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The dilemma of taking the child to the funeral and burial of a loved one

Facing death is a difficult process, although it is even worse when we have children and we have to make decisions about it. Will he say goodbye to him or not? Will he get over it? Doubts that we have to answer in a short period of time and that will undoubtedly affect the process of grief in children being carried out in a more positive way or another.

In this sense, parents are faced with the dilemma of take the child to the funeral and burial of a loved one, What is the most suitable?

Grief refers to the pain we feel when we lose something or someone, be it a close person or a pet, a relationship with someone we cared about or even a part of our body. So it can be said that, in life, we make small duels for many things that happen around us.

In general, we are more prepared for the good and happiness, when in reality pain is also part of life and avoiding it will not help us. Children are often more confused and need more strategies when it comes to coping with loss and sadness. so this should be one of the points that you should consider in the education of your children.

The first step in getting over a loss is accepting that the person has died. Elaborating that grief is a different process for each person and depends on many factors such as the age of the person or the type of relationship they had (if it is a grandparent who is understood to be older or a little brother) and requires time to assimilate. .

If you want to facilitate this entire grieving process, it is important that you do not make 4 fundamental mistakes:

- Do not leave him out because he could feel alone and abandoned. Instead, ask that child about his doubts and how he wants to live it (if he can already have a dialogue with you). There are people who believe that children should not be brought to the funeral or burial of a loved one, however, this ritual can help you better accept the loss and feel supported.

- Offers answers adapted to their age to any doubts they may have, no lying to them. Depending on their age, they may not understand what a funeral is, however, it is important to give them a minimal explanation of what is done there and that they participate as much as they want. There are those who think that if they do not go they protect them from suffering, but in reality they overcome it more easily if we include them as much as possible in the whole process and talk about it openly with them.

- Respect their rhythms and do not force him to overcome it in a certain way or decide for him how he should live it or what he should feel. Sometimes you try to protect your child when in reality he already knows or suspects that something bad is happening, so it is better to inform him about some of the main steps that are followed in these cases and if he wants to attend the funeral, you should allow him to go .

In the same way that if they don't want to, you should allow it too. There are those who need only a few days and those who take several years to overcome a loss.

- Show your feelings, you are not a robot. Many adults think that being sad or even crying in front of your children is a negative thing. However, they must also understand that sadness is an emotion that is important to feel like the rest. Depending on how you live it, they will.

Feeling and talking about it is not bad and it will allow you to know how they are living it, it will unite you as a family and you will show them that at home you can talk about any topic.

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The gullies filled

The stuffed gooseberries are prepared as the main course, being a very satisfying preparation.

Preparation time

80 minutes




6 young gullies

1 cup of rice



2 fresh sausages

3 tomatoes peeled

1 cup oil

1 tablespoon flour

1 teaspoon old

ground pepper

pepper berry

Method of preparation

Clean the peels of the hard bark, wash them and empty them from the core. Leave them for a few minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare a mixture of sausage pieces fried in a little oil, boiled rice, chopped parsley and a thinly sliced ​​tomato. This mixture should suit the taste with salt and pepper.

Fill the saucepan with the mixture, then place them in a pan with high walls.

Prepare a sauce of hot water, oil, salt, ground pepper and peppercorns, which you pour over the throats.

Cover the pan and boil over low heat, then let the food subside for half an hour. After the gooseberries have softened, add a teaspoon of sugar dissolved in a cup of water, along with a tablespoon of flour.

Cover the thistles with slices of thinly sliced ​​tomatoes and leave the food on a low heat for another 20 minutes.

Serve hot squid.

The type of kitchen


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Macra: origin and meaning of the name for a girl Macra

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Macro.

It owes its diffusion as a baptismal name to Saint Macra, virgin and martyr in Reims at the beginning of the 4th century.

It comes from the proper Latin name Macer / Macra, "lean, thin, skinny, lean".

January 6th.


  • Delia de la Cruz Delgado "Macaria", Mexican actress (1949-).

Macra name coloring pages printable for kids

Macra: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Macra coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Macra coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Macro name to paint, color and print

In the bathtub, the baby was delivered by the rescuers

5 cheap winter accessories you need to have

The cold season will last a while on our lands, so you can make new warm clothes without risking a useless investment. Poor weather should not be in the way of a flirtatious mom, especially when you have many variants of wardrobe revitalization. Therefore, we have prepared 5 cheap winter accessories that you will definitely want to have.
Fur applications, prints, vivid colors, XXL scarves and woven items are very popular this winter and easy to match in various outfits.

Printed beret


Impressions are in vogue this season, and accessories are the perfect way to adopt the current trend. Elegant berets, which express the French refinement perfectly, help you to face the cold days in style.
Choose a leopard print beret, such as the one from angora and wool available on, Pull and Bear brand.
Price: 69 rum

Cashmere scarf


It offers a new look to your classic coat with the help of a cashmere scarf in modern shades, such as pale pink and purple, orange and coral red, beige and chocolate. The thermal comfort and the aesthetic effect will delight you.
One such variant is the cashmere scarf with natural silk and the purple-gray print, available on
Price: 25 rum

Gloves with fur application


Fur is one of the top trends of the season, and a practical way to wear it is the gloves with this warm and very chic application.
An example of this is the Furry Gloves gloves available on
Price: 49 rum

XXL scarf


The XXL scarf is comfortable, warm and adds a charm to a regular outfit. Choose a bold color that will color your outfit. offers a 20% discount on the knit XXL scarf, in a beautiful shade of coral red.
Price: 7.2 rum

Knitted hat


The color blocks are in vogue and give a special look to your accessories. Therefore, you will be delighted by a knitted hat, in two shades: cream and coffee-have-milk, beige and pale pink or the very popular combination this season - gray and yellow-mustard.
On, you will find such a model at a reduced price with 65% compared to the original one.
Price: 38 rum

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Medieval names: Morgane

Medieval names: Morgane


In both masculine and feminine, this name has existed since the Middle Ages in many Celtic countries. In the stories of the Round Table, Morgane, sister of King Arthur, is a healing fairy. Celticmawr, tall, andcan, brilliant, this name also means born of the sea in Breton.

His party :July 8th.

Its derivatives: Maughan, Morgain, Morgan, Morgen, Morrigan.

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