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Weleda celebrates two years in Romania by launching new natural and organic products

On April 26, Weleda hosted an event dedicated to the two-year anniversary of its existence on the Romanian market. On this occasion Weleda has launched three new body care products, based on pure ingredients, sourced from plants grown biologically and bio-dynamically and harvested manually in the gardens of Weleda and partner Weleda.

Weleda offered the guests a treat for the skin and senses, with soothing aromas and colors that reflect the natural ingredients in the composition of each product.

Being a good time to give a refresh to the lifestyle, Weleda brought to light the products that restore the beauty of the skin: body lotions and shower, based on citrus and chain.

"Two years of Weleda in Romania meant for us a work not very easy, but pleasant and with the satisfaction of bringing in front of the Romanian consumer an alternative really natural, healthy and pleasant care for the whole family, trying to diversify as we long-awaited Weleda protofoiliu.

I entered the Romanian market, in the midst of the economic crisis, on a segment of natural and organic cosmetics, still at the beginning of the road, but with potential and high expectations, as well as ours. I have discovered a Romanian consumer who is eager for information and increasingly selective in terms of quality of the products he uses, which can only be enjoyed.

We started the collaboration for distribution with a little over 60 pharmacies, mostly belonging to the Dona Famacias and some other bio stores, among which MioBio, Napati, Organika, and now we are glad to have a total number of over 300 of pharmacies and partner bio-naturist shops, "said Ana Murariu, Marketing Manager Weleda Romania.

Pampered for the skin. Inspiration for the senses

New body lotions from Weleda

  • Rich in active ingredients of 100% vegetable precious oils, herbal extracts and ethereal oils

Weleda's new body lotions contain pure vegetable oils obtained by cold pressing of seeds, seeds and fruits cooked in the sun, loaded with energy and active ingredients. Their content of unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants facilitates their assimilation by the skin, preserving its vitality.

  • Delicious aromas of 100% natural essential oils

For the delicate perfume of his products, Weleda has chosen 100% natural essential oils, a true inspiration for the senses. The quintessence of the vegetable kingdom, extracted from flowers, leaves and fruits, through natural processes, are selected for their specific properties and to enhance the beneficial effects of care.

  • Lightweight formulas with a creamy texture

Due to their unique texture, Weleda body lotions have great hydration power and offer a pleasant sensation of freshness, comfort and softness. Apply daily to perfectly dry skin, after shower or bath, are absorbed very quickly. The result: the skin becomes soft, supple and shiny in a moment!

  • The new body lotions from Weleda bring with them a new packaging - the spray container.

The bottle, with the specific Weleda shape, has a Bag-in-Bottle system (glass bag) that does not allow air to enter, with a dispersion pump. A flexible pouch, with a special barrier layer, is introduced into the vial to protect the lotion from oxygen. Because the inside bag is very flexible, the bottle is easy to empty, thus avoiding product losses.

The airless system protects the formula from the impact of the environment.

The pump has an airless spray system, which works by depression. When the pumping is done, the bag inside is tight until it empties.

The plastic bottle offers a better comfort when used, does not deteriorate if it is out of hand, it is easy and easy to handle. The reduced weight adds a positive impact on the ecological balance. All plastic components are recyclable.

Revitalizing body lotion, with citrus - 200 ml

This refreshing and invigorating milk contains Aloe Vera extract, as well as coconut and organic sesame oils, known for their moisturizing properties. The essential oils of citrus fruits give a subtle and invigorating fragrance, ideal for awakening the skin and restoring its vitality and tone. It offers an immediate sensation of freshness.

  • Confirmed effectiveness test: ensures an intensive increase of skin hydration by 25% after 4 weeks!
  • Use: Apply daily to perfectly dry skin, after shower or bath. Ideal for daily care, for normal skin, for the whole family.
  • Very suitable even after sun exposure.
  • The price at the shelf is 71 lei

Revitalizing shower lotion with citrus - 200 ml

Fine and creamy, with a high content of pure oils extracted from the plants, the citrus shower lotion invigorates the body and spirit, and the skin is gently cleansed. The fresh aroma of bio tarts and oranges gives energy and invigorates.

It contains pure sesame oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which maintains the skin's own moisture and at the same time prevents dehydration. Thus the skin feels soft and soft after showering.

  • It does NOT contain raw materials from mineral oils, additives and synthetic perfumes, dyes or synthetic preservatives. It does not contain mineral derivatives and extracts or perfumes, preservatives and synthetic dyes.
  • The price at the shelf is 47 lei.

Intensive body lotion, with chain - 200 ml

This spring, the body lotion with chain returns with a new formula, an ingenious packaging that will be easier to use due to the spray system, a double weight than the existing one and an enriched composition, in which the organic ingredients predominate.

Intensive body lotion with chain naturally restores the protective layer of the skin and ensures visible and long-lasting care.

Oil extracted from the biodynamically cultivated white chain, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids, along with organic oil from sesame seeds and macadamia nut oil, provides intensive nourishment for the skin. This formula enhanced with nalba extract and Shea butter, protects the skin from moisture loss and activates its self-regulating functions.

It absorbs easily and hydrates quickly without leaving oily marks on the skin.

The slightly orange color of the lotion is due to the presence of provitamin A (beta carotene) in the chain pulp.

The natural essential oils of grapefruit and tangerine, combined with the natural aroma of white biodynamic chain, offer a fresh fruit scent.

  • Confirmed effectiveness test: ensures an intensive increase of skin hydration by 37% after 4 weeks!
  • Use: after bath or shower, it is applied on dry skin well, for long-lasting skin care. Ideal for dry skin.
  • The price at the shelf is 89 lei.

What does the moon do to you?

Do you feel completely turned back on some nights? It is not the case to worry about you, it is Luna's fault.
What, in fact, is hidden in your soul?
Be honest! You read the horoscope with pleasure, you know the zodiac sign. Do you know, however, what sign you have on the calendar of the Moon? It is very important in what sign the Moon was when you were born. You can calculate this from a calendar of the Moon. Because the sign of the Moon betrays our hidden features in the subconscious. If the Moon was at the time of your birth in Aries, for example, you are stubborn, if it was in Taurus, sensual. Those placed in Gemini are eager for adventure, in Cancer, generous and attentive, in Leo, cheerful and with leadership qualities, in Virgo, rather pragmatic, in Scorpio, true researchers.

Sagittarius are idealists, Capricorns, ambitious, Aquarius are committed to society and Pisces are sentimental. That is right?
And the full moon. Many sleep without sleep all night. Calls to police and firefighters multiply. In the emergency hospitals we work on high speed. And all this just because a small satellite (Earth is, however, 80 times larger than the Moon) hangs like a big ball in the night sky. And it cannot even shine using its own energy, because the light comes from the Sun.
However, three quarters of the population is convinced that its influence on people and nature is considerable. Is it just about imagining or esoteric beliefs? Not. There are very serious reasons why we are all so dependent on the Moon. And it's not a joke.
Why does the Moon rule us?
Because of its gravity. With this force, the Moon moves the water bodies in the oceans; thus flow and reflux appear, alternating twice daily, at a continuous rate. Since the human body is made up of 70% of the water, it does not remain totally insensitive to this force acting from the sky. Fluids from tissues, lymph, the blood system, the entire amount of body fluids, according to many biotherapists, depends on the Moon.
Thus, for example, the menstrual cycle of women is closely related to the phases of the Moon: most often, menstruation occurs when it is the full moon or the new moon. Even skeptics have noticed: wound healing and drug efficacy change with the moon's rise and fall. Since the world, peasants and gardeners have known that the moon's gravity influences plant growth and germination power.
They sowed and sprouted when the Moon is in decline because, it was said, the roots would have more power. And they also knew that the harvest would be better during the growing period of the Moon because then vegetables and fruits contain the most nourishing substances and do not spoil too quickly.

The influence of the moon on your body

The nights with the full moon do indeed have something special. The body and the soul behave more or less crazy. In love with the pale star catapults them, on the romantic wings, just in the ninth sky.
But negative feelings also reach the boiling point. Those who watch over our order and safety can tell a lot. The number of suicides and assaults is increasing markedly. The statistics from hospitals prove it clearly. Doctors work on extended shifts and also midwives, because on such nights more children are born.
Moon, hairdresser and care
It's not a joke at all. Some stylists even get to work evenings when the full moon is out.
Why? They think that a hairstyle or hairstyle succeeds much better then. Hair grows more abundant and does not get fat so quickly. According to astrological teachings, a styling succeeds therefore best if performed on nights with the full moon. And the detestable hairs on the feet or on the upper lip can be more successfully epilated in the Moon's deceleration phase.
In terms of care, the theory is: beauty masks, massages, anti-cellulite or skin treatments are much more effective when the Moon describes it. But if you want to moisturize or nourish your skin, it is best to do so in the Moon's growth phase. This is especially true for sensitive areas around the eyes. The most effective manicure must be done after the New Moon, when the "sickle" begins to grow again.
If you want to lose weight, choose for your diet the days before and after the New Moon. Specialists believe that then the body eliminates toxins faster and fats disappear more easily. If you are disturbed by the deposits on the hips, it would be good for the moon's growth phase to count the calories carefully, and when the full moon is to be even more careful. Because then everything you eat is quickly deposited. Those who are suffering from stomach upset especially during this phase of digestion, so they should eat lightly. However, when the Moon descends you can still afford a piece of chocolate, without your figure or stomach suffering.
Moon and medicine
More and more people are convinced that you have to pay a visit to the doctor by consulting the calendar of the Moon in advance. Especially when it comes to more complicated treatments or interventions at the dentist. Leads, crowns or decks hold up better when made when the Moon descends. Do you have to get a table? If you do this when the moon is rising, you may have bleeding or inflammation.
If you need to reach the surgeon, avoid at any cost the full moon. The wounds heal harder, the scars are worse. The operations performed on the full moon have a higher risk of complications. The best moment is in the descent phase.

Moon and psyche

Moon and psyche
If the poetic talents torment you, the Moon will have an extraordinary influence on you. Because the star of the night triggers any creative force phase. The full moon accelerates all nerve impulses. In case of stress, this means strong temperature explosions. So, if you feel irritated or nervous for no reason, look out the window in the evening before starting a scandal. You will find out why ...
The right time
- The clothes will be cleaner if you wash them when the Moon descends. Stubborn stains will disappear more easily.
- All the descaling phase is the most suitable and to start a great cleaning. The windows, the screens of the TVs and the computers will be cleaner.
- Do you want to move? Carefully plan your move for the period when the Moon is growing. Everything will work as if you move to the full moon. That way you will only have joy in the new home.
- The best time for trips or contacts with the authorities: when the Moon is growing. The civil servants are then kinder, more helpful, and in the holidays you will not have any unpleasant incidents.
Retrieved from Olivia magazine
5 tips from sleeper to canine

How to turn your iPad into a talking soft toy? Just download the free application, start the game and dress your tablet this funny coat. Toddlers are quickly amused by the sounds and colors. His +: the big model also works with an iPhone. Its price: 50 and 80 $ (about 38 and 60 €). On the Internet only. Available at:

How to turn your iPad into a talking soft toy? Just download the free application, start the game and dress your tablet this funny coat. Toddlers are quickly amused by the sounds and colors.
His +: the big model also works with an iPhone.
His price : $ 50 and $ 80 (about 38 and 60 €). On the Internet only.
Available at:

Do family crèches have regulations for hours?

Do family crèches have regulations regarding schedules? What are the variations that can exist between nurseries? The video response of Catherine Bou, director of a family crèche.

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Production : Our family

There are very calm and peaceful babies who can sit in the stroller for a long time and never protest. They amuse themselves by looking at what is happening around them and do not feel the need to be taken out of their chairs.

Other babies, on the other hand, are the opposite case, they don't like the stroller at allNeither the car, the high chair or the hammock. Immediately they start crying so that mom or dad will pick them up.

I have been in the latter case, I left my baby in the high chair to be able to prepare his porridge and I had not taken a step away when he began to cry for me to take him in his arms. It was difficult to be able to do any activity because I didn't want anything other than arms. I had no choice but to sharpen my wits, so I will tell you the tricks that I put into practice so that the baby hold a while more in the chair and our back, shoulders and neck do not suffer the consequences of always carrying the baby in our arms.

- When going out for a walk you can go to places that capture their attention, position the seat facing forward so that you can see everything that happens and not just your face. If after a while he gets tired and you can switch to the baby carrier to change position or stop on a bench and play for a while outside the chair.

- Also helps give him a piece of bread or a cookie, if you can already have them so that the baby is entertained for a while.

- Putting the pacifier usually calms them.

- Wear his favorite doll or a toy that entertains you is usually effective.

- At home if the chair or high chair cannot tolerate you can spread a play blanket on the floor or a mat and put on it, either sitting or face down, according to their skills and place toys that entertain them within reach. That way you won't feel so tied down.

- In the car we cannot waver when it comes to sitting him down because he starts crying. We have to make sure that the harness is firm and firmly attached to the chair and the chair to the car. You can put a Children's music CDTry to make short trips and have a toy on hand to entertain you.

And, if none of these tricks work for you, you only have to apply large doses of ... patience.

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IPhone 5 / 5S Super Mother Fnac Case

Hello? Pink case for iPhone 5 / 5s "Super Mom": 9 € 99 (Fnac)

Hello? Pink case for iPhone 5 / 5s "Super Mom": 9 € 99 (Fnac)

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