the smallest nebulizer in the world, which can be used in children during sleep.

So much for voting - elegance, style and English refinement for the most important day of the baby's life.

Special offers at BABY EXPO

To celebrate the arrival of spring, the companies present welcome parents with special offers:

- 40% discount on children's clothing items in the Netherlands;

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- When purchasing a Medela Freestyle breast pump, gift the digital steam sterilizer and the heater from Medela;

- For products purchased from the Uriage range worth at least 60 RON, gift a plush marmot * or a baby hat.

Future Moms are in the spotlight at the BABY EXPO!

Each future mother is welcomed by NUK at the Pregnant Club with tips, gifts, participates in the Great Tombola and benefits from free services:

- Beauty Corner Melkior - free make-up sessions made by professional make-up artists who offer the most competent and useful tips. Here you will find the international trends in makeup and you can buy products from the new collection for the spring-summer 2012 season;

- Photo Studio KinderStudio - each future mom will receive a professional photo taken on the spot and a personalized photo frame BABY EXPO, to keep the memory of a moment of unique beauty;

- ProMama Birth Preparation Center - specialists answer questions related to pregnancy, birth and care of the newborn;

- Massage Corner ProMama - a moment of revival and relaxation. Massage sessions of 5-10 minutes, supported by the Kinetotherapist;

- Relaxation space Dorna-Izvorul Alb - each future mother receives a bottle of natural mineral water;

- Cord Blood Center stem cell counseling center Ro.

Events, contests, seminars and services provided by the partners of the exhibition

- BABY Gym, game and movement for the little ones - Dorna-Izvorul Alb invites parents and children to discover the pleasure of the game through movement. Under the guidance of the specialists from Kineto Bebe, children play, do gymnastics ... learn to balance, roll, and parents receive advice on the harmonious growth of the little one. BABY Gym runs daily from 2pm to 7pm, Sunday until 4pm;

- Sport Dwarfs - the most attractive sporting event for children between 14 and 36 months. On a circuit adapted to the age of the child, with the help of parents, the youngest will have 4 tests: climbing, balance, descent and roll! Every day at 1pm, the Bear Nestle starts the contest and awards all the children.

- BABY sauce - dance on Salsa rhythms with your baby! Every day at 12:00, moms with babies in the baby carrier will compete in salsa rhythms. Lively tropical songs and many prizes offered by BABY-NOVA.

- Baby Competition going by bus - Every day at 11:00, Babies show everyone how small they can be CHAMPIONS on the bus ride and receive prizes from the Nestle Bear.

- Healthy and tasty cooking contest with Irinuca - tasty recipes prepared by parents and children, tastings and many prizes.

- Medela Breastfeeding Space - In a friendly, clean and discreet environment, moms have the opportunity to breastfeed the baby.

- The Parents' Club - specialists in raising and developing the child meet parents at interactive seminars.

- Auto Safety - How do we choose the car seat for our child? At the car safety stand, Peg-Perego specialists advise parents how to choose the right car seat according to the size of the child, so that he can travel safely and comfortably. Also, parents can participate in practical demonstrations of mounting / dismantling car seats.

- First aid demonstrations - trainers and volunteers of the Red Cross, Sector 6 Branch, organize interactive first aid demonstrations in case of "holiday" accidents, in the case of domestic accidents and in the case of road accidents, addressing both parents, future parents and children.

"CHRISTMAS TOILET" - bebelusultau.ro - Courtesy of our clients and visitors BABY EXPO, the team bebelusultau.ro sanitizes, decorates and lovingly invites the multipurpose hall toilets. Now you can walk without fear, you can touch the handlebars, you can wash, dry and perfume in your short visit

Admission to the exhibition costs 10 lei for parents and is free for children.

Based on the entrance ticket, take part in the Super Tombola BABY EXPO!



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Do you have the desire for clarifications like the confectionery? Prepare our recipe!

Photo: cofetariilenicola.ro

Preparation time

120 minutes




For the dough

1 cup oil

1.5 cups water

2 dogs flour

6 eggs

For cream

2 envelopes of chocolate pudding

1 l milk

3 tablespoons old

For icing

8 tablespoons sugar powder

4 tablespoons water

2 tablespoons cocoa

100 g butter

Method of preparation

Bring the water and oil to a boil, and when they boil, add the flour at once and mix with a strainer, so that they do not form cocoons.

After you have incorporated the flour, leave the dough to cool.

Add eggs one by one. With the help of a posh (stellated head) it forms long, about 5 centimeters long lightening. Bake them on a tray lined with baking paper.

Leave the baking sheets on low heat (170 degrees) for 30 minutes, without opening the oven door too often.

In the meantime, prepare the chocolate pudding, according to the instructions on the envelope. Cover the pudding with food film, so as not to make the jam, then leave it to cool.

After you have baked the lighters and they have cooled well, cut them lengthwise and fill them with cream.

Prepare the icing, melting in a small fire water, sugar, cocoa and butter. Cover the chocolate iced lighters.

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