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Name Niels - Meaning and origin

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Niels is with Nils one of the Scandinavian forms of Nicolas. Nils Holgersson's Wonderful Journey by Swedish writer Selma Lagerlöf made the name famous in the early 20th century. This children's work, which tells the adventures of a young boy flying on the back of a wild goose, was a great success and was translated into more than twenty languages. This name is celebrated with St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra in Asia Minor (present-day Turkey) in the fourth century. It is one of the most popular saints. It is attributed to many miracles that are still told in many countries in Europe and in eastern France. His birthday: December 6th. Its derivative: Nils.

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33 weeks pregnant

33 weeks pregnant

The 33rd week of pregnancy It is a very important stage in the growth of the baby due to its great advances in brain development and the functioning of all its senses. She is close to being born and her head circumference continues to gain centimeters in pregnancy week by week, and the baby continues to gain weight.

The pregnant mother should begin to prepare for the birth of the baby by establishing her emotional bond by talking and singing to her every day, since she can hear everything she says.

You will feel your baby's movements more clearly, especially his kicks. You may notice more intense contractions and notice that your breast is losing a little milk or colostrum.

At this point in your pregnancy, your belly will be the center of attention. By the shape of your belly, it is possible that they will tell you if your baby will be a boy or a girl and also see if it is high or low to calculate your possible due date. Have fun with all this, but avoid making comparisons, especially if there are other pregnant women around you and the contour of your belly does not resemble yours. Every pregnancy is different, even in the same woman, every pregnancy is different from the previous one. The physical constitution prior to pregnancy and the position of the baby inside the uterus determine the shape of your belly.

You may be very curious about the gender of your baby. Although gender was defined early in conception, you will be able to find out clearly on the third trimester ultrasound. If you do not want to wait any longer, there are already home tests to know the sex of the baby or you can simply take a look at the traditional Chinese table of conception.

Start withperineum massage, the area around the vagina, can prevent tears in the perineum at the time of delivery or the need for an episiotomy.

In week 33 of pregnancy, your baby weighs about 2 kilograms and is about 45 centimeters. Your nervous system continues to mature, and your brain undergoes significant cranial expansion. The most curious thing about this stage is that it has been discovered that the baby has periods of sleep and wakefulness like any newborn, since it has been observed through an ultrasound that it performs It has been discovered that from the 33rd week of pregnancy, the fetus performs about Rapid Eye Movements (REM) which can be a sign that the baby is dreaming in the womb. It is believed that for a fetus, dreaming can play a crucial role in stimulating and growing the brain.

Your five senses are already at work in the 33rd week of pregnancy. With his eyes he can already see the liquid world around him, with his tongue he can taste the amniotic fluid that he swallows, with his skin feel the touch of the sucking finger, and with his ears hear the heartbeat and the voice of his mother. It is understood that it could also smell, although this is not possible in the liquid medium in which it grows.

The baby's head circumference has increased by almost 1.25 centimeters in recent days due to the brain expansion typical of the 33rd week of gestation. The formation of the teeth (odontogenesis) is almost complete, the lungs have almost completed their maturation process, and the digestive system is almost ready (the liver continues to store iron). The skin gradually acquires a smooth and soft texture, thanks to the fact that the caseous vermix (protective whitish substance) and the subcutaneous fat continue to increase. The hair begins to lengthen.

As the baby has grown surprisingly, he has less room to move. Still, you are keenly aware of his movements because his muscle tone has improved.

Pay attention to the symptoms of pre-eclampsia, a pregnancy-specific disease characterized by increased blood pressure and manifested by sudden weight gain, headaches, or vision discomfort.

Around the 33rd week of pregnancy, some pregnant women develop carpal tunnel syndrome, an unusual inflammation of the nerves in the wrists, causing pain, tingling, and numbness in the wrists and fingers, caused by retention of liquids. To reduce discomfort at night, you should avoid pressing your hands and wrists; While during the day it is advisable to wear wristbands, or try to keep your hands straight.

The growth of the brain and the maturation of the nervous system mark the growth of the baby and, therefore, it is essential that you take maximum care of your diet at this stage.

The basis of the diet should be carbohydrates (pasta, rice, whole grains and fiber) and it is also essential to include proteins (eggs, meat and fish), limit the consumption of fats (cold cuts, sausages, hamburgers ...), take 2 to 4 pieces of fruit daily to ensure adequate intake of vitamins and minerals, increase the consumption of dairy products and derivatives, and vegetables and fruits. And drink at least 2 liters of water to maintain a correct state of hydration.

Our dreams can be the reflection of the fears, anguish and fears that we have in pregnancy. It is common to dream that you neglect your baby, that you are not able to take care of him and that you cannot hold him because you are afraid of hurting him. This means the responsibility of motherhood, everything that comes with being a mother, and the responsibility you take on by caring for and raising a baby who is so dependent on you.

Dreaming about the moment of delivery reflects the fear of the unknown, the pain of contractions and the incentive to know if everything will go well. It is also common to sound that our baby is born with some malformation, due to the desire that the baby be born healthy and without any problem. Dreaming of a new life or the sex of the baby is also common and is due to all the questions that we ask ourselves during the 9 months of pregnancy.

You can read more articles similar to 33 weeks pregnant, in the category of Stages of pregnancy on site.

Does exercise consume?

Regular sports can help you get rid of excess weight and get in shape. But on its own, it is not enough to reach your goals. One of the most important aspects of breastfeeding is that you should also pay attention to your diet.

The more and the more you move, the more power you exert, the more energy you use. If you have already used glycogen stored in your body to release glucose, stored fat is a priority. This process, which releases adrenaline in the body to provide energy for the muscles, has a number of positive effects on metabolism and immune function.
It is not just a frequently quoted phrase that regular sport has the power to:
  • increases heart rate, strengthens the circulatory system and the heart, normalizes blood pressure, meaning you are a huge step forward in preventing cardiovascular disease
  • elasticity, adaptability of blood vessels
  • stabilizes insulin, more insulin receptors are formed in cells
  • improves immune system performance
  • Strengthens the body's musculoskeletal system, improves posture, reduces load on the spinal column, decreases pain and unequal exercise due to poor posture
  • the risk of osteoporosis diminishes, and the risk of injuries from accidents due to this and to safer movement
  • the endorphin hormone produced in sports improves mood
  • due to physical fatigue, sleep is considered to be deeper, more relaxed, and not only can the long, coherent stages of the body be used well, but also the shorter ones!

  • If you think about all these many games (and even better, you have to convince yourself), it seems almost a matter of whether or not the sport itself consumes. It's just that our bodies aren't designed for all-day hustle and bust, not adapted to the millions of years, but basically all-day, continuous movement, exertion, lots of exercise, and extraordinary activity. It is no coincidence that the situation today is tragic in obesity and in what is called civilization.

    Move with the baby!

    A significant proportion of people in developed countries behave as if they were sworn to oppose any physical exertion. Just a few common examples among the many: use the elevator, go to the corner shop by car, and open the garage with automatic opening so you don't have to stand up for half a minute to put your kids in the car, walking with us, going to the cinema instead of going out, going out, eating and drinking all the time, and trying not to think about what.
    When you decide to change this routine and start exercising on a daily basis in a sweaty, strenuous workout, you are not focusing on losing weight, but on restoring your normal, natural state to the one where you are.

    How much energy do I need?

    As far as weight loss is concerned, you also have to take into account that if you use more, you will be more hungry. Sport itself is not very good if you do not change the amount and quantity of your diet in the middle, but rather eat more. The point is not that you need more calories, but bigger, endurance-intensive sports are inevitable. What's more important is that what you eat is a quality, valuable diet, not something you put on your body unnecessarily, which is to destroy what you achieve with sport.
    Sport does not excuse you from eating healthy, but on the contrary, if you really want to enjoy its benefits, it will only provide you with nutrients, not empty calories. How often do you hear and see that you are just hungry for hunger, say, so you can run, run, aerobic, go out, and even exercise is necessary.
    This is also true for the most part, because if we were to consume the same thing all day, we would do more harm, but think about it: To really reap the benefits of sport, you don't have to use quality fuel. You can read more about matching in this article, pointed out to the mother.
    Beyond five kilos of slope, a sudden start without any transition costs more than it uses because it overloads the circulatory system. Therefore, the correct order is to start the kicks first and start this process in a slow but regular and possibly incremental time motion.

    An example of a diet that results in one kilo of weight loss a week

    Week 1: At least one, but more, two hourly paced walkings with rising sections
    Same from week 2 but with added strength (uphill, downhill)
    Week 3: Same, but with 15 minutes of abdominal exercise a day
    From week 4 the same but with 10 minutes extension
    Week 5, same with a minimum of 3 times a week with an intensive gym
    Of course, you may want to refresh it as much as you can, but you should gradually adjust to it. Ideas that can be carried out with a child can be found here.
    Exercise is not worth stopping in case of muscle mass, or business pain, and at most the intensity can be slightly reduced. Graduality and consistency help businesses become accustomed to implementation. Relaxation only encourages, but does not facilitate, this process.

    Muscle tissue uses a lot of energy

    You will experience that you will become more and more muscular and stronger, assuming you are pro-athletic and not looking for new and newer things, such as:
  • I have no time for the kid and the household
  • bad weather for walking (this kind of life time is hard to get in the middle of our climate)
  • I'm tired, I haven't slept enough
  • I'm crazy
  • first, wait for the muscle muscle to think (though the most effective antidote to muscle muscle is to move the affected muscles)

  • If you want to get a cow on purpose, look for solutions, not solutions! Increasing the proportion of muscle tissue to the fat will eventually lead to enormous changes (after sure, at least three months of consistent implementation !!!).
    You can afford to eat more than one whole meal, but it will not be deposited in the form of fat. You will become stronger and more persistent, which will improve your self-esteem. You will become more anxious with your appearance as you improve your posture, become more harmonious and more determined in your movement. Your chronic pains will disappear or become very rare: headache, headache, goiter. He clearly deserves to have power over himself!
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